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  1. Adverts need £serious funding. And editors never reply: we suspect the media have been warned not to publish "alternative " approaches to C-19. But I bet the editors I wrote to went out and bought D3 for themselves. Peter
  2. Roger, I dont see anyway of getting around the impasse imposed by NICE, within legal bounds. I also have a load of reading to do to sort out the Parkinson's. After reading a book that exposed all the overlooked science underpinning PD and Alz D ( Brain Fables, Espay) I need to revise my DIY cocktail. That means going back to basics and focusing in on brain inflammation. Tonight I'm starting on this review-hypothesis: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7412598/ I wont disengage from the D3 Campaign Group and will post on here key pertinent bits. Peter
  3. Ian, Infuriatingly I understand there is no automatic follow-up to the debate. It falls into the political long grass, and most MPs are nowhere near as well informed as Davis. Unless the broadsheets run with it soon, or Rupa Huq MP leads a charge on Jo Churchill from the Opposition benches, I shall be giving up. There is a limit to the crass government stupidity I can endure. All my family, friends, aquaintances know about D3, and D3 for C-19. I no longer fear the virus or any of its variants, nor losing anyone I know who has acted upon the information ( Not advice) I have distributed.
  4. Text herehttps://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2021-01-14a.593.0&s=education
  5. To insulate our solid concrete floors to Waldi's minimal thickness I'd have to chop six inches off the bottom of the doors ! Can UFH-type tubes be embedded on top of retrofitted wall insulation ? without getting air-locking ! Peter
  6. But dodging lockdown hardly applies to care home residents, more liek locked up. So to explain the 25 fold higher death rate in Wales the carers would need to be dedicated covidiots. - highly doubtful. The Cordoba hospital study showed a 25 fold lower need for ICU in pts treated with calcifidiol upon admission, D3 is not in use in Wales hospitals. Curious that the death ratios are similar. Peter Peter
  7. Richard, We suspect that care home doctors are using calcifediol nation-wide across Spain, but it is not reported. The earlier Cordoba hospital study will have alerted them and calcifidiol is I gather made in Spain. Deaths per day in Andalucia, pop 8 million, is 5 at present. Wales, pop 3 million has 53 today. So wales per million is around 25 fold worse and locked down at about the same time. Looks to be a real effect of D3. Peter
  8. It puzzles me why the debate was permitted. The petition did not reach anywhere near the 10,000 needed And the minister had hardly aleg to stand on in reply to DD. As an own goal against the minister it could easily have been avoided by simply not organising the debate. So is it adeliberate ploy by politicians to pressurise or divide PHE.NICE.SACN ? The Opposition have been alerted to the ministerial shambling; perhaps the All-party Covid Group will now take up the cudgels? Peter
  9. Speed of response doesnt seem ot be feasible with underfloor heating. But with almost all our windows facing south heating is often only needed in evenings. Im toying with insulation plus solar PV heating for hot water and evening supply to radiators. Then in winter, radiant elec fire in just the rooms in use. Plus log/coal fire for the winter "blocking high" when the grid fails. Not a lot to go wrong.
  10. the chart is interactive; remove all ticks except fallicidos and deaths plumetting is obvious. D3 is fundamental: defcieincy is causal, restoring physiology is defensive against all variants. Andalucia study is bassed upon decades of science, it wont turn out to be a flash in the pan. You do recall the Cordoba hospital stdy with calcifidiiol- a25 fold reduction in pts needing ICU. Imagine what that would do to save the NHS. But NICE say no: they dismissed the Cordoba trial as nto being big enough, then MIT mathematicians showed the trial has a mere 1 in 1 million chance of being a fluke
  11. All gone shopping for D3 before supplies run out ?
  12. After Davis' brilliant exposition its up to journalists to investigate. The minister was floundering, they will see that. And it wont be lost on "captains of industry" eg airlines who will see a new (to them) exit strategy. This afternoon the D3 cat is well out of the bag. TG Peter
  13. Andalucia nursing home residents were dosed with calcifediol from 6 Nov , dosage not released.http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/presidencia/portavoz/salud/155979/ConsejeriaSaludFamilias/ConsejoGobierno/Covid/mayores/vitaminaD/calcifediol All inof is in Spanish and ther is no random testing data for comparison. We know the elderly are at high risk of death and nursinh home residents especially so because of infected staff. So Andalucia-wide deaths are probably heavily influenced by this cohort and calcifidiol has worked as anticipated. There are no data on the age-distribution of deaths eithe
  14. The summer dips are found in most european antions and are due to a rise in 25(OH)D from incidental sunlight. Epidemiloist try yo blame it upon more tiem outdoors and sunlight killnig the virus otudoors. Discussed here: http://www.drdavidgrimes.com/2020/12/covid-19-vitamin-d-at-end-of-2020.html Two actions of D3 are in play: better innate defnces do less severe C-19, and less virus shedding by infecteds so less transmission. Peter
  15. Tks Bobbie, have sent your post on to the D3 Campaign group Vallance has personally invested £600K in a vaccine company. Peter
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