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  1. I put a couple of the studs in, one at each end on the diagonal, after making sure that they are squeaky clean and that their holes are as well. They hold the gasket in place while the head is positioned. Rgds Ian
  2. Apparently it’s Europe wide. The German head of their lorry driver’s organisation was on the radio this evening describing the problems that they are having. Rgds Ian
  3. I’m just hoping I have enough fuel in the tank to last until the filling stations have had a chance to re-stock. Rgds Ian
  4. What sort of switch is it? Mine is in the metal down pipe between the water pump and the bottom of the radiator. Both the pipe (with a welded in boss) and the switches, with a variety of temperature options are available from the usual suspects. Rgds Ian
  5. Neither did I. I fitted TR4a springs which are identical (and only double) for both inlet and exhaust. Rgds Ian
  6. For the camshaft core plug, I followed Mick's advice and used JB weld (plus a new plug), I didn't want it leaking again. Rgds Ian
  7. Thanks for the replies. The bulbs seem to be cheap enough so I’ll order some and see how I get on. Point taken about the smaller gauge lights. Rgds Ian
  8. Driving back from Goodwood yesterday in the dark I was having difficulty reading my instruments - particularly when you have an SUV with super bright lights sitting on your tail and his lights are just about level with your head. So, I'm thinking about fitting some LED instrument lights. Would I be right in thinking that I will need to do something with the Panel Light rheostat because that won't work with LEDs, even if I leave a couple of the bulbs as incandescent? Rgds Ian
  9. The brakes have been modified to twin master cylinder since the LBL because Andrew was lying underneath it changing the master cylinder before the penultimate stage of the rally. Rgds Ian
  10. I’m pretty sure the car used to belong to Neil Revington. In 2006 when I bought my TR3a from the States I discovered it had a door from an older car on the RHS. (It had square corners and a wooden top frame). I swapped it with Neil for a pale blue one with a dent in it. At the time he told me I was getting a door from a rally winner. so I suspect my driver’s door started life on this car. Rgds Ian
  11. Which is no doubt why I couldn’t meet up with you, (or Iain for that matter although his was work related). The weather was great and the crowds massive, the only down side was the appalling traffic management arrangements for getting in. I queued for 30 minutes before I disobeyed the sign that said “follow the yellow signs and ignore your satnav”, and got in within about 10 minutes by doing what the satnav told me to do. Rgds Ian PS if I go again, big “if” I shall ignore the signs.
  12. It depends how fussy you are about how it looks like under the bonnet. Personally, as long as it is reasonably clean and tidy, I’m not that bothered. Rgds Ian
  13. I drilled holes in the end capping plates of each inner sill front and back so that I could spray waxy gunk into them. I then tapped the holes to take a 1/4” dia set screw. Easy to remove the set screw periodically and give them another blast. Rgds Ian
  14. Agreed. I buy an £8 data and calls bundle from GiffGaff every month and never use all the data (3Gb). Rgds Ian
  15. I have mine wrapped with 2” wrapping and when I recently removed and replaced the engine, i renewed it at minimal cost. Underneath the wrapping there was no evidence of the manifold (Phoenix tubular) having suffered. whether or not there is a major benefit in terms of reduced engine bay temperatures I couldn’t say, but certainly the exhaust gases at the end of the pipe are very hot. Rgds Ian
  16. I notice the oil filler cap is at the rear of the engine instead of at the front as it was on my TR3a when I acquired it. I subsequently replaced my very rusty valve cover with one from a TR4 which also has the filler at the rear. Rgds Ian
  17. I use Giff Gaff for the mobile but I do have Sky broadband and that has been very reliable. Rgds Ian
  18. My view FWIW, is the same as Stuart’s. It costs what? £50 or £60 to get the head skimmed a couple of thou and then you know it’s good. The block needs to be flattened as best you can. I always fit head gaskets with the fire rings facing the block but I’m sure someone will come along with the definitive answer. Rgds Ian
  19. To add to Marco’s post about water pumps. I rebuilt my pump using a new seal bought from a Ferguson Tractor website. It’s a TE20 water pump seal. I had the same problem with new bearings not being available so I got a friend with a lathe to run me up a new shaft in stainless steel and sized to accept the modern available bearings. I refaced the bearings running surface using my bench drill as a milling machine with an old exhaust valve faced with various grades of abrasive paper (stuck on with impact adhesive). Rgds Ian
  20. FWIW, I made my own from some cork sheet that I had lying around. It seems to work. Rgds Ian
  21. Having only once had total brake fade (in an old VW beetle back in the days when you could hammer along the A40) and shot straight across a roundabout and out the other side without hitting anything, I wouldn't want to go there again. Rgds Ian
  22. So what physical changes happen to an NGK plug when it gets wet when new as opposed to when it’s old. Rgds Ian
  23. So I'm planning to go on Friday and will aim to be there at about 09:30. Anyone up for a cup of coffee and a bacon buttie at that time and if so, can they suggest a good meeting point. Rgds Ian
  24. And another late one from me. Belated Happy Birthday Pete. Rgds Ian
  25. My 3a came with the one on the right which I assume is original. Rgds Ian
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