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  1. I believe 260 bhp has been achieved - but not for long if you get my drift. 240 is a more realistic reliable figure from several full race engines, all built by several different specialists, with steel crank and rods, forged large bore pistons, special head gasket to suit, high compression, high lift cam, roller rockers, 6 - 3 - 1 exhaust, lightweight skeletal flywheel, gas flowed head and an ATI harmonic crank damper. Triple 45DCOE carbs. They will run to between 7200 - 7400 rpm but max power will be at around 6800 rpm. Dave McD
  2. Paul, Be more specific on location. Are we talking inside track end of tunnel or outside track end of tunnel? Are we talking right side looking into tunnel or out of tunnel? Dave McD
  3. I'll be there all 3 days. One of the highlights of the year. Not sure about the new bridge on the approach to Madgwick corner, without knowing exactly where it is, I think it will possibly obstruct the spectators trackside view into what is always an interesting corner, particularly on the first lap. Dave McD
  4. David, I've recently used Chapman & Cliff at Nantwich to cut me an extra central hole for a clock and repair a chip in the veneer of my 23 year old walnut dash for my TR5 restoration. I have no connection with them but am very pleased with the result. Could be worth a try. Dave McD
  5. Following the recommendations in the 2 posts above I used Scott Mitchell at Classic Spares and Engineering to refurbish all my TR5 instruments. Including altering my tachometer to digital they were sent and returned in about 3 weeks and I'm very pleased with the results. The car rebuild is still ongoing so haven't actually seen them working yet, but they look splendid. Scott is readily available on the phone and kept me well up to date on progress. I have no connection, but would have no difficulty in recommending him. Dave McD
  6. This is the old thread that I referred to. Dave
  7. Hi Stuart, I refer to an old Forum thread which made me ask the question. Gary, That confirms the silver colour but shows another direction for the inlet, pointing downwards. Dave
  8. Hi John, Thanks for the confirmation. I assume you've replicated the original colour? That looks excellent. Complete with the period decal too. Can you give me the size of that decal please? Is it just black print on a white background? Judging by the position of the decal, so that it can be seen from above, I believe the single inlet pipe should point towards the TR5 inner wing/wheel arch, rather than towards the centre of the car as on the twin inlet pipe unit on the TR6, even though that would appear to me to restrict air inlet flow? Is that correct? Dave McD
  9. Am I correct in thinking that the TR5 air filter housing should be painted silver, as opposed to black on the TR6? Dave McD
  10. Thanks for those comments. Brilliant day and the TRs did much better reliability wise than at Donington 2 weeks earlier. All 4 TRs in Swinging 60s and both TR4s in Classic K finished, 100% record for a change. Next up Knockhill. Dave
  11. The CSCC "Winner on the Wolds" meeting is on this coming weekend with 2 TR4s and a TR6 in the Swinging 60s Group 2 race and 2 TR4s in the Classic K race. Spectators are allowed in now. If any of you do come then come and say hello in the paddock. Dave McD
  12. Yes, fortunately for me, I was the last man standing in a TR. Neil, Poor description on my part. The sprocket itself didn't break. The problem is crank vibration at high revs which pass up through the timing chain into the cam. There are 3 modes of failure:- 1 - The two tynes on the bottom of the distributor drive dog break off 2 - The distributor drive shaft and gear breaks, usually taking teeth off the cam drive gear with it 3 - The cam front spigot which locates into the timing sprocket, c/w the 2 set screws attaching the sprocket to the cam all break. The sprock
  13. This thread has confirmed my thoughts for my Royal Blue TR5 restoration. body colour behind the grill. Thanks all. Dave McD
  14. Jerry, Mark Campbells' TR5 suffered a broken camshaft timing sprocket, caused by harmonic vibrations from the crank at high revs - ask me how I know!! Dave McD
  15. The CSCC meeting on Sunday 30th May 2021 has a Swinging 60s race with 2x TR6, 1x TR5, 1X TR250 and 2x TR4s among the 31 car entry. The Future Classics race has a TR7 V8. The Classic K race has 2x TR4. Spectators are now allowed into the circuits, with care. Come along for a good day of Classic car racing. Dave McD
  16. Thanks Stuart, what adhesive would you recommend? Dave
  17. What is the general consensus on where to glue the rubber seals for the fibreglass gearbox cover, along both sides and over the bulkhead and handbrake tunnel. Glue to the fibreglass tunnel or glue to the bodywork? Wherever it is positioned, what glue is recommended. Dave McD
  18. I've made my own MX5 seat brackets during my TR5 restoration. Rear 3mm flat plate but wider than TR Trader type. Front an adaptation of the Technicalities type so that it lifts the seat front to give me more support under the legs. I've drilled extra holes in the floor and brackets and welded captive nuts under the floor so that the brackets have 4 floor fixings instead of 2 to avoid any potential for cracking at the fixings and make the floors and brackets effectively act compositely to enhance strength. Might be a bit Victorian Isambard Kingdom Brunel over engineering, but it works for
  19. Tony, Thanks for commenting but the TR5/6 back steel dash has a large clear opening behind the 4 x 52mm dia gauges and the rheostat which will allow the fitting of a clock. Still seeking anyone who can make this cut out for me if anyone can help please? Dave McD
  20. Allan Ross Jones is very quick in his TR4. A regular winner, including a race at the Goodwood Revival a few years ago. Dave McD
  21. I'm considering installing a clock i my TR5 walnut dash in place of the instrument illumination rheostat in the centre. Does anyone have a contact for someone who could reliably cut and recess the required larger hole for a 2" clock, without damaging the veneer, in the North Notts/South Yorks/Lincs area? Dave McD
  22. Has anyone any experience of this company for instrument refurb? https://classicsparesengineering.co.uk Thinking of using them for my TR5 instruments. Dave McD
  23. Tim, My TR5 is currently under a full restoration but I seem to think mine tucked up behind the fuel tank cover board before I took it all apart. Dave McD
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