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  1. I will be looking at the seats that use the inertia belt. thanks the the guidance. if any one has a picture of a seat in use....would be really appreciated as they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words !!! steve
  2. Thanks to all. my daughter, as it is her first child is a bit "reticent " about me taking Penny out in the 6, even though it will be a while yet. the latest child seats have special fixings on them now which allows fitting to the majority if modern cars ....isofix I believe. i will need expert advice to convince her that a seat held in by a 3 point inertia belt will be safe i will go to a shop with my daughter and try out a few seats.
  3. Brian, couldn't resist !! Steve
  4. This is one if those thread titles that you need to read ......slowly !!
  5. Has anybody had experience with child safety car seats that would fit in a TR6 ? i have inertia seat belts fitted. make and model would be good, and some pictures of a seat being used would be very useful !
  6. Not sure whether you will have a sail maker nearby , but I had all 3 Windows repaired by a local firm for £50. maybe a totally useless recommendation for you, but do a Google search....you never know.
  7. I use Meguiars chrome polish . No problem cleaning the exháust residue off my rear bumper .
  8. You into NWOBHM Hamish ?
  9. It' s a weed...........topius hardicus
  10. Crawfie

    Lead Additive.

    I used to use an additive when I didn't know any different . Used the Millers stuff Stuart put me straight . Not used it for years. No smells .
  11. Pink, you've filled your tank up with Rice Krispies !!!!
  12. If you liked Spinal Tap, try Still Crazy. it' s a comedy about a British rock band called Strange Fruit who split in the 70s. for various reasons they reform and ......well you need to see it. lots of famous British actors and comedians.....Bill Nighy, Billy Connelly...... you will not be disappointed !!!
  13. Black and silver number plates were road legal up to 1/1/75 i would say that the TR6 had these plates in 1969 and were "period correct" then.
  14. Nothing wrong with black plates !!!!
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