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  1. I used the Volvo Overdrive relay and a momentary switch.
  2. It is a special screw. Screw: B18821 http://zenithcarb.co.uk/screw-22495.html Washer: B19371 http://zenithcarb.co.uk/shakeproof-washer-17247.html
  3. Girling part number: 67320782
  4. They were hit or miss back then. I use the original style with no issues.
  5. In the state of Florida, all license plates are required to be replaced every 10 years per section 320.06(1)(b), Florida Statutes
  6. https://services.flhsmv.gov/MVCheckWeb/
  7. I doubt that they will answer you due to privacy concerns. The data file gets purged after 5 years of inactivity. You can try and enter your commission number and search via VIN# here: https://www.bar.ca.gov/pubwebquery/vehicle/pubtstqry.aspx
  8. Just an fyi reminder about fuel volume flow high pressure drop
  9. jr2

    USA TR6

    Here is a good article on how to close the air injection ports in the exhaust manifold http://www.74tr6.com/exhaustmanifold.htm
  10. Do you have to use Do you have to run custom cylinder head gasket? If so then using Polo pistons is only for early engine block - no recessed groove?
  11. jr2

    Uprated clutch

    Not boring. Many (30ish) years ago I replaced my clutch with a bad combination of new parts. The only way that I could make it operate normally was to shim the slave and set the rod at the closest release lever hole(drilling).
  12. jr2

    Uprated clutch

    Please repost the original picture
  13. One more thing to consider. The US engines use very low compression - 7.5:1 You will have to cut the head considerably. Here is a reference: TR6 Compression Ratio | Good Parts
  14. If your UK intake will mount to an PI head, then, yes the US head/engine will work. All CF (1973-1976) engines have PI port spacing. As a side note 1974 1/2 -> 1976 engine will have an EGR port that will need to be at least plugged up.
  15. jr2


    Please post a video while driving your car with the top down.
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