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  1. Have you started using a fuel addiitive? I have on my garden machinery which now starts more quickly / easier than previously. Alan
  2. "Maybe there's another way: heat the place where you are sitting, not the entire room or building." Wasn't that an original proposed use for microwaves? Just heat the water molecues in people and leave the objects cold. Slight problem with the practice though. Alan
  3. Tractor GPS one of the most stolen items.
  4. I have quite a few bits of kit, a couple of chain saws, three mowers, strimers, pole saw. Recently I have started adding the TR's Duckhams additive to the fuel as well as the 2 stroke mixer. It may be a coincidence but they all seem to start easier than without. My guess is that it leaves the plug in better condition for the next restart, and the fuel is not supposed to go off as quickly. Alan
  5. Now is the time to test autonomous lorries refuelling the filing stations. Alan
  6. I went out today and noticed that two garages I passed had no queues, just half'ish of the pumps with cars taking fuel. When I mentioned it to my wife who had been out today she had passed four stations similarly selling fuel with no queues. Neither of us saw either queues or closed stations. To plagurise a movie quote; For us Tommy the panic is over.
  7. Pre-emptive strike. Others panic buy, I make the rational, informed decision that others will panic buy; therefore I choose to buy first whilst stocks last. Alan
  8. Remove connector hose from your foot pump and clip onto spare tyre, a few cubic feet of pressurised air available Alan
  9. Adrian, Apologies if it has been mentioned above but I could not see mention. Tyres have you looked at the age of the tyres? The dot codes. I just wondered if you have a single aged tyre on the front - irrespective of pressures etc. My experience, II had minor handling issues with my car, it seemed to be different on RH corners but had to tell on the varying UK pot holed roads. I had my car corner weighed - cost me £25. There was a significant difference it the front wheels, as I recall about 50 lb. The car was like a wobbly pub table (without optional beer mat under leg). Working
  10. But we have no idea of what you adjusted, or how you did it. Alan
  11. TR6 has the brakes in diagonal pairs front left and right rear etc. Your first post refers to a replacing master cylinder. That is a terrible way to diagnose a fault at the first stage. After a fault appears when you have carried out some work always, always retrace your steps and systematically work your way through the system. If you have badly adjusted the rears then yes the pedal may hit the floor before the travel in the slave cylinders is taken up. Handbrake cable off, tighten the rear adjusters until the rear brakes bind, is there pedal pressure now? If so back off
  12. Obviously there could be a coincidental fault but most likely you have made an error of some sort whilst working on the rear brakes. Did you remove the handbrake cable from the drums whilst working on the adjustment? It is possible to have the cable hold the shoes out in a false "off" position. The shoes need to return off pushing the slave back as far as the adjuster will allow. Then fit and adjust the handbrake cable. Alan
  13. The could have had a caravan parked as a target a'la Top Gear Alan
  14. I have sent a fair bit of railing, fencing, steel frame off for hot-dip galvanising. Yes OK slight bit heavier but then, for fencing, no need to paint so weight probably the same. They will not take thin steel as it will warp in the heat and hollow sections need drain holes. Finished product always seems harder to drill and cut than pre-galv must be the heat. I did restore my deere tractor and sent the body panels off for electric galvanising and they came beautiful and shiny before the powder coat.
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