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  1. Two different “animals” . Sorry couldn’t resist . You could say that there were 3 different stages . Syd B led , Roger W led and then Dave G . Take your point about the level of live performance , but equipment was much better in the Gilmour era and they had been playing together for a considerable time . The Gilmour era albums were to polished for me as were the concerts .Roger Waters said at the time , a good copy of what a Floyd album should be .
  2. Growing up in London in the 70s …. good times . Astoria , Roundhouse , Marquee , Wembley and the good old Hammersmith Odeon . Music was a big part of my life (and still is ) My list … Deep Purple , Hawkwind , Rainbow , whitesnake , UFO , Rush , Motörhead , Pink Floyd , Black Sabbath … When the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (nwobhm ) kicked off … Angelwitch , Iron Maiden , Wytchfynde , Tank , Saxon , Fist , Gaskin …to name but a few . The Sex Pistols we’re a fave as well .
  3. Not sure if “nuclear annihilation “ is covered
  4. Famously turned down the Beatles , but made good with the Rolling Stones .
  5. At work , I’ve heard “rumblings” about the cost of getting to work and that it’s getting harder for them . People are getting worried .
  6. Crawfie


    Why ?? Is it a problem in Canada ?? ( trying to keep a straight face here !!)
  7. Crawfie


    Well Tony ….that would be telling !!
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