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  1. Darren, O2 have recently changed their terms and conditions. As quoted on their site: When you join Classic Pay As You Go, you pay for what you use, as you go. The minimum top up requirement is £10. If you don't top up, or add a Bolt On at least once in any six month period, your mobile will be disconnected and you'll lose any credit on your account. If you want to be reconnected you'll be given a new mobile number. It used to be enough just to use the phone once in six months to avoid disconnection and loss of number. Now, as stated above , you actually have to pay £10 every six months. I’m not 100%certain, but I think all the other “Pay as you go” offers are not quite what people think they are. I think in every other case there is a minimum £5 “Top up” required every month, even if you still have some of the previous month’s top up unused. Result equates to £60 per year. At least with the o2 classic it’s only £20 per year. Charlie
  2. Chris, You need an o2 "classic pay as you go" sim. Dozens of these sims for sale on eBy which should work but be quick. o2 are stopping the service soon, but if you already have a sim when they do stop they will honour it. However they won't let existing customers from a different o2 service swap over to the "Classic". Also there is a limited number of new sims out there so when they are gone there will be no more. The eBay sales look a bit like a scam at first, but I believe they are genuine. They sell the sims for 90 pence, but then give you a 70 pence discount. I think this is simply because ebay has a 90 pence minimum sale price. I wondered how the dealers made their money, and I gess they get a small percentage from any future use of the sim from o2. I know this to be true as I have a non technical friend who recently got a tracker and he asked me to look into the sim situation. He says all works as required. You do need an unlocked phone though as you need to set up the sim in a phone first. (Unlocked for any carrier or one that is locked to o2 ) o2 will work on 2G, which is what many of the lower priced trackers work on. If you go for another carrier, make sure that it is able to use the 2Gnetwork if that is what your tracker needs as several other carriers no longer support 2g. Hope that helps Charlie D
  3. A friend of mine recently got a tracker for his car ( a very common low cost item - model TK103). Apart from using it to locate the car it has many other functions available, one being an “SOS button”. The 3 wire inertia switch would be an ideal “Sensor” to replace the button. What happens is that if the inertia switch is activated a text message is sent to a mobile phone (as specified by the user) with the message “Help Me !” and a link to google maps with the location of the car. Possibly a life saver if you end up in a ditch on a remote country road. The message is repeated every 3 mins. until the driver resets the tracker. Charlie.
  4. Hello All, For anyone who has yet to remove items like the catch plate and don’t want to end up in the same situation (with the threaded plate disappearing) do this: First obtain two lengths of threaded rod the same thread as the screws you need to remove and about 3 inches long. Remove just one of the screws that hold the plate in place and replace it with one of the pieces of screwed rod. Then remove another screw and replace it with the second piece of screwed rod. Then remove any other screws needed to free the plate. Because the threaded rods stick out so much you can hold onto them and pull the plate off without fear of the threaded plate falling inside the “B” post. When the outer plate is removed simply put a nut on the end of the screwed rods to keep them from falling, until you need to refit the front plate. I’ve used this method on my side screen car door hinges (even though the threaded plates are fairly easy to get at.), so I know it works. Charlie.
  5. Below is a picture of the Ferguson engine block. Very different to the TR block. It will not fit. Charlie.
  6. I used this stuff: https://www.screwfix.com/p/diall-sealing-strip-brown-24m/150fr Then, when screwed down, cover with strips of duct tape.(Gaffer tape.), as others have said. It was designed for airconditioning duct joints so it’s tough and airtight Don’t forget to run a tap through the cage nuts before you drop the cover on, just to clear out the threads. (It’s a bit difficult once the cover is in place !) Charlie.
  7. Bill, Buy a cheap steel tape measure. (The wider the better.) Cut the very end off (the bit that you usually use to hook onto something) Oil it and push it down the side of the spare wheel. There is a good chance that it will find it’s way behind the tyre and around it and come out the other side. If you put a bit on a curve on the very end it may well help it follow the curvature of the wheel well. Once all the way around you can tape a rope to it, pull the tape measure back and then , when the rope has appeared back at the start, use the normal “Pull it out” method. I’ve used steel tape measures like this when cable pulling in under floor data halls. Amazing how well it (sometimes) works getting around bends that are impossible to reach. I think this is what Iain was saying, except that if you don’t have parcel strap a tape measure is quite easy to get hold of. Of course this will only work if there is a small space between the tyre and the back of the wheel well, but if it was a struggle to get in I would guess that the fitter would have pushed it in the minimum amount. Charlie.
  8. I remember reading a story about apprentices who worked at the Ferodo factory in Chapel-en-le-Firth, sometime in the 1950’s Apparently for their lunchtime “Fun” they would jump out of an upstairs window and land in a skip fill of asbestos. They said it gave a nice soft landing. I don’t suppose they are allowed to jump out of windows anymore. Charlie.
  9. When Archie said: “…just gotta take the dog out…” I thought : “What good will that do? Leave the dog attached to the crankshaft, and use the starting handle.” Then I realized it was a different sort of dog. Charlie
  10. Roger, No body number, no registration plates, no V5, no old brown log book. So how would you get it back on the road? (Please don't say buy a £500 V5 from a dodgy ebayer...) Charlie.
  11. Colin, I think the general feeling here is that if you have still got a part, then get it professionally rebuilt by someone who knows how to do it (or do it yourself if you think you can.) Only buy new if you really have to. Even if a part is missing, it may well be better to source a second hand part and get that fixed. I think generally there is not much faith in many of the new parts that have been made. I think everyone will agree: “DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY.” Charlie
  12. Alf, As an aside comment, I’d re-route that yellow wire in the photograph.(Overdrive solenoid?) It looks like something is pressing on it enough to put a dent in the insulation. Eventually, with even slight vibration, that dent will become a cut, the bare wire will be in contact with the earthed metal, and something will go wrong. You will end up having to remove the gearbox cover etc, etc, etc…. Charlie.
  13. Alf, You asked: “P.S. can anyone identify the sticker/paper I found in side the box? It was next to the motor.” Are the very bottom (ripped) 4 letters “WARW” ? Could that be “Warwick”. (Or is there another word that has "Warw" in the middle?). I used to live in Warwick (England) But I see that there is a “Warwick” in Ontario.. Probably a total red herring, Charlie.
  14. Roger, Are you using the 3 sim in a phone or in a tracker? From what I have read recently most of the lower priced trackers will not work on the 3 network. Apparently the trackers work on 2G and the 3 Network only operates on 3G and 4G. Of course, I’m happy to be corrected if I’ve misunderstood things. Charlie.
  15. If you missed out on this car then there is always another.. How about this for £2000..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr3-Parts-donor-Car/264540000309?hash=item3d97d01035%3Ag%3AAJYAAOSwZ~ld1abY&LH_ItemCondition=4 Charlie
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