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  1. John, Agreed no contact. Unfortunately the aerodynamics of the F1 cars result in the trailing car running slower until a suitable separation between the cars and consequent less disturbed air. Overtaking is therefore restricted to slower corners, of which Silverstone has few, or "going for it" which you don't recommend. So a procession it is then. Slower cars and twisty circuits much better racing. I believe is should be about the driving not technology on the ragged edge and mega budgets. Alan
  2. Two is better than one, and these are good. https://www.venhill.co.uk/control-lines No connection. Alan
  3. Surely the root of the problem is a circuit with limited overtaking possibilities with evenly matched cars and drivers, and the whole F1 industry pushing for drama and excitement not processions. Exploring the limits is the only choice left to both a following driver and also the defending driver. If the drivers can't accept that there will be incidents then they don't deserve the salary. Alan
  4. Roger & James, Thank you both. Alan
  5. Roger, This triggered my memory. Sorry slight deviation I followed your thread on gearbox selector rod oil leaks and you fitted Quad O rings as I recall. Did they stop the leak? Alan
  6. Peter, Surely the place to burn ethanol, methane from biodigesters, wood pulp and use solar, wind, nuclear or whatever is not in millions of ICE's but in centralised power stations where emissions can be better controlled and probably with greater efficency. So how do we power our cars, lawn mowers, chain saws etc.? Rationally it has to be by electricity or a derivative of electricity production such as hydrogen. But I'm no lover of using a massive percentage of the energy provided to the current crop of electric vehicles toting heavy batteries around the planet. Alan
  7. Wouldn't the problem be with re-coating that you might seal the cover and prevent it wicking the moisture off the panels? Alan
  8. In the past I have had paint peel off a concrete floor. when I rubbed the floor with a finger it was dusty and the dust was attached to the back of the paint peelings. The floor was not dusty when the paint was applied but the concrete was just naturally breaking down and the paint then had nothing to adhere to. After removing as much paint as I could I roller painted the floor with Everbuild 403 concrete hardener. This is not a paint or sealer but converts lime in the surface to a silicate which is much harder than concrete and stops the concrete surface dusting in the future and the re
  9. Does anyone believe that the in the future in the UK there will be cars available for almost everyone? Is the legislative noose not tightening around cities for parking, traffic jams etc. Are we not heading for a personal-transport free country?
  10. Well mankind considered nuclear, we have just tried the pandemic without success so I guess we are awaiting offers. Alan
  11. In our area our club typically heads off to rural Wales for many of our runs. I can confidently say that we never pass an electric charge point and our routes are typically 125 to 150 mile runs which would exceed the battery capacity of any of the conversions I have seen. So one day electric may be the way to go, but not with the current battery and recarging technology we currently have. So bide your time, don't walk the plank untill you have to. Alan
  12. Gavin, I fitted a 120 amp relay on the ignition switch controlled circuit when I thought my ignition switch was getting a little tired. Now the ignition switch only powers the relay. Simple to fit in the washer bottle area near the other electrics. Has worked really well. Alan
  13. RobH, As an aside don't Weller make a new steel wheel? https://wellerwheels.com/products/triumph-tr6-15 Alan
  14. It seems if you touch the points the car then starts. Is the 2" earth lead under the points between the distributor plate and chassis electrically connected? As this plate constantly moves the wires can fracture internally in the sleeve and not appear to be broken. Alan
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