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  1. I had the same problem with a Mini 1275. dodgy fuse box
  2. I knew it !!! This is not going to end happily ever after !!!
  3. Be careful Nigel ......do you really want to bring a former partner back into your car's life ? CBJ still may have feelings for Richard !!!!
  4. Crawfie


    We've spoken about this before !!!!!
  5. How very "James Bond" that made me giggle !
  6. ....Tom , Mr Wilson did wonders for the sales of "flasher macs" !!!
  7. I replaced mine with refurbished units from the tr shop. done on a part exchange basis. Really good
  8. School for scoundrels loved that film and others from that era of British comedy film making
  9. I will be looking at the seats that use the inertia belt. thanks the the guidance. if any one has a picture of a seat in use....would be really appreciated as they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words !!! steve
  10. Thanks to all. my daughter, as it is her first child is a bit "reticent " about me taking Penny out in the 6, even though it will be a while yet. the latest child seats have special fixings on them now which allows fitting to the majority if modern cars ....isofix I believe. i will need expert advice to convince her that a seat held in by a 3 point inertia belt will be safe i will go to a shop with my daughter and try out a few seats.
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