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  1. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Another tight Yorkshireman.
  2. Ken, The guy who made all TRE tanks is Alloy Racing Fabrications, Jim at Moorhouse between Tuxford and Newark. He has a website If you can’t find details PM me and I’ll send you his numbers. He made my race tank, though I don’t have roll cage with cross over back legs, and various other parts for me. He’s very good and reasonably priced. Dave McD
  3. Ken, If you fit a tank in the spare wheel well you will lose the gravity feed to the filter and pump. I ran my race TR6 on PI for many years with a tank in the spare wheel well with the filter and pump under the boot floor alongside the n/s chassis rail with a protective shield over it. Even then I still couldn’t run the tank with less than about 10 or 12 litres in it without getting fuel starvation on sharp left hand bends. You probably wouldn’t want to do that on a road car so will need to fit a 2nd low pressure lift pump and swirl pot to feed the main filter and high pressure pu
  4. Me too. When the very early M1 sections were opened in 1959 I understand the hard shoulder was only MoT type 1 sub base (crushed limestone or sand & gravel ballast) with surface dressing (tar spray & chipping) and it was not unusual for heavy lorries pulling onto it becoming bogged down. Rapid upgrade followed but to a lower quality of construction to the adjacent carriageway to permit emergency vehicle access in the event of an incident. It was never contemplated as a running lane until the 70s when failure of those early Motorways started the major reconstruction programme an
  5. Peter, You will find working on the TR with your Grandson very satisfying. My now 20 year old grandson Bailey Frost had been helping me out with mine since he was 12. Gradually becoming more and more involved with my race TR6 preparation he has started sharing 2 driver races with me this year. He’s taken a very mature attitude to it and the positive remarks about his car awareness on the track from other competitors have made me very proud of him We changed the gearbox together (non overdrive) in the paddock at Spa in June after grandad broke the first one in testing. He lifted it
  6. John, I question your optimistic view that "....a full grid of Triumphs can be achieved...." Admirable as it would be, I think getting 20 Triumph race cars together would be a big ask these days, let alone a full grid which is around 35 to 45 cars depending on which circuit layout is being used at Silverstone. Sadly the reality is that a good many Triumph race cars seem to have disappeared in the last few seasons. We get usually 3 or 4 in the CSCC Swinging 60s, max 5. Richard Culverhouse at the CMMC gets 3 or 4 with an unusual 6 at his recent Silverstone meet. Equipe GTS have a few F
  7. Mark, This topic has appeared before. See photos below, my n/s T/A crack TIG welded just in front of the hub mountings and a strengthening plate welded underneath to box in the big void and tie that outer rib to the inner rib to stiffen it all up. I used these on my race TR6 with wide sticky tyres subject to high cornering loads for many years without any further cracking developing. Dave McD
  8. David, I’ve found it. I’ll post it on Monday. Dave McD
  9. David, Sorry, if I raised your hopes but I can’t find the switch stalk/knob. Must have thrown it out, which is not like me as a true Yorkshireman! Dave McD
  10. David, The whole stalk, complete with the end knob broke off my TR6 light switch, it was only 53 years old, so I had to replace the complete switch. You’re welcome to the stalk/knob if it’s any good to you but how you detach the knob from the stalk I don’t know. Send me a PM with your address. Dave McD
  11. That’s what I use in my race TR6 most of the time but change to a 3.9 for circuits with long straights and fast cornets, e.g Silverstone GP, Snetterton and Spa but use a 4.3 at circuits with short straights and lots of slow corners, e.g. Oulton Park and Anglesey. Dave McD
  12. Hamid, What diff ratio do you use. Dave McD
  13. Race 2 on Sunday wet. Got up to 7th before spinning and scraping barrier with only 5 or 6 minutes left to run of a 40 minute race. Stalled car and couldn’t restart it, race over. Not happy. Met up with Christian Marks, TR4 racer, a regular poster here and was able to help him with a very small but crucial spare part to keep his car going. Bring it on again next year. Fabulous event. Dave McD
  14. We’ll done Hamish. Dave McD
  15. Gearbox still slow changes but improved by 4 secs to 2-06 and after starting 22nd, I finished 12th in race 1 so a bit happier today. Dave McD
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