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  1. Spotted this on the BBC News site yesterday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-55022996 Charlie
  2. Petrol filter sitting on exhaust manifold. (Also someone stole your battery AND the clamp.) Charlie
  3. Don't know what happened to him, but his family went on to manufacture chain saws for B and Q Also the girl in the song claims: There was a virus going round, Papa caught it and he died last year. Does that help at all? Charlie.
  4. It’s not just hardware that is over complicated just for the sake of it. It always amazes me when I see yet another version of “Microsoft Word” announced. How many functions do most people need in a word processor? I’ve always believed that most users would be quite happy using “Word” Version 1 and not realized they were missing anything. And what do people do if they want to produce a printout that has words in boxes or in table form? They use Excel or another spreadsheet software. I don’t think they realize that word processor software will do that. (And sprea
  5. Maybe it's my eyesight but it looks more like a bit of old angle-iron to me. Doesn't the genuine bar have the holes for the screwed rod drilled through the very corner of the angle, not through one of the flat bits. Charlie.
  6. I once bought an old ambulance that I converted into a camper. It still had the blue light on top, but it had been wrapped in gaffer tape. When I took it for an MOT the tester said that he was not able to test it because of the light. He went on and on that the only way that he could test it was if I took the light off completely. I kept asking why he could not test it and he refused to give me a legal reason. Eventually, after winding me up for several minutes, he told me it was impossible for him to test my vehicle with the light on top because it made the ambulance too high to get
  7. +1 Original ones had the tubular handle with a removable base so a spare bulb could be kept there. My first car (Herald 1200) had one fitted. Charlie.
  8. What a fantastic word !!! I thought you'd made it up, but I see that it actually translates as "Frills" Charlie
  9. I wonder if the police wore hats like that when they were in action. Bit embarrassing if you were chasing a getaway Mk2 Jag and your hat blew off at 90 MPH. I was once told that a policeman could not arrest you if he did not have his hat on, meaning that the copper would have to do a U-turn to retrieve his headgear by which time the robbers would be long gone. Charlie.
  10. Hello Neil. If you own a copy of the CD obtained by honest means, then no need to borrow a friends laptop, just get them to make a USB stick copy and destroy the CD. If the CD was not obtained by honest means, then just destroy it . Charlie.
  11. David, Doubting myself I went to seek further confirmation. This shows the order of things. (Note the confusion about how the wiper rack should fit.) https://www.triumphexp.com/forum/tr2-and-tr3-forum.6/tr3-windshield-demister-mounting.1712912/ Charlie
  12. David, I have a feeling that the driver’s side demister uses the same studs to fit as the bracket that holds the steering column in place. This means that you need to pull the steering column bracket down a bit in order to fit the demister duct, and then push the bracket back on the studs. With the dash in place it gets more difficult. It’s been a while though since I did it and I may be wrong. (I'm now wondering if the demister goes on after the steering baracket...) Charlie
  13. Hello Ed, Yours looks a bit more professional than mine. I guess you have a better class of “Junk” in your workshop spares box. Bob, I bet that one of the first things you will do with your new electronic tacho when it arrives is to compare it with your TR tacho. It's like when I got an infra red thermometer. "New toy syndrome". I went around checking the temperature of everything from the hot water pipes to the cat's ears. Charlie.
  14. Bob, I do remember reading somewhere (possibly on this forum) about a bloke who altered the strength of a hairspring by leaving it in a glass of acid for a certain amount of time. I do believe that he came from a family of clock makers, so I guess he had experience of such things! I once found a catalogue of hairsprings (I think it was by the people who now make Smiths branded gauges.) There were hundreds of different strengths etc. As you have done the mag/demag thing I guess you were happy with the results just doing it that way. Here is a link to the sort of RPM m
  15. Hello All, First a warning: If you try this, and completely ruin your speedo, please don’t blame me. Anything you do is entirely at your own risk. Last year I made a “Quick and dirty” rig out of bits of junk I had lying around (You can probably tell that by looking at the picture.) Just a variable speed drill (Set to “Unscrew”), a cheap digital rev counter, a short bit of old speedo cable and some bits of wood and metal. You can alter the speed of the drill with a hose clip and you attach the digital revcounter to the base with a bit of double sided tape.
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