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  1. Hi there, There are adjusting screws to make the machine run leaner. On the picture the number 1/2. Left around leaner. Right around richer. This allows you to set up the machine individually with the Co Tester Very easily. Ralf Ralf
  2. Hello maybe the pedals are reversed? greetings ralf
  3. Hello The counter axis must have an external dimension of min. 20.64 mm DIN. (Piston pin TR 6) There are axes up to 0.04 mm undersized, poor hardening and a cruel surface treatment. Such axes will all fail even if three needle bearings are used. See image, First outside, then the additional bearing breaks. There is only one supplier who has these axles manufactured and they also fit! Roadster factory in the USA Price per piece 70 dollars. Only that works! I don't use anything else that would be too good for all the work regards Ralf
  4. Hello I once learned that a cardan shaft should be treated like a raw egg. And that's how I do it too !! A cardan shaft rotates with engine speed and +. And transfers all of the torque back and forth. No thought should be wasted not to expand the diff for TR's. And it is very important that the flanges are bare metal! Color can lead to nasty surprises. Be vigilant in this area of the TR Ralf
  5. Hello the dangerous thing about these small threaded bolts is history - if someone has exceeded the permissible torque. Unfortunately it is possible to pull the bolts including the thread out of the swing arm with a torque of 20 N / m. The torque wrench says click. But the threaded bolt comes out! That's why I always turn the nuts with a short, circular-grip wrench. This means that you can feel very precisely when the screw connection is tight or behaves like a rubber band. I have to say that it takes a little practice before it works. It is very helpful to glue in the threaded bolts wit
  6. Hello, on newly made engines and when I have to go to an oil pan I always use stud bolts in the aluminum bridge at the front and back. However, I glue them with Loctite. At the front, no more oil is guaranteed to come through the thread from above. Tearing of the thread is almost impossible. (With enough strength, some can do it too) And assembly upside down is much easier. Nothing slips anymore. regards Ralf
  7. Hello, My experiences in driven KM have shown that synthetic oils provide the best lubricant. In my case, Castrol 10/60. Please compare the HTHS value and the viscosity index with other oils. The HTHS value is a decisive parameter against wear In the TR 6 I have now driven about 240,000 km with 10/60! 110000/13000 km During the year I also drive many kilometers on the racetrack. I demand a lot from the machine. The valve clearance is constant and the machine is perfectly clean. One thing you have to be aware of, however, is that if the valve springs are installed too hard, even
  8. Hello , I think pictures speak louder than words. Bearings can be completely intact. Nevertheless, the flange can loosen itself on the pin through micro movements and initially release these traces of rust. A message from the dying wheel bearing unit. Good who can read it. Regards Ralf
  9. Hello, when I see such rust marks on a TR rear hub, I sound the alarm. Maybe exaggerated! That is probably rust in the tapered fit. The wave also shows traces of violence from outside. I wouldn't drive another meter with it. Many greetings Ralf
  10. Hello Mick, I agree with you. As soon as such a wheel bearing unit has been opened and then assembled incorrectly ... the bomb ticks. Fortunately, there are good alternatives. The clubs just have to make this subject much more often and more emphatically. Fortunately, there have been no fatal accidents. Best wishes Ralf
  11. Hello We build Bosch WR 78 into every TR 6 machine. I drove a service life of over 60,000 km myself. Insensitive to fatty mixtures. Hand on it for PI'S the best spark plugs! But the voltage supply for the spark plug must also be top-notch. I think that explains itself. Ralf
  12. Hello I always paid attention to two parameters. Oil viscosity index 100 degrees And HTHS value 150 degrees. Compare it, motor sport oils 10W60 have the highest values I have been using it for years in hard and soft use in TR and Mercedes machines. I would never think of using a different oil. Greetings Ralf
  13. Hello Marco, Super !!! I've been talking my mouth linty for years. But one is not believed. Always buy the parts for the swivel bearings individually (Rimmer), only then are there hardened black disks. The man in the video doesn't know what he's doing. It's just botch! Ralf
  14. Hi Peter, it is refreshing for me that this more than important topic is written here. Vitamin D has become a little hobby of mine since 2018. I've read dozens of studies on vitamin d. And I also talked to doctors and I can only say it scares how little they know. There are exceptions too. Like a friend of mine who is an orthopedist. In spring 2018 I had a test done. 18 ng / ml total deficiency !!! I then took 20,000 IU in drops every day for 14 days. Then test 88 ng / ml again. I then have an online calculator from Dr. Raimund von Helden used to calculate my dosage. The body weigh
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