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  1. See photo of my similar version. I can't claim to have given deep consideration to the loads on the engine mount threaded holes, but it seemed sensible to provide another fixing towards the back of the block in the 7/16"UNF threaded hole for the water jacket drain outlet, (left of photo) with a tube welded to my grey adaptor plate so that the bolt can be pulled up tight. At no time did I feel troubled by the integrity of the attachment. I did feel happier with the stability of the main support stand with the load closer across the stand than if it had been stuck out perpendicular to
  2. Just seen it when I went on to the website to buy tickets 5 minutes ago. The required bits and pieces list is getting longer. Dave McD
  3. Interesting article John. The prices, well we can only dream about them! Dave McD
  4. The TR5 wiring diagram doesn't show any glove box light, internal light on the transmission tunnel or in the boot. Dave McD
  5. I wasn't impressed by the TR Shop body mounting kit. Most of the set screws were far too long and the long bolts through the 2 front sloping turret braces were set screws threaded full length instead of part threaded bolts. I also had to buy extra rubber pads, thick and thin, just to fit the minimum as shown on the diagram. Ended up buying new set screws of suitable length from my local Nut and Bolt supplier.. Dave McD
  6. Brown book Workshop Manual gives bore as 2.94" so plus 20 thou should be 2.96". Dave McD
  7. Austin, i had my TR5 Tacho converted to Electronic to run with a Lumenition ignition system by this supplier in Scotland - www.classicsparesengineering.co.uk/classic-spares-services.php I was pleased with their service, Scott actually answers the phone and will discuss your requirements and the refurb was quite swift. As yet though it's still in the box as my restoration is still ongoing so can't comment on how successful it is. Dave McD
  8. Dan Gurney - tall driver required "blister" on top of door/roof for helmet clearance. Dave McD
  9. I have TR6 CC25332 L. Can't remember where Heritage Cert is but it was built sometime in October 1968. Dave McD
  10. Stuart, What Skinner supply as wool is, I think, what Martrim refer to as "Superwool." Martrim sell Superwool at £43.00/m + VAT. That's what I intend to use in the TR5. They also sell Wilton Wool at £54.00/m + VAT. I suspect you went for the Wilton Wool option for the Italia? Dave
  11. I've had carpet samples from both John Skinner and Martrim and I think they are identical, i.e. Skinners use Martrim materials. I'll be buying Martrim Superwool for my TR5 restoration and getting them made up by a local upholsterer. I've already bought Martrim leather and had the local upholsterer recover my MX5 seats which I'm very pleased with. Dave McD
  12. First question will have to be "Have you been a good boy this year?" Dave McD
  13. +1 for Stanwood. They did all machining for my current TR5 engine rebuild. When I was in there they had engine blocks, etc in for machine work from both TR Enterprises and Racetorations. Very helpful and reasonably quick. No connection, just a satisfied customer. Dave McD
  14. I note a TR5 in Valencia Blue for sale in the TRR Classifies Ads, CP406. That's the one immediately before my own TR5, CP407, which was also originally in Valencia Blue. That had a 1993/94 restoration in British Racing Green before I acquired it in 1997. I'm now doing a second full body off restoration after which it will be in Royal Blue. Nice to know that at least 2 consecutive production cars are still around. Dave McD
  15. A great character in the F1 paddock. Bit of a Jack the Lad running his team hand to mouth in the late 60s but with reasonable success with a Brabham BT26 for Piers Courage, then various Marches before small scale Politoys and Iso Marlboro operations. The Wolf which won its' first race came from a Williams background before Frank set up his very successful team with Patrick Head. Great shame that the team has fallen to the sad shadow of it's former self in recent seasons. RIP Sir Frank. Dave McD
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