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  1. As Kevo above I use BP6ES in 1-4 and BP5ES in 5&6. They burn hotter and 5&6 tend to get fouled the most and BP5ES run cleaner. Alan
  2. Peter, Have you warned against Vitamin D and increased sperm mobility? With all that leisure time nowadays it could have unforeseen consequences at Christmas! I have been taking Vitamin D3 4,000 for a few years now and the only two side effects I can see 1) not caught a cold for years. 2) getting steadily grumpier year-on-year - must be the D3 couldn't possibly be anything else. Alan
  3. I fitted green LEDs a few years ago I do not think they need dimming. The gauges are now very clear to read but are not that "bright" in that they would need dimming. If you are thinking of LED's I would do a little research into the colours available as they may not all have the same visibility. I am very happy with the result, Alan
  4. Nigel, +1 I also believe that whilst stockpiling is nice but expensive that these costs can be minimised by holding reasonable stock levels but also maintaining UK based manufacturing capabilities for such items and the raw materials required. You need to look no further than the current Germany / Austria and Germany / Switzerland spats over supplies to see that offshore manufacturing of certain identified strategic items is never a good plan. Alan
  5. John, Ever thought of going the whole hog and fitting a Lucas mechanical pump from Kinsler after starting on the electric? Alan
  6. Binky 30 Spoiler alert, can you believe it they do not make any brackets! I feel short changed. Alan
  7. Sold for £1,550.00 not a bad price for the buyer even it is just for spares. Alan
  8. Came across this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR3-1964/233495105085?hash=item365d648e3d:g:~B4AAOSwQLVeRtah More missing than there but some panels seem reasonable condition. No connection. Alan
  9. I use a Clarke CTJ2QLP 2 Tonne Quick Lift Low Profile Trolley Jack. Only foot operated until real weight on the jack then handle. Never had a problem with handle contacting body when right under car, handle can pump when only a few inches off the floor. - I can no longer see the foot pedal in the photo on Machine mart - but mine has one! Alan
  10. Richard, ...and while you are at it under no circumstances fit the clutch release fork onto the cross shaft with only the operating pin 158777X fitted as standard. I needs a second bolt, pin whatever to spread the load or you will have the pleasure of removing the gearbox soon to replace a broken operating pin. Literally dozens of posts on here about the issue. Clutch still (almost) works with a sheared pin but issues abound with the limited release fork movement after shearing Alan
  11. Richard, There are two dowel bolts 132872, larger diameter than the other fixing bolts which have an interference fit in their respective holes. At first inspection the holes are not much larger diameter than the others but many clutch issues are reported as being down to mis-alignment due to incorrect bolts being used. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model-1/triumph/tr5-6/clutch-transmission-drivetrain/gearboxes-components/external-gearbox-tr5-6-1967-76.html Do not skimp on these two bolts they are critical to clutch performance. Alan
  12. Came across this advert with no buyer interest on the bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR4A-1965-LHD/202885823695?hash=item2f3ceffccf:g:IQ4AAOSwOb9eKYH6 Some warts clearly visible, but better than hidden, Nowt to do with me, seemed better than many at a reasonable price, Alan
  13. Making a purchase from the TR Register Shop website I arrived at the payment page with a mandatory tick box to agree to the terms and conditions. I wondered what these were but there is no link to the aforesaid Terms and conditions as is the practice on every other website I visit. I would there for suppose then that there are no terms and conditions., so why have a tick box? Alan
  14. Could you use a long brass manifold nut such as https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brass-UNC-UNF-BSF-Manifold-Exhaust-Extra-Long-Nuts-MG-MGB-MIDGET-And-More/371181189384?var=640448074592&hash=item566c1f7908:m:mciNXCMI9sC-_X8CUSNPKvQ take one brass bolt, perhaps 30mm long and cut the head off, dip in flux screw 50% into the nut, screw the 50% remaining over the starter bolt and solder nut to both bolts. You now have a new brass threaded bolt admittedly longer than original to screw the terminals to. Alan
  15. John, No mention of spark plugs above. My car has previously suffered from a little rough running only when hot and that was down to spark plugs. At £20'ish a set it is not too onerous for a swap out. Indecently only buy from a reputable supplier as there are fake copies plugs out there and they have a poor lifespan. Alan
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