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  1. Thanks Mick I met Martin at a car show a few weeks ago, and off to the pub meet tonight to hopefully meet a few more folk.
  2. Thanks all. Every day's a school day :-)
  3. Thanks Rob. Why do I always look for the complicated answer first? Your comments about the elements that can be eliminated really helped me re-think it through. I just put a jump lead from the battery earth lead directly to the engine block and all systems are go and she cranked and fired up straight away. Phew! The only thing I had changed on the car was to put a new battery on. I'm off out to buy a new batter clamp and a new / additional earth strap. Thanks for the help :-) (PS, although my profile doesn't say it, I am a member of the Register too)
  4. Thanks Rob I have an alternator, and I have an ammeter - I do look at it, but for the life of me can't recall what it was at. The last 1500 miles have all been fine, so under normal conditions, I guess that is all ok. It's always cranked straight off, no hesitation. Dashboard lights all work, and vehicles lights too (normally). Tonight though, nothing. I had wondered about a bad earth, but they all look good to me. At the moment, ignition on or off, I have no vehicle lights, or ignition warning light, no horn. Hand operating the solenoid does nothing. (ignition on or off
  5. Thanks Roger - Just been having a poke around with the diagram in hand. Fair to say I'm still guessing, but the guesses are more focussed now. :-)
  6. Hi Bit of a newbie here. I have a '57 TR3, which was running very nicely. But now seems to have no ignition. Possibly a short somewhere? The background The night before Gaydon, I drove part way up country to stay overnight. All was good and fine. Next morning, dead battery. I didn't give it too much thought. Jump start, fired up immediately and off we went. Stalled when nearly at Gaydon and had to have a jump start. Same again when leaving Gaydon. Knackered battery I assumed, so bought a new one on the way home. All was good. Parked at home in the garage. Went to
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