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  1. Yep.... Been there . Expensive mistake. Glad to rid of the stuff.
  2. Crawfie

    Flying jacket

    "It takes a time to wear them in and tame them" Not Roger.....surely !
  3. Crawfie

    Classic car tracker

    I have a Trackimo fitted (as recommended by Darren) Wired to the car, but you can disconnect it from the wiring and hide it anywhere on the motor. Magnetic base. With the app on my phone, I can see where my car is at any time. The app also has a "movement trigger" message which goes to my phone as soon as the car is moved. Good bit of kit.
  4. Crawfie

    Everco heater valve

    This is one of those conversations that you wish...........!!!
  5. Crawfie

    TR250 wanted

    Isn't morse classics selling a mg midget that looks like a TR6...... Because that what it says on the V5 !!
  6. Crawfie

    Heated Coils

    I very quickly learnt that any thing in a Lucas box was basically crap quality.My Lucas sports coil was binned ( Same symptoms as you're having) and replaced with a NGK one. All my ignition stuff replaced with Dizzy Doctor stuff. It also helps to have a "Stuart" near you :-)
  7. Crawfie

    new owner in essex

    Scott ?
  8. Crawfie

    MOT or NOT?

    The MOT on any car is only as good on the day it was tested. I think you will find that when a new car goes in for its yearly service, a check is made over the entire vehicle. My VW certainly does, and I have a video sent to me of the checks with a running commentary. Also get a comprehensive checklist when I pick the car up. Another issue today is that people don't check their tyres or lights anymore. Rely on the car to tell them !!
  9. Crawfie

    irritating noise on acceleration

    I have the same problem ! I call it the "Nagnav" :-)
  10. Crawfie

    Date of manufacture?

    3 day week !!
  11. Crawfie

    New Scam

    New tactic Different start price £45 Different picture of the yellow TR6. Side on. Uncle Steves car.... Same "thank you for understanding"
  12. Crawfie

    TR6 new hood fitting advice pls

    Were the soft top frames colour matched to the body colour when new ?
  13. Crawfie

    New Scam

    Back again..... Change of modus operandi (hope I spelt that right !!!) No buy it now. No address that's miles away. In Stuart's backyard. Newquay. No dodgy write up. No "thanks for understanding" Red and yellow TR6. It's like they been reading this thread and changed tact !!!
  14. Crawfie

    New Scam


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