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  1. Hi Have a look at this link https://mossmotors.com/tr6-vin, it gives a breakdown of the serial numbers used for the TR5, TR250 and TR6 and significant changes during the years of production. I also have a TR6 in pimento with hard top, which I think look good. Dave
  2. Group of TRs in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France on day 1 on last years 10CR
  3. Hamish I was given them today at the start of the Monte Heritage run, there should be another couple of TRs joining us at Aberdeen tomorrow and hopefully we'll get a photo of all of them together. Dave
  4. TRs modelling the Registers 50th birthday door stickers at John o'Groats this morning.
  5. Loch Allen in 2020, could have been 50 years ago......
  6. Hi John Club Triumph Border Raiders run, organised by the Pendle and Pennine CT group, the website still has last years details. If you are interested PM me and I'll send you the contact details. Dave
  7. Hi John Totally agree with you, there are some fantastic roads. On one hand it's nice to have the roads almost to oneself, but they are a hidden gem should be better known. We've been lucky enough to participate in the CT Border Raiders which has covered many of these roads over the past few years, usually with the hood down and sunglasses on. Dave
  8. Hi Last years Club Triumph C2C which was combined with a display at Bicester Heritage for Drive it Day, hence the rather strange route. Dave
  9. Hi, I have the Classic Car LEDs fitted to both my TRs, albeit fitted into the H4 headlamps already on the cars, and I can recommend them. Need to make sure you set the beams correctly though. Demon Tweeks have Cibie/Valeo headlamps for sale at £72.82 for a single one if you need them. Dave
  10. You could try Speedy Cables (https://speedycables.com/instruments/gauge-repairs-conversions/) they did work on my TR4 gauges, including recalibrating the speedo for modern tyres. Dave
  11. Hi Jo Have had a look at the TR and I can confirm that it's electric with the sender in the thermostat housing. It seems that the long needle gauges in the early TR4s look very similar to those fitted to earlier TRs when fitted, but have different inner workings. According to Rimmers website the change from long needles to short needles for the gauges happened at chassis number CT15053(RHD) & CT11308 (LHD). Good luck sorting your gauges out Dave
  12. Hi Paul If you decide to go down the route of re-coring your existing radiator I can recommend Northern Radiators (www.northernradiators.co.uk) who have rebuilt the radiator from my 2.5PI, like yours the fins had started to fall to bits. They do a lot of work for classic cars and can supply a range of upgraded cores, depending on the planned use. I know that you are on the south coast and they are in Leeds but it might be worth your while to give them a call. Dave
  13. Kings Tree, Upper Derwent Valley - May 2019
  14. Hi Jo The fuel gauge is electric, I've just replaced the tank and the sender unit is the same as the one in my TR6. I'm almost certain that the temperature gauge is electric but will check and let you know. All the best Dave
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