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  1. Richard, ...and while you are at it under no circumstances fit the clutch release fork onto the cross shaft with only the operating pin 158777X fitted as standard. I needs a second bolt, pin whatever to spread the load or you will have the pleasure of removing the gearbox soon to replace a broken operating pin. Literally dozens of posts on here about the issue. Clutch still (almost) works with a sheared pin but issues abound with the limited release fork movement after shearing Alan
  2. Richard, There are two dowel bolts 132872, larger diameter than the other fixing bolts which have an interference fit in their respective holes. At first inspection the holes are not much larger diameter than the others but many clutch issues are reported as being down to mis-alignment due to incorrect bolts being used. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model-1/triumph/tr5-6/clutch-transmission-drivetrain/gearboxes-components/external-gearbox-tr5-6-1967-76.html Do not skimp on these two bolts they are critical to clutch performance. Alan
  3. Came across this advert with no buyer interest on the bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR4A-1965-LHD/202885823695?hash=item2f3ceffccf:g:IQ4AAOSwOb9eKYH6 Some warts clearly visible, but better than hidden, Nowt to do with me, seemed better than many at a reasonable price, Alan
  4. Making a purchase from the TR Register Shop website I arrived at the payment page with a mandatory tick box to agree to the terms and conditions. I wondered what these were but there is no link to the aforesaid Terms and conditions as is the practice on every other website I visit. I would there for suppose then that there are no terms and conditions., so why have a tick box? Alan
  5. Could you use a long brass manifold nut such as https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brass-UNC-UNF-BSF-Manifold-Exhaust-Extra-Long-Nuts-MG-MGB-MIDGET-And-More/371181189384?var=640448074592&hash=item566c1f7908:m:mciNXCMI9sC-_X8CUSNPKvQ take one brass bolt, perhaps 30mm long and cut the head off, dip in flux screw 50% into the nut, screw the 50% remaining over the starter bolt and solder nut to both bolts. You now have a new brass threaded bolt admittedly longer than original to screw the terminals to. Alan
  6. John, No mention of spark plugs above. My car has previously suffered from a little rough running only when hot and that was down to spark plugs. At £20'ish a set it is not too onerous for a swap out. Indecently only buy from a reputable supplier as there are fake copies plugs out there and they have a poor lifespan. Alan
  7. John, You report that the cough occurs on cornering; presumably you have lifted-off the throttle and then applied a little throttle as you start to negotiate the corner. Do you get a smooth pull away from stationary - not a racing start just a very gentle pull away. If none of the above and the car coughs or judders on such slow, low throttle starts I would suspect that the butterflies need balancing as there is uneven opening of the plates and one or more cylinders are getting a not ideal mixture. Alan
  8. John, As per John above there is lots on here regarding fuel pump noise. However possibly the most common noise is resonance in the hoses connected to the pump and the pressure relief valve. Some TR6's have the pump in the boot, others under the boot you need to feel the hoses / pump whilst they are noisy and you will soon tell where the noise is coming from. Hoses with a stainless outer braid are reputed to be the most common cause of resonating noise. Alan
  9. I use these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-28-Silicone-Wiper-Refills-Windscreen-Multi-Colours-Fits-most-cars-8mm-wide/360638508096?hash=item53f7baec40:m:mjw6pUrZ-CrixE0PQG4F-Pw £6 for the two, 28" long cut to length, they fit into my Tex wiper. Wipe relay really well, and I have had them fitted about 18 months and they are still good. I found the rubber ones lasted a few weeks and never cleared the screen from new. Give them a try - its only £6. No connection. Alan
  10. bullet connectors nearside inner wing low down near chassis is a good place to start. Alan
  11. I must confess that I have been really impressed with Binky and the workmanship, however it confuses me that in this episode old chassis parts are fitted face-to-face without a little dab of something to prevent moisture doing its thing to the steel. Alan
  12. John, I did not think tidy and clean garages existed, it's obviously a very rare beast. Alan
  13. Could I just add that headlights have a horizontal top(?) to the beam. The headlights fit to the bowls with no rotational alignment. It is worth checking that the beams are horizontal before securing the bowls to the body. Many lenses have clearly visible moulding in the glass which is very easy to check if horizontal without powering up. - Badly described but I know what I mean! Mine were out by about 10-15' which the MOT man pointed out on his test kit. Alan
  14. It is in this posting. He lives in a poor reception area so don't expect to get through just leave a message or text. Alan https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/64311-mx5-seats/
  15. I bought a complete TR6 US engine with Gearbox and carbs, with no starter motor, otherwise complete for £300. I have seen the Injection bits commonly sell for £1,000 and A type overdrives are now a very expensive rarity at perhaps £750, I see Ebay has a gearbox & A overdrive for £1,950. Perhaps it will fetch most with a little breaking into individual units, depends on condition as always. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TR4-5-6-A-TYPE-OVERDRIVE-GEARBOX-07752946855/323897521021?hash=item4b69cbf37d:g:Oi8AAOSw07lbdYu2 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Laycock-Overdrive-A-D-Type-Compact-Unit/264364448196?hash=item3d8d5959c4:g:V8UAAOSwFVFdBgp9 Alan
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