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  1. Hi I had the vent in my TR6 petrol cap block this summer, it caused a vacuum to develop which was enough to cause fuel starvation and the engine to misfire, especially when the tank was full. When I opened the cap you heard a noise when the air pressures balanced, and it could easily be mistaken for pressure rather than vacuum. Dave
  2. Chris I think I'm right in saying that Triumph never used the TR3A name in their literature or indeed ever badged the car as TR3A. I'm sure that others will be along to explain better how the 'A' came to be added to the TR3 Dave
  3. I chose to go with them when my TR4 engine was stripped down and it turned out that one of the existing conrods was slightly warped, sufficiently that it could/should not be reused. As Pete says above when the costs are compared with the alternatives they are good value.
  4. John I think you should look at the Distributer Doctor (http://www.distributordoctor.com) they offer the complete range of parts for Lucas distributors, as well as rebuilding them. Dave
  5. Sitting in the car park in Machynlleth yesterday next to a rather nice, and rare, Reliant Scimitar six on the Autumn Leaves Scenic Tour.
  6. Hi have a look at this topic in the TR4/4A section of the forum which has cover this recently - 1965 TR4A progress and restoration. Photos of various solutions to draining the plenum. Dave
  7. Cars and crews beginning to dry out this morning, after a very wet drive through the night. Cars have left Lands End and heading towards Bude. Dave
  8. Hi According to friends on the run they hit the rain about 4;30pm, round Glen Coe. Cars are now arriving at Tebay services. Dave
  9. Hi Keith You could try giving this company a ring https://www.classicplatesonline.co.uk/ , I've used them for plates for my TRs. They say they do non standard plate sizes. Dave
  10. Hi Ian I agree with the others and you don't need the rheostat. I would add that for the 3a you need to make sure you get the bulbs which have leds around the circumference and not just at the tip for the smaller gauges. Dave
  11. Sue Do an Ebay search on seatbelt guides and there are lots to choose from. Dave
  12. Paul My experience fitting LED headlights to my TR 4 and 6 is that you have to modify both the existing feed to the headlights and the headlight bowl. The LEDs I have come with and external IC unit joined to the light unit by a waterproof connector. This connector is slightly too large to fit through the existing hole so I had to open this out a bit. To do this you have to remove the existing H4 connector, I also shortened these to connect to the IC unit. All in all well worth the effort for the improvement in the lights. I have noticed that some LED headlights have dispensed with th
  13. DaveB66


    Mike I suggest the road up to Staffin and on through Uig, stopping off at the Old Man of Storr and Quirang. A visit to the Talisker Distillery at Carbost, picking up some oysters as well as a bottle or two. You could also drive down to Elgol and take the boat trip up to Loch Curuisk and have a closer look at the Cuillin ridge Dave
  14. Or you have the choice of three other fantastic driving roads from Alston - Down the South Tyne Valley on the A689 north via Slaggyford to meet Hadrians wall near to Greenhead, down Weardale the A689 east through Stanhope to join the A68 and down Teesdale B6277 via Middleton-in-Teesdale to Barnard Castle. Dave
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