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  1. Cheers everybody, Thanks very much for all your best wishes. Have Fun Dave B
  2. I don't think BK will ever get the commercial rites to a chip butty. its long been the in the Sheffield United anthem. Sung to John Denvers' Annies song for the uninitiated
  3. Having looked into this some years ago I personally think the Bilt Hamber one is the best, its full of corrosion inhibitors, unlike waxoyl, which it certainly didn't use to have any and has no mention of them in the blurb. However it now says it kills rust? Dinitrol is also as good. The large Bilt Hamber cans are dead easy to use and the long wands are long enough to reach all the chassis baffles and also the full length of the cill section from the three little holes in the door aperture. The wands have a good 360 deg brass nozzle It comes in clear or black, I use clear for ev
  4. Try the trimmer in Derby that I used Phil. Stumpy has his number, he will make them up for you.
  5. DC Love the gene Hunt sketch, still tittering. Dave B
  6. Glad this turned out a happy ending. Can we assume that if the police have insufficient resources to catch these criminals they also have insufficient resources to administer appropriate punishment when they are caught, this is something I for one would be more than willing to help with. Dave B
  7. You could do what a derbyshire dales member did recently. Change everything! U/J's ,drive shafts, hubs,etc etc all to no avail. Then decided to change his elderly flat spotted tyres, et voila.
  8. Just spoken to the seller. He has been offered £15 and refused it. He now has three fighting over it offering £17.5. I reckon that if he waits he'll get 20k. Dave B
  9. That's what I was meaning Stuart. Sorry to confuse. Neils up selling of relays etc is not necessary. Can't blame him for trying though. Dave B
  10. Jerry the Revington one is supplied by Clayton. But considerably cheaper. Comes complete with three speed switch and uprated valve if you want it. Dave B
  11. Phil leave it left hand drive, its a shorter walk to the kerb. Plus if you ever want to sell it, it will be worth more on the incontinent. If you can drive it doesn't matter what side the buttons are on. If you want to race around at 4000 revs or more then put it on Webers. If you want to do lots of miles (touring in Europe) but also have some poke, then increase the compression ratio, put a slightly uprated cam in it. lighten and balance as much as you can afford, lighter fly wheel and put it on SU's. And call it a 250. Dave B
  12. O and another thing Jerry. buy a new matrix and squirrel fan from Clayton and uprate the heater while you are at it. Dave B
  13. The dash panel can stay. Just remove the speedo so you can get your hand through the hole. Disconnect the heater controls, remove the vent hoses, disconect the two sqigley hoses from the bulk head leave them on the heater box Remove glove box. remove H frame undo the bolts and Bobs your Aunty. And have a little bucket ready to catch the bit of water that comes out when you undo the hoses. Have fun Dave B
  14. Rob I have nothing but praise for Autosparks. Found them very helpful, nothing too much trouble when I was creating my very bespoke loom. As for finished quality, everything worked first time and still is. Regards Dave B
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