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  1. John, No mention of spark plugs above. My car has previously suffered from a little rough running only when hot and that was down to spark plugs. At £20'ish a set it is not too onerous for a swap out. Indecently only buy from a reputable supplier as there are fake copies plugs out there and they have a poor lifespan. Alan
  2. John, You report that the cough occurs on cornering; presumably you have lifted-off the throttle and then applied a little throttle as you start to negotiate the corner. Do you get a smooth pull away from stationary - not a racing start just a very gentle pull away. If none of the above and the car coughs or judders on such slow, low throttle starts I would suspect that the butterflies need balancing as there is uneven opening of the plates and one or more cylinders are getting a not ideal mixture. Alan
  3. John, As per John above there is lots on here regarding fuel pump noise. However possibly the most common noise is resonance in the hoses connected to the pump and the pressure relief valve. Some TR6's have the pump in the boot, others under the boot you need to feel the hoses / pump whilst they are noisy and you will soon tell where the noise is coming from. Hoses with a stainless outer braid are reputed to be the most common cause of resonating noise. Alan
  4. I use these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-28-Silicone-Wiper-Refills-Windscreen-Multi-Colours-Fits-most-cars-8mm-wide/360638508096?hash=item53f7baec40:m:mjw6pUrZ-CrixE0PQG4F-Pw £6 for the two, 28" long cut to length, they fit into my Tex wiper. Wipe relay really well, and I have had them fitted about 18 months and they are still good. I found the rubber ones lasted a few weeks and never cleared the screen from new. Give them a try - its only £6. No connection. Alan
  5. bullet connectors nearside inner wing low down near chassis is a good place to start. Alan
  6. I must confess that I have been really impressed with Binky and the workmanship, however it confuses me that in this episode old chassis parts are fitted face-to-face without a little dab of something to prevent moisture doing its thing to the steel. Alan
  7. John, I did not think tidy and clean garages existed, it's obviously a very rare beast. Alan
  8. Could I just add that headlights have a horizontal top(?) to the beam. The headlights fit to the bowls with no rotational alignment. It is worth checking that the beams are horizontal before securing the bowls to the body. Many lenses have clearly visible moulding in the glass which is very easy to check if horizontal without powering up. - Badly described but I know what I mean! Mine were out by about 10-15' which the MOT man pointed out on his test kit. Alan
  9. It is in this posting. He lives in a poor reception area so don't expect to get through just leave a message or text. Alan https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/64311-mx5-seats/
  10. I bought a complete TR6 US engine with Gearbox and carbs, with no starter motor, otherwise complete for £300. I have seen the Injection bits commonly sell for £1,000 and A type overdrives are now a very expensive rarity at perhaps £750, I see Ebay has a gearbox & A overdrive for £1,950. Perhaps it will fetch most with a little breaking into individual units, depends on condition as always. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TR4-5-6-A-TYPE-OVERDRIVE-GEARBOX-07752946855/323897521021?hash=item4b69cbf37d:g:Oi8AAOSw07lbdYu2 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Laycock-Overdrive-A-D-Type-Compact-Unit/264364448196?hash=item3d8d5959c4:g:V8UAAOSwFVFdBgp9 Alan
  11. Adrian, Top gear hand brake off and move (nudge) the car. No good on slopes or with automatics though. Alan
  12. Michael, Yes. I have a UK TR6 with the standard overdrive switch on the RH side of the cowl. I bought a second cowl with switch hole and fitted a LHdrive OD switch into the new cowl on the LH side of the wheel and wired it as the headlight dip switch. I could never find the foot dip switch in a hurry, now it is really easy. Alan
  13. barkerwilliams


    Mike, The usual forum advice in some sort of order for the Pi is Fit a relay to the fuel pump circuit to remove load from ignition switch and to improve current and voltage to fuel pump. Fit heavy duty new wiring to fuel pump and a new earth wire to pump to improve available voltage / current to fuel pump. Get the battery with the largest CCA that you can fit into the battery tray (072 from memory CCA 550 ) Here is a Bosch 044 pump spec which shows the rise in amperage needed as voltage reduces. http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/content/downloads/Raceparts/Resources/pdf/Data sheet_67896971_Fuel_Pump_FP_200.pdf Injectors need about 50-55psi to open and then as much pressure as possible (105'ish) to atomise the fuel. A cold start the injector squirts a slug of fuel into a cold manifold where it trickles down into a cranking cylinder when the engine is only rotating at 200rpm not exactly drawing in a blast of air to evaporate the fuel. If it does not atomise then when the spark occurs nothing happens as the mixture is not explosive. When the engine is running and hot the fuel hits a warm inlet manifold and is drawn with a powerful suck of air into an engine running at 500 to 4,000 rpm the turbulence of air and the heat ensures an explosive mix. So the battery CCA and a good battery ensures the highest possible cranking speed to get the best possible drawing in of air, the better the battery the higher the voltage at the pump and the higher pressure the fuel pump can deliver. Typically a battery drops to 9'ish volts whilst cranking, with a few losses in poor wiring to the fuel pump it might only be getting 8'ish volts. The engine cold starting is never wonderful. Usually the advice is to turn the ignition on and turn off anything such as cabin fan, wipers lights etc. and leave running for 30 seconds to allow the plumbing to pressurise as much as possible. Then crank the engine to get some fuel flowing into the cylinders. Then a short crank seems to kick off the engine a really long cranking on my car seems to do little good, presumably a long cranking drops the voltage and a suitable explosive mixture never happens. Pi's will never start from cold like a modern car it is a security feature to deter the would-be car thief!! A relay, wiring probably costs £15 and is easily fitted in a couple of hours, and a new battery £100'ish (Tanya are good suppliers) but these cannot overcome dribbling or sticking injectors. Once running the more often you drive the car the better it starts. Alan
  14. barkerwilliams


    I have found best injector diagnostic with my Pi car is to … With a cold engine (stood overnight). Take a piece of old cardboard box a couple of feet long and 6 or more inches wide place along the air intake plenum and remove and place all the injectors along the cardboard. Remove live wire from coil so there will be no sparks. Turn the ignition on and wait. perhaps two minutes. Don't crank. Can you hear the pressure regulator operating? Even small dribbles from injectors will show on the cardboard. I always seem to have one random injector dribble and even if replaced the new item still dribbles and I assumed that the metering unit is aligned with a pathway through the MU. More than one injector dribbling then they need attending to. Then crank the engine for perhaps twenty seconds. Do all injectors blast a fuel mist - easy to see and also spot any dry injectors? Leave ignition i.e. fuel pump on and gently lift injector tips on any dry injectors. Do they blast a mist of fuel or just vent trapped air? By now all six injectors will have sprayed some fuel and vented any trapped air so crank the engine again - do all six spray mist? If they do turn ignition off and refit all six back into their correct!! inlet manifold - don't go by any stamped number follow through to the correct metering unit port!! Reconnect coil and start engine does it fire within a few seconds? When cold some injectors seem to stick closed and need a high pressure to break them open but are then OK. Highest pressure is not available until the engine is started and the battery voltage starts to rise and the pump is able to work correctly. On my car this results in starting on four of five before they join in within a few seconds. After a few days driving sticky injectors seem to improve presumably with use. At some point get under the car with a torch and the ignition coil disconnected and the fuel pump running and look up at the metering unit past the oil filter and then a little more forward to see if you can see any drips of fuel. From either the injector hose unions or between the metering unit / distributor flange. When the car is running small leaks evaporate away before they hit the ground before they are apparent. Fuel pressure is critical whilst when the battery voltage is low on a cold start whilst cranking and drips and dribbles do not assist in maintaining enough pressure to pop the injector open and create a really good mist of petrol that is needed to fire without the assistance of the heat from an inlet manifold and cylinder. It is an easy task to set engine to TDC and remove Number 6 injector union and check metering unit timing if you suspect it is out. Alan
  15. John, A "Glowing" exhaust manifld says spark retarded. Or were you using the word, for effect? Mine glows dark red. AFR o2 wideband sensor / meter shows mixture at about 13.5, richer - 8'ish during acceleration. Manifold Phoenix SS. Engine PI runs really well. Alan Harrie, Just seen the request for photo on Stag water pump. Difficult to get a camera in there. When I fitted mine I removed the alternator to top left of engine and the new EWP fits lower right where alternator was. The pump could then move / vibrate forward and catch the power steering belt / pulley so I fitted the 90' btacket from the old alternator bracket - it has arms about 100mm long to the original alternator mounting bolt but had the lower arm vertical'ish which just misses the EWP but would hold it away from moving parts if the EWP tries to move forward. It could have been made for the job. Incidentally I used E J Wards kit which has all the parts you need and fits easily to Stag (no connection) Alan
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