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  1. +1 for SGS, I went for this one https://www.sgs-engineering.com/tj3lp-low-profile-garage-trolley-jack, overkill on the capacity for TRs but at under 4" lowered goes under the car easily and lifts to over 21 ", plenty height to get axle stands under. The time between ordering and delivery was only a couple of hours Dave
  2. Hi Michael I bought a TR4 at the end of 2019 and it had a servo fitted to the clutch, it's the one on the left in the photo. I was told that the PO had similar issues to those you describe hence the fitting of the servo. I must admit I didn't like it and the clutch is going back to original configuration. If you do decide to get a servo I have a couple spare on the shelf if you want. Dave
  3. Hi Willies I waited for three months before driving the TR, however my replacement hip was my right and I had my operation on 1st December, so no real incentive until the weather got better. My surgeon said I could go back to driving when I felt like it so I was driving our moderns on short journeys before two months. Like Roger I was 61 when I had mine done. Dave
  4. Hope you picked up a bottle from the Cat and Fiddle..... Dave
  5. Bill You should be able to change your dashboard lights without taking any out, small hands do help. There is one bulb in each of the small gauges and two each in the large ones, plus four for the warning lights - ign, oil, indicator and high beam. Dave
  6. John It's worth having a the TR Register check list for the TR6 with you when you look at a car (https://www.tr-register.co.uk/uploads/2017/11/20/TR6_Buyer_Beware.pdf). Once we are able to restart local group meetings it's worth going along to your local one, good chance to look at several cars and tap into the embedded knowledge of the owners. Dave
  7. Richmac Several of us run these T-Tracs on our 4/4a and they are a really good tyre. However they are T speed rated and I don't think Vredestein make them in the correct H speed rate for the TR6 Dave
  8. DaveB66

    Rally Hardtop

    Hi There's a couple on Ebay at the moment, both require a bit of work, I would go for this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR6-Factory-Hardtop/233891230613?hash=item367500f395:g:jB0AAOSwlztgJAfG, it's got a very good interior. Don't forget you need the fitting kit - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR6-Hard-Top-Fitting-Kit-TR-Shop-Chiswick-London-W4-1TH/193877234594?epid=1824017501&hash=item2d23fbd3a2:g:EusAAOSwATdd1sly Dave
  9. Andy In my TR6 the washer pipe follows the route Roger describes, however on my TR4 the washer pipe follows the wiper rack into the plenum. This may well be a previous owners solution to the problem you face . Dave
  10. Andy If you look on Ebay you can find the correct NOS bellows type thermostat for a lot less than £100, I picked up a couple for less than £30 each. The same thermostat is used in lots of 50's BMC cars and Jaguars. Dave
  11. DaveB66


    Hi TR Shop are advertising the complete kit on ebay at the moment, at a cost of £140!!!!. I'll look after mine very carefully. Dave
  12. Hi Hamish I would echo Rogers comments and stay well clear of the NC500 in the high season, unless you like a lot of reversing, it's a mecca for camper vans who like driving in convoy and are driven by those who don't use reverse gear! It's worthwhile getting the guide book (North Coast 500 guide book by Charle Tait) as this gives a lot of the alternatives to the main route, which are often of the type with lots of grass growing down the middle but unless you explore these you wouldn't come across little gems like Rogers pub in Achiltibuie. Here's a photo of the TR4 at John o'Gr
  13. HI Tim Happy New Year I have LED headlights in my TR6 and it has been through 6 or 7 MOTs with these fitted. I've also fitted LED bulbs everywhere else and thoroughly recommend them to you, you can see where you are going and others can see you. The car has been through 6 or 7 MOTs with the testers informed, they were only bothered about the operation and beam pattern. Like others I've declared them to my insurers. I've also had in on the continent, including France, a number of times with no problems, including the last 10CR. I've used https://www.bettercarlighting.co.uk/ and h
  14. Hi, My, wife happened to be looking at the Sky Arts FB page and came across this photo of a TR6 (GYY821L) in the post about a screening of twelfth night from The National Theatre in December - Dave
  15. Classic and Sports Car did an online article on the hoard with some really good photos - see https://www.classicandsportscar.com/gallery/behind-scenes-last-days-bristol-cars?utm_source=20201104&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=ENews Bulletins&utm_content=CLAS ENews Digest 4th November 2020 (04.11.2020)::Hyperlink_20180116_175007319 Dave
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