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  1. Hi Waldi, I have not, I need to figure out a stable mounting for the dial support. Jochem
  2. JochemsTR

    TR6 Brakes

    in addition, the volvo brake booster is not a plug and play sollution. Certainly manageable by yourself, but not most of us missing the equipment to machine the required adapter.
  3. JochemsTR

    TR6 Brakes

    Andreas, I would really like to try the vented brakes part. The only problem I see is the availability of vented brakes discs and the fact to install a spacer on the calipers. The spacer is doable, but the little o-rings seem to cause problems. I mean, getting quality good ones. Jochem
  4. Fuel getting hot I shielded the lines in the TShirt area....another possibility is to install fuel radiator on the return. I heard about rerouting the lines inside the car but I opted not to and will have to wait till I experience any problems. However, I have a fuel temp sensor to monitor the fuel temp. Just figuring out a location where it actually makes sense to install. Jochem
  5. Installed new drum, and turning the wheel, at some position the pads are still rubbing, but not completely around. The same with the old drum, so no improvement there. Since the pads have slots in them, I always thought they center themselves. Not sure where the local rubbing comes from....any ideas? Jochem
  6. Rob, fuel thru rail then thru regulator. From regulator back to tank. Jochem
  7. +1 Worked for me....thanks Andreas Jochem
  8. JochemsTR

    Mintex Pads

    +1 for Mintex1144 Jochem
  9. JochemsTR

    TR6 Brakes

    Graham, I will spare my comments regarding exchange the wife for a new one. My girlfriend drives my TR regularly...comes from a BMW so a lot of difference there. I have Mintex 1144 front and standard pads at the rear. My girlfriend is not complaining, except maybe her hair getting all messed up. Jochem
  10. Thanks for the replies. I bought a drum (yes just one) from our german supplier just to see how it fits and how round the drum is. If nothing is rubbing on one side I will get the second one. Since I have Quaife hubs, the two little drum screws are missing and the drum relies on the 4 wheel bolts and the centre bore to be centered properly. Jochem
  11. Where to buy the rear drums and pads? TR Shop London offers finned brake drums, Rimmer standard version and more expensive Al-Fin. Cambridge offers uprated pads...and so on... Any advice? My main concern is, the drums are round, not oval! Jochem
  12. Just as a precaution, bring a set Spitfire RL1350 with you... It will be very easy to note when the break clips are loose. You will hear squeaking and rattling while driving. Breaking is still possible. Worst thing can happen is the clip settling between drum and pad....that will leave a mark in the drum. I soldered the pin onto the clip. Just a safety. Jochem
  13. Andrew, one of your break shoe clips is wrong. It needs to be turned 180 degrees. I soldered mine, since they became loose. Jochem
  14. not wanting to ruin the NGK debate...but is no one using Bosch? I am driving 4-point WR78X. Someone once noted such 4-point plugs are a better fit for an engine such as ours... Jochem
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