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  1. I have no doubt, that when experienced, the wheel can be perfectly statically balanced. However, does this automatically mean, the wheel is also dynamically balanced?
  2. I very much like the idea, just a question, is this suppose to replace the dynamic wheel balancing done at your local garage? Jochem
  3. again, a nice piece of work. My second LT77 Gearbox will enjoy it.
  4. VE Table is based on Fuel injectorsize, Fuel Pressure, Fueling type, Lambda Target. So be carefull with copying.
  5. my latest generation EFI. Customized TBs with upper linkages. Customized fuel rail. (I always found the aluminium profile fuel rail somewhat overkill in the whole picture, so I build them myself new.)
  6. JochemsTR

    Cold Starting

    we had the same topic in our german forum.... EFI guys may be able to confirm this. my engine: No pressure build up during cranking! The 130-190 RPM are too little to generate oil pressure. Don't bother cranking for 20 seconds. To generate oil pressure, you need the engine! Oil pressure is within 0.8s. Tyrrell mentioned this in his video. cold start cannnot be generalized. each car/modell is different.
  7. Yes. But the parts required are not common. So I am hoping on someone with some leftovers in their garage...
  8. Nice!! I will forward this Info to my german friend... What is best way to contact you, phone, email? Can you provide us with your current contact data?
  9. The bellhousing I am referring to, comes from Rover SD1 2.3 and 2.6 engines. Jochem
  10. Sure, here it is. After initial installation and first test drive, I was amazed with the ease of shifting. The gearbox is short and direct. For me personally, I find it a lot more pleasant to drive in 5th gear vs using the overdrive. The LT77 does not extend towards aft as much as an J-OD does and this became very convenient. I was worried about some rattling in the gearbox. First thought was the clutch bearing, since pressing the clutch made the noise dissappear but the noise came from the main gearbox. I removed the gearbox brackets and I could remove the gearbox down. The whole operati
  11. sorry, I cannot use the classifieds...so I have to do it this way. For a second LT77 Gearbox, I am looking for following parts. Maybe you have one, or you know a second hand trader you can visit. I will pay you a fair price. Item 1: Triumph TR7 TR8 LT77 GEAR KNOB 5 Speed Good used from TR7 Gearbox 5/16 unc Item 2: Triumph TR7 TR8 LT77 GEARLEVER CAP UKC3159 UKC8764 Rover SD1 V8 Item 3: Rover sd1 v8 Lt77 gearbox remote tr7 / tr8 mg v8 hot rod kit car --> Spring only !! Item 4: Speedometer Pinion Gear Triumph TR7 Rover SD1 2600 2300 in Gearbox --> 21 Teeth !!
  12. Thank you all for your replies. I forwarded this to my friend, my personal preference is to contact carl... but it is upto him now. Jochem
  13. For a friend of mine, I need metering unit (CR) and injectors overhaul. so obviously I will send it to Neil or Malcolm. Any news on their response times and results of the work done? I am hearing, Neil is a little bit harder to contact thru email. Jochem
  14. In case it is a A-OD, get yourself a dedicated relay, ideally a modern one costing about 3 £. W1 = 86 = 12V control current, from OD lever-switch via OD switch on the GB. W2 = 85 = Ground C1 = 87 = output, towards solenoid C2 = 30 = input 12V In case of J-OD, a relay is not necessary.
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