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  1. John, DC is supposed be a very clever man. If what you say is true ' Payback for previous actions" is what is happening, he is not such a clever man after all....is he ? if those that advise/ govern followed what they told the rest if us to do...they would not be in this kind of mess DC finds himself in. Practise what you preach and no one can stick the knife in can they ?
  2. I have absolutely no problem with him going home to drop off his kids with his parents when he was ill i would do the same. what I do have a problem with is the evidence that is emerging that he has been seen else where .... I also have a big problem with double standards from those in power who like to tell us what to do and do the complete opposite this is nothing to do with Brexit politics ......this is about abuse of power and "I'm alright "attitude AND...... My son in laws best mate / best man at his wedding was admitted to a hospice with a brain tumour. Both my daughter and son in law observed the lockdown. Both were distraught . They did not visit .He died.....left two young children . He was 30 years old . My son in law was one of ten who could attend the funeral. My daughter could not. She is till upset about this. So when I see double standards and a total hypocrite in action.....yes I do get bloody angry. Do as I say....not as I do.
  3. I, like a lot if people, have been following the Governments rules on lockdown. Yet again, another top nob has abused the instructions and basically stuck "two fingers " up at the rest of us. Was wondering whether all those people who got fined for not abiding by the rules will be using the "Cummings Defence" to get the fine overturned .... I was only doing what Mr Cummings was doing. He didn't get fined...Why is it different for him. is it because I'm not a high powered technical adviser ....blah blah blah...."
  4. Crawfie

    An observation

    Yes......and the amount of bird **** !! Ive been out every other day hosing down my car... removing bird poo and dead bugs .
  5. Rob, Why is it that a minority group with a big mouth seem to manage to have their views enforced into everyone ? Never ceases to amaze me how they manage to wriggle into positions of power and install fear if anyone disagrees with their secular views......and yet they do !! If anyone messes with my choccie oaties.......I may be forced to write a letter to the Times !!
  6. I didn't know you cared !!
  7. Well Mr T.....not a lot really !!
  8. The great "is it " or "is it " debate on the Jaffa Cake. It is not a biscuit.... It is a cake, as the name says. Don't really know what else it could be Mr T !!
  9. That's interesting...my nasal swab was taken b my nostrils. It was not put right up my hooter !
  10. Thanks Iain... will do !
  11. If I feel a little horse.....I'll end up getting arrested !!
  12. Yes it is !! Thank you Zeus. Missus wants to get the TR out and eat on the Moor. There us a safety issue here.....last time we did that.. We ended up with two horse snouts in the car trying to nick our dinner. When I got out of the car....the bloody things got gobby and started to scrape their hooves on the car park gravel. This is the problem with touristy people feeding the horses !!!
  13. Well ..got the test results back today. We are both "negative". Relieved to say he least, but still means we can still get the bloody thing. Now...seeing as I've still got a sore throat , headache and have about much get up and go as a asmatic flea...summer cold/ mild flu ?? Thanks for the messages of good will etc. Much appreciated. Booking a celebratory pick up cod and chips for tonight !!
  14. Dont tell the missus....she'll kill me for not knowing !!
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