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  1. And this is the reason I like watching old TV series like Randall & Hopkirk, Department s , Jason King , The persuaders .... for the old motors in period settings
  2. Could be worse ...What about.. humpty numpty
  3. I find this “this act of god “ get out clause appalling . At the risk of offending religious people , how did they know God did this ?
  4. Ben, I’ve been in Devon for 30+ years and lived in the same village for 28 years . The village post master has only just started talking to me !! You don’t mess with pickled onions in Devon !!!
  5. Well.....this is the bloody problem . Two brothers , two separate factories ...one now closed down . The last supplier cannot keep up with demand . Picked onion hunt every year !! They are a Devon product And as far as I know , only available around the Plymouth area now
  6. I thought , after the great biscuit debate , I would start another row ...... For years now , it has been a tradition for my family to have this brand of pickled onions . They are the “dogs b’s “ of onions .... Christmas is not the same without them !!
  7. Crawfie


    Well another musical legend has passed . Eddie Van Halen gone to the great gig in the sky . RIP
  8. Wow....Thanks for that Suzanne . I start year 33 in November . Getting a bit tired now !! Steve
  9. My car is SVN... My daughter called the car SVeN after the reindeer in Frozen
  10. I got mine from the Green Spark Plug Company. They arrived without the screw tops also.
  11. Crawfie

    Rims for wheels

    They could be twins !
  12. Andrew .... I am really trying to keep this post polite, but I'm finding it very hard ...... I really find your post quite patronising and insulting to forum members who are not " TR experts" . I have a really stressful job and the so called inane , stupid jokes( as you so nicely put it) me laugh and unwind. It is arrogant comments like yours ...... There are obviously others who think the same . Well I think it's time to leave the forum . It's been nice knowing you (well some of you ) Steve update I have read the comments made after m
  13. It has got to with something with sex or dating......
  14. I know Saffy is in Japan...but I had to giggle with the "rising sun" style picture.
  15. I only new Alec from the forum . I loved his no nonsense replies to posts. I have only heard of Diane , again from the forum. I am sorry to hear this sad news.
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