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  1. Hi Peter, it is refreshing for me that this more than important topic is written here. Vitamin D has become a little hobby of mine since 2018. I've read dozens of studies on vitamin d. And I also talked to doctors and I can only say it scares how little they know. There are exceptions too. Like a friend of mine who is an orthopedist. In spring 2018 I had a test done. 18 ng / ml total deficiency !!! I then took 20,000 IU in drops every day for 14 days. Then test 88 ng / ml again. I then have an online calculator from Dr. Raimund von Helden used to calculate my dosage. The body weight is also taken as a basis. Since then I have been taking 10,000 units per day and thus maintaining a Vit D level of 85-95 ng / ml. I hired our whole family like that. The positive things would go beyond the scope here !! Nevertheless, it is important that the other vitamins are well adjusted. And the further balanced diet about real fats !!! Omega 3 from algae oil and linseed oil. Stay away from trans fats! This is pure poison for our cells. By the way, I also had my two Hovawart Dogs tested for Vit d. Result approx. 70 ng / ml !! It is mixed in by the feed manufacturer. Ralf Schnitker https://www.vitamindservice.de/ https://www.vitamind.net https://vitamin-d.info https://www.ndr.de/ratgeber/gesundheit/Vitamin-D-Mangel-erkennen-und-behandeln,vitamindmangel101.html https://www.uke.de/kliniken-institute/institute/osteologie-und-biomechanik/aktuelles/iobm-aktuelles-vitamin-d.html https://spitzen-praevention.com/wissen/sonne-und-vitamin-d/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19594303-bone-mineralization-defects-and-vitamin-d-deficiency-histomorphometric-analysis-of-iliac-crest-bone-biopsies-and-circulating-25-hydroxyvitamin-d-in-675-patients/ https://www.sunday.de/vitamin-d-mangel/
  2. Hi das ist ein Purolator Gehäuse.
  3. Hi, look at No 6 there is the ball from your filter bypass valve. Ralf
  4. Hi there I usually set the (cold) oil pressure on new machines to about 90 psi. Of course, this also depends on the oil used. Ralf
  5. Hello Waldi, Sachs 30 82 100 041 is the best you can buy. Requires much less power to work. Protects the thrust washers, the clutch bearing and the entire mechanics. Regards Ralf
  6. Hello strokes the rings for control with a contact color. Place it on the contact surface of the gear wheel and turn about 180 degrees. Then you will find something that is not beautiful. Regards Ralf
  7. Schnippel

    Layshaft Woes

    Hello if the tread is lapped after nitriding everything is done. It is exactly the same process as on a crankshaft. Gas nitriding is more suitable for the surface. nitrating salt bath is not so nice in the surface. slightly abrasive in the surface without lapping. is rarely made here in Germany. not so good for the environment. Best regards Ralf
  8. Schnippel

    Layshaft Woes

    Hello This Laygear has run about 30,000 km. in 3 years. Then total failure. Diameter incorrect. Hardness not correct. Supplier Laygear is from Germany Oil was changed every year. 75w / 90 Unfortunately, this is not an individual case. Regards Ralf
  9. Schnippel

    Layshaft Woes

    Hello check the diameter of the axle. He must be 20.63 mm. exactly the same as the piston pin of the TR 6. You can use it as a master. Most axes do not have the diameter and do not have the required hardness. Some of the surfaces are very rough. Deadly for a needle bearing. In the past I had such axes produced in a machine factory. Then I found a good source in the USA. Roadster Factory. The exact measurement of these parts helps to prevent further damage. Ralf
  10. Hello Gavin, The Nürburgring is a very dangerous snake. You never know exactly where the head is straight. Respect must be had and everything will be fine. Ralf
  11. Hi guys Dot 3 must be used with all Triumph brake systems! Or for complete new systems also DOT 5 Silicon. DOT 4 is unfortunately not compatible with the back-up. It is typical that very slowly the seals dissolve. To be seen in the light clouds in the container. Only by chance did I get this information from ATE Brakesystems Germany. Therefore do not be surprised if brake systems and clutch with DOT 4 leaks. And dark clouds float in the container. Be careful when working on brakes Ralf
  12. And in an accident everything is in flames . Wonderful.
  13. Hello it does not matter whether rubber or poly . The differential must run quietly . Does it not. Then there is an error . Best wishes Ralf
  14. Hello , in this case, I would take a 260s cam of Newman. Why ? This camshaft supports what the machine can well already, Torque! And only you can feel in the back. not performance at speed X When the head has a good flow, the compression really at 9.5: 1 Then you get about 240 N / m on the clutch! These are not dreams that is real. I have a test bench and already many comparisons measured. Very interesting comparisons Much greetings Ralf
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