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  1. Excellent video, but nowt new to hardened followers of this thread, except Italy is advising 2000 IU pd
  2. When mine was a daily driver year-round I reckon the leaked oil saved the central chassis from serious rot.
  3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0960076017301929?via%3Dihub Peter
  4. The problem with the Imperial viral challenge study is they only test young people. the lowest risk group for seriuos C19. Whether oldies respond to the viral dose the same as 20-30 year olds will remain unknown. The virus IS mutating. Thats how by RNA sequencing thay can tell that meat-factories spread it at work ( only one variant ) whereas hospital outbreaks reveal several different variants, ergo imported not spreading within the hospital. IIRC Norwich work. Houston outbreak was also a new variant but so far no signs of enhanced pathology. India TB deaths are tragic es
  5. Swiss expert panel advising 2000 IU pd to combat C-19 https://www.sge-ssn.ch/media/Nutritional-status-in-supporting-a-well-functioning-immune-system-for-optimal-health-with-a-recommendation-for-Switzerland-1.pdf Peter
  6. So what ? NICE/SACN D3 panel has not yet left the 20C Peter
  7. Iain, easy: https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/161052136.pdf (it is a refereed paper (unlike the german edict) presnted here as pre-print because that journal is paywalled.) Peter
  8. https://asbmr.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/jbmr.4152 - paywalled so details not available. eg PTH responses, dietary Ca note tibia strength not impaired at any dose. no unsupplemented controls, where we would expect 25(OH) to be ca 40-50 nmol/L and for density and strength to decline. Doubtless this will be cited by SACN as showing D3 supplements >400 IU pd are dangerous. Pity that infections and the numerous other D3-related diseases heve never been given the research resources the bone community command.
  9. Show me the trial that smoking is dangerous. Sir Austin Bradford Hill's criteria eventually nailed the causative role of smoking in lung cancer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradford_Hill_criteria When his nine criteria are applied to D3 deficiency/restoration and C-19 they are all met. Trials take time, meanwhile tens of thousands are dying, even more suffer 'long covid', education is screwed, the economy is tanking and politicians are losing the battle for hearts and minds. Societal collapse beckons. And all because of a failure by SAGE to recommend a decent dose of D3 costi
  10. The author is a member of our D3 campaign group. The reference to parachute studies is thanks to Stan who posted it earlier in this thread ! He was limited to 1000 words hence the brevity of style. Peter
  11. He would have started earlier but the Wellcome-Gates "Accelerator" banned funding of vitamins. Interesting to see 3200 IU being used, it must have passed safety scrutiny !! Peter
  12. We have a strategy of near-total risk aversion. Lots of D3 obviuosly. Also avoiding all risk of infection. Home grocery deliveries, online shopping , no visits or visitors etc. Haven't been to Tesco since Feb. Family visited once, in open air. Extreme? - not when I read of post-C19 brain complications.https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02599-5 Better safe than sorry. Its not the cough that carries you off............ Peter
  13. Hmmmm. The last sentence but one (cases,deaths now 4x lower than ion spring) can be attributed to higher post-summer 25(OH)D. Antibodies to a virus are not necessarily inactivating. Pandemic SARS has much higher affinity fro the ACE-2 receptor and may well escape antibodies to earlier related viruses. I'm not a fan of SAGE, obviously, but this guy is too broad-brush speculation for me. Peter
  14. Modern high-detergency petrols my not be so good. The late Oldtuckunder always ran his 6 pot on VR1 oil (high in ZDDP) and a high detergent fuel. All six evs were covered in a white deposit, possibly zinc oxide. No certainty about this but it may be the fuel stripping ZDDP off the rings and bores....
  15. Frankly if I were an oldie in the NW I'd be really scared, winter is only just beginning and the youngsters dont give a damn. Burnham presumably sees more political mileage in rooting for jobs for the youngsters that in their elders' lives. And when it comes to triage for the limited supply of ICU the young will get preferential access. This winter is going to be indescribably horrible for the elderly and infirm. Peter
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