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  1. Tom I can't better Mick's words in the above post. Although inevitable it 's still a shock and saddening when the final outcome arrives. My thoughts and sympathies are with you and the family. Brian
  2. Were now three weeks in and on page 3 with no sign of any of the lovely ladies, nor any sign of a real consensus of opinion. This thread is starting to go round in circles a bit like the Monty Python argument sketch . This is Social Scene a place to be sociable and have a bit of fun, the thumbs have been dispatched and lost in space and until one of you clever guy's can develop an intergalactic TR looks like that's where they will reside. Maybe time to close the door on this thread? Bri
  3. Paul Thanks for seeking Tom's blessing and posting this sad news at last . What a cruel turn of fate for Tom and the rest of the family, my thoughts are with them. Brian
  4. Just had a look at the Staffordshire showground website, looks to have good facilities for our needs and already hosts classic motorbike shows and many other events. Take a look guy's Brian
  5. well said John Anony Mouse
  6. Hi Sue I can't remember that but most of the time before the concert we were outback in the car park with daughters friends who were giving the " old man's" sports car a once over. Bri
  7. Bob If you can find a copy of Peter Green the Anthology , four Cd package . Well worth a listen. Brian
  8. He has to be amongst the greatest musicians of our time and my favourite. The last time I saw him play was 11 years ago at the old fire station in Windsor on his last tour outing " Peter Green and Friends", the venue was small and intimate and the audience transfixed. Even then he was an amazing musician but the man had gone . At the time Daughter worked there and the staff were told to keep everyone away from him , he just sat in his own world at the stage entrance but when he picked up his guitar he was transformed non of the old magic had gone. An occasion I shall never forget. More dates were planed for 2010 but apparently he retreated back into his own world completely. The words Rest In Peace will never be more true than for Peter Green Brian
  9. Andrew and David I have to agree with you both. Our forum is a wealth of advice and knowledge and at times a place for fun and silliness, all to the good but there is a tendency for the old fashioned politeness to be abandoned at times. The use of please and thank you seem to be disappearing in general and not just on here, any form of acknowledgement is good be it a straight forward thank you or a more jokey response to someone you know. As for the one stoppers who pop in with a problem and then disappear , closing ranks is not what this forum and TRR in general is about , spread the word far and wide and hopefully some of the non members will "come on in". Having said that a simple thanks costs nothing whoever you are. Have fun enjoy our space but be nice to one another. Brian
  10. Personally I have no strong feeling either way but it does seem to cause issues for some forumites. It's not a function I use I generally post a + or - if I'm not minded to post a full comment. As for Tim's removal of the earlier post's after Cameron removed his original , this makes sense ,one of mine was among those removed and it would have been totally out of context if left. As for changing the rules retrospectively this would be very unfair to those who had used the function in the past. I've thought of the like's /dislike's as more of a fun thing . Can you all reach a consensus on what should be done ? Have fun Bri
  11. Happy Birthday Ian Enjoy your day Brian
  12. I also run a Kenlowe fan on my 6 ,as it came without an engine mounted fan and a strange heath robinson electric setup mounted on the engine, which was soon removed. With mine I found the best point to set the thermoswitch was just after the gauge moves from normal, which in my case is halfway. The fan comes in quickly when stationary but does prevent excessive heat build up before coming on and has worked well for the last eight years. I have noticed a variation in gauge position at normal temp on several other six cylinder cars so perhaps these are not particularly accurate in respect of needle position to actual temp. Brian
  13. Fantastic news Andrew, take your time and enjoy the drives Brian
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