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  1. Thank you all for your help. just to complicate things I have found some Nankane 175/80 R15 S (90) on Black Circles on offer this week. I am little concerned about making the steering too heavy with 195 tyres. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi all . Im new to this form on communication so please help me. I have a 1973 6 American import which I have spent the last year bringing back to life, including swapping from left to right hand drive. This is my 4th TR and I have some kind of affinity to the marque as I was brought up in Coventry and for some years worked at a aluminium foundry which supplied many of the components on my car. Anyway enough of that. My question is, what size and what make of tyres should I put on the car. Please be aware it will not be raced or rallied. It is strictly for a man of a certa
  3. Lovely car , enjoy it. I bought my first TR 4A in 1974 when I was 20. My latest is a 1973 TR 6 American import to rebuild. And yes you worked it out , I’m now 67
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