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  1. Hi Richard In my experience, odd electrical faults like this are often due to a bad earth connection somewhere and not necessarily on the indicator circuit. I remember one where pressing the horn push resulted in one of dashboard warning lights coming on because of poor earth on one of the horns. Try tracing all your earths. Keith
  2. Make sure you have the correct voltage regulator as well. The more modern solid state ones are either + or - earth. The older ones based on the heated coil innards work on either + or - earth cars so don't need changing. Also check any accessories that may be fitted. I once tried fitting a + earth clock to my - earth car but trying to insulate the earthed metal case from the car body proved near impossible. The electric motor inside the clock also could not be reverse connected without lots of electrickery either. Check the radio as well. Keith
  3. My 1965 4A is a USA import and has only had the square type with no push button since I got it 30 years ago Keith
  4. Here is a link to the instructions on how to install the Moss headlamp relay kit that I fitted a few years ago to my car https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/media/pdf/117-515_instructions.pdf Hope it helps Keith
  5. Hello Paul Maybe remove door seal rubber and furflex and then try to close the door. With the rubbers removed you can see better from the inside whether door is fitting evenly. Slacken off striker screws a fraction and also hinge adjustment nuts and then with a bit of luck you can push and pull door into some sort of approximate alignment. Then replace door seals and push and pull a bit more and again with a bit of luck it will fit. I have had similar issues in the past and this was the only way I could get a reasonable fit. Don't slacken adjusting screws/nuts too much - just enough so yo
  6. Hi Richard When the battery is on charge it will warm up a bit and so condensation won't occur. When it isn't on charge it will be cold. Recent weather patterns have been cold spells with warm humid weather between. This will cause condensation as you probably know. The plastic tray stops any battery acid getting onto the bodywork and causing rust. Had a similar problem with condensation on the engine recently producing some 'liquid' in the drip tray underneath the car. Ventilation of the garage doesn't help much if the car gets very cold and then we have warm humid conditions. Car might
  7. Yes leave it if you are happy with it. Only purists will worry. I have a left hand drive wiring loom in a RHD car. It even had right hand dipping headlamps with an MOT when I bought it. Soon changed that though. Cheers Keith
  8. I think jpmf might have a LHD light switch fitted to RHS. If you think upside down then if switch was on left side then you would switch downwards for sides then headlights and flasher and plastic end would be ok as well. Don't think my switch has a flasher. Will have to reconnect battery and give it a go. Keith
  9. My 4A (originally left hand drive) has 3 switches on the column. On the right is the light switch with 3 positions. Up = off, 1st position down = sidelights, fully down = headlights. The reply above has the switch on upside down I think. Also on the right is the overdrive switch. Down = on and up = off On the left is the indicator switch. Centre = off, up = right indicators, down = left indicators. Note that LHD and RHD cars have indicators and lights on opposite sides of the column. There is a circlip on the column that you can see if you remove the 2 plastic cowls from ar
  10. Hello all Just been reading this article on BBC website, Here is the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56085529 Scroll down a fair way down the article about plague and smog masks and there is a photo of a driver in a TR4 in London in 1971 wearing a gas mask to protect against the smog. Does any one recognise the driver or maybe you recognise yourself? Keith
  11. In theory changing polarity should be simple but as you have discovered there can be unforeseen problems. In addition to comments above I would also suggest you check the voltage regulator. The old wire type are ok but the newer solid state ones are polarity dependent. I also once tried connecting a metal bodied clock that was positive earth to my negative earth car. Spent ages trying to insulate it and gave up in the end. Keith
  12. As for the car it was once owned by a James Inder in 2007 if you search on t’internet for reg number and TRDC. It comes up with a report on Register website. Keith
  13. But who has the car now because it is still on the road? And what happened to the couple who were driving it then in the 1950's/60's? Keith
  14. Is it possible to reduce size of photos posted months or years ago because I ran out of space a while back. I know I could delete each photo individually and then try to reduce the size of the original and put that back onto the post. Is there any way of doing it on the post itself? Keith
  15. Was browsing the internet when I came across this 1960's cine film of UYM 990 in Scotland. The car is still on the road so if you own this car then have a look at this film of your car back then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dllwl8Iz8FI Keith
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