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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the suggestions. As always, my ex-colleague Peter W had the answer at his finger tips. Rotate the top cover of the motor thru 180 degrees and the spindles operate in the required direction and self park where wanted. What this man doesn't know about TR's eludes me!!! Thanks Peter
  2. Hi Guys, I'm doing something stupid here, but can't figure out what The wipers on our TR4, LHD, started going very slowly. Took the motor and rack out and after several liberal doses of WD40 managed to free up the wheelboxes. There is a cranked arm, on the passenger side, straight on the drivers side As a precautionary measure I've fitted a recon motor to the car All seemed fine, got the rack back in and the wheelboxes moved fine, refitted the motor and all was still good. Then noted that the spindles were rotating in a clockwise direction, when stopped, they went anti
  3. Hi From memory, try hitting the arm on both sides of the taper link at the same time. Sometimes this is enough to break the connection. Heat, or wd40 beforehand might help.
  4. Having been let down by the fuel system yet again (3rd time in 3 months) I'm looking at the possibility of converting to electric pump, regulator and inertia switch. Has anyone done this recently and can advise on location of the various components, plumbing of fuel lines etc. Also, any views on choosing a solid state pump or a Facet unit? Car is LHD if that makes a difference. Living in France I cant just 'pop down' to a local Motor factor to purchase bits of fuel hose etc. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Adam
  5. I am finally finishing off the installation of an overdrive g'box to Liz's TR4. Its only been over 18 months in the planning!! Can anyone advise as to the positioning of the switch operating relay, the workshop manual just casually says 'mount under dash facsia' If it makes any difference, car is LHD. Many thanks in advance for any guidance. Adam
  6. Thanks RobH. I've just ventured into the 'Dark side' and purchased an MGA. At least I'm not alone in this travesty, one of our previous chairmen had one for many years, albeit I recall a Twin Cam Coupe. Guess what, switch the ignition on and the fuel gauge zooms over to full. Did look at the wsm for the car but unlike the TR equiv which explains how to check for faults in the sender unit, that published by BMC for the MGA doesn't even acknowledge the presence of fuel gauge or sender unit. Your link to MGAGuru was most timely We TR'ists dont know how lucky we are!
  7. Thanks Rob & Peter, What, if anything retains the short shaft on the horn push to the stator tube? Is it just an interference fit. Cant see anything in the catalogue showing a more positive connection I have used my favourite tool, no not a Birmingham screwdriver, but WD40, liberally around the horn push and the retaining plate in case its not moving freely. I will have another go tomorrow to see is the movement is better. I'm fairly certain that the stator tube is locked solid in the steering box . But I will have another look. Fortunately, courtesy of Russ at Mo
  8. Forgive the stupidity, I should know the answer but I've forgotten. I'm having intermittent problems with the horn, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I suspect an issue with the earthing of the center push. Should it remain stationary when the wheel turns or move with the steering wheel? I'm sure one of you, not least my old colleague PAW, will know the answer and chastise me for my stupidity!! Best Adam
  9. That's a surprise, indicators seems to be an optional extra on cars in France. Most of the drivers here in the Charente don't seem to know what there for, unless they are sitting behind you in the outside lane of the N10 trying to overtake. Perhaps the drivers in the Maritime are more careful. Surprised that you waited until the 11th May before using the TR. Both of ours (TR3 and TR4) were legally used during the confinement for shopping! Best Adam
  10. Personally I think that calling Ian C 'a vandal' is tantamount to heresy! He is one of the few who has been faithful to the TR over many years. I'm with him, we did what we needed to do. Expect this post might get moderated
  11. Hi Peter,

    You mention Fenner PowerTwist Belting as an answer.

    Have googled it, nothing else to do now we are shut down here in France, and haven't really come up with anything helpful.

    Can you advise on uk supplier and relevant ref number.



    1. RobH


      The website is here Adam but I don't know which one Peter had in mind - perhaps C22?    


      Seems a bit expensive though - $700 + for 10 metres !

    2. BlueTR3A-5EKT


      Hi Adam,

      My comment was based on seeing the use of the Fenner Powertwist belting on a photograph of an old engine that needs the drive shafts removing to replace the dynamo drive belt. 

      I have had a similar issue with a drive belt on my lathe so used the Fenner product so I did not have to disassemble the headstock and gearbox to change a belt.

      Here is a link to Fenner


      The site has a nod to the French here  http://www.fennerdrives.com/french

      French Ebay  https://www.ebay.fr/itm/POWERTWIST-V-BELT-FENNER-A-B-C-Z-SECTION-PLEASE-CHOOSE-SIZE-QUANTITY-/173653261099

      Cheaper version  https://www.ebay.fr/itm/PREMIUM-POWERTWIST-V-BELT-A-B-C-Z-SECTION-PLEASE-CHOOSE-SIZE-QUANTITY/173757229840?_trkparms=aid%3D1110002%26algo%3DSPLICE.SOI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200116171858%26meid%3D74e5b57d9e94459a9af747e16dfb6143%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D173653261099%26itm%3D173757229840%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DPromotedSellersOtherItemsV2&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219

      I agree not cheap but incredibly helpful to save time and messing about.


      Peter W

  12. Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, does anyone have recent experience of fitting a radio and cd player to a TR4. Positioning of what went where and equipment used would be v useful and save me hours of experimentation and ebay/google time. Thanks in advance Adam
  13. Thanks Guys, First thing on tomorrows list of things to do, checking out the earth as suggested. That's after feeding 10 million cats and helping much out four Fell Ponies. Life in rural France isn't that restful!!
  14. Connected, but separate from the recent discussions. Had a problem starting the TR4 after a winter of idleness. (Car's and mine.) **** in fuel, low battery, sooted plugs, general dampness in the ignition system, etc. All sorted now. During my attempts to get the car going by using the solenoid push in the engine compartment; I noticed that the choke linkage was very warm. Given an outside temperature of about +2c this wasn't due to ambient temperature. Reading comments on the previous discussion by my esteemed ex-C&B/Moss colleague PAW is there possibly an earth fault?
  15. Anyone know where these cars are now? 30FGF, a TR3A was sold via Ev Cook into the north east in the early 80's. 297HOT, a TR4 was sold to Irv 'the swerve' Price in Fulham at much the same time. All info greatfully received. Thanks Adam
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