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    2 Triumph motor cycles, then;
    A mini traveller (1963 I think, reg; 1321 PG) then, a 1965 mini 850, rebuilt with 1000 engine and 1100 gold seal g'box and diff assembly - sold

    1969 1600 Cortina, rebuilt with 1600 GT engine and 1600E diff assembly - sold

    Then some newer stuff, a 2.0S MK Cortina, a couple of 1.6i Ghia Orions, in the days when the 'i' was important, and including a Mondeo, an SRi Cavalier, 2 Rover 600's an S-Max and finishing with a Honda Accord 2.2 TDi; a very nice car for cruising long distances.

    Now, we have a Ford Kuga for comfort, carrying capacity and the grandchildren and a Mercedes SL500 (via an SLK200AMG and a Boxster) for long distance comfort travel.

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  1. AND you get to join 2 fora, TRR and whichever BMW site works for you Let's see the car, come on.
  2. I would start by checking the throw on the clutch Look at all the clutch pipework, just to ensure it's all neat and tidy. Is the fluid clean? Bleed some from the slave cylinder into a clean glass and check for contaminants Fit a new slave cylinder . . Not expensive plus it's easy and quick and will do no harm Be prepared to change the master cylinder The gear change should not be that much heavier than you would find in a 5 - 10 yr old 'modern'
  3. Hi AQP socketless; 250psi (17 bar) and -40°c to +150°c You can get the full Aeroquip hose catalogue as a pdf from www.eaton.com Wire braiding is over the inner rubber hose and under the rubber cover. Roger is right with regards fuel spec hose sae100R6, which has, I think, nylon braid, rather than wire
  4. Like most hose manufactures/suppliers, Aeroquip do variety of hose end fittings; Push fit Reuseable Pallet swaged (one piece shown, 2 piece to NCB 174 also available) Their push fit is adequate, meeting the spec and demands of the application, IF the correct rubber wire braided or nylon braided hose is used Reuseables should only really be used with wire braided hose (1 wire 100R1 or 2 wire 100R2) The most reliable is pallet swaged, either 1 piece (shown) or 2 piece. Me I wouldn't use reuseable My knee jerk is to go pallet swaged, but, p
  5. +1 We have 12 of their easifit blinds, now 2 yrs old and still looking good and working well Blinds2Go have also been excellent with their customer after sales service Highly recommended
  6. Agreed Gents Big O, the Willburys, Fleetwood Mac, White Trash, Pearl Jam But then, all the above can write a song, then sing it . . . . . whilst playing instruments . . . . Gasp! Almost forgot . . .Hurricane Smith also meets the criteria
  7. It all depends on the filter and it's design. Most automotive oil filters are just as you suggest, resin impregnated cellulose, with pores of around 60ųm to 100ųm Stops crud, allows carbon to go through. For fuel, specifically petrol, the std filter and most alternatives are also resin impregnated cellulose. Better ones use graded multilayer glasspack If you want a proper job and are willing to fit a filter that is none Triumph standard, buy a Racor filter. They come as 10ųm, 20ųm or 30ųm rated The media is called 'Aquablok' and is a patented product, which u
  8. Conrad Welcome I used Halfords Classic 25W50 in my 6PI Very happy and easy to get hold of. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/engine-oil/halfords-classic-oil-20w50-5l-537977.html I did an oil and filter change annually, even though I was doing less than 2K/yr. Why? I enjoyed doing it and it did no harm Castrol and comma amongst others, do classic oils
  9. Probably the quickest and best option. You'll get loads of suggestions, most based on the experiences of those replying
  10. Thanks Roger A long term project. I would love to have another TR, but auto is the only option, if I am to drive it. If I don't, what's the point? I need to find a garage to store a 1960's / 70's car and have to rationalise the whole thing with SWMBO, who fears that I would not be able to complete this sort of renovation. A lot to think about
  11. Forumites I have a problem which precludes me from using my right foot for braking, in short, making the swivelling / lifting motion, to move my foot from the throttle to the brake, is not a movement I can make easily or quickly, so, I brake with my left foot. Thus, 3 pedals is 1 too many for me. My question; Could I marry an auto box to a Triumph 2.5PI?
  12. Leave Trago Mills alone! We first (or last, take your pick) went there when the kids were small, they are now in their 40's. They loved it, me . . . . . .not so much, but, it has decent (still free?) Parking and the kids could unwind for a while, so, what's not to like.
  13. I cleared your email address for you Sandy, as Roger suggests, use the private messaging system, it's much safer
  14. Without a doubt. A bubbly presence amongst a lot of blokiness, easily holding her own against the TG old guard Another charming smile gone. A great shame and so young
  15. Gents This is from the Daily Express on line, so, make of it, what you will I am not quoting word for word. Headlights from halogen to HID or LED, no, no. An MOT pass or fail related to any other lights is at the discretion of the examiner. So; Your regular, local, friendly MOT centre could be OK, otherwise, a pass is in the lap of the Gods
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