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  1. JochemsTR

    EWP in a TR6

    It is a concept every modern car has. The water is used to heat-up the oil via a heat exchanger. Since an EWP by itself does not bring the necessarily benefits, in combination with an oil heat exchanger this is. Such units can be bought. Oil in our TR takes easily (modern temperatures) upto 20 minutes (20km) to reach a temperature that is somewhere in an operating range. Highway cruising actually loweres this very fast, and fast road driving raises it very fast. If I would consider a modern upgrade such as an EWP I would consider the next step. Jochem
  2. JochemsTR

    EWP in a TR6

    An EWP in combination with oil heat exchanger is the only combination which would make sense. It takes too long for the oil to reach its operating temp. Jochem
  3. JochemsTR

    EWP in a TR6

    Friend sent me this: https://www.club.triumph.org.uk/menu/6409/item/220086/view Jochem
  4. JochemsTR

    ECU help

    You need to be a little bit more specific. What does this mean? Do you have a log? Fuel pressure, MAP, PW? I have a Ecumaster. But the approach to a problem is similar. But this is also the advice I give to anyone converting to EFI: „do you have anyone in your area with a similar system installed to talk to?“ Jochem
  5. Moss‘ high Performance version does not have the metal linings....they seem to be made from some kind composite material....I will check in upcoming winter how it held up... Jochem
  6. I don’t like the Payen, since it has a metal lining. This you cannot modify. I have not seen any gaskets fitting perfectly on inlet/exhaust. Jochem
  7. Bosch 044 can be submerged.
  8. Phil, I bought mine from Moss. High Performance version. Big advantage: the gasket can be modified to fit perfectly inlet/outlet. Jochem
  9. The mechanics is one thing. The wiring the next. You need to have a plan. I installed a separate fuse box. Several wirings I redid. Crimping, shrink sleeve till it was perfect. One of the advantages with Ecumaster is the Pin dedication. Very understandable. Where lies your main problem? Wiring? Jochem
  10. Ian, you have my contact information. You need to pull thru. I spend over 120 hours with installation and wiring. But I have high expectations. Proper tooling is half the job. Jochem
  11. JochemsTR


    Yes, your definition is correct. Jochem
  12. JochemsTR


    Yes, thats what I thought. In that case I would rather apply an exact and controlled torque and not experimenting with geometry and physics. Maybe a shop in your area has such a torque wrench? Jochem
  13. These MaxSpeeding rods do have a central drilling hole for the oil. (In the Rod-head). Jochem
  14. JochemsTR


    Just out of curiosity, I believe I had almost every nut and bolt in my hand....which nut requires 200 ftlbs? Jochem
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