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  1. Never had a failure with Evostik products on dissimilar materials. Brian
  2. Always had good service from JDO also. Brian
  3. Hi Chris Your TR looks fantastic congratulation on finding that one. To be honest expect a few rattle's and knock's as things bed in and settle down. Fume's in the car is a known with many TR6's and I believe more common with the "wheelbarrow" style of exhaust. I have a standard one on mine and do still get fumes in the car, more noticeable with the hood up. Don't be too concerned but as its a recent rebuild periodic checks for things loosening are a good way to go. Enjoy your car and don't forget rattles were an original factory fitment Brian
  4. Great to meet everyone yesterday, all I have to do now is remember names and faces Thanks to everyone manning the stand a welcome oasis on a full on day. Is the show getting bigger by the year or is it my leg's getting shorter? Brian
  5. Kc Had the same issue earlier this year. Problem traced to failing battery. New battery fitted problem solved. Suggest you try jump starting from a known good battery just to check. Good Luck Brian
  6. Look forward to meeting up on Friday at noon. No cheap rail fares East - West from Lincoln so will travel by car ( Cheapest deal works out at £59.00) . Although you can pre book parking at £12.00 instead of £16.00 on the day Brian
  7. Internet search today shows a Facebook page for Mike Pumford , fuel injection services, 13 ,St Johns road, Wallasey. Tel 07775910462. And Pumfords Classics :- ME & JW Pumford, 1, Carham Road Hoylake Tel 01516 320002. May be worth giving them a ring Brian
  8. Try an internet search for Bosch fuel injection service/repair centre's, as the part is Bosch . Some of these people have been around a long time and while many advertise as diesel specialists ( this is the bread and butter work ) they are just as happy to work on petrol. If they can't help they may Know a man who can. Good luck Brian
  9. Hi Dave Sorry to disappoint., its a 3.6 cabrio with manual gearbox which I've been told is quite rare. Goes really well and is quite economical, better overall mpg than my TR6 Bri
  10. Congratulations on finding a nice looking TR 7 and rescuing it from slumber. Any TR is fun to drive so drive and enjoy. Best of luck with the house move Brian
  11. You and I must be the only one's to remember them (at least I think I can) Bri
  12. Trust you Crawfie ,took a while to get it. Films from the very dim and distant past Yes? John L- thanks for the link. Brian
  13. Looking for a service/repair manual for a jag xjs. This company keeps popping up on web searches, has any one used them and are they useful. Thanks in anticipation Brian
  14. Hi Rod Very sad news indeed but at least you are both safe so try not to get overstressed. Most loss adjusters are unfairly painted and act fairly. As others have said ,give as much detail of value and quality as you can and take photo's. If it is logistically possible you may well find your insurers are willing to provide a caravan if it works out more cost effective than a hotel, which by your description of the damage it may well do. Most importantly look after yourselves and try not to stress, after all buildings and belongings are repairable/mostly replaceable but you both are not. Brian
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