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  1. I did ....and no info Thanks anyway
  2. Thanks.....I’ll give it a go
  3. Don’t suppose you have that link for Florida ?
  4. And that is the one you told to buy when my cable failed .....years ago !! I bought his last two ....or do he said so at the time !!!
  5. Is dhobi dust some sort of washing powder ?
  6. I think if the European countries could vote on whether to stay/ leave the EU , the results would be quite surprising . I’m not to sure , but I think Scottish MPs were allowed to vote on matters that affected England , but English MPs could not vote on Scottish issues. Not very democratic . I hope Scotland remains in the Union .....otherwise where going to need a few bricklayers to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall Ive already told my father in law (Glasgow born) that I’ll have deported as an illegal alien if independence happens .
  7. So what your saying is ....if I strap toast to a cat ....throw it out a window ....it will float in air ? I’ll give it a go .......Buffy !!!!! ps i time travel a theoretical possibility ???
  8. What .....the house elf ??
  9. ....are doing a TR4 this week . Not a program I watch a lot of anymore , but maybe of interest to some people on here .
  10. I have a TR6 trailer up the road !!
  11. ......are you sneaking back into Heathrow and nicking aluminium from all the parked up planes ??? Ill ask my son to look for “holes “ !!!!
  12. Another year passed , although we shouldn’t count 2020 as its was a waste of time !! Have a good day sir !!
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