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  1. Abductions are an important aspect of high strangeness UFO phenomena. Here are a couple of examples of repeated abductions of an individual. We see that their behaviour and knowledge has been changed. The first is a young lad living in Kent: http://www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/1987-abduction-of-jason-andrews/ - I've ordered the book. Another first-person story is "Incident at Devil's Den" by Terry Lovelace, https://www.terrylovelace.com/about/ Abductions have been summarised in books by Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs, and others, since ca 1970. Jacobs reckons tens
  2. Solar chargers look interesting for keeping a battery topped up where mains power is not possible. Anyone got experience? https://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/catalog/full/48-20W-12V-solar-charging-kit-with-5A-solar-controller-and-battery-cable-with-crocodile-clips.html
  3. An astronomer's take on the recent Congress hearing on UAPs and alien life: https://theconversation.com/is-there-evidence-aliens-have-visited-earth-heres-whats-come-out-of-us-congress-hearings-on-unidentified-aerial-phenomena-183443 My take is that CIA/Pentagon are well aware that the phenomenon is not extraterrestrial, and can legitimately rebuff those who make the assumption it is. Almost all UFO enthusiasts follow the ET hypothesis, with not a shred of evidence, apart from what abductees have recalled being told by UFO occupants. More likely it is an extra-dimensional intelli
  4. Ooh.. Thanks Stuart, never seen or read about that supercharger, despite most s/c books being from USA. It will give a very peaky delivery with the rpm of that scroll compressor, very much like a turbo. It has to be kept spinning fast to get boost. The gears dont seem to allow the motor to drive the scroll faster than the belt....maybe the belt slips when the motor is active. That might work for drag racing starts. Or start in the singular as the scroll bearing doesnt look too robust for 40,000 rpm. Fascinating. Peter
  5. I use a diy trammel bar and measure at the front and rear of the tyre using a horizontal straight edge across the sidewall. I set toe parallel as the suspension bushes are nylatron/ stainless with little give. Book values will be for rubber bushes, with polybushes neeeding rather less I guess. Peter
  6. I left a battery in the CRV over winter without driving or charging. It has short-circuited internally. Takes a huge current off a charger. A first for me, normally they refuse to take much current. Peter
  7. He is keen to learn, and has not been put off when I commented that I spent 10 times more time fettling and modifying than driving. He has just passed his test at 17, so has a year or so before he gets behind the wheel. Peter
  8. That weekend I shall be instructing grandson2 in the delights of a clutch swap, his first experience of TR'ing. It could be a weekend he wont forget ! Peter
  9. The documentary cited in the first post included a UFO landing witnessed by dozens of school children. A new documentary updating this event has been released for sale. I have not seen it, so have no idea if its any good. https://arielphenomenon.com/product/pay-per-view-ariel-phenomenon-stream/ I shall wait for it to be broadcast on eg Blaze ( Thursday nights). It is one of many, many UFO landing and occupant reports. I doubt the film throws up new insights, but for those who still doubt the reality of the phenomenon, it could be worth the purchase, especially if there is more footage of
  10. You may be wondering why this thread has wandered from UFOs through spiritualism to NDEs and consciousness. There are aspects in common. Matter-through-matter and telepathy are two. But for those still wedded to UFOs as mere nuts and bolts machines, Congress' deliberations this week are summarised here ( I havent sen it yet): While there is no doubt UFOs are real physical objects, leaving landing traces etc, their builders are unknown, but unlikely to be ET. In the next posts I will attempt to summarise the evidence that they can influence the thought processes and actions of
  11. Interview on NDEs with Dr Pim van Lommel in 2020:
  12. Continuing the highly strange theme, this book describes Out of Body and Near Death experiences and attmepts to explain them by positing that our consciousness resides external to the brain in a non-local timeless space. A surprising percentage of unconcious or comatose patients enjoy (Yes!) these experiences. Their distress comes when no-one takes them seriously, least of all scientists and medics wedded to materialist emprical next-step dogmas. In places the book is heavy going but the descriptions by the patients are riveting reading. eg a comatose pt recalled a nurse in ICU removing his f
  13. There is a active TRR group in North Wales, with one member with huge expertise in PI. Also Red Rose are just over the border. And there's TR Bitz. I'm there too, but havent run PI for decades. Peter
  14. Phil, I just happened to be passinng. Its a very active forum, you'll get more advice soon. Someone will have had the problem before. Peter
  15. Old design engines would often run at tickover at zero psi. I doubt you would do any damage, but wait until others respond. Maybe jack up the front to deepen the oil around the pump? Peter
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