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  1. Pete just a visual idea The right hand jack is a 3ton omega domestic / garage jack and raises to490mm (19in) and lowersto140mm (5 1/2in) The lefthand jack is clarke 1.25 ton lightweight lowlevel one and raises to380mm (15in) and lowers to85mm (3 3/8in) Both are very good and have given good service but I doubt either will give enough clearance between the ground and the wheel to slide ramps under the tyre. Brian
  2. What a tale couldn't stop reading until the end . Brilliant Thanks stan Bri
  3. Have a great day Tom. All the best. Brian
  4. brian -r


    Aye lad at my age give us a bag of crisps
  5. brian -r


    Now removed apparently an advert for Indonesian snake oil (drugs) Brian
  6. Excellent , well done the team! .This has to be a win win for both the clubs and visitors. Brian
  7. For as long as I can remember the offending word has been used in this context in everyday conversation . The use that Mick describes never entered my mind and I sincerely hope that members of this forum and indeed the club as a whole would never consider using this word to describe any person with a disability. Brian
  8. Congratulations Steve Well done on producing such great videos Brian
  9. Rob is totally correct part P exam on its own is of no use at all ,registration with an accredited certification body is required to complete a valid test certificate, which now along with yearly calibration of test equipment etc now costs well over a thousand per year. Part P was originally introduced to curb the antics of cowboy kitchen and bathroom fitters following a whole raft of dangerous electrical work and fires in domestic properties. The idea being to bring some regulation into that area and hopefully forcing those companies to use only qualified electrical people. Not su
  10. Happy Birthday John Have a goods one Brian
  11. The last 10 years of my working life was spent on electrical testing and inspection on local authority and housing association properties, including public buildings ,car parks sheltered accommodation etc. Two things that did become apparent is that even the IET couldn't give a definitive interpretation of the regs in some circumstances ,there response being "do you think it's safe, if so pass it" and secondly the competence of some qualified electricians was worrying some couldn't wire a two way light circuit correctly. Anyway on to John's oven 1 . retain the 13a plug and depending
  12. Best wishes and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too Tom Brian
  13. Happy Birthday Roger Have a great day ,lockdown eased so hope you can escape for for a nosh and a pint or two. Bri
  14. I changed mine to braided about 3 yrs ago after a couple of the originals started to leak. So far there has been no issues starting. If the car has been laid up for a few weeks I've always had to let the pump run for a short while before starting even with the original plastic pipes. The one 's I fitted were from Revington's which I believe use a non rubber inner (teflon I think) Brian
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