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  1. After 25 years stood I'd do as Waldi suggests: fit new main and b/e shells and check end-float/TWs, they are likely to be corroded. New shells will help crank wear. Peter
  2. The top hole probably takes filtered atmospheric air pressure to the underside of the diaphragm.
  3. Bought the 6 in 1979 for £1600, with 25k miles and a leaking inlet valve. It is now somewhat modified:
  4. Most probably UJs. Any garage should be able to replace all 4 in a morning. Peter
  5. Twinkle has vanished again, between 2 and 4pm Saturday. She was recovered and regained her normal weight but had stopped wandering more than the immediate garden This time we defo suspect a thief,probably the same one. No CCTV any where along the 1.5 mile culdesac, so one is being installed. Advert for local rag being penned.... https://prnt.sc/1vl5ddl
  6. might be under remote control: https://theconversation.com/hgv-driver-shortage-remote-controlled-lorries-could-prevent-future-logistical-nightmares-167930 The Conversation is open to comments. Peter
  7. Maybe most drivers regard refuelling as a distress purchase and buy a quarter tank at a time, just enough to get them by. Then when a shortage threatens they brim the tank. A temporary shortage at the pumps is guaranteed. Or so Grant Shapps hopes....
  8. Yesterday I ran out of petrol for the mower but didnt like to take jerry can to fill up lest I appeared to be another lemming.
  9. The Eaton M62 blower is often to be found on ebay, and a 2"SU also. The tricky bit is fabricating the manifold. Pullleys , brackets etc are relatively easy for a machine shop. But a ready-made kit is vastly less work, its a pity Moss have not persevered. Their 6 kit was NLA several years back, supposedly due to a Holly carb being NLA. Fitting a blower to RHD TRs is trickier than LHD due to proximity of steering and servo. Peter
  10. La Palma, Cumbre Vieja eruption, background geology in the article, ongoing stream of posts give updated photos etc https://www.volcanocafe.org/cumbre-vieja-and-the-san-juan-eruption-of-1949/ This is the island that, were its western flank to slide into the ocean, would possibly create a mega-tsunami across the Atlantic.
  11. Sir David King former Chief Sci Advisor is a proponent of fertilising the ocean with iron salts to allow algal blooms to sequester CO2. However, biology is unpredictable, the effect may wane if iron gets to be recycled within blooms. Maybe as a last-ditch intervention it might be useful. But if it were used as an alternative to reducing fossil fuel use, it looks to me to be an experiment too far. Peter
  12. We humans are the biggest pollutant, all 6 billion of us.
  13. L:a Palma is livening up with tremors: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/popular-spanish-holiday-destination-risks-24980862 The authorities in Canary Islands are likely to downplay the risks, too much tourist income at stake. La Palma is also a huge tsunami risk to Atlantic shore-lines. Peter
  14. A cool air intake is needed for optimum max power. But for best fuel economy, best mpg, a warmer intake and inlet manifold is desirable. The closer the mixture can be made to a gas rather than a mist of droplets the more consistently it burns cycle-to-cycle, the leaner the mixture can be set and the more the spark advanced. Wrapping seems to me to be going against the CC-GW agenda, if only in a minor way. Peter
  15. Wrapping was invented in the turbo era, to keep exhaust gas hot and expanded before it entered the turbo. It might decrease under-bonnet tmeperature in a TR a bit at low speeds but a cold-air intake was fitted as standard to the PI- so why wrap?. Changing to carbs and fitting air filters without a cold-air plenum might be a reason for wrapping based upon engineering rather than fashion. Peter
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