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  1. After seeing my trials and tribulations about this post in the current TRaction magazine 323 I thought I could give another update as I have competed at Shelsely Walsh hill climb couple weekends ago. it was a little damp in places especially under the trees in the esses but in competition time terms I achieved my fastest time up the hill of 42.03 seconds this being 1.6 seconds faster than previous best. however, another major improvement to the car has been a change from a 3.7 to a 4.1 diff ratio with a LSD. it seems to all work very well together. I’m at Shelsely again on the 15/8 so hopefully it wasn’t a fluke run. this was me at Shelsely
  2. Hi the big change was the whole front suspension Fitted tr4a top wishbones onto a pair of bastuck adjustable fulcrum, set to approx 1.5 neg camber with the 4a trunnions for some caster. Gaz adjustable shocks set med soft with 420lb springs. ( the ones in before were 390lb I believe) the race tyres I’ve been using for a couple of seasons road legal tarmac rally tyres in 185/55x15. its worth 1.6 seconds on a 42/3 sec run so quite significant in my book as it gave me my personal best time I haveN’t fitted the new radius stubbie carb inlets yet but I’m back at Shelsely on Saturday so we’ll see ?!? H
  3. Tom they would both be very proud of you. stay strong. H
  4. well maybe not today but 25th july at shelley walsh
  5. Some venue and on board video from Saturday 25.7.20 very mixed weather with a massive thunderstorm about lunch time. My first run was a bit damp and I held 3rd way too long. My last run was dry but was spitting rain at the start just to putt me off. I decided to use 3rd OD as it’s quicker and less chance of operator error going for 4th up to the esses and up to the line. It’s down to 2nd for the esses. good day out though
  6. This is so sad. Alec gave me much help both TR wise and support whilst he and my dad were ill. this is so unfair. I hope she is pain free and my thoughts go to her family especially Tom. Alec and Diane soon to be Reunited on the grid.
  7. Well done Jeff what a nightmare. I’m glad I re-used my rear screen despite the odd scratch your finished result looks great H
  8. This is is “flipped”
  9. Well done Jerry. this is me , my TR3a and some of the clubs hill climb and sprint championship chaps supporting the cause after dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2018.
  10. Looks like mine from rimmer bros no45 here https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID200139
  11. Very unhappy that this thumbs up has been removed. I used it quite a lot. it also seems to feed into the forum users reputation score which I also enjoyed seeing especially as mine was over 430 I think. the system was floored as it didn’t show the smile face or the laughing face separately which lost the context. if I recall correctly it was the anon thumbs down that was causing the angst as it didnt show reason for the dislike. so just lock off this aspect and please leave us the positive likes for posts. Don’t shut something down on the basis of a vocal minority. please just reinstate the “likes” thumbs up if nothing else. considering my future involvement Disappointed Hamish of Cheshire
  12. Hamish

    Face masks

    Big improvement great idea. You will have to tell us where you got them from. H
  13. Thanks Miles bit of a panic yesterday as it wouldn’t start ! Started just clicking on press of the starter. i suspected my previous work ( alt conversion) charger/conditioner not working as it should either so suspected that as well. trickle charged it last night with a charger older than I am ! still wouldn’t turn over today battery showing less than 12v so hit Halfords with my trade card and it’s all fixed and ready for competition tomorrow. gopro packed so I hope to get some video.
  14. The weight of the whole sp250 is 940kg its basically the same chassis, back axle, front suspension, gearbox as the the TR3 fibreglass body isn’t that light either. So similar engine weight I guess.
  15. Getting prepared for competition.
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