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  1. My thoughts chime with yours Tom. I recall that you have pulled corpses out from under trucks as a profession. Driving an unknown TR through a rain storm is just inviting a terrible accident , even without any fault on behalf of the driver. In normal wet weather the fatal accident rate on our roads rises 15%. Peter
  2. The title of this thread was a quote from the Doors "LA Woman" album: my comment was bang on-topic. And in more ways than one.
  3. Yes, too many lunatic truck and van drivers on the roads.
  4. Check points gap and timing.
  5. Could be the spring eyes have opened up. Or some PO fitted weaker springs.
  6. No to worry, NASA managed to hit the backside of Mars with a similar metric-imperial confusion.
  7. Has the cylinder head water jacket got air trapped? That slow increase in idle speed could be heat-related.
  8. try checking for sunken float.
  9. Throttle calbe outer jumped out of its recess ?
  10. I moved elsewhere for intelligent discussions with fellow Triumph enthusiasts. A thread on carbon offsetting is running at present: http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/8722-carbon-offsets/ Peter
  11. If the PI pump doesn't switch off with the ig switch there's a fault in that circuit. The PI relay is aftermarket and the ig supply is not fused as standard. Did the PO update the wiring diagram with his mods ? Peter
  12. The bump stop issue is serious. If a corner bottoms out on its bump stop during hard cornering almost all the car's weight transfers to that tyre, which will immediately slide with no warning. Been there, done that at 60mph, fortunately on a wide track. Uprating suspensions safely is trickier to get right than it looks. Peter
  13. Lowering without stiffening is not possible, the bump stops are not supposed to act as springs ! However a rear anti-roll bar will reduce roll without a jarring ride. And remove some of the understeer built into the standard setup.
  14. really? https://mgaguru.com/mgtech/cooling/cool_121.htm
  15. I'd never use Waterless in a boat. if it leaks it can catch fire.
  16. PI engines dont often run on as the fuel pump stops when the ig switch is turned off. Or is it on carbs ? Peter
  17. 500 rpm seems a good tickover to me.
  18. New plastic points, if fitted without a bit of grease, can wear very fast. I would check the gap and set the timing by turning the distributor slighlty to get the fastest tick-over. The timing marks on the pulley/damper may have slipped. Best static timing for a low compression head will be nearer 18 BTDC than the book value for PI engines. Peter
  19. Hoges, Yes fantastic. His exploits deserve exposure in TRA. Some more links: https://www.scribd.com/document/227580801/Eldred-Anecdote http://www.fefcholden.org.au/techinfo/supercharge/index.html http://www.fbekholden.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=18810 Valuable readings for supercharger enthusiaists Peter
  20. Eldred Norman, demon Oz racer and engineer, would heartily approve: https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/legendary-australian-inventor-and-racer-eldred-norman Peter
  21. John, No apologies needed ! Prostate cancer killed him, and there is some evidnece for iron overload in that. I am careful with iron in diet and never supplement it as vitD3 also increases gut uptake. Iron is nasty stuff in excess. My high D3 dose is carefully guesstimated and I take vitamin K2Mk4+Mk7 to direct the extra gut calcium uptake to bones and teeth, away from soft tissues. Slides 15 -17 show D3 helps avoid winter 'flu: https://u3asites.org.uk/files/b/berwyn/docs/vitamind3deficiency.pdf Peter Peter
  22. Here's an unusual Kiwi cure for the sniffles, some might say other wordly. #153, July 12 th http://www.ignaciodarnaude.com/avistamientos_ovnis/Humanoid sighting reports in 1975,Albert Rosales.htm Peter
  23. @ALL, I use vitamin D3 at high dose. NOT vitamin C. Vitamin C at modest dose in an anti-oxidant. But if ingested together with haem-iron it allows very fast iron uptake from the gut. And excess iron can generate extremely reactive and dangerous hydroxyl radicals via the Fenton reaction. HIgh dose C may well have shortened Paulings life. Pity, I used to enjoy black pudding with orange juice Peter
  24. I take lots of vitamin D3, for reasons other than colds. Not on NHS list because no-one has shelled out millions for a clinical trial that NICE accepts. All I get is a runny nose, no aches or pains, when all around are popping paracetamol. Have not had any bug for three winters now. Peter
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