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  1. Great stuff well done a credit to you
  2. Philip i think you should contact Wayne Scott at the TR Register office. I am sure he would consider this story for the TRaction club magazine. It will then go to over 6000 members world wide. H https://www.tr-register.co.uk/contact
  3. Club Track day dates here  https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2019/01/0174/2019-Track-Days  buy them here https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/track-day-92-c.asp
  4. Track day dates here https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2019/01/0174/2019-Track-Days buy them here https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/track-day-92-c.asp
  5. You can have a look at the results here. You can highlight each driver for all their timed runs http://resultsman.co.uk/LiveTiming/EventViewer.php?DB=Resultsman&EventID=1224&Mode=0&Trap=7&GroupID=24328
  6. So a quick look suggests that the RB310 is £200 the RB340 is £20 but I note Ian’s comments about the difficulty of fitting and set up. So impossible for an electrical numpty like me. Or possibly convert the regulator. Is this a way to go ? It’s not cheap. http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/conversion-to-an-electronic-regulator.php
  7. Great news to have a cheap fix and it’s nothing catastrophic
  8. Thank you folks and sorry for hijacking the thread. I think I will leave it on my todo list for now. Esp. as the dynamo is new and I rarely run with a lot of electric on. Allow me to come back to you in the future if I may ? h
  9. Given where it is in amongst these rally tyres I would check out the sponsor sticker on the side could be their car or you could trace the rally series it was in. I very interesting find, any v8 will have people wanting to bring it back to life
  10. Thanks roger. Last thing I need is to have a load of amps spilling out everywhere h
  11. Sorry peter couldn’t get your link to work. Is it this type of thing and can you have too many amps ? Kubota 12v 40ah Alternator 16678-64012 Denso https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333132294193
  12. My dynamo bracket broke last year. Only found it because the dynamo stopped working. Trbitz had a replacement in stock as time was critical and didn’t have time to do the alt conversion.
  13. Whilst this subject is hot .... What is the smallest alternator (size not capacity) that you can fit with enough ooomph to keep the elecs going. Oh yeah that won’t break the bank. I have heard some people use ones from little diggers? I'm half way there with neg earth and narrow belt. H
  14. You are welcome. Hope it works for you H
  15. Sound over substance really. Its got a new stainless exhaust. And a remote microphone next to the tail pipe. its a measured 116hp at the flywheel that’s all. it also still has the steering box, with some 185 x 15 tyres lots of fun.
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