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  1. Just looked at the video, Max left the door open and Lewis tried to get through possibly not quick enough but too late to take avoiding action as Max turned in. 50/50 blame in my book , but then I don't drive race cars and these guys have a lot at stake. Brian
  2. Happy Birthday Tom enjoy your day and stay safe Bri
  3. Nice Tidy car John Should sell well, good luck.
  4. Ian As the troublesome section is outside it is probably very porous by now and may even not have a membrane underneath hence water attacks any surface covering from both ways. All I can suggest is using a waterproofing primer/sealer first ,using several applications and then the cover coat. From past experience its the only way to stop /slow down the covering lifting. Others will be along with different ideas shortly I'm sure. Brian
  5. If its in the same place as mine you may have to remove the trim panel to find it.
  6. brian -r

    Hoge's day

    Happy Birthday Paul have a good one
  7. Happy Birthday Nigel Have a great day Bri
  8. Happy Birthday Conrad, have a great day Bri
  9. Awful news Richard, Wishing you a speedy recovery Brian
  10. Thank's for the birthday wishes guy's . Very quiet one this year but did manage a short blast in the TR Bri
  11. He's hiding this time, Companies House shows one director - Susan Coleshill
  12. Welcome to the forum Rob and welcome to a long awaited TR ownership Brian
  13. Under normal circumstances Induction hob are as safe as any other , unless the item is faulty or not to uk safety standards. Google induction hob faults and induction hob fires, there are some useful articles come up. In general the causes of fires are the same as for any other type of hob.
  14. I would not use it and contact Rimmers re it's suitability and ask for a refund. To obtain a replacement maybe contact TRGB , TR Enterprises , Revington's or TR Shop. Even though Rimmers are only a couple of miles away from me, for quality parts I now use the above Brian
  15. Domestic Management is very happy with the blackout curtains she bought from Dunelm about three years ago. If there is one in your area might be worth a look Brian
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