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  1. Hi Phil Happy Birthday


  2. Hi All As the organiser for the fly pasts, unfortunately we could not include exact details for the programme as we were only informed 24 hrs before the week-end changes of planes and approximate timings. We applied last September and we were lucky to be allocated the Lancaster, but in July was informed the maintenance was not finished. Subsequently the Dakota was allocated to fill the spot. The weekend before Malvern the Dakota had engine problems and the RAF replaced with the Hurricane for Saturday and the Spitfire for Sunday. As you must appreciate the RAF were trying to rearrang
  3. Just to add another dimension to the debate, I invited Chris Grayling and another MP on the transport ctte to view the work we were doing at the university and gave them both a session on our King Air flight simulator. ( a real sim and not a play station version) To be fair to the man he was able to handle it in straight and level 'flight' but made a complete horlicks of the landing. The other MP who's name I should remember was much better and even took evasion action when I inserted a runway incursion into his 'approach' It later turned out he had some flight training whereas the ha
  4. Hi Mick I believe ZDDP is between 1100-1400ppm, definitely not Comma re-branded and yes its green! Hope this helps for info please visit stand at NEC show: http://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/article/duckhams-historic-uk-oil-brand-will-re-launch-lancaster-insurance-classic-motor-show Regards Terry
  5. Hi Iain The ZDDP content is on the can and it is not rebranded! Regards Terry
  6. Just to keep this going! Duckhams is back. Re-launching at NEC classic Motorshow 10-12th Nov.
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