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  1. Mike, I knew about one car "robbing" your TR5 bits. See you there, Saturday forecast weather questionable, Sunday a bit better at the moment. Dave
  2. The Classic Sports Car Club have a 2 day meeting at Anglesey Sat 20th/Sun 21st July. With a packed programme, we all get 2 races, a 30 minute one on Saturday on the International circuit layout and a 30 minute one on Sunday on the Coastal circuit layout with the Sunday grid decided by the Saturday race results. The Swinging 60s Group 2 races have four TRs in a 20 car field. 2 x TR6s and 2 x TR4s. I've got my TR6 engine repaired after a very disappointing and expensive breakage at Spa in June on the first lap in the first race of the weekend, so I will be out again at this meeting. A huge thank you to Jon Wood for getting the parts together and undertaking the work so quickly to get me back out again. Cheers Jon, very much appreciated. Anglesey may not be the most accessible circuit to get to for lots of people but it's a great circuit and well worth the effort of making the journey, so come along if you can. Dave McD
  3. Despite the problems and only doing 5 flying laps in qualifying and no race laps, my TR6 recorded the 6th fastest overall speed in our Classic event. That's qualifying and both races, with the speed trap somewhere near the end of the 1.1 km long Kemmel Straight I assume. 205.7 kph = 127.8 mph, so the car was well in contention in my class. Fastest speed for the event was a Chevrolet Camaro at 218.6 kph = 135.8 mph. Dave McD
  4. My problem caused by harmonic crank damper failing, probably due to very high temperatures at high revs when the internal rubber O rings disintegrate, passing vibrations via timing chain into camshaft. It also broke the 2 teeth off the bottom of the distributor drive dog. It may have already started to fail in qualifying as I threw a fan belt in qualifying. I'll go with a higher ratio diff next time. Trying to get it ready for Anglesey. Dave
  5. Glad you had a reasonably successful weekend Christian. In the CSCC Classic race, after a promising qualifying session, 11th out of 58 on a 3- 02, I broke the camshaft sprocket in Eau Rouge on the first lap of race 1. Weekend over. None of the 4 TRs which started finished the weekend. Very high rate of attrition. Dave McD
  6. I thought I was an anorak saving all the old Motor Sport magazines from when I first bough one in September 1967, but old Exchange & Marts must be a really specialist niche market. As you say, if only you'd bought one of those other Supercars of their time. Dave
  7. Bill, Reading a 1979 Exchange & Mart! You need to get out more often. Dave McD
  8. Looks like a prison exercise yard. Dave McD
  9. As promised, see photos of my T/A reinforcement. Photo 32 - underside view of original standard unamended T/A (don't know which type this is, early TR5 or later TR6?) Photo 33 - side view of cracked T/A with weld repair to crack just in front of the hub mating face circle Photo 34 - underside view of the welded plate repair to same cracked T/A. My thinking was that it bridged the crack repair but also transferred loading across from the main hub carrying face to the secondary web on the other side and around the spring pan. It might not be that pretty but it's functional and has not failed since being repaired. Care was required to avoid distorting the face of the hub mating face circle. Dave McD
  10. Just read my previous post - apologies for my dreadful English. I race a TR6 and having had some cracks starting to occur in the trailing arms, due to the extreme side loads with wide sticky race tyres at high speed in coners, I had them reinforced with aluminium welded plates underneath. I'll try to find the photos and post them here. It wasn't desperately expensive and has stood the test of time for many years now in the race environment. Dave McD
  11. Sean, I don't know what the origin of your attachment is but my McAfee computer virus protector warns me that it's dangerous and that I shouldn't open it! Dave McD
  12. Graham, I hadn't realised that there differences. What were they? Dave McD
  13. Sorry to hear that you won't be racing with us in the classic race but look forward to meeting with you at Spa. Wow, 2:42 target lap. That's quick. I'm still trying to get under 3:00. Last year I was the closest ever at 3:00.148, almost but not quite. Dave
  14. Sounds like you were lucky it was a steel wing with some strength to retain the wheel, instead of a fibreglass wing which would have shattered. Getting car ready for Spa now, looking forward to it. Dave
  15. The CSCC have 2 races at this years Spa summer Classic, a Classic race for combined Swinging 60s series and Classic K series and an Interseries race for Future Classics, etc. The 65 car Classic entry includes 7 Triumphs, 1 x Spitfire, 1 x TR6 and 5 x TR4, including frequent Forum contributor Christian Marx, who's new Forum profile photograph looks very sinister, not at all like his previous youthful looking image. I look forward to seeing you on track Christian. I don't think there are any Triumphs in the Interseries race. Dave McD
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