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  1. I think that is a VERY good guess. "Archeology test trench" I shall investigate more tomorrow. Charlie.
  2. Graham, The MP for Leominster is Bill Wiggin. I do believe that he had a planning application turned down for something or other because of this Curtilage listing business. I think he also raised the issue in the House of Commons (but it got nowhere.)I’m sure he would be sympathetic. (That’s if he could be bothered to talk to you…) Charlie.
  3. Hamish, I don’t think that the marks are very old, although I do remember the burning and burying of cows in fields. If you look at the picture of Lugg Green below, it was taken just a year or so before the marks appeared and there is no sign of them. Stuart, Same as with Hamish. In this village they only appeared around the time of the planning permission application. Although I must admit in this case they do look like something was tipped there, rather than something dug up. TR4Tune, Yes, they are the same. HS2 is going along the North edge of Stoneleigh park. You
  4. Hello All, Ever since I discovered Google Earth several years ago I have become intrigued by what I can see from the air, without leaving my office chair. Most things are obvious, but there is something that has baffled me for years and I can’t find an answer. Almost everywhere that there is going to be some building development on green field sites there are strips of land ploughed up in semi random patterns. By “Semi random” I mean that in every situation there seems to be no specific pattern, but all the strips seem to be about the same length and width. What is more int
  5. Hello Nigel Are you a Magistrate, by any chance? Totally unfair. The policeman should first enquire what my week’s income was, and if (as is true) I told him £ £134.25 (Basic State pension), he should explain it would be cheaper to go to court and pay the fine. But it still doesn’t explain why the piece of paper says “MOT” on top. Ernest Marples used to be Minister of Transport (1959–1964.) There used to be graffiti on a bridge over the M1 that read “Marples must go !!!) Well…. Marples eventually did go. And it’s about time the expression “Ministry
  6. I have often wondered what would happen if someone went to court for not having a "Ministry of Transport certificate" and claimed that it was not possible to have one because there is no longer a "Ministry of Transport" . (It ceased to be in 1970) Charlie.
  7. Ahhh... Probably a better solution. At least you keep it in one piece. Charlie.
  8. I spent a couple of hours trying to get the grommets through the holes. Eventually I cut the grommets in half and put each half individually each side of the bracket. As long as they were both centralised and the nuts tightened up (with the washers in place) it seemed to do the trick. Charlie.
  9. The first thing you were taught as a GPO apprentice was how to make a pot of tea. This was perfected over the next three years. (The correct way to blow down the spout to unclog the tea leaves was one of the most difficult tasks to achieve.) Charlie.
  10. My main gripe about the search box is the “Any of my words” or “All of my words” section. The default is “Any of my words” Example: If I want to find something I’ve said in the past about steering, I would search for “Charlie steering” If I forget to select “All of my words”, I end up getting every post that has ever been written with the word “Charlie” in it, plus every post that has ever been written with the word “Steering” in it. --- Not a lot of good. I may be wrong, but I would guess most people want “All of my words”, so why not make it default. I ha
  11. When I was a GPO apprentice part of the first year’s training course involved climbing up a telegraph pole, attaching a safety belt around the pole, then leaning out backwards at about 45 degrees with your arms outstretched above your head. About 50% of the kids doing it were terrified and refused to let go of the pole. They just stood on the top of the ladder hugging the pole as tight as possible. The instructors would then throw the contents of their tool bags (Hammers, screwdrivers and pliers etc) at the kid’s hands to make them let go. Proper teaching in those days. (1960's)
  12. I reported him about an hour ago. Whenever you see one of the pictures is a scan of words giving you instructions, you can bet it's a scam Charlie
  13. What I find is that every time I pull the gearbox out I tend to flatten the upstand in places with the weight of the box resting on it. I keep meaning to make some MDF panels to sit on the floor to the same height as the upstand, but I always forget before it is too late. Do other people have this problem? Charlie.
  14. “Builders cavity foam “ is strange stuff. I’d never used it before but felt it was an ideal material to block up rat holes that had appeared exiting what was no doubt a rats nest under the garden pond. I poked the nozzle from the container about 9 inches into each hole and gave it a blast until the foam was level with the surface of the soil. I went away for an hour or so and returned to check it had set. I was amazed to find gigantic mushroom like objects, about a foot tall, coming out of each hole. I guess the foam must expand about 10 times it’s original size. This was why I was
  15. I think that “AM only” radios were popular in the USA in the 1970’s, which is where I would guess this radio came from. Apparently there were not so many FM stations in the States until the early 1980’s, and so AM was all that was needed. I don't think they bothered with LW in the cars, so they had Medium Wave only. An interesting fact is that Volume controls only ever went up to 10, until a bloke who made amplifiers for Spinal Tap made an improved amplifier that was so loud that the dial had to go up to 11. Charlie.
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