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  1. Could I suggest that depending on the materials in the carpets a soldering iron can be used to make nice round bolt holes in nylon carpets and as it melts the carpet it provides a sealed hole through the material with no loose edges to fray. Alan
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this, beautiful car and interesting people. I thought the morphing into the TR7 was a nice dig at the lifting of some of the design concepts. Many thanks for posting, Alan
  3. I too like ratchet spanners but I find the cheaper spanners have few large ratchet teeth and in a limited space they are difficult to use effectively. I like Wera ratchets which have fine ratchet teeth and can operate with limited access. Alan
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    Bumpers extra
  5. I'm told the best technique is to use an old wire coat hanger opened up and as you remove a gear slide it onto the wire with the correct orientation. If you re-tie the hanger the set can be washed or put to one side awaiting replacement items and cannot get out of sequence. Each gear is correctly placed for reassembly or replacement as you come to rebuild. Stable doors and horses though in this case. Alan
  6. Andrew, I used BP6ES and noticed the two plugs 5 & 6 were running blacker than 1-4. I checked the mixture and butterfly opening to no avail then I fitted 5 & 6 with BP5ES (hotter) now I get a better colour match over all plugs. Probably due to reduced air flow down to the end of the original inlet plenum. So my answer is both! Alan
  7. Not sure why EBay cannot spot a user posting over 2,000 cars for sale within a couple of minutes. As retired IT I would have thought not too much of a problem to automate. Alan
  8. Steve, I had similar issues on a Stag overdrive J type. I rigged a power lead from the battery, fitted a small switch and connected to the solenoid. Engine off by the way. Then when I turned on the switch, loud click as solenoid operated, then I did it again and again and again, presumably heating the solenoid. Then it stopped working. Left it an hour or so and tried again, worked until warm then stuck once more. I had thought it was sticky after a winter layoff and I was flicking it to free up any corrosion with repeated operation, however turned out to get progressively worse as it got warmer. Fitted a new solenoid and it worked instantly and perfectly thereafter. Later I heard this was a fairly common fault. Incidentally unless you have some very thin spanners then buy a solenoid J type spanner from a TR vendor, with a standard spanner perhaps not possible at all. Probably took 15 minutes to change and there is no oil loss when you remove the old one so a very easy job. Alan
  9. Ah but did you check the resistance of the new sender to compare with the old? Or is it just a presumption of innocence M'lord? Alan
  10. Roger, Can you honestly believe that it is possible / practicable to "allow" electric car ownership on a one-for-one basis with current car ownership? Or will car ownership be restricted, by cost perhaps to a few, with public transport for most people? Alan
  11. Jochem, Start with http://www.fwthornton.co.uk Thorntons are a very long established company with massive stocks of old bearings, not just Triumph. Thorntons had Vendervell stock for my Stag, they used to have massive stocks. When I spoke to them last they had stocks of original sized bearings, but the oversized where either short supply or gone. Alan Barker
  12. Electronic rev counters that pick up the pulse from ignition coil are available for less than £20. Five minutes with a couple of lengths of wire and you can park the car sit in the drivers seat and rev the engine and compare the two readings to determine any discrepancy. Alan
  13. . I don't know the TR7 but Jeeps use a three wire switch https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/56028807AA-Oil-Pressure-Switch-Car-Oil-Pressure-Sensor-for-Dodge-Jeep-Chrysler/143094700901?hash=item21511bdb65:g:I8kAAOSwzrBawZET Some Cummins Engines use a three wire switch, and I have vague memories of a BMW three wire switch. Hope it helps, Alan
  14. I have a cair-o-port and the car certainly occupies a large percentage of the available volume of the tent. I always have the fans switched on when parking or removing the car, probably not too much in the way of air circulation but it can only help. I find starting and removing the car has a worse smell than parking as the car starts and needs to run for a short while before it is able to be driven out, but that is just rich exhaust fumes and you are heading for fresh air. Yes I know CO does not smell. Thinking about this tragedy the tent is actually filling with fumes as you reverse towards it and it will only get worse as you drive in. I'm going to have to consider how I park the car, perhaps reversing up to a closed tent then stopping the engine, opening the tent door then restarting and driving in quickly. Or maybe one of those very large floor standing fans, probably a good plan at less than £50 Food for thought, Alan
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