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  1. Miles, It's eternal, a little rust wont shorten its life Peter
  2. Clive, Welcome to the forum. Can you elaborate on your concerns: https://sites.google.com/view/ratco-test-site/tr-4a-5-250-6-products/rear-trailing-arm-project always keen to learn, Peter
  3. Dave, I think i was confusing springs with anti-squeal shims. I dont use shims. Rattle has never been a problem so maybe ive been lucky with the vrious pads and pins i fitted over the years. Peter
  4. The purpose of the springs is anti-squeal not anti-rattle. The spring is designed to make the pad approach and leave contact with the disc at shallow angle and so avoid brake squeal during light braking. Rattling is a sign of something amiss other than absence of springs. Peter
  5. I discarded springs years ago and the pads dont rattle. I smear a little Coppaslip on the pins and piston-pad contact area to ensure smooth sliding of the pads. 1 mm gap sounds a lot, and might be the result of too much run-out on the disc or "knock-back" from play in wheel bearings. Peter
  6. why remove the hoses from the injectors ???
  7. Have you eliminated air leaking through a punctured vac retard capsule diaphragm?
  8. Alan, I only envisage EtOH for use in classics and agriculture, not for mass transport. For most forms of transport battery electric or hydrogen would be necessary. We could also imagine a return of trolley buses and trucks, to minimise battery mass without loss of range. The trolley tractor, or a tractor fed by cable, is implausible so EtOH might become their green fuel, one that classics might be allowed a rationed share. The days of driving for fun without mileage restriction may well become a distant memory by mid-century, maybe earlier. Peter
  9. +1, pushing the car forward afew inches in 3gear will do the trick. Peter
  10. 3.5 and 4 % are close and suggest to me that along drive does not increase contamination. which argues against blow-by. Perhaps contamination depends upon th number of cold=starts , use of fuel-enrichment ( the choke) and "bore-wash". Peter
  11. Yes, Tim, I agree. Am not suggesting all vehicles run on EtOH, the vast majority need to be lecky or hydrogen. Use of E5 and E10 are gestures and have lead to great reduciton in US sales overseas of edible corn. But for legacy vehicles EtOH offers simple conversions. Methanol from methane generated in waste biodigesters might also work, obviating the food argument, but ti is much more agressive in fuel systems. An annual ration might be envisaged, enough to keep classics visible, like heritage steam today. Peter
  12. Conversion to ethanol is much greener: no battery, no new manufacture of motor and drive train, utliises 99% of existing TR. Bulk production of EtOH is established technology, feedstock sugar beet. For low annual milage a rationed supply of ethanol for classics would meet green criteria. Peter
  13. The letter also expects the July19 th relaxation, to quote https://www.bmj.com/content/374/bmj.n1751 "" The letter said that, with only half of the UK population fully vaccinated and infections still growing exponentially, it “will likely continue until millions more are infected, leaving hundreds of thousands with long term illness and disability.” Unmitigated transmission will disproportionately affect unvaccinated children, young people, and people in deprived communities, it said. "" 100,000s with Long Covid does not look wise, to me. And millions more infections is millions
  14. Is the front psiton free to drop fully when damper rod is reomoved ? Lift it with a finger and let it drop- it should make a click. Peter
  15. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)01589-0/fulltext? letter warning of risks to young people of relaxing pandemic rules on July 19 The Beeb mentioned it this morning, now seems to have been buried. Peter
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