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  1. I changed mine to braided about 3 yrs ago after a couple of the originals started to leak. So far there has been no issues starting. If the car has been laid up for a few weeks I've always had to let the pump run for a short while before starting even with the original plastic pipes. The one 's I fitted were from Revington's which I believe use a non rubber inner (teflon I think) Brian
  2. brian -r

    Friday fun

    Mummy why is next doors cat called cooking fat ? It's not son That's what daddy calls it every time he goes to the car
  3. That's just where the difficulty arises the V5 is not considered as proof of legal ownership and makes life that much more difficult for the legal owner to prove . Bri
  4. Andy It is more likely plod would attempt to arrest them for causing a disturbance /obstruction. Bri
  5. Not from me either Ian, well done for spreading the word. Brian
  6. This whole episode yet again has a very bad smell about it. It just goes to show how badly the law treats the general public and how little effort the police are prepared to put into such cases. As some have already alluded to , in years past he would certainly have had a visit from some of our local gentlemen but times and priorities change and defrauding ordinary honest people seems to be an acceptable fact of life. Brian
  7. I have used it in mine on several occasions following a longer than expected lay up and had no issues. I tend to put it in go for a short run to get it through the system , leave over night and then have a good long countryside run the next day. I'm sure others will have a different view but it has worked for me, Brian
  8. Bit more than a lockdown project that one. Lets hope it finds a new home. Brian
  9. That is typical of off the shelf fitting kits of that era , nearly all were made of that pressed cardboard /fibre type material, That is one piece of originality I could live without and why many folks made up speaker boxes and fitted them in all sorts of places at that time.. Brian
  10. Thanks for the info everyone , the tools I wanted have not arrived in store yet , for some reason but are expected. Will pop in again Bri
  11. Thanks Bob , I will take a look tomorrow if the store is not too busy Bri
  12. Has anyone bought any of this make of power tool. Just had a Lidl leaflet through the door one or two bits that may be useful for occasional use in the garage ,wouldn't expect anything super but are they any good for the odd job. Thank's Bri
  13. topic locked at originator's request . See same subject in Roger H's post.
  14. One of the five companies registered to our friends the Lambkin Smiths. I wonder where they will pop up next? Brian
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