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  1. tr6tuga

    Heater valve

    Ok ill order and hope it doesn t get stuck with custums
  2. tr6tuga

    Heater valve

    Any direction for eu supplier?
  3. tr6tuga

    Heater valve

    Just after 2k of service, supplied by rimmers any advice este to get a good One?
  4. From rimmers, 2K after any sugestion were i get on?


  5. Just another hint to had, the turn signal lever and lights lever can and do fall appart , thei are brittle, if there ais some figorous dash board handling, ask me how i found
  6. tr6tuga

    Top crash pad

    I was thinking I,m allone, but it looks not CRM is all about john skinner example and others. Closed account!
  7. tr6tuga

    Top crash pad

    Just a update. I had the top dash laying around in the office for the last year unoppend pack, whaiting for a chance to install it With the lockdown had the opportunity to have a lgp Contact Rimmers and told them about the manufacturing defect wich they acknowledge but refused a return or a at least accept some sort of refund/exange on the fact that warrants had expired...and sugested me to buy the more espensive vinyl top crashpad, no discount For the last 10 years I ve being a regular customer spending many £ k...but apparently CRM for them is just something a mkt consultor mentioned in the last company meeting that they did not fully understood! Peace of advice, check asap all items from Rimmers and return if found faulty, specially if the ongoing restoration takes time. Rimmers sells defective parts being well awere That was the last time I bought from them, prefer pay more and have a real CRM And I have a unsuitable top crash pad :(@ *&^/$$% Thank you for you time
  8. tr6tuga

    Top crash pad

    Good evening In the process if replacing the crash pad wich I bought last year, polyrethan foam filled , and to my surprise it has here and there small termite look alike holes... Is this a common problem? Should i try to recover with vinyl? Thnk you
  9. Yes sometimes is a nonsense and heavy foot print, delivery cost also a issue. I usually try to pack more items per delivery, but not allways possible. Suppliers should have a more clean and lean approach starting for adressing questions like, how many packing delivery cases ? How much cost of packing vs items dimension/fragility, a custumer feedbacks with some kind of rewards points... We can all contribute for a greener planet Regards from Porto
  10. tr6tuga

    Heater “tag”

    I use it to hold a period radio
  11. Absolutly! stay home stay safe, after 30 days things are returning to quite normal, it pays
  12. Next 3 weeks , replace top crash pad, refurbish heater, whipers links replacement and a lot of endless bits on a never ending to do list
  13. Rerouting hood cable, p owner had it all around the engine bay! Yes I have a second hood cable just in case, and going for a blast, 24 degrees and Sunshine
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