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  1. I think Neil has cut back on his workload for now and Malcolm has retired. Carl Fitchett at TR Trader has taken over prestige from Malcolm, not heard any bad reports on here. e mail is - Pi@trtrader.com Brian
  2. I am guessing you have a stainless system, in which case most manufacturers make a sports manifold for the 6 and down pipes also. It may be worth checking the OD of existing pipe you intend to connect to. As Hamish said talk to the people that do the work TRE. Revington , TRGB etc they will most likely have the answer . Sorry I can't be more definite but still have the standard system on mine Brian
  3. The pre made kits don't always fit out of the box, the one I fitted needed quite a bit of fettling to get a good fit. If you have the time it may well be as quick and a lot cheaper to make one yourself. Brian
  4. Thanks everyone ,now all I need is garage time Brian
  5. Thanks Stuart, picture's a great help Brian
  6. Has anyone fitted one of these to a TR6 recently. After some deliberation and not having much time to source various bits and make adaptors etc I decided to purchase one. Eventually had time to look at fitting it today and two points became apparent , firstly the three pipes supplied are just a push fit into the fiberglass tank and I wonder if they could vibrate loose. Secondly the pipe from the rocker cover is going to be long and untidy or have three tight bends in it, so my thought is to turn the cover round so that the breather outlet is on the opposite side and only requires on
  7. Happy birthday Conrad, your catching me up again young Sir. Have a great day Bri
  8. Welcome to the forum Jonny. I'm sure you will have lots of fun with your new purchase , a totally different experience to your V8 but just as much fun ,if not more only at less speed. Safe journey and keep in touch, don't be afraid to ask us on here anything about the car, someone usually has the answer to it . Enjoy Brian
  9. Hi guy's Thanks for all the kind wishes. It was very much "a normal day at the office " this year. Mrs R is undergoing yet another round of immunotherapy and needs a lot of care and looking after from me, so life is very much low profile for us both. Keeping in touch with you all on here on here really helps me through the day so a very big thank you to you all. Bri
  10. Done , good luck with the sale. Brian
  11. Looks great , accentuates the body line well . I think the TR 6 can look a bit slab sided from some angles and have considered doing something similar with mine. Brian
  12. Just reached the end, fell off the chair laughing hit my head now can't remember what been sold B
  13. The PRV is in the boot to the left of the fuel tank. Removal of the boot backboard should reveal it. Brian
  14. Hi Dan As others have said I think your on the right track a running car that needs tidying / upgrading is a far better bet for anyone new to classic restoration. I bought my 6 ten years ago as a 60th birthday present to myself. Not a fully restored car by any means but an improver, ten years on I'm still at it and still shovelling cash into it but driving it does put a smile on your face and there's always plenty to occupy the garage time. Strange thing is that when you retire both time and energy slowly disappear and you wonder how you found time to go to work Good luck
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