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  1. If the two faces of the wood are flush then PVA is strong if it leaks out a damp cloth cleans it up well before setting. Gorilla glue is a strong, moisture activated, (dampen the surfaces first) expanding glue and is wonderful stuff if the surfaces have great voids in them or are a loose fit as it expands and makes a really secure joint however it will always bubble out onto the surface and it is a pain to trim off and sand back, (wonderful for gluing shoe soles back on!) Also good outdoors in a damp environment, it will glue wood to stone or whatever you fancy. Your task sounds lik
  2. Overdrives VehicleYearsOverdriveSTI number Alan
  3. Isn't the point that these binnacles are very cheap for the manufacturer? No gauges, no wiring to the gauges etc., no constraints on the dashboard just a link to the ECU, or more probably ECU's in the car. Different software packages available as optional extras but involving no manufacturing cost so attractive margins. Optional extras that can be added simply at the dealer reducing model range on the production lines shortening lead times. win - win - win for the manufacturers. Alan
  4. John, If you think it is temperature related try one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Green-Wash-Ltd-Indoor-Outdoor-Multi-Colour/dp/B000EOQ9TS/ref=psdc_5496265031_t1_B003VNGWHS Comes with a 3m external probe drop the unit in the glove box and run the probe cable under the carpet back to the fuel pump and tape the probe to the pump. If it is fuel temperature related then next time there is a problem read off the external temperature of the fuel pump. Thereafter on hot days you have a fuel temperature readout available to warn you of impending problems, and all for the mise
  5. That must rank as one of the best F1's for many a year. Real edge of seat stuff. Alan
  6. Isn't the flat cap the headgear of choice of a bounder? Alan
  7. ...you read the manual. . Gosh.
  8. Stephen, Don't despair it is not an easy task. I'm down Herefordshire, sorry too far away to assist. When you write running like a pig do you mean at low revs as you pull away? Typically the butterfly adjustment in each pair and then the synchronising of the three pairs has its main effect as the car pull sways from standstill up to perhaps 10 to 15 mph, after that the throttles are open wide'ish and all cylinders are breathing deeply the engine has reached a couple of thousand revs the plugs have cleared and any adjustment issues are not particularly discernible. If the issues
  9. Peter, Its the NHS motto at work "Keep them sick, keep them dependant" Alan
  10. But a £6 Engineering Stethoscope off Ebay and find out where the knock is actually coming from otherwise you are spending time and money just on a hunch. Have you changed the main bearings, and importantly whilst you are in the sump checked the crankshaft end float? Alan
  11. "..Rental cars are amazing, judging from what I have done to/with them...." But company cars are even better. Alan
  12. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landia/article/PIIS2213-8587(21)00051-6/fulltext Alan
  13. A very good race. Unfortunately Vettel retains his 2020 form. Alfa Tauri must be pleased for a first outing from Yuki. Alan
  14. A really lovely set of films. Life was so much simpler and richer then. Alan
  15. 10% Downforce reductions do not seem to have affected laptimes so far in testing. I loved the driving on sand, must have given the engineers nightmares, but a boost for air filter sales. Yuki Tsunoda making a good debut so far but we need racing to sort out the real pecking order of cars and drivers. Honda engine changes for Red Bull:- Alan
  16. Steve, https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C497383 This site has a message the seller bit, you could get lucky and find out who he sold it to. Alan
  17. A little E319 with breakfast anyone? https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210325/Food-preservative-may-harm-the-immune-system-shows-new-study.aspx Alan
  18. If using Stanley blades also buy Elastoplast! Alan
  19. Like the added random sounds. Alan
  20. Not very pretty is it? Alan
  21. Isn't there something strange about a system that allows a surgeon to manage his patients lists and waiting times yet offer quick service for private work? It is obvious that if there was no waiting list then there would be no private work, therefore the waiting list would have to be invented. I'm not saying anyone is corrupt, just that the system is flawed and offers opportunities for the undesirable business practices Alan
  22. Iain, Thank you, evenings entertainment sorted. Alan
  23. John, A touch of the old Matthew 13:20-22 there. You may have guessed from my very subtle (i'm Yorkshire) hints that there are aspects of the NHS that I would gladly throw on the bonfire, but the vaccination effort led by Kate Bingham and the UK Vaccine Taskforce together with the NHS have done a bloody good job of getting what vaccine there is into as many arms as quickly as possible. A quick scan of the falling deaths shows the progress and hopefully now the quick return of the NHS resources to treating other deserving illnesses. Thanks to all involved in that, yourself inclu
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