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  1. John, You've mentioned your success at purchasing Payen gaskets from Heritage recently on another thread. I'd be pleased to know how you managed to contact them. I've tried umpteen times over last 2 - 3 months without success. Do you have an alternative means of communicating with them? Dave McD
  2. When my current TR5 restoration is complete I will be running it on triple Weber 40DCOE carbs on a Cannon manifold. Can anyone advise on pump, filter and pressure regulator types, positions and fixings please. I have some ideas, as below, but am open to other's views. Photos of successful installations would be appreciated. I had envisaged using the original standard TR5/6 filter fixed in it's original position and fed from the tank as original. I intend to use a Facet Gold Flo pump but am not sure where is the best location for it. Does a Facet pump work if fitted horizontally
  3. Robin, They do rot. See photo of my TR5 nearside inner wheel arch. That patch was fitted during a 1993 restoration for the previous owner. I had no idea it was there until I stripped out the trim for my current restoration. It's not pretty but appears to be sound so I'm leaving it, but I have dressed the welds. It seems that water enters the bump stop "buttress" through not particularly sound factory welding and rots out from inside that box. I've had all the outer welds redone to prevent future water ingress and will drill a hole in the box so that I can seal it internally with Waxo
  4. I'm approximately 13 months into my restoration and haven't even got it to the paint shop yet. A 10 month restoration, particularly with such a stunning looking end result, is remarkable. Well done Paul. Enjoy it now. Dave McD
  5. With that number the TR6 was probably driven by someone who was a miner and called Clementine. Described as "... York Easter 1975..." it was probably at the old RAF Rufforth, just off the A64 to the west of York. It was a temporary circuit with a layout formed by old 45 gallon oil drums and straw bales. It only held 2 or 3 meetings a year. The most prominent was the September Battle of Britain meeting, a combination of car races, motorbike races and air show. Very popular. Unfortunately it can never be used for racing again. It was sold off and the central part was dug up and returne
  6. The Classic Sports Car Club have a meeting at Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire on Saturday 24th October. The Swinging 60s race has a full grid of 42 cars with 3 reserves at the moment. This includes 6 TRs. That's one 4, one 5, one 250 and 3 6s. There are also three TR4s in the Classic K race. As things stand at this time, spectators are allowed with all the usual Covid precautions so if interested come along to watch. However, I would recommend checking with the circuit direct before travelling just in case there are any late changes to that situation in the current climate. D
  7. I don't know exactly which Tenax bits are the difficult ones to get hold of but is there anything here that will meet your requirements. I spoke to the owner of the company with a query about some other odd fixings early afternoon last Friday. He couldn't have been more helpful or accommodating. Two samples arrived in the Saturday morning post for my selection, at no cost. My order will be being placed tomorrow. https://www.bresco.com/cgi-bin/ss000001.pl?page=search&SS=Tenax&PR=-1&TB=O&ACTION=Go! Dave McD
  8. Malcolm, It's fair to say that that particular core plug is the worst of the 6 of that type around the block. There are 4 on the right side under the inlet and exhaust manifolds and 2 on the left side, 1 between the alternator mount and coil and one behind the Distributor/Metering Unit. I changed the one behind the alternator on my TR6 in August in about and hour and a half including replacing the alternator and coil. The one behind the distributor is altogether more difficult to access with the engine in the car. Also, the hole behind the core plug in the cast iron block is mu
  9. I also was seeking a UK supplier for Bastuck parts. Dave McD
  10. I also tried Heritage just 2 or 3 weeks ago without success. I'll try again. Dave McD
  11. After 23 years of ownership as part of the full restoration of my TR5 I will be changing from the Surrey top to a convertible soft top and NO I won't be selling the Surrey top. The body shell is still in etch primer, so today I've done a trial fit of the 2nd hand hood and frame that I bought over 20 years ago. The old vinyl hood is scrap and the frame will need to be refurbished but I wanted to know that it fitted OK. Had to ease a couple of bolt holes in back retaining bar and one in the N/S fixing plate to the B post but otherwise the frame fits OK. I also want to make sure that I've g
  12. Kevin, Do you have a reference part number for that Bastuck manifold gasket and supplier details please. Dave McD
  13. If anyone is considering a new TR5/250/6 chassis, I have available for sale a complete donor front end of a pair of turrets, main crossmember and steering rack crossmember, the parts that CTM always wanted to base a new chassis on and presumably Revington will too. PM me if required by anyone. Dave McD
  14. Hi Roy, Pity I wasn't in front yesterday! (He beat me at Donington yesterday!!) Thanks everyone for best wishes. No nice cake but have had a great day. Started with full English breakfast made by my good lady wife. That set me up for the day. Followed by a drive out in the BMW Z3 (TR5 currently in a million pieces for full restoration) for a walk round Rufford Park with coffee and cake at the Cafe. On the way home called at the Thaymar ice cream parlour, best in the region. Evening at home with a G & T preceding fillet steak, saute potatoes and salad washed do
  15. Steve, I have what I believe is a saloon recessed block with the later strengthening rib on the right side, complete with all 4 original bearing caps, which I could make available for sale. I'll check out details tomorrow. I'm based in Retford, North Nottinghamshire. That could be simplest solution to your problem. If you're interested PM me with contact details and we can discuss. Dave McD
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