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  1. Hamish

    TR4 in front

    The above link suggest it’s a 4a “ DID Not Finish No: 39Tullius / GatesTriumph TR4A ....”
  2. Hamish

    TR4 in front

    Great picture Stuart. More here http://tr4a.weebly.com/tr-racing-sebring-1966--datona.html
  3. Hamish

    Our Forum, and the Way Forward

    Well done John and the forum review team (FRT). I’ll drop you a line via email. Do you have a deadline for comments in mind ? H
  4. Hamish

    TR250 Differential Mountings

    Waldi whilst I know very little about languages I think in this case with the emphasis on “ &%$ “ of the word, it strongly suggests “intimate” friend and not just “good” friend.
  5. Went to the Bay View bar and restaurant on Anglesey today. they have a bit of a motoring and racing theme with old car (1950’s) wall prints engine block and glass tables etc etc and in a display cabinet I spotted this Doretti instruction manual. Bit unusual for a welsh restaurant. H
  6. Hamish

    I've Been Robbed

    That sounds a good idea
  7. Hamish

    Engine rebuild requirements

    That must be a record to get to this point in just 12 posts
  8. Hamish

    Celebrity antiques road trip tv

    I know what you mean about the prog. Not something that taxed the brain which is needed sometimes. But it does do a lot for the classic car movement they always have two on the prog. H
  9. Hamish

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Hi and thank you all but Stuart and Iain need a special mention i must admit that as I haven’t used the sidescreens since I bought the car in 2016 I thought the fit wasn’t too bad. But conversly I have probably done more miles without the windscreen. And it’s been off many times for racing. I have an an email from Revington’s “I thank you for your enquiry. Yes the roll over bar will fit under a hardtop. If we can help further please let me know?” that was my first port of call. I am taking the weekend as R and R then I am going to try again. Thank you Iain for the chat(s) and keeping me sane. I have a further plan of action to try next week. I can see it’s going to be a combination of lots of things !!!! H
  10. Hamish

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Further update - sidescreens ok so now I’m convinced it’s the roll bar. In These pics the hardtop is fitted to the top windscreen without hardtop to windscreen seals. The rear is pulled down using cable ties. The hardtop is resting on the roll bar close to hardtop rear window. The side screens are fitted and line up well with windscreen stanchions. I have a considerable gap between sidescreens and hardtop. Very disappointed person
  11. Hamish

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Thanks Stuart / Dick the roll bar is fitted direct to the inner wheel arches direct not on pads or on the vinyl. I have read the moss catalog and the wsm and I am convinced that without the roll bar it would be fine. I am also confident that the roll bar will be correctly made. The hard top rests on the rollbar before the hardtop brackets get to the capping and way before the hard top bottom edge reaches the car. I need to think it through more. Really don’t want to take the roll bar off to see if the hard top fits. I need them to fit together and I’m not cutting the roll bar. H
  12. Hamish

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Roger that is on my list to investigate. But I think the bottom edge of the hardtop will already be a long way off the rear deck I wonder if this is the reason for the strange “deep” seal rubber ?! do the soft top /tonneau pins remain ? should the hardtop sit on the rear deck ? ( not sure on this if the rear brackets are adjustable for lift ?) Thanks H
  13. Hamish

    TR250 Differential Mountings

    Roger you are naughty well spotted H
  14. Hamish

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Hi i loosened off the 4 windscreen stanchion bolts and there was some fore and aft movement. I also put a straight edge on the stanchions and they seem ok where do they bend when abused ? But - I have some questions The hardtop rear bottom edge seal that I have I don’t recognise from the usual parts ID. Plates. It’s a 4.5cm flat rubber. That fits on the bottom of the hardtop that is just the vertical hardtop metal edge. I don’t think this seal is right. so how does the bottom of the hardtop sit on the car ? can you keep the hood/tonneau “pillars” pins and fit the hardtop ? thanks h

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