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  1. Dave, Thanks for that. I see there are several on eBay, like: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234562672688 Seeing the pictures took me back to my teenage years! Charlie
  2. Thanks all for the comments. Seems like I was doing it right by measuring to the rim. I note what Peter said about measuring from the tyre sidewall, but if you are going for parallel (Like him) I guess you can measure from anywhere. I’ve just spent a day building a trammel bar, after he mentioned it. Thanks Waldi for the tip on rolling the wheels 180 degrees. Hamish said “…very stable driving with a steering box even at speed... “. Good to hear because that is what I have got!. I’m sure that Mick is right about how important the toe-in is. I think that getting the right s
  3. A bit more info: https://www.britainbycar.co.uk/dorridge/579-marauder-car-co Charlie.
  4. Hello All, I’m slightly confused about setting front wheel toe-in. This confusion comes about from reading different information on various websites that all talk about toe-in, but all seem to tell you to measure it in different places. I have always believed that the toe-in should be measured at the outer limits of the outside of the steel rims. (That way it does not matter what tires you have on the car..) I remember shops that hired out the kit to do it and I'm certain that you pressed two steel bars up to the steel rims. Front and back of the rim on each side and there was a
  5. Ahhh... Llandrindod Wells Good that you found somewhere to eat. My wife used to work there in the 1970’s. The town only had one sandwich shop in those days. They closed for lunch from 12.00 to 14.00 ! Charlie
  6. Always worth getting a couple of BA spanners ( 2BA and 4BA). I think they are used on most Lucas electrical parts of most British classics. Charlie.
  7. Andy, I've read quite a few comments in various places over the years and no one has mentioned that problem. Maybe drain a bit of your existing antifreeze and mix it with the Fernox and see what happens. Even heat the two up together to see if that makes a difference. Maybe worth giving Ian Vincent a PM seeing as he started this thread and seems to be happy giving it a try. Charlie. (Rob beat me to it !)
  8. Pete, Unless I’m seeing things wrong, the actual amount will be more than 1/16 inch because the wheel rim is further out from the end of the trackrod end . Or is it so close as not to matter. Charlie.
  9. Andy, A quote from Fernox: " It is important to emphasise that the product was not specifically designed for automotive use. However it does substantially surpass the requirements of BS6580 the standard for automotive anti-freeze." Also see this link (Go to page 20), which explains why Rolls Royce enthusiasts (Cat owning or not) like it. https://kda132.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/NZRRB12-4.pdf Charlie
  10. Andy asked: How does a cat get the lid off the container? Our Marley could get into Fort Knox if he thought there was food inside. “A relatively small amount can prove lethal, one teaspoon (1.4ml) is enough to kill a cat and one tablespoon (4.4ml) for an average 25kg dog.” That means a spillage on the floor or even diluted in a puddle. Cats can walk in it and then lick their paws. How many of animal poisonings with it are accidental? “Animal charity, Cat Protection reported 1,197 cases of anti-freeze poisoning between November 2012 and December 2014.” I would guess a
  11. Marley says: “10 out of 10 cats prefer Fernox Alphi-11 because it will not kill them if they accidentally drink it.” (Other antifreeze probably doesn’t do dogs much good either, but Marley doesn’t have any dog friends that he can ask.) https://www.cats.org.uk/northherts/news/the-danger-of-antifreeze Charlie
  12. +1 It may well have been you who suggested it before ! I actually bought a small grease gun just for the steering box/trunion lubrication.(Along with a flexible coupling to get it to places other grease guns could not reach.) Charlie.
  13. About 6 years ago when I was rebuilding my engine I sent a PM to an Australian member (Trumpy3) about the use of Ferguson tractor pistons in the TR engine as I had read he, and other TR owners in Australia, had used such items because the high import duty (I think) of car parts in Australia. Agricultural vehicle parts had a much lower tax I asked because I had just bought a set of tractor pistons and liners and wondered if I had made a mistake. He said "no problem" and that although the tractor pistons had 4 (5?) piston rings he only ever used the top 3 and did not have problems. He
  14. I’ve never believed that any device that automatically stops the engine running while the car is moving, either by switching off the fuel pump or switching off the power to the coil, is a safe idea. I just imagine being in the outside lane on the M25 or just going into a blind bend on a country road and having the engine stop. Personally I’d rather have to rebuild an engine than have the possibility of an HGV pushing me down the road. Charlie.
  15. Thank you Peter. Interesting easy option, but I recon it would work out quite expensive if using all new parts. Charlie.
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