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  1. Pete, In Wales its downhill all the way ! Peter
  2. Check out The Refreshments......from Sweden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlU0PUb_rFg
  3. But the loss of potential energy resulting from going downhill wiill be partly conserved in the capacitor and available to provide kinetic energy to start up the next . No need to fly downhill and take a run up the next. As long as the electrickery works, but those motor-in-wheel look vulnerable to water, mud etc. Peter
  4. This auto technology got a mention on BBCWales and is closer to home for me: https://www.riversimple.com/technology-behind-rasa-hydrogen-car/ Unfortunately hydrogen pumps are non-existent, and that tank in the rear looks vulnerable. In our hilly terrain the regenerative braking will help range. Peter
  5. https://psyche.co/ideas/when-the-mind-is-dark-making-art-is-a-thrilling-way-to-see?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB More info Peter
  6. Yes, ridiculous, that ad plays on UK TV too. Saw a TV ad for Polaris all-electric car recently. Chinese I guess. Nearest main agent Beijing ? Not that I even contemplate buying chinese anything nowadays ( HK, Uigars) if I can possibly avoid it. Peter
  7. Win 7, Open Office, Thunderbird. Laptop is on its third battery, second screen, fourth usb glidepad. Firefox p**ses me off with demanding to be updated. I did that once and lost hundreds of bookmarks. But the thing works - I know not how- and setting up a new device would be such a pain. Peter
  8. Rob, You were right, thankyou for the heads-up. I retrieved the recalcitrant shaver from its grave at the bottom of the recyling bin, held the button down for 3sec and acouple later it ran again. I have no idea why it went into sleep mode, but the nasty noise it was making at the time has gone. The incident confirms me as a digital luddite, and incompatible with machines that appear to think for themselves. Peter
  9. Richard, Can the poor braking performance be improved by a bedding in routine. 60 mph, and brake really hard to 20 mph ( do not stop or lock-up). Repeat several times. Peter
  10. Im not thinking the m/cyl is nbg, rather that it is working as normal but cannot supply enough fluid to satisfy the rear calipers. Peter
  11. Richard, OK. Try checking the fluid level in the front reservoir with brakes actuated and see if you cna measure volume used. Then compare that with the volume available at max excursion of the piston in the m/cyl. Peter
  12. Richard Look at the size of the m/cyl reservoirs, the front one for the rear cyliderd is much smaller. Make sure however that you have not conneted the front brakes' pipe to the front of m/cylinder, the manual is unclear. Peter
  13. The standard m/cyl delivers less volume to rears than to the fronts, even when psi are same. With same-size (??) calipers all round the m/cyl rear-supplying piston may reach its max excursion without fully clamping the rear disc. Despite the psi measuring the same the rears may not exert much braking. Peter
  14. What is the braking performance with 800 all round ? if the rears lock up before the front you would need to delve deeper. That advised 800/1200 split might apply to modern front wheel drive cars with a lot greater proportion of weight on the front tyres. Peter
  15. Tks Rob, I tried that, and leaving in the sun, turning the drive dog (which had revived it once before), banging on the bench..... no joy. 5-bladed razors win. Peter
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