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  1. Happy Birthday Diane Enjoy your special day and keep safe Even though you rarely visit now we miss you. Brian
  2. Crawfie Just love that dog
  3. Watched its final flight over RAF Waddington from the airfield perimeter. What an amazing sight and sound, for his finale the pilot did a wing waggle then stood her on her tail and shot straight up like a fighter, brave man to pull that off in an ageing aircraft. In my younger days I knew several members of the Vulcan crews who were based here, we all used the same pub. Most said while it was a great plane to fly it was very cramped an uncomfortable for the crew the best seat's being up front . Brian
  4. Happy Birthday Stef Have a good one and stay safe Brian
  5. For those new or infrequent users the PM (Personal Message) system operates very much as an e mail between members and can be a very effective form of communication between forum members. At the top right hand of the page to the right of the TR Register banner you will find a bell and an envelope symbol, click on the envelope , a drop down menu will appear showing any existing messages you may have. In the top right hand corner there is a box which say's Compose New, click on this which opens the message window. A screen similar to your e mail screen will appear, type in the user you wish to contact etc and type your message. You can then send this directly to your chosen recipient, who will see a notification next to the envelope on the header. If you have a personal comment on an individuals behaviour on this forum ,this is the preferred method of contact. Sorry to teach you long standing members to "Suck Eggs" but we do have newer members who may not know' Keep safe and be happy Cheers Brian
  6. What a c**p day Pink. Wishing you both a full and speedy recovery Brian
  7. Great thread Pete. very interesting to see your rebuild and looking forward to your next episode. Takes me a long way back to the days of tuning and racing Vespa's ( sorry chaps , am I still allowed to join in ) In mitigation I did have a Honda Bros for a short while but ear / balance problems have curtailed any two wheeled fun nowdays. Brian
  8. Happy birthday Tom Have a great day Brian
  9. Some good advice already given . From 10 years ownership of an early car I can advocate using it regularly and getting the feel of it. In my younger days (a long time ago) when these cars were relatively new the advice was to keep the revs down for the first 500 mls or so and then gradually increase the revs until you reach 1,500 mls and then you can red line it if you wish. Mine is old and not in perfect health but loves being used and will quite happily sit at 4.500 rev' s . I also find that mine is not too happy after a time in traffic but I find the occasional blip of the throttle and keeping the rev's up staying in the lower gears gives a fairly smooth town drive. These car's are very individual and all have their own character unlike modern cars. One thing they all have in common is that they love to be driven and not wrapped in cotton wool. There is no better experience than a TR6 on" full song" . Brian
  10. I would keep to the original Triumph box , 7 ratio's as against 5 for normal road use. I had my gearbox repaired/ rebuilt a couple of years ago and later found that I could have bought and fitted a rebuilt warranted replacement off the shelf for less . In my opinion unless you have a specific need for racing /sprints etc a standard box would be the best match for normal use. Brian
  11. Thank's Andrew for being open and honest , if all members would admit their mistake's the Mod's job would easier. I hope Tom can accept your apology. Brian
  12. Never had a failure with Evostik products on dissimilar materials. Brian
  13. Always had good service from JDO also. Brian
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