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  1. Ian, I note that you've bypassed the rheostat/dimmer and installed a clock. This is something that I've been considering on my car. Did you cut the larger hole yourself or did you use a specialist woodworker? I'm bothered about damaging the surrounding veneer. Dave McD
  2. Well that's my annual trip to Spa down the Swanee. It's already a very expensive race weekend which stretches my meagre budget to the extreme . If this isn't eradicated totally then it's beyond me. The end of visits to the most fantastic circuit ever. The CSCC say that they are in discussions with the Belgian organisers of the Spa Summer Classic to try to resolve it. We shall see! Dave McD
  3. Tom, You have a PM. Dave McD
  4. Tim, See photo of the old tool strap in my TR5 before I removed it for the current restoration. I bought a new one from Robsport in 2018. I'll try to remember to measure it next time I'm at the workshop. Dave McD
  5. Have you been dieting Roy? Dave McD
  6. Do you mean like Jimmy Greaves Suzanne? Or John Surtees, who never got his Knighthood? Dave McD
  7. For goodness sake, the bloke's won 7 World Championships and more F1 races than anyone else ever. Celebrate him for his sporting achievements, best car or not. He is brilliant at what he does regularly beating his team mates in similar machinery. Well done to him, I say. Absolutely deserved, you'll not convince me any differently. Dave McD (nailing his colours to the mast)
  8. I replaced all my TR5 suspension bushes with Blue poly around 1998. During my current (2020) full body off restoration I've removed them all to replace with new, just because it seemed sensible while the car was in a million pieces, but in realty there were no obvious signs of deterioration and they would have lasted many years longer. Jerry has a good point here, the pivot bolt on the inner end of one of my bottom front wishbone bushes was completely seized with rust in the inner steel tube. Couldn't even press it out with my 10 tonne press. Had to cut the mounting bracket off to remo
  9. Looks well Tom, the badge is a nice touch. Dave McD
  10. 78mm forged pistons (give 2725 cc capacity) are available for the TR5/6 engine from JE Pistons in USA with their UK Agents, Cambridge Motorsport Parts, John Savage, 01462 684300. Also I believe Omega Pistons, Halesowen, 0121 559 6778. Also try Racetorations, Gainsborough, Daryl Upritchard, 01427 616565. Yes you do have to use a custom head gasket, only available in UK from Racetorations as above. If you have a recessed block just have the top of the block skimmed to remove it, there's enough depth. There is a source in the USA, Wishbone Classics. I've used them in the past with signifi
  11. Simon, The USA cars had a cast iron manifold with a flange for one single down pipe instead of the UK cars 2 down pipe flange. Not sure of diameter of flange hole but one of those would be easier to adapt than a 2 hole flange. I have one for sale if you're interested. Dave McD
  12. The inlet manifold from the UK 2500S (part No 219016 I think) will have wide inlet port spacings. The USA CF engine built for Strombergs will have a manifold with narrow inlet port spacings. Measure the head between the inlet ports - UK 22mm; USA 17mm. The manifolds will physically fit either engine with all the fixings lining up but the inlet tracts will be misaligned with a moon crescent out of line. Dave McD
  13. I've bought 2 used hood frames for my TR5 restoration, both needing a bit of TLC. Can someone advise on the correct attachment of the front header rail to the side cantrails please? On the first frame, the header rail is unattached at one end and obviously need refixing, at the other end it's attached but the fixing is loose. Both rivetted fixings appear to have a spherical head to them, as if the header rail is meant to rotate quite a bit on the cantrails, or is that just wear? The second frame header rail is secure at both ends on the cantrails with flat top rivets but still has a
  14. Hi Tom, impressive spec., it'll sound busy on the Motorway with that 4.1 cwp, but loads of oomph out of slow corners. When you've dropped Conrad back at home can you come just a little bit further up the A1 and pick me up? Dave McD
  15. Dave Stuart - very successful as the Eurythmics duo with Annie Lennox. Was it the same guy who also recorded It's My Party with Barbara Gaskin? Dave McD
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