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  1. Caution, ensure it is secure. Once I had a similar arrangement and I found that with the windows wound down the shape of the dashboard guides any loose object across the car and out of the window on right hand bends. Alan
  2. If all else fails then why not switch to a Makita 18v battery using an adaptor for £7 such as https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-Adapter-for-Makita-Li-ion-Battery-Cable-Connector-18V-Output-Adapter-/265203013691?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Alan
  3. ....and if your charging per mile then historic cars wil pay as well. Alan
  4. Just part of the Triumph ownership empty wallet policy. Alan
  5. Well i thoght it looks Ok, but I looked through the options list and it gets a little stratospheric for a weekend toy, not even a mohair roof! Alan
  6. Owen, I would turn ignition on check there is 12 v being supplied from the key at the inertia cut out. If no voltage then key looks likely, if 12v is present then most likely dirty contacts in cutout switch. A modern car fuse connects nicely in the two spade connectors to bypass the inertia switch as a test. Alan
  7. You turn the key to the normal running position and the fuel pump does not run, is that correct? But pump starts when cranking using the ignition key? If so is your car running a 12volt coil and not a coil with ballast resistor? Alan
  8. Is it different in the US, I thought if you bought a property then all the contents whatever they maybe become your property? Alan
  9. John, Who does you son bank with? Some banks have benefits for account holders, mine, amongst other benefits has replacement insurance for lost keys. Alan
  10. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Alan
  11. John, Wipers this is a good description which may be what you need Just the first section. Alan
  12. I had a set of tyres crack on a Ford focus after about 8 months, Goodyears. I went straight to the manufacturer who wanted photos first then the tyres back. They gave me a 100% refund even though the tyres had done about 10k miles. The dealer who replaced them said if I had taken the car to them first would have only offered a percentage due to wear. So my experience is the manufacturers were the route to go, they seemed genuinely interested that the compound was failing so soon. Alan
  13. There is nothing special about the piece you descibe, any local exhaust center can make you one. Alan
  14. Nowt wrong with a bit of plague, famine and pestilence to make men of us. Only them with rooves 'ad rickets, us out in sun was ok, Alan
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