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  1. Eldred Norman, demon Oz racer and engineer, would heartily approve: https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/legendary-australian-inventor-and-racer-eldred-norman Peter
  2. John, Sorry to hear about the MS. You can be the second member of my neurodegenerates club. Anything goes, except this: Best wishes, Peter
  3. And meanwhile while members continue to squabble over trivia, Hanah and Attenborough are, rightly, winning the battle over GW-CC. Even BBC News has joined forces. So should I sell the 6 and 7 or bury them so their carbon footprint is no more? I thought that would cheer you up. Peter
  4. John, No apologies needed ! Prostate cancer killed him, and there is some evidnece for iron overload in that. I am careful with iron in diet and never supplement it as vitD3 also increases gut uptake. Iron is nasty stuff in excess. My high D3 dose is carefully guesstimated and I take vitamin K2Mk4+Mk7 to direct the extra gut calcium uptake to bones and teeth, away from soft tissues. Slides 15 -17 show D3 helps avoid winter 'flu: https://u3asites.org.uk/files/b/berwyn/docs/vitamind3deficiency.pdf Peter Peter
  5. Here's an unusual Kiwi cure for the sniffles, some might say other wordly. #153, July 12 th http://www.ignaciodarnaude.com/avistamientos_ovnis/Humanoid sighting reports in 1975,Albert Rosales.htm Peter
  6. @ALL, I use vitamin D3 at high dose. NOT vitamin C. Vitamin C at modest dose in an anti-oxidant. But if ingested together with haem-iron it allows very fast iron uptake from the gut. And excess iron can generate extremely reactive and dangerous hydroxyl radicals via the Fenton reaction. HIgh dose C may well have shortened Paulings life. Pity, I used to enjoy black pudding with orange juice Peter
  7. I take lots of vitamin D3, for reasons other than colds. Not on NHS list because no-one has shelled out millions for a clinical trial that NICE accepts. All I get is a runny nose, no aches or pains, when all around are popping paracetamol. Have not had any bug for three winters now. Peter
  8. Roger, New to me too, Huniversal Joints. Peter
  9. The rock looks iffy. The rear of the TR has an 'edge' that looks like photoshop fakery. Missouri too.....they voted for that faker Trump. Peter
  10. PI can do that - the clue is the light throttle misfire. There may be an air bubble in a the fuel somewhere. Italian tune up would be my first action. Peter
  11. I did the rears by eye with a straightedge across the tyre and lined up with the sills. Never had to repeat it as the Silentbloc bushes dont distort. Fronts I did with a DIY trammel bar. Again the nylatron.stainless bushes dont distort so it was a one-off job. Peter
  12. Tom, Inside wear suggests too much toe-out. So the fronts need more toe-in to correct, If one tyre only had shouldered it usually points to a bush failure on that side. Peter
  13. Tom, if the tyre isnt shouldering I'd leave it as is. The book spec would be for rubber bushes, while aftermarket PU will be nearer zero toe to be correct. Also if the tyre shop measured toe using the front wheels as reference best check the front track is not larger than the rear - I think on the 6 it is. Peter
  14. TR6 gasket (Payen) seals with heat-activated resin films and should not require retorquing. However I do...belt and braces.
  15. Never use abrasives to clean the inside of the dome or the outer edge of the piston, except in the grooves. And dont muddle them. Peter
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