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  1. Hi Took my 1959 Triumph TR3a to WGT Auto Developments for a Dyno run as I wanted to see if I had cured an intermittent top end fuelling issue. Pity it was pouring with rain on the way when my passenger was filming. Final results of 93hp at the wheels with 138ft/lbs torque at 3500 ish rpm. This is about 117bhp at the flywheel. This is 123bhp/tonne. Thanks to Pip at WGT for his time and expertise in looking after me and my old car.
  2. Ah ok Peter. Thank you for the correction
  3. Complete with pan scrubber filter
  4. Hi i left the top windscreen rubber in place and fitted a broad flat rubber with an edge bead to the hardtop. These 2 seem to clamp together well via the 3 windscreen frame fitting bolts. However this is not an original setup. The flat rubber strip is something I had left over. H
  5. Hi mick yes the tank has an internal rigid metal pipe that goes to the bottom of the tank. So as the pressure decreases / liquid cools is gets drawn back into the rad.
  6. Hi Nick i know mine is a 3a but it’s the same principle i fitted this tank the expansion take off pipe is the “old” overflow fitting under the rad cap. This rad cap is replaced with a blanking cap. Ie no pressures spring. the pressure spring is fitted to the expansion tank. This way the coolant system can be a little fuller in the long rad neck these cars have and the heat expanded fluid can flow too and from the expansion tank. The overflow is still there under the cap of the expansion tank. Not that is has happened since fitting.
  7. Great pictures are they all left hand drive. I would think the white wall tyres would be more typical for US export ???
  8. I think supposed to be flat. But over the years the front “sags” either by being sat on or leaning on it in past years is my guess.
  9. As it’s a nice day and I needed pictures for the insurance agreed value I took these that I thought I would share.
  10. Thanks. I need a new career, but the time it’s taken me either clients need to be mega rich or I have an hourly rate in the pennies
  11. I think they are about 95% Stuart a tight fit to the screen stantions but very workable
  12. Hi if you live in the northwest, enjoy club motorsport and not doing anything on 29th June come and have a day out https://www.liverpoolmotorclub.com/aintree-sprints/ Unfortunately there are only 2 TRs in the class for the club champs. Me in my 3a and Steve small in his full racing TR7 V8. Poor Steve will have seen the entry list this morning and realised that he will have his work cut out against my 3a the question is will he halve my time to be twice as quick as me !!!!! there is a wide variety of cars taking part from the very fast f1 type Goulds to Austin sevens via more modern road cars. Come and say hello if you have nothing planned Pictures from the club web site https://www.tr-register.co.uk/articles/category/competition-news
  13. Hi folks. Another update. And I hope the final one as i think I have finally finished the hardtop refurb with added lights extras. stuart - the headroom - yes there is a gap between head and headlining phew!! the headlining is all stuck down around the perimeter and the rear window aperture.the front was the last done to get the tension and it’s really tight. I also added foam to the front edge, this I shaped to a recess and lined on each screen mounting point for fixing bolt access. i fitted a broad flat Rubber trim to the front edge this has a small bead on the front edge that matches the screen top rubber. This is screwed and sealant glued left to set with hardtop on car. i have fitted the cant rails these these I painted black as the chrome was v poor. I fitted these with ( metric sorry guys) rivnuts and stainless M3 Allen screws. I also sealed the hardtop multi skinned edges to prevent water ingress. Then sealed the cant rails whilst fitting. i was dreading fitting the rear screen as it looks a little crazed thus brittle. But it did come out so luckily didn’t have to trim a new screen.i was able to use the existing rubbers too. I cleaned these up to get rid of the old green overspray and clean up all the grooves. Thanks to Iain who lent me the screen rubber infill piece tool the job was easier than I feared. I have also added i little sealer around the screen. The method ? I fitted the rubber to the roof, slotted the screen into the bottom then with a plastic trim tool I ran this around the screen easing it into the rubber. The locking rubber trim infill really spreads the rubber into place. Then fitted the high level brake light to the top of the rear screen. plugged it all in to the car and that worked too . i have a light /brake light led on the roll bar that I can plug in when the roof is off. I just hope that that after all this it doesn’t blow out!!!!!! thanks for all the moral support and tools etc fingers crossed its all ok.
  14. Has anyone experienced these. Seem to be discounted here and on amazon with reasonable reviews on amazon. Siegen S0984 Combination Ratchet Spanner Set 8pc Imperial https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232514456664
  15. Thanks for the reply. Very interesting. Especially the handling /brake side of things and that much of it is standard. I suppose that you have to think so quickly in the v8 the 4 gives you the time to think. Every thing is relative tho !! stay safe and enjoy. H
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