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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. P Hope you can have a good one in the circumstances H
  2. Well perhaps those with a physical/pecuniary interest can shed some light
  3. I think Richard above has suggested enough to warrant caution.
  4. Question to the wise. whilst I understand the interest in this car. I posted it after all. I thought it was a case of an interesting car surfacing. I didnt the realise the potential implications. should we ( I ) request a lock on this thread before anything is said that is libellous?
  5. Mike there really can’t be anything left to do on your car !! and she already was looking ace - award winning if I remember correctly stay safe
  6. Hamish

    Keeping Busy

    But Roger, that’s a Robin
  7. apparently Halfords don’t stock the blinker fluid for pre 1971 cars.
  8. Let the engine builder start it. no arguments later.
  9. You may be right bob. but without thinking about the pressure on the element I was guided by the fuel flow arrow.
  10. Ha ha only thinking of your safety Rod after all you have to walk for two now .
  11. Happy Birthday John hope you have a good day. Despite having to keep your distance from remote friends and family. fingers crossed you can get some racing in this season. H
  12. Rod so sorry to here this news your poor wife. i hope she is not in pain. perhaps you need to stay away from the chainsaw.. H
  13. After a prolonged and intermittent fuelling issue at sprint events last season I thoroughly have been through the fuel systems. (TR3a) Whilst my issue was an old rubber joining pipe I decided on the disposable mesh type in line filter this is clear enough to see in and has great flow on the sucking side of the pump. I wanted to protect the pump from debris. i went to this option after a paper style in line filter to the original mech pump collapsed, I think the glue failed allowing the collapse. I have seen one of the glass type filters crack. We thought due to vibration. It was on the suck side so drew in air ( causing hesitation on a Morgan with tr engine) rather than sprayed fuel. an interesting aside is the way the fuel in the filter changes colour with age from a new fuel very pale tinge to a much darker whiskey type of colour. When not run. The tank fuel stays pale colour. H
  14. I’m only 5 mins from there. When they let us out.
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