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  1. Had a great day out yesterday at the new RHS Bridgewater garden. Decided to take a scenic route home through Edale.
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    Hi Graham I'm with both Roger and Chris and run 165/80/15 on my TR6 and same size on the TR4, Michelin XAS and Vredestein T-Trac respectively. I went back to full profile on the 6 when the Uniroyal 65 profiles needed to changing and I am glad I went back to XAS, the overall feel and handling are a definite improvement. The TR4 is a rally car so I run T-Trac as a summer tyre and as I need all the ground clearance I can get hence the need for a full profile tyre. Dave
  3. Waldi You will need to book any accommodation you need in the Scottish highlands, it gets very busy in places like Applecross where accommodation and camp spaces are limited. The last time we were in Fort William, in the autumn before covid, there were signs on all the main roads not to travel to Skye unless you had confirmed bookings. You can blame Game of Thrones for a lot of that. I suggest that you get hold of a NC500 guidebook which will help in planning you itinerary. I don't think it makes much difference which way round you go, above all take your time and enjoy it, April May
  4. Yes many many times when working on sites from the mid 1970's pulling trailers off muddy sites. The Series111 my work used were petrol engined and were low in torque, hence the need for the low ratios. Dave
  5. It's one of a number of scams around the NHS Covid app that started to appear in the summer - https://cfa.nhs.uk/about-nhscfa/latest-news/beware-of-covid-pass-scams
  6. I suggest you check your fuses with a multimeter. I lost my lights in Austria and got pulled over by the police, didn't notice as we were in town with street lights. Checked the fuses by the side of the road and they looked OK in the torch light. As we were less than 100m from our hotel the police kindly let us drive there. After spending time checking everything over in the morning with a multimeter it came back to the fuse so I changed it over and all was well. Looking carefully at the fuse I couldn't see anything wrong with it, the wire inside looked complete, I can only presume that t
  7. Interesting both our moderns, Seat and Landrover, have rear LED running lights fitted as standard. Dave
  8. Took the TR for a run on its 60th birthday, started out in bright sunshine and ended up in the drizzle on Holme Moss, the TV mast is just visible
  9. ...and don't forget SAABs also ran dipped headlights. Dave
  10. Hi Andy Revington do various ready made air-boxes - https://www.revingtontr.com/tr4/fuel-brakes/air-boxes. Dave
  11. Hi, Be aware that Motorsport UK don't allow the use of LED, or HID for that matter, bulbs in historic rally cars. Dave
  12. it's not being rushed, they've had it since the spring! But it was good to see the video of it running
  13. Hi Hamish, That's good, my 4 is in one of the other TRE workshops having an engine transplant to a very similar specification as yours, they fired it up for the first time at the end of last week and hopefully I'll get it back before Christmas. Dave
  14. Hi That's my 6 in front of your car! Dave
  15. Hi I had the vent in my TR6 petrol cap block this summer, it caused a vacuum to develop which was enough to cause fuel starvation and the engine to misfire, especially when the tank was full. When I opened the cap you heard a noise when the air pressures balanced, and it could easily be mistaken for pressure rather than vacuum. Dave
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