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  1. I’m hoping Boris serves Macron some sausages tonight !! Yes Minister has come true !!
  2. Hi Rob, This is my set up at the moment . Sony deck and Pioneer amp /tuner and Pioneer CD jukebox .My graphic equaliser and twin tape deck are in the loft . My speakers are Pioneer and 40 years old . They sound great .
  3. Well….when record shops were disappearing (mainly independents ) there was still an interest in vinyl . Record Store Day was started to boost sales and keep vinyl “alive “so limited editions of singles , LPs were pressed up and sold on RSD . All sorts of artists had records repressed , songs not seen the light of day were released …..it was great for people like me who never stopped buying vinyl . Some interesting stuff has been released . One day a year , the independents had a stock of rare items to tempt customers back into their stores . As the pressings were limited, the fun soon went out
  4. Anyone partake in the annual RSD or should I call it “try and buy records before the profit makers put them on eBay “ day . I managed to get a copy of Motörhead’s St Valentines Day Massacre 10” pic disc , buts that’s it .
  5. Have a good one , old(er) bean !!
  6. Same here . Get well soon Lucky it wasn’t one of Aberdeen Angus’ we have up on the moor . I am very wary of cows , calf’s and bulls . Nearly been trampled a few times .
  7. For one minute I thought you’d made a giant set of axle stands !!
  8. I know Ben....it was pretty scary visiting the “townies “ ... but the steak and ale pie was worth it !!!
  9. Oh I dunno ...The moggy convertible is a nice little car
  10. Went to the newly reopened Burrator Inn near Yelverton yesterday. Food is just great . The steak and ale pie was just lovely . The family had burgers . The grandkids had the kiddies cod and chips . Huge meal for the little girlies !! Highly recommended . Tried “Camden “ lager . Never had that before . Hit the spot !! Will be going again .
  11. Cod & Chips Widemouth Bay , near Bude Saw primrose e type , red midget, nice Vitesse , yellow mini 85 reg , loads and loads of vw campers
  12. Well ...Roger is ex BA engineer . He has no hair as he has stuck his head in toooooo many jet engines .
  13. So ......what you’re saying is that we will never get rid of the Kardashians ??? God help us !!
  14. This is a bad as the dead rock stars being turned into holographic images and going on tour . The past is the past and is best left well alone
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