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  1. There are several Judson-blown four cylinder TRs around. Judson links: https://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/lit/judson/tech/index.php But by the time you've engineered brackets, pulleys, vanes, oiler etc......the Moss kit looks good value to me.
  2. Re supercharging, Nothing beats it for a road car..lots of low rpm torque. And it is much easier on the crank etc than achieving the same bhp by going for more rpm. No need for fancy cam the stock is OK. Maybe limit boost to around 5 or 6psi when running on 97RON, to avoid knock Allards book is useful introduction. And this on-line copy of a book by Eldred Norman who drove a blown TR2 to fourth place in an Oz Gp: http://www.fefcholden.org.au/techinfo/supercharge/index.html Peter
  3. Hi Floschi, welcome to the forum. I see you have an alloy tank. If it was designed for a PI TR6 there will be two unused fuel-return pipes on its upper surface. Ona carb TR6 these need to be connected together with a hose. If not, fuel can slop out and might lead to an oily residue. But the trunk will be really smelly, the stink of fuel very obvious. Peter
  4. Peter Cobbold


    I myself would not leave it to a tyre fitter to diagnose a suspension fault. The TR front suspension has a well-known - ie very common - point of failure : chassis bracket fatigue failure, top or bottom wishbones. Either can lead to feathering of one front tyre...and then worse if it is not repaired. Peter
  5. On carb engines disconnecting the inlet manifold hot water pipe will help, assuming the car hibernates. IIRC Vizard advised a high polish on ali inlet manifolds to reflect radiant heat. Peter
  6. As a picker up of unconsidered trifles I recall that complete evaporation of fuel in a correct mixture will reduce its temperature by about 20C. Low enough to cause condensation to form on a manifold - in theory. Indeed the short pipe from the SU to the blower on my 6 drips condensation after a run on a humid day. Peter
  7. Chris, I like Marcel's arrangement as it reaches to where the two manifolds are closest. Maybe the Moss design was aimed at keeping the float chambers and jets cool ? Peter
  8. Peter Cobbold


    One tyre feathering suggests to me there's more needed than tracking. Normally too much toe-in will lead to equal wear on the outer edges of both tyres. Feathering of one might well be due to a worn wishbone bush - and that's why they wanted shims. But the correct cure is to sort the bush or other fault eg wishbone anchorage on chassis. Peter
  9. Maybe, But a simple ali plate between the manifolds will reflect almost all the radiant heat. Convected heat should be blown away by underbonnet air flow, and conduction is fixed by the manifold/ head bolts.
  10. Yes, But warm air has lower density even at same atmos pressure - see graph below Between 20C and 60C density will fall from ca 1.2 to 1.05, which is 13% - as Waldi posted earlier. So 13% richer mixture and 13% less power. Water injection wont cool the mixture as very little will evaporate until towards the end of the compression stroke, It can lower the power taken in compression and add a bit to the expnasion stroke, but at considerable effort and expense. https://supertrarged.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/tr6se-35-water-injection-revisited.pdf https://supertrarged.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tr6se36-water-injection-effects-on-combustion-pdf.pdf Heat picked up from the manifolds is undesirable so preventing radiant heat reaching the intake runners form the exhaust pipes can be an useful trick. Peter
  11. Tks John and Tony, PD is often slow to worsen and I get a belting placebo effect form devising my own treatment regime,( And from realisng the standard drugs used worlwide to suppress symptoms probably worsen the neurodegeneration ). And I enjoy delving into the cell.molec biology. There is a plus side to it, for me. Idiopathic Parkinsons is quite common in the elderly, around 2% of man over 70 get it. " Idiopathic" means its cause is uncertain, The mainstay of my cocktail is Vitamin D3 supplement as it controls around 10% of our genes and has a broad defensive role. Probably the most useful observation I could post on here is the benefits of servicing ourselves with D3 pills, as almost all of us are deficient by scientifc criteria. Most of my family take 2000 or 4000 IU per day. Ive posted my U3A talk before but newcomers might find it interesting: https://u3asites.org.uk/files/b/berwyn/docs/vitamind3deficiency.pdf And you;ve guessed, yes I rackon a lifelong D3 deficiency and a chronci untreated auto-inflammatory condition conspired to damage the brain. Peter
  12. Hi Roger, I had contemplated replacing the TR with a small 360 excavator. So rolling down the hillside is an apt warning ! Yes excerciise is very importnat, But my cocktail blocks a biochemical pathway in order to protect the brain, but that same pathway promotes muscle strength. So exercising weak mjuscles demands unusal enthusiasm. Peter
  13. Tks John, I had hoped it was essential tremor but the expert diagnosis is idiopathic Parkinson's. My DIY cocktail seems to have reduced the tremor over the past couple of years, but progression is known ot be highly variable. Loss of fidelity - numbness - of right hand also a problem for working on the TR. But I keep adding agents to the cocktail, based upon the science. The TR will have to wait. Peter
  14. I'm trying to tell myself that struggling to roll around under and alongside the TR is beneficial excercise. As for building water injection , that's defo off the menu. Age and shaky hand is winning over TRing. But after 40 years its difficult to make the decision to let go. Peter
  15. Glycol antifreeze burns to white smoke. It persists longer after exiiitng the exhaust pipes than condensed steam.But in this weather steam can persist longer too. head gasket leak will also pressurise the water jacket so check rad overflow. Peter
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