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  1. https://phoenixtrim.co.uk were great when I needed trims and seals when I did my TR3a hardtop have also used https://coh-baines.co.uk if you know the profiles you need. H
  2. Dave where did you get the door stickers can’t see them in the on line shop. would be nice to have them for this years sprint and hill climb champs. h
  3. The picture Reminded me of the Christine Keeler TV programme that’s on at the moment. in Reality it’s just round the corner a brisk walk
  4. Been a busy non TRing weekend so not started the louvres yet. But the bonnet is in great condition and is in primer to prevent flash rust.
  5. Should the email address end .co.uk rather than just .uk ?? I'm clutching at straws for you.
  6. moss via ebay is a good price and free P and P https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dynolite-Gear-40-Oil-1L-replace-EP90-SAE40-for-Gearboxes-for-Classic-motors/183309444270?hash=item2aae1824ae:g:r4EAAOSwSQFaKnfH
  7. great stuff Dan you will have to tell us the spec, does it have a stock axle ? H
  8. Great work deggers thank you I took my Louvre ideas from 33DNK at the NEC a while ago. I liked the layout Iain i thought I’d cut the slits with my dremel then tap out the louvres with hammer and a smooth rounded drift. it is winter after all. What else is there to do.
  9. This is a proper USA pimped tr3
  10. Put it in mintylamb http://www.mintylamb.co.uk/gearspeed/ its 57mph flat out in 4th !!!!!
  11. One here https://www.revingtontr.com/product/515709/name/crown-wheel-pinion-48751-tr6 and a 6.67 https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr1278/name/cwp-6671-tr2-6 Listed but not always available.
  12. planning on something like this. (excuse the freehand mouse lines.) according to my wife prime numbers are lucky and a designer friend suggested that even number of Louvres wouldn't be attractive to the eye ? hence the 7, 5, 7 arrangement i tend to sprint with Aeroscreens
  13. Hi folks. thought I would share my next small task of putting louvres in my 3a bonnet. it’s a bid to get some heat out of the engine bay. Especially when queuing up for sprint and hillclimb runs. also it can’t be a racer without louvres this is the bonnet after blasting. will be primed before louvring hopefully louvres in this bonnet and not a welded in plate.
  14. I understand the use of a car cover in an uninsulated garage can cause these type of blisters.
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