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  1. Happy Birthday Ian have a great day Brian
  2. HI Colin My TR6 came without a fan and a micky mouse scrap yard electric replacement which I very soon scrapped and fitted a rad mounted Kenlow. The PO left the original fan mounting in place which I have never removed. it's been running like that for 14 years with out issue. I can't see that much noticeable benefit will be achieved on a road car , apart from loosing cooling if the Revotec fails, but I'm sure the gurus will be along soon to explain. Brian
  3. Hi Steve Most TR6's on standard injection run lumpy at idle and can be a bit stinky. If it runs as you say I doubt there is a problem. Mine has a standard CP unit and runs much the same as yours . I can't help with identifying your cam but am sure someone more knowledgeable will be along soon. In the meantime put some miles in and enjoy the experience ,the more you drive it the more you get to know it. Brian
  4. Hi John A bit of thread drift but still useful for those undertaking repair work as volunteers and understanding the subject is useful knowledge . I see no reason to move it. May well be of more use to folk on this thread. Brian
  5. True Stuart, but I am not sure there is any automated filtering of replies. Brian Update, just been investigating, some adverts now require a member log in to reply, so perhaps these advertisers have ticked the members only box on the entry form.
  6. Roy The classified section is not a specific forum section it is only a link to the main TRR site . Anyone can access classified's direct from the internet without being a club member or forum user, so please BE AWARE when replying to contact's in the first instance, they just may not be genuine. Treat it as any other web sales site. Take care Brian
  7. Fitted the Securon 500/30 to my 6 straight forward replacement for the original belts . Everything you need comes with the kit. PM me if you need a look I'm only in Waddington. Bri
  8. Thanks for the input gents . I think Dynax for inside the chassis and Lanoguard every where else. Thanks Bri
  9. It will soon be time to give the underside of the TR some TLC so have been looking at the available products. Recently two products are being promoted on You Tube, Nutrarust661 rust converter and Lanoguard protective coating derived from sheep's wool. While not mainstream in the classic car world similar products have been around for some time. Just wondering if any one on here has used these two product and are they any good or just snake oil? Cheers Bri
  10. Thanks Tim , looking forward to re visiting your journey. We moved house in 2015 and some mags "were lost in transit" including the one with your article Cheers Bri
  11. Did they lose the tooling or did Steptoe Knock on the back door?
  12. Spotted today in Rimmer's showroom , NOS complete TR6 bodyshell, a species believed to be extinct Believed to have been in hibernation at the back of BMH warehouse for many years. Brian
  13. For anyone interested in watching a new classic car business develop .Toby is now posting video's on You Tube. Bit envious of the sun and apparently free flowing roads in Dubai. Bri
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