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  1. Hello Waldi, Sachs 30 82 100 041 is the best you can buy. Requires much less power to work. Protects the thrust washers, the clutch bearing and the entire mechanics. Regards Ralf
  2. Hello strokes the rings for control with a contact color. Place it on the contact surface of the gear wheel and turn about 180 degrees. Then you will find something that is not beautiful. Regards Ralf
  3. Schnippel

    Layshaft Woes

    Hello if the tread is lapped after nitriding everything is done. It is exactly the same process as on a crankshaft. Gas nitriding is more suitable for the surface. nitrating salt bath is not so nice in the surface. slightly abrasive in the surface without lapping. is rarely made here in Germany. not so good for the environment. Best regards Ralf
  4. Schnippel

    Layshaft Woes

    Hello This Laygear has run about 30,000 km. in 3 years. Then total failure. Diameter incorrect. Hardness not correct. Supplier Laygear is from Germany Oil was changed every year. 75w / 90 Unfortunately, this is not an individual case. Regards Ralf
  5. Schnippel

    Layshaft Woes

    Hello check the diameter of the axle. He must be 20.63 mm. exactly the same as the piston pin of the TR 6. You can use it as a master. Most axes do not have the diameter and do not have the required hardness. Some of the surfaces are very rough. Deadly for a needle bearing. In the past I had such axes produced in a machine factory. Then I found a good source in the USA. Roadster Factory. The exact measurement of these parts helps to prevent further damage. Ralf
  6. Hello Gavin, The Nürburgring is a very dangerous snake. You never know exactly where the head is straight. Respect must be had and everything will be fine. Ralf
  7. Hi guys Dot 3 must be used with all Triumph brake systems! Or for complete new systems also DOT 5 Silicon. DOT 4 is unfortunately not compatible with the back-up. It is typical that very slowly the seals dissolve. To be seen in the light clouds in the container. Only by chance did I get this information from ATE Brakesystems Germany. Therefore do not be surprised if brake systems and clutch with DOT 4 leaks. And dark clouds float in the container. Be careful when working on brakes Ralf
  8. And in an accident everything is in flames . Wonderful.
  9. Hello it does not matter whether rubber or poly . The differential must run quietly . Does it not. Then there is an error . Best wishes Ralf
  10. Hello , in this case, I would take a 260s cam of Newman. Why ? This camshaft supports what the machine can well already, Torque! And only you can feel in the back. not performance at speed X When the head has a good flow, the compression really at 9.5: 1 Then you get about 240 N / m on the clutch! These are not dreams that is real. I have a test bench and already many comparisons measured. Very interesting comparisons Much greetings Ralf
  11. Hello Richard the thread has the size 5/16 UNF . 5-6 mm long .the hole as large as possible in the middle . and a transverse slot . to adjust have fun Ralf Schnitker
  12. Hello No religion ! Proven track record has become the single throttle Maintenance-free , better flow, more torque. Driven over 150,000 km away. In camshafts over 280 Duration not recommended But who needs that . Performance is made in the head. Regards Ralf Schnitker
  13. Hi, if the pump runs, the patrol express over the normal tolerances from the rotor to the valves and to the injectors ! This is a completely normal process. If you want you can overfill the cylinders with petrol. About engine run !!!! One step on the starter and bang. Our the con rods are bent ! I often used boschinjektors from the k-jetronic. When the petrolpump drive about engine run at some minutes you can hear when the injectors sprayed (iiiht). Please make the test all injectors in a glass, pump on and you can see that almost injector sprayed. Therefore, do not panic it is normally. Regards from Germany Ralf
  14. Schnippel

    Fuel Injection

    Hi, A very interesting system is trijekt www.trijekt.de In recent years, I have 14 system built in Tr 6/5/250 . All Sensors and Injektors comes from Bosch. My own TR 6 now has more than 40000 km run with trijekt. All 6 becomes a single butterfly trottlebody with 70 mm. The engines run´s smooth like a bmw . the best result for every day use and nürburgring nordschleife gives with a 260° newman cam. the power at the wheels is about 120-130 PS . (tested at my own rolling road) The power is not dependent on trijekt. Every EFI system is better than lucas and gives more economy for the future. When you need pictures please mail. The autosport enginering show in Birmigham 10-11 January 2008 is a very good opportunity to order gather information,about many efi system . Sorry for my bad english Ralf
  15. Schnippel


    hello lee, your engine run at idle too lean! lambda 1,4 shows this clearly. When the engine is an 143er you must have an Lambda about 0,86- 0,90 . CO about 4 – 5,5 % . the high hc is normal at idle from a 143er tr engine ! when the engine run a few minutes at idle the hc exceeds over 4000 hc ! responsible is the duration 280 ° the 123er engine have better rate. importantly to know is , becomes the mixture too lean rises the HC worth. control of the datum track is important 0,3 mm 143er 0,05mm 123er.a very frequent error is that the range idle only with an attitude is made 0.05 mm for all engines . regards ralf
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