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  1. Hi I wonder why it hasn't gotten around in England yet. The Sachs clutch from the Saab has become our standard. Sachs No. 3082100041. Many greetings Ralf
  2. Hi there, Unfortunately I had the pleasure several times that the aluminum tanks were not tight at the weld seams! An exhaust gas tester with an HC display was a great help in the determination. The HC value goes up steeply at the leak. The fuel immediately gasifies, so you can only smell it. That's why I now have every new aluminum tank tested for leaks and, if necessary, re-welded. that makes me a specialist company. Testing of new parts has unfortunately become normal. Many greetings Ralf
  3. Hi there , Always install suction lines in bends. Narrow angles of 90 degrees promote cavitation and prevent free flow to the pump. That is a Bosch recommendation. Regards Ralf
  4. Hi there, I would like to remind you again there is also the problem with the diameter !! And that was partly wrong with new originals. That's why I only use the part from the Roadster factory USA. And please always check the cleanliness of the inside of all new parts, including piston pins! How often have I found machining residues there! Best regards Ralf
  5. Hello Bruce, the three needle bearing variant works. Provided that the hardness and diameter are suitable. Best regards Ralf
  6. Hello Bruce, the owner of the gearbox has the laygear shaft back. As always, I did a file test ...... insufficient hardening. Many greetings Ralf
  7. Hi there, Unfortunately, the use of a third needle bearing is only limited to certain km / ml, as you can see on the picture. Mileage approx 12,000 km. No correct hardness and diameter of the laygear axis and the destruction begins. As some know, the entire gear box must be meticulously cleaned of fine metal particles. Needle roller bearings are very, very sensitive to dirt. Best regards Ralf
  8. Hi there , this is the spring from an ATE mounting kit for Ford. Belongs assembled as shown in the picture. excellent function. Many greetings Ralf
  9. Hi there, the lack of hardness is a big problem. In addition, the laygear axis do not have the correct diameter. Too small You can test wonderfully with a piston pin from the TR 6. That would be the master. I think the best source for laygear axis is the Roadster factory in USA. Until now, they always had the correct diameter, hardness and surface quality. I've already had parts in my hand that were only turned and not precision ground! Cruel, sent right back. Or scrap buckets. Also A Type Annulus, which are in the trade have no hardening !!!!! Do the simple file test. Best
  10. Hello Julien, the noise is clearly a dying differential. I would fix it soon. Teeth break out of the ring gear. That makes a big bang. Not funny. Many greetings Ralf
  11. Hello , Is your pre-pressure valve working? If not, install a new one. (Accessories willwood ect.) And you already have a short pedal travel. I wish you success Ralf
  12. Hello Marco, this can be called normal. The oil runs through the teeth of the cardan flange. The oil also comes through the side flange. here it runs through the groove of the feather key. So always put a little silicone sealant under the washer / flange and it stays tight. The toothing is best glued with Loctite to exclude micro-movements. The reason for the sometimes far too large tolerances on the toothing, which has the consequence that the bearing preload decreases. You can then loosen the castle nut with your fingers! Best wishes Ralf
  13. Hello , I had the pleasure of testing a MG A on the dynamometer twice. Before conversion and after conversion to compressor. We couldn't believe our eyes .......... over 30% more torque. Stay alert Ralf
  14. Hello each new (old) metering distributor must be set individually on the running machine. Then the emission test is no problem! greetings Ralf
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