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  1. I find a chrome plated doorknob works just as well. Charlie.
  2. A bit of trivia. In the 1970’s Donkervoort made cars which looked very much like the Lotus 7 (Very much….) The chassis were made by two brothers in a shed near Leicester and then shipped to Holand. (I used to call them “Ronnie” and “Reggie” --- There were similarities.) They also made the chassis for my Burlington Arrows and one day I asked if they would make me a chassis the same as the Donkervoort, and I’d sell them as Burlingtons in the UK. Sharp intake of breath and shaking of heads. Not long after that a bloke called “Mr Smith” asked them the same question and, obviously being more persuasive than me, they said, “Yes”. And that is how Westfield cars began. Charlie.
  3. Just found this. Everything you need to know, (and more so.) https://www.vsm.skf.com/ca/en/products/UJ344 Charlie
  4. I have a feeling that whoever made UJs in the 50’s and 60’s (Hardy Spicer?) only made about 3 sizes and these were used on all the UK cars of the era. If the LR is the wrong size it may be worth a hunt for suppliers of other British manufactures parts of the time. Charlie.
  5. A cautionary tale. In 1973 I parked my TR3A outside the Red Lion Pub in Athens. An American man who claimed to be a Pan-Am pilot walked into the pub and said he wanted to buy the car and wrote out a cheque for US$3600. (The car was worth about 300.) He gave me his address in England (Hounslow, near Heathrow) and asked me to ship the TR as soon as the check cleared. I went to the American Express bank on the US Airbase (here I worked) the next day and explained the situation. Two weeks later they told me the cheque had cleared and so I took out the cash in full and opened a savings account. I arranged shipping and drove the car to the docks and watched it being lifted onto the deck of a cargo ship and tied down. In another two weeks I had a bank statement and discovered the bank had emptied my savings account PLUS they added a 60 cent charge because the cheque had not cleared. A very “Lively” conversation then took place in the Bank manager’s office where he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “We made a mistake. But we will refund you the 60 cents…” Fortunately the shipping company I used was incredibly slow (stopped at every port between Piraeus and Dover I think) and I was able to get a friend with a trailer to intercept the car (Covered in sea salt and rust) at Dover Docks and take it back to his house. I threatened to sue the American Express Banking Corporation, and fortunately they paid out US$1000 as compensation quite quickly. The TR3A in question is the same one that is my garage right now (I’ll not try to sell it again for a very long time!) Charlie D
  6. In the advert it does say: “de Brooklands Books (Auteur)” Brooklands Books , I believe, used to produce copies of all sorts of motoring litrature, so I doubt if it is an original factory WSM. However the information in it should be 100% the same. Charlie.
  7. Roger, I bet the AA are actually rubbing their hands thinking about the extra profit they now make. What I find wrong is that with the AA 5 star a person with a £100,000 brand new Rolls Royce pays the same insurance premium as a person with a 10 year old £1000 Fiat Punto.(Me). Seems no logic in it apart from the fact that the AA can refuse to recover my car, and save some money. I’d have no problem in being charged more, as there is more risk of my car breaking down, but I don’t get the choice. What other insurance do you not pay a higher premium for a higher risk? And as you say, you have to read the small print to discover the fact. On the front page of their website they say (in bold letters): “We won’t leave you stranded. Our European Breakdown Cover gives you alternative accommodation and travel arrangements, recovery of your vehicle back to the UK, and up to £50,000 in legal costs.” It also says: “Unlike some providers, we cover vehicles of any age – including classic cars” Hidden in sub menus on that page are the “Terms and conditions” All 32 pages of them in a .pdf. Not until you get to page 13 does it start to mention the value of your car. On page 19 it says: --- Costs of the recovery of Your Vehicle if it is calculated to be beyond commercial economic repair (we may use Glasses guide to obtain vehicle valuations). We will never pay more than the value of the vehicle to bring it Home. If Your Vehicle is beyond commercial economic repair, You will be given up to eight weeks after the original incident to agree suitable alternative arrangements for the recovery or disposal of Your Vehicle. If there no agreement has been reached after eight weeks, It will be considered that You have authorised Us to dispose of Your Vehicle. --- OK. It’s a gamble I take personally in order to get car hire if I do break down. But I’d rather be given the option to pay more for full recovery. Charlie
  8. The AA used to have an age limit for the car, but don’t seem to now. They just say that if it costs more to recover the car than what the car is worth then they won’t recover it. I’m not sure what you are supposed to do in that situation. They would (I think) pay for car hire etc, but you end up with your car stuck in some garage in Europe and the only choice would be to scrap it. When I worked for the US Airforce in Greece all ours cars were tax free and if a car was written off you had to pay to have it craned onto a ship and thrown off the side into international waters. Maybe it will be the same in Europe after Brexit… Charlie
  9. David, I was in need of a set of hubcaps for my 3A a few months ago and a search on eBay led me to a seller called “classicxcarxspares”. They sell a range of hubcaps for various early cars and claim that they are made in Birmingham. “Pah !!!” I thought. Probably made in some sweatshop in India. The address they give turns out to be a PO box in a Birmingham Post Office, leading me to think even more so that they were imported. Then I did a bit of digging… Turns out that there is a company that has been making hubcaps and other things in Brum for over 100 years. Quite possible that they were the original suppliers to all of the UK manufacturers in the 50’s onwards. http://www.hipwellarden.co.uk/hub-caps/4585579871 (Note this is the company that makes the hubcaps, they only supply to the trade.) So I guess that the eBay seller was telling the truth and I was wrong. (Apologies.) I ended up buying a set of brand new hubcaps from a person who had them but did not need them. They came packaged in Moss boxes and had a label inside saying “Made in Taiwan” so I guess there is more than one manufacturer. The ones I have do not have the red painted backside, but apart from that they seem fine. Not sure about the chrome quality of the Taiwanese ones compared to the UK ones, but if I had the choice now I’d get the ones made in Brum, purely for nostalgic reasons. Hipwell also have an interesting page in their archives that show various 60’s accessory brochures . I get the impression that if it was a spun metal part on a 1960’s car then Hipwell made it. http://www.hipwellarden.co.uk/our-archive/4594003999 Charlie.
  10. Charlie D

    belt trouble

    Here is a place where you can get link belts (and other sorts) made to order. https://store.lathes.co.uk/belts Expensive, but I guess if ever they break (and you don't loose the belt flying off) you could replace the broken link with a new one. (ie order longer than you need in the first place. (As a side note, the main site http://www.lathes.co.uk/ lists interesting details of about every lathe ever made going back to the days of Noah’s Ark.) Charlie
  11. Ian, Fact is stranger than fiction. A guy I used to work with makes a living from selling prints of parts of burnt out cars. http://johngarghan.co.uk/about-the-work/ Charlie D.
  12. Roger, +1 for what Rob says. DO NOT USE THAT COMPUTER UNTIL YOU HAVE RECOVERED THE DELETED FILE. Normally all that "Deletion" does is replace the first character of the file name with a different character (I think it used to be "$".) That means that with quite easily available software you can recover deleted files. But... if you keep using the machine, and there is not a lot of spare space, you could over write those "$" files. I'm off to have a bath just now, but if no one comes up with the answer before tomorrow, I'll try to point you in the right direction. (I've done it before myself, when I've deleted things and they have gone from the waste bin.) Charlie.
  13. Hello All, Not sure if any of you have seen this site before. OK, it’s not a TR, but look at the pictures and you will recognize a lot of the parts. (Skip down the first 20 odd pictures until you get to the car arriving at the workshop, on the back of a transporter.) It just shows what you can do if you are determined to do it, without a perfect workshop and probably a limited amount of tools. https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/post-war/168366-1958-standard-vanguard-phase-iii-restoration.html Charlie
  14. Ian, Mine is a 1959. When I bought the car it was not modified in any way as far as I could tell, so I would guess it came out of the factory like that. Hmmm…. Come to think more about it, it did have a chrome gear knob, so maybe a previous owner put a fancy handbrake grip on at the same time. Charlie
  15. Ian, Not sure when the change came, but my handbrake has a metal grip. If you are not too bothered about originality for the year, maybe you could find a metal one . Charlie.
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