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  1. Has anyone any experience of this company for instrument refurb? https://classicsparesengineering.co.uk Thinking of using them for my TR5 instruments. Dave McD
  2. Tim, My TR5 is currently under a full restoration but I seem to think mine tucked up behind the fuel tank cover board before I took it all apart. Dave McD
  3. Ian, Yes, I suffer from the same problem, as I get older! Dave McD
  4. Well I finally got round to pumping the Waxoyl into me TR5 chassis 2 days ago, not without some trepidation I must admit. It turned out quite well actually. Used a Shultz gun with a flexible clear plastic hose with a nozzle on the end allowing the Waxoyl to spray forward and sideways in a fan. Used 75psi on the compressor. Got the hose in every possible hole and put gaffer tape over all the other intermediate holes to prevent it spilling out. Not nearly as messy as I expected. Left it a couple of days and took all the tape off today. No drip or spills. Very pleased with the outcome.
  5. Lots of answers to my initial enquiry, thanks everyone. It's a new (10 or 12 years ago) CTM chassis that I've had stood in the garage waiting to eventually get round to the TR5 restoration. On closer inspection, CTM cut down on the number of holes in the chassis compared to the original factory units so entry points are fairly limited; but then so are the potential points for water entry. Yes Roy, I'm well past the "unattached suspension" point. Couldn't envisage turning it over now. Should have asked the question earlier because I had it on a rotisserie to do the painting. I'll
  6. I intend to inject Waxoyl into the chassis members and sills of my TR5 restoration project, wherever access is available, using a Shultz gun with a flexible tube with end spray nozzle. Can anybody with experience of this job, which I envisage being messy, give any hints of how to avoid one unholy mess and what pressure to use from the compressor please? Dave McD
  7. Thanks Rob, I struggled with it, so got my IT consultant, i.e. The Wife to do it. I will obviously have to renegotiate her IT fees, or perhaps I'll just keep quiet! Dave
  8. I bought a bag of ten 5/16" unf rivnuts from memast just a few weeks ago. Ver y helpful over the phone and next day delivery. I wanted to fit one to my new CTM TR5 chassis in the rear diff bridge for an additional exhaust hanger. Couldn't just drill a hole and fix a bolt and nut through because CTM had boxed in this originally flimsy U shaped section with a bottom plate for extra stiffness. I installed it succesfully with a nut and long set screw, 1 spanner and a socket to pull it up. Dave McD
  9. Hi Stuart, They are stamped BL as well as that number. I've had a communication from "Aladdin" from his Lincolnshire "cave." He says that number is an Alford and Alder part No. A & A, who apparently supplied components to Malcolm Campbell in the 20s and 30s for his Bluebird LSR cars, supplied suspension and steering parts to Standard Triumph and were eventually taken over by Standard Triumph and lived on under the BL umbrella into the 1980s. "Aladdin" tells me that the number confirms that they are genuine original parts. See link below to a Motor Sport magazine article
  10. This search facility problem caused me to ask a direct question on the TR5/250 Forum last night because I couldn't locate a thread that I knew had only recently been aired. Firstly thanks to those who responded last night. Just tried the Deggers method with quotation marks and went straight to it. Excellent tip, thanks. Dave McD
  11. Hi Stuart, I bought the items from the Aladdin's Cave of a friend of ours in Lincolnshire. When I asked the question I'd only inspected the vertical links. The trunnions were each wrapped independently, complete with the through bolt, sleeves, bushes, spacers, etc all in a waterproof type binding. When I stripped that off the LH thread one today, sure enough it was stamped LH, though with a different number 5L02222 LH. Dave
  12. I believe this has been discussed quite recently, but no matter how I word my query in the search facility, I cannot find the topic. So, simple question. I'm rebuilding my TR5 with new vertical links and bottom trunnions. Which side gets the RH thread and which side gets the LH thread? Dave McD
  13. Another +1 for Mikalor clamps. Dave McD
  14. I'm currently doing a full body off restoration of my TR5 and found that the body number plate, which should be pop rivetted to the bulkhead behind the clutch master cylinder area was missing when I came to dismantle the car. It was previously restored for the previous owner in 1993/94 and had plenum weld repairs in that area at that time and the body identification plate was obviously never refitted. On trying to buy a new plate, P/No CRST269, I find that both Moss and Rimmers list them as No Longer Available. Can anyone point me towards a suitable supplier please? Dave McD
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