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  1. Hamish

    Timing strut

    Hi as Kev says. Its an easy DIY job here are some of our cars all sporting the strut. Looking forward to seeing your 4a that’s some engine spec and power !! H
  2. Hamish

    Can non competitors see results Sprint / hillclimb?

    There are some spitfires, tr3’s, Vitesse etc. Class 2 seems to be the biggest class. H
  3. Hamish

    Can non competitors see results Sprint / hillclimb?

    Hi Chris welcome most of the info is here. It needs updating to 2019 but little if anything has changed. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/motorsport there is also a contact link to the coordinator who I am sure will fill you in. Every class is well supported as are the vast majority of the venues. Class of your car will depend on level of modification from original and it’s power and weight H
  4. Hamish

    sound deadening

    Thanks Stuart H
  5. Hamish

    sound deadening

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but Iain reminded me of it. Stuart would your product be suitable for a TR3a hardtop as it needs to stick and cope with a wide temp variation. My own eBay searching came up with this stuff as they rave about the glue. Also would the whole inside surface of the hardtop need treating or just the large centre panel area ? Silent Coat 2mm 4 Sheets Car Van Deadening Vibration Sound Proofing Damping Mat https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161525970631
  6. Hamish

    New Seat Belts

    I had a look at the Motorsport UK (MSA) book. https://www.motorsportuk.org/assets/158-197sectionkrevised.pdf and to be honest it doesn’t give that much info. It does mention fixing to chassis but I think this is a generic term for a modern car shell. Main thing is the bolts should be in shear stress
  7. Hamish

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Update. New rear brackets made with slightly longer tails to allow the the hard top to sit a little lower on the rear. I have added some plates where the fixing screw go and used domed hex fasteners to strengthen things up. Now the sun is out and I don’t need the hard top I took it out on a test run to a mate who can paint.......... All seems to work well. I still need the front seal that goes on the hard top working out paint options. Going with a satin type black on the inside. May or may not line it. If I do I was going for black. I want the outside of the hardtop silver, I think? Similar to the wheels. The car will be black and silver/chrome then. H
  8. Hamish

    The Missing Link

    Mine is a 1959 model TS613** and it has the 3 brackets mentioned. The top and bottom steering column outer tube securing brackets and the small chassis to steering box plate with a spacer. I replaced it when I took the bumper irons off.
  9. Hamish

    Fit a Radiator / Sump Guard or not

    Adrian i have the moss one fitted to my car. Very similar to the original drawing Iain posted. I primarily fitted it as a means to fit a bigger anti roll bar - the original anti roll bar being fitted to the bumper irons - now removed. It is fixed on th inner edge of the chassis lips on the 3 sides infront of first cross member under the radiator. There are 3 metal strips with captive nuts that sit on the top of the chassis lips these chassis lips need drilling to line up with the nuts strips and guard. Iain’s instructions suggest that the nut strips are tack welded in place. As mycar was stripped I didn’t have a welder to weld them so I used the biggest rivets my gun would handle. They are only there to hold thenut strips in place as you can’t get to them when mounting the plate and bolting it up. I added 2 extra drain holes on the back edge of the guard. It’s all very sturdy. One observation on my car is that the front edge of the guard sits a little low and not behind the font valance. A visual rather than performance thing not the best pic. Taken when I replaced the radiator. But gives you an idea.
  10. Hamish

    KRS 613F for sale

    Check out the mot history here. It’s quite good but done very little mileage (2000 odd !) in last 10 years https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/
  11. Hamish

    KRS 613F for sale

    It says the advert has been removed. Leaving some basic text.
  12. Hamish

    TR6 overdrive stuck on ?

    Thank you. Of course the clutch has nothing to do with the wheels - axle - OD gearbox drive train Doh !!!
  13. Hamish

    TR6 overdrive stuck on ?

    Sorry to butt in - but just in case !!! can you not move the car forward or back whilst in neutral and or clutch in without damage ?
  14. Hamish

    3A Wedding Transport

    Rich I’m so glad she colour coordinated with the car.
  15. Hamish

    To spat or not to spat

    I think post deletion is a moderator task I am sure a moderator can do it for you. To tidy things up. Is the name Ray ? where are you located ?

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