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  1. Dan that makes the corvette look like comparable size to the plucky little Brit
  2. Dave I wouldn’t expect any on new discs. Surely modern manufacturing would be more precise. especially on a safety item. Are they seated ok?
  3. I set mine parallel as taken off the rear wheels on my solid axle car. I use the string method to do this. Measuring off the outer rim front and rear of each wheel. very stable driving with a steering box even at speed.
  4. Nice one Dan. Flying the flag for the plucky “little” Brit.
  5. Don’t scare him off Peter !!! we need the youngsters to take over !!
  6. doing 3 sisters 12th June ( ooooh'er missus) its near Wigan
  7. there must be some knocking about from those that change to R and P steering
  8. I have booked for 2nd and 17th July. Need to see if I get a place.
  9. Sorry Deggers couldn’t resist. a modern view and featuring a TR so it’s slow enough to appreciate the journey
  10. Great film Deggers. love Shelsley. look at the crowds and it’s in the middle of nowhere !!
  11. Quite fancy this little Warwick racer. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1402199 Looks a bit like a little Aston ( if you squint a bit)
  12. They did add bitrex to a lot if not all uk sold anti-freeze which helped animal protection a lot.
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