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  1. I never knew I had a problem with door checks until Stuart changed them !!
  2. Where I live , the nearest petrol stations only have e10 unleaded petrol or diesel pumps . For super unleaded , the nearest Tesco’s is just @20 miles away, and my “local “ shell is @ 15 miles away . So my question is , if I run very low , can I put some e10 in with some stabiliser or am I asking for grief ??
  3. Nope , sorry , a ‘71 is ….
  4. I had been sent a really good DPD parcels scam the other day . Very well done and looks authentic . The usual “ need to pay more “ for delivery gives the game away ….then the date of birth etc !!!
  5. “I’m sorry , but putting in the wrong postcode in the sat nav is not funny “
  6. Does it cut its own thread ??
  7. To the TR Register ,Roger is the 5th emergency service ….
  8. I’ve been looking at those . The power pack has stopped beeping and is showing charged . See how long it behaves itself !!
  9. Crawfie

    Wow !!

    New Radford Lotus ….
  10. I’ve just checked and the charging light is still on and the beeping has stopped. I’ll see what happens . Most probably get a new one before winter comes . Thanks for the replies .
  11. Hi Pete, Clarke Jump Start 4000 Must be @ 10 years ish
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