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  1. On my Pi I use BP6ES for plugs 1-4 and BP5ES for plugs 5-6 (bulkhead end) 5&6 always were the sootiest, furthest from the air intake I assumed. And since using the hotter plug in 5&6 all plugs are typically evenly brown'ish. As 1-4 looked ok fitting the hotter plug in those would not have been good. No reason not to mix plug heat rating. Alan
  2. Ian, Excess Deaths. I see the UK's excess deaths are now being reported as below average. I would expect that any patient with the infamous comorbidities and possibly a life expectancy of several months who caught and succumbed to Coronavirus thus becoming an "excess death", or more correctly a premature death would, in dying early obviously not feature in the later months statistics. It therefore becomes rather difficult to quantify "excess deaths", selecting a longer period to compare the figures simply eliminates any spike in the figures. What I find totally unforgivable is the absence of any reliable figures on the numbers of deaths and their precise location, to wage any war you first need to know the enemies deployment and strengths but the NHS seems to prefer to wage a political war against the government and the people - just ask those on ever expanding waiting lists viewing the empty hospitals. Alan
  3. Ben, Does the engine only run on when the cabin fan is off? Next time the car is running on then please humour me by turning the wipers on. Did the engine stop? Alan
  4. Ben, Is the Bosch pump actually switched off or is it still running? Have you just assumed because the ignition key it turned off then the pump must have stopped? Alan
  5. Unless it is an action shot I think some time is needed to select the background. Think about the colour of the car will a red car look good against a red background? Select an appropriate list of background colours that you think will allow your car to stand out. Then think about the texture of the background, will a "busy" background distract from the car or will large sweeps of colour allow the eye to focus on the car? Avoid a background with any brightly coloured areas which will draw the eye away from the car. Spend a little time looking through the viewfinder, would the car look better in relation to the background it it was a few feet further forward, or backwards? Angle of the car (or people) a diagonal shot to me always seems more interesting than a square on photograph - Chris Seymour's photos above are good. Height of camera - needs some experimenting with the camera at ground level, or as high as you can get it, depends on the picture you are trying to create. Check that there is no litter, photographers shadow, or other unwanted "stuff" in the photograph. or in short do not take a photograph, take your time and compose a photograph. Alan
  6. Found this juvenile bird unfortunately dead in my greenhouse this afternoon does anyone have any idea what species? I could not trace as the markings are as yet not properly developed and no head and body colours yet. Alan
  7. on a lighter note.... I see reports of a cat with Coronavirus in UK https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53552557 What I want to know is who had the nerve to shove those bl##dy swabs up the cats nose and throat - I bet it wasn't pleased! Alan
  8. I thought it was just (?) the skill of the machinist. Alan
  9. Came across this You Tube making a crankshaft & Cam shaft from "Maker B" as part of a complete engine. I found interesting as no really specialised tools used to machine the journals on the crank just ingenuity. Alan
  10. I also saw a report of an extreme adverse reaction at a hairdressers to a lady who had recovered from covid having her her dyed with the same chemicals that she always had had in the past, now sensitised to that product. Alan
  11. I think I have a pair of those scales. Alan
  12. Yet more https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352364620300067?via%3Dihub#bb0965 Vitamin D deficiency and co-morbidities in COVID-19 patients – A fatal relationship? Alan
  13. Tom, Wishing you a very happy birthday. Alan
  14. Dan, Did you pay them using Paypal? If so that might be the way to proceed? Alan
  15. On my metering unit they are a rubber type material, a solid cone with the smaller end formed into a small peg that clips into the top of the spring. Are you suggesting that they should be metallic discs that are held in place by the spring? Are there different types of non-return valves, does mine just have something unusual fitted? Alan
  16. Rich, Even if the valves are sound after so many years I expect ever increasing Ethanol will soon be the death of them. With so many PI's about we should all get together and get new seals manufactured, it is only a simple cone. Alan
  17. I am given to understand that the unfused brown is not an error but by design. It is unfused to prevent a fuse blowing and taking out the headlights which is quite serious at speed. I presume the rationale was that a loom fire is better than driving blind, a loom design practice that was common at the time. I believe that modern cars address the same issue by having multiple individually fused circuits, main, dip, left headlight, right headlight to have some electrical redundancy in the case of electric failure. Whatever the reasoning it would not be good practice to feed the headlight via a single fuse. Alan
  18. Similarly I had a small light strimmer for many years and when it died I bought a larger replacement but I was shocked by the weight of the newer machine. I think it is all the H&S bits that are not on the older machine. I thought it would not matter much as I am a big lad but after using it for some time the aches start so I tend not to use it much. My advice is to weigh your existing one and then you have an idea what is best for you - then buy the Stihl. Or there is this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stihl-Fs-80-grass-strimmer-engine/264615530976?hash=item3d9c5091e0:g:42QAAOSwPPxeMVNQ for £35 is it worth a punt? - says money back guarantee (no connection) Alan Alan
  19. 10,000 might be nonsense but 65,000 excess deaths in the UK is grim reality, and that is before the untreated cancers bite; and what about the untreated orthopaedics - how much pain to how many people is acceptable? If even some of those could have had their immune reaction minimised then where is the problem? You have obviously swallowed the story that its not the NHS its the virus; OK but then why does that not apply globally? Some countries simply do not have the death rate of the UK strange that isn't it? .Agreed that when the virus arrived on these shores many of the population were not in a fit state to put up a reasonable defence and it was perhaps too late for many but NHS complacency in the state of health of the population is unacceptable. The whole health service in the UK is a disgrace, it needs to grasp the nettle of a "Health Service" not a "Sickness Service". Alan
  20. For the first time in many years I have not seen much buzz out there regarding F1 which restarts this weekend, has F1 lost much of its audience? Or is it just the the associated advertising cannot be made in lockdown and the overall exposure is so much less? Alan
  21. I presume if NICE were buying supplies for the Army and it came to bullets they would have to put 100 people up against a wall with 50 live rounds and 50 blanks just for the RCT. Alan
  22. As a country we have welcomed some very dubious migrants in the past, however taken as a whole the residents of HK seem very industrious, law abiding, ambitious and well educated so any that do come here might set a good example to other migrants. But I cannot see the Chinese letting them go. Alan
  23. Particularly try and catch John Pienaar 4pm to 7pm Alan
  24. This week Times Newspapers started a radio station which I have been listening to on DAB. It has a similar output to Radio 4 and I have been comparing the two. I must say that so far I am well impressed it seems a very professional station, with lots of the names you know from the BBC but the stories are covered in more depth. The interviewing technique is different with the interviewee seemingly been given more time to answer and the presenters do not appear to be pushing their own opinions. It seems more impartial than the BBC which surprises me. Any other listeners out there? Alan
  25. barkerwilliams


    I had some terrific quotes for a new Merc, one in particular, some distance away, incredibly good about £5,000 less than other offers, ultimately a local dealer following up with a phone call next day, was shocked at the quote but went away and came back matching the offer. I would therefore recommend it as a first step, but then use to your advantage in stage two of the negotiations. The offer will still be there if you can not better it. Alan
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