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  1. This one is the same as mine post 60k nov 1959
  2. Hope to get some GoPro footage ( is it still footage if it’s digital !?!?) from the inside this time. If that works ?
  3. Drove about 20 feet today. ready for Curborough tomorrow where I will drive about 6000 yards
  4. My dad loved the XAS and used them extensively on his many Daimler SP250’s his first being in 1964. as a PR man he was involved in their launch to the uk market in 1965 (iirc) I think part of this was a journalist/ supplier track day I think at brands. it was a cold frosty day and the Michelin management were concerned that this would affect the road test reports. And knowing dad had raced cars asked him to check out the track conditions . He said he “negotiated” a set of xas for his sp250 and went on track to defrost the racing line for a great number of laps which had people queuing
  5. Not with that wet grip rating. !!
  6. looks like Hallsands area within sight of Start Point
  7. As I am sure you know but for other interested parties viewing later this is the MSUK rule book drawings
  8. sorry about the tread drift its Rover ocean blue code JRN
  9. Sad day indeed but what a life!! well worth celebrating I will think of him as I take to the track on Sunday
  10. This was my SP250 before changing to my TR3a that I sprint, didn’t fancy motorsport in the fibreglass SP would need a boat builder to repair it!!
  11. Just finished the “virtual signing on “ on line. a great system with random spot check on the day. I undertook a COVID lateral flow test yesterday and all neg so properly up to date on my COVID status declaration. I have a rolling road session booked Tuesday/Wednesday (he’ll do it when he can). Primarily to check the fuelling /carb balance as I don’t want it too lean at the top end revs - and to check power. This is for the power/weight class. not that anything has been done last year that will have miraculously given me more power !!!! To tip me into the next grou
  12. Is that part (14, 15) fitted to stop the screen frame flexing ?
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