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  1. Brand Finkbeiner is legit....but used ones go for 7.000€ !! This Juriessouth Website does not seem serious. Not telephone number, just email. No legal information...., Jochem
  2. Ian, who will be doing the base mapping? Yourself? Jochem
  3. Ian, PH2 is a 280 degrees cam. With +30 Bore you are likely to achieve 165-175 HP... (I have 170 with Kent 280 Cam and CR 9.7) Please consider this in your setup. Jochem
  4. Waldi made a perfect explanation... Jochem
  5. Nice! Where did you buy the Weber manifold? I am curious about your engine spec (CR, Cam etc). The Jenvey Bodies come with 350cc injectors which I always thought might be overkill....I have Bosch 213cc injectors......at full load a DC of 80% is recommended, not exceeding 90%. ..with a DC of 80% and about 200 HP it gives you 224cc injectors...or with 350cc injectors you have a 50% DC.....the debate would be if this is too low. Jochem
  6. I really do not want to change your thoughts and project scope, I am still dealing with the fact the exhaust flanges are causing this and making you change from Weber to triple stromberg. Correct? if so, how are the exhaust flanges causing any problems? Do you have any pictures you want to share.... Jochem
  7. Rich, do a compression test. Feel free to present your results. Jochem
  8. Rework on exhaust and inlet manifold is not uncommon. Just make sure not to take off too much from one, just keep it balanced and ensure gasket lines up nicely with head and manifolds..... Jochem
  9. For my understanding: you are going from Weber to Stromberg ??? Jochem
  10. 6 x 3/8 UNF Long (clamps) 4 x 3/8 UNF Short (exhaust) 3 x 5/16 UNF (middle)
  11. Yes! Did you put sealant on the gasket (both sides) and around the holes ? Jochem
  12. Hi Ian, look here: https://www.jenvey.co.uk/support/faqs/ Jenvey recommends 40mm for 35BHP engines (6*35=210). Larger diameter does not necessarily mean better and faster. Jochem
  13. Same topic in two threads... Not sure if it is meant ignition (key) or ignition as in distributor... Jochem
  14. After a day on the racetrack the pads with larger holes do no cause any issues and can be installed on calipers with smaller pins. Jochem
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