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  1. I apply 14.5 PSI on the master...I do not do any bench bleeding... Jochem
  2. I never liked the felt....I installed a seal from spitfire....all is tight Jochem
  3. Greyish fluid is the first indication of the steel piston rubbing in the aluminum housing. Leaking is the second. Open up the Cylinder, you will find scratches....don't bother refurbishing. I use a TRW 0,70 Bore and have peace for about 7.000 mls....using DOT3, with a spare on my shelf. Jochem
  4. Hi Ian, my future installations will be in the engine compartment... Jochem
  5. The Volvo Servo is not a plug and play system. It requires new spacer block with studs, fork adaptation, cut-out of the body and new brake lines... Dan's Hella Pump maybe the easier solution.... Jochem Dan, is the reservoir necessary? Is it not possible to run the pump continously?
  6. after changing to EFI, I removed the upgraded Moss one. All looked good !! I used a new one, and been on it ever since. Each about 3000mls and counting. I never re-torqued the manifold/exhaust nuts. Patrick mentioned it, the Moss Upgraded one, can be modified/sanded to meet the Inlet and Outlet ports. Jochem
  7. I have a Tank - low pressure filter - low pressure pump - swirlpot - high pressure pump - high pressure filter - isolated fuel line thru t shirt - fuel rail with regulator - isolated return line thru t shirt - swirlpot. I would be interested in a returnless system, but this requires some work. But sofar no issues. Jochem
  8. what are the vertical lines depicting? To which does the gear shifter need to be moved forward? It all seems a very exciting TV Show...the series finale is coming and everyone is awaiting the outcome....
  9. If you measure the oil temp in the sump, near the plug, you will notice temp varies between 60-80°C. Temperature at Oil filter (Spin On with Thermostat connection) must be higher. Oil Thermostat (Mocal) opens at 80°. With this in mind, one could argue, if the oil stat is not opening anyways, one could leave the cooler out. If the oil stat opens, one could leave the cooler in. Provided Thermostat is installed. I would not install a cooler without thermostat. I will leave mine in....just for the reason, that I have a tuned engine. I cannot claim however, any advantage or disadvantage.
  10. Marco, nice! I do not know anyone else who can meet up to this kind of engineering ingenuity. Jochem
  11. Ian, use a silicon gasket. Then apply some silicon sealant on one side of the gasket and fix it to the cover. The head side remains without sealant. Works for me. Jochem
  12. I adjusted the endfloat by installing one gasket and pulled the gear up with a finger. If it felt there was play I left it like that. Worked over many miles. With my new engine, I want to do it according to the Brown Bible. Triumph spent a whole chapter on this. Just wondering about the reason. The variable timing as Rob mentioned seems most plausible to me. Jochem
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