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  1. Hi I have now had time to investigate but I can`t find anything that might be causing the knocking on my TR. All the UJ`s are ok, wheel bearings ok, all bushes no apparent play the only thing is the diff but there is no drain plug to look to see if there are any loose metal, I think we will have to take the diff out to check it. If we take the back pate off will any problems come to light? John
  2. Hi has anybody got any idea, while driving my TR6 2 days ago going round left hand corners we hear a nocking noise we think coming from the rear of the car. It sounded like nock nock nock only when cornering at a bit of speed. I look forward to your feedback. John
  3. Hi everyone Has anybody had experience of "Formulapower catalyst" units do they work?
  4. Johnthelms

    John Epy

    How do we renew the steering column bushes?. I have tried to dismantle the column but I am having difficulty removing the ignition to get to the bracket.
  5. Hi Dave how do I strengthen the diff bracket.




  6. Johnthelms

    John Epy

    Diff bracket renforcment
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