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  1. Luckily then my next move is rose jointed drop links.
  2. Peter you have been generous enough luckily my handy work is a hidden, but functional.
  3. I would guess at something like BSE cattle ( and other stock) cull about 20 years ago. I had some involvement at an EHO. either burial pits or the funeral pyres either can leave their mark for generations also probably wouldn’t be visible at ground level. my only hesitancy is some of these are quite close to housing. that’s my 2 penny worth.
  4. My TR3A uprated anti roll bar started to slide from side to side when I went to solid Ali mounting blocks so I wanted to fit some shaft collars. One on the outside of either side of the Ali mounting blocks. however my anti roll bar is mounted to a rad guard and thus I needed to trim this to make space for the collar. some dremmel work later it’s sorted.
  5. Update thanks Peter job done. I'm afraid my hammerology isn’t the best I didn’t have a concave punch to crush them neatly. had to close the spring up a little but the trial fit informed that and easily done in the vice before it was fitted.
  6. For this one let’s all in the twist. but just a 1/4 turn as Bob suggests
  7. This TR3 (4 chassis’d) looks good value for someone wanting to have a fun usable car. buy the roll bar and come and join us in the sprint and hill climb champs. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/3807/TR-3a-for-sale no connection just looks a great car esp for a non purist newbie I would have !! H
  8. erm D A V I D A N Y O N E No ?!?!? to many and the wrong letters. is that a trick question ? I've been working on it for ages you are pulling my leg aren’t you ?!
  9. It’s the one that goes into the ground that restricts me. obviously the tyres isolates the whole car so you need a wire to the real earth. But it breaks as soon as I drive anywhere.
  10. Check out the info here https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/covid-19-vaccinations/ much depends on the partnership working of the local authority and the local nhs trust ( willingness and ability to organise) the LA can provide the premises and the non technical staff (meet and greet, admin and post vaccine observation etc) ( all their leisure facilities are shut and staff available) the trust can administer the dose and deal with the clinical waste. it works very well - my mum in Devon went to a sports Center for her 1st dose - the 2nd wa
  11. I got one of those and it seems it’s the yellow TR3 that’s back for auction
  12. Well done Brian. It’s a relief when it all comes together literally !!!!
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