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  1. I've used 3 or 4, just to get the box a bit more stable. It's also easier if you make them all slightly different lengths, so you can get one in to the box flange first and then jiggle the box about to get the others in. Charlie
  2. Mick, Re-live your youth : https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/list/625/ Chaliie
  3. Weird isn’t it! In the '60s I too had a friend with a T60, and I was really envious. I ended up buying an Isetta bubble car. (Rolled it over showing off to a girl in her office car park and ended up looking a total prat as all the office came out to see if I was OK.) I think I tried to fob it off by saying “Yes… They all do that when they go around corners..” The T60 was THE three wheeler to have in those day’s. (Morgans were only for the rich kids.) Charlie.
  4. How times have changed since the 1970’s I remember friend who had a Ford (I think it was an E93A). It had recirculation ball steering. While rebuilding the steering box some of his balls fell out. He kept it for years with about ¼ of a turn of the steering wheel free play . I think he told me that the MOT tester said, “Well, it’s an old car and they always have play in the steering.” There were also the people who had lost their steering wheel and replaced it with a mole wrench. (Or did I dream that?) Charlie.
  5. There is an excellent description of how Smiths bi-metal gauges work here: http://www.mgb-stuff.org.uk/fuel.htm (It works the same way for TR-stuff...) Charlie.
  6. I used to go to an Amateur Radio Club when I was a teenager. Lots of old men smoking pipers, wearing jackets with leather patches on the elbows, and discussing triodes and red spot transistors. You lot sound just like them. Charlie.
  7. Here we go: “The cover that retains the humongous accumulator spring was removed next. It is secured by two bolts to the rear and two nuts on studs toward the front and must be removed properly so that it is not bent or distorted. Caution, the operating valve must be operated and released a half dozen times using the lever or solenoid to relieve the pressure before removing the operating valve plug or the cover plate. The nuts on the studs on the forward side of the bracket were removed first. Then the two bolts were unscrewed alternately a little at a time such that the plate comes off
  8. Ah… I’m quite good at taking things apart, but not so good at putting them back together… There must be an expert here who can answer that (Maybe even tell me that I’m 100% wrong in what I said). It was one of those things I read “Somewhere”, but can’t remember where. Charlie.
  9. Eli, You probably know this, but I think you need to undo all the nuts a bit at a time, so the plate comes off “Square”, otherwise it is possible to bend or even snap the plate if you take the nuts off fully one at a time because of the spring. Charlie
  10. Hello Oliver, Bit unfair to class aluminium capping as “Junk”. As Bob says, that is how they were made originally. If you think that what you have bought is “Junk” then tell the person you bought it from and get a refund. The problem is that the original capping seems to be made of a very soft version of aluminium sheet, and it bends very easily. Once it bends, it stretches, and never seems to go back to its original shape. (I’ve tried to do it, even made a hardwood former so that I could tap it around to go back to how it was meant to be. Never worked.) Mine got b
  11. When I first saw the photo I thought the bloke on the far right was stealing the rear bumper from the car, (notice that his shape is blurred, indicating that he is moving at speed, before he gets caught) and the bloke in the middle (looking nonchalant, with his hands in his pockets) was the accomplice, looking out for the police. The bloke bending over (Second from the right), is just one of those “Helpful” people who always turn up and tell you how to do it. The man at the pump (filling up the tank) should be looking at the dial, but is purposefully not doing so in order to allow th
  12. Thankyou ! From what I could make out from the old photo I thought it said "Cirencester Service Station". I was a few miles out. Charlie.
  13. Your eyesight must be a lot better than mine ! Go on then, don't keep it a secret. (And how did you work it out?) When ever I see pictures like this I go and try and find them on Google earth, just to see how they have changed. No luck yet with this one. Charlie.
  14. I think it is all about “Progress”… Just like the fact that 25+ years ago I could use the Internet and be very happy with what it did. Then came the updates…… And then the next updates…………. And eventually, I doesn’t work anymore, and you have to buy a new computer. What ever happened to: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” All done so it’s easier to use on a mobile phone screen? Arrrrgggghhhh... As the Who said: “Hope I die before I get old.” Sh1t…. Too late. Charlie.
  15. Ian, The car is a 3A, although I do have a 4 back axle. I think my problem was simply because of the loose U bolts. Interestingly I was looking at the parts book and wondered why the 4 had those ally blocks you mentioned, seeing as I didn’t. Charlie.
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