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  1. As it should be John. She should have first dibs.
  2. Keep it all with the car John. Ill need it all later .........
  3. Glorious day at oulton park gold cup TR Register well represented from many group areas. As well as Richard Owen TR2 in the paddock about to go out on circuit doing it all again tomorrow if you want to join in the fun.
  4. Whilst in the garage changing my sprinting tyres to my vredestiens I thought that On the back of Jonathan’s over heating tr2 thread I thought that there would be little harm in doing the flow restriction mod on my TR3a. The temps have been ok 185 to 207f with the elec fan bringing the temps down but perhaps they could be improved ! so off came the short L shaped hose with little loss of coolant and I found a tight fitting Ali pipe/sleeve to go in the water pump housing. However, ( its never good if you have to add an “however”) the tight fitting aspect of this engineering feet was due to a little furring up of the hole. with a little extra pressure, just to make sure it was a good fit you understand, the bloody thing pushed right in. it turns out that things put in here end up at the bottom of the bottom hose / rad junction. Bu@@er. I have a skid plate under my car as it hold my anti roll bar so the only access to the bottom hose clip is with the near side wheel off and in through the limited space where the steering arms come through. luckily - sorry with brilliant fore thought. The last time I had the rad out I had all the jubilee clips the right way to allow me to get a socket on this lower junction and I was able to retrieve the sleeve. Whilst dumping all the coolant. I needed to change the anti freeze anyway (3 years). i then decided to concentrate on the thermostat housing and after measuring decided on a copper 22mm blanking cap cut down and 8mm drilled at the top. This tapped on to the housing nicely with the hole at the top to let air out and it’s short enough that the hose holds it in place and yet the hose is still sealed to the housing by the jubilee clip. all done up and system refilled, with Heater hose off and front of car jacked up and cap off to let any air out it all back together and running. Moral of the story if it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!
  5. Well done Jonathan. And thanks for the feedback. Oulton tomorrow for me.
  6. Well done Jonathan. What is the plumbers part that I presume you drilled out ?
  7. Thanks Mike was thinking of fitting the hardtop but I think it will be aero screen weather
  8. Hoping to get to the gold cup on the Sunday independently of the group sadly as I haven’t had the time to join in as I would have like. will the TR gathering be in the same place ? looks like it’s going to be a fine weekend H
  9. Can I ask another numpty question is this the bypass hose that benefits from the 8mm restriction? does one install a stainless / Ali washer type thing ? i presume is encourages more water through the rad ? thanks H
  10. How does the throttle linkage fit to the derrington. As mine doesn’t have the extra casting and hole for the throttle pivot.
  11. I have a derrington inlet whilst it has a good sharp internal split to each port the aperture to the head is too big. It’s 42mm. The tr inlet is 34mm the inlet on the head is 38mm so it would take som porting to get a smooth flow as can be seen when I offered it up and you can see the lip ( and the clean valve guides that could have been shortened a little ?!)
  12. Jonathan those temps don’t look bad to me. Just over 185f 85-90c with 4lb pressure cap it’s well away from boiling. Do you lose water on a run? Mine runs up to the the next temp gauge mark that is about 207f 97c my elec fan controls this back down to 185f happens a lot waiting for sprint and hill climb runs. I also run an expansion tank so never lose water. I know you have a very original car. So just make sure your temps are not too hot ie boiling do you have fresh antifreeze this helps raise boiling point it may just run hotter on the gauge. Rich is better and cooler than lean.
  13. Tom lots of places out there. This is one source https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/ethanol-proof-fuel-hose-8mm-516?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5t2njaWS5AIVAbDtCh1DGQE3EAQYASABEgK-lPD_BwE H ps i suggest if it’s for a pressure system you go for the ptfe / Teflon braid
  14. Some of you may be interested in the championship result and standings to date.. its all very close with a few rounds to go. H Position to Date 2019.xlsx Results 2019 a.xlsx
  15. Pride of ownership. Thats great news well done. Very well deserved. To both of you. H
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