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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a set of stiffer rear springs for my 64 TR4. It has the deep dish springs but I seem to only be able to find the earlier flatter type in a stiffer spec. Do you know if I can covert my car to the earlier springs? I have the plates etc so could do it if if the springs are the same length (I know the really early ones are different). Alternatively do you know of a supplier that makes the deep dish spring in an uprated spec? Thanks Myles
  2. Hello, My 64 TR4 has a wingard mirror, which I believe is orginal to the car. Last time I dismatled one of these I managed to crack the sleeves and mounting when removing the stalk. I’m now trying to combne two mirrors to make one good one however I’m nervous of cracking the good sleeves and mounting again. Does anyone know if there is a knack to dismantling these mirrors such as the application of heat...? Thanks Myles
  3. Hi, Has anyone installed a 3rd Brake Light on a TR4 surrey top? If so, what has been your experince of this and which light did you buy? Thanks Myles
  4. Hello, I have a '64 TR4 with a vent in the petrol cap and at a recent rally the scrutineer pulled me up on this and suggested that I plug the hole in the cap and install a vent thet passes through the floor of the car with a non return valve on the end. Has anyone done this and how and where did you attach the vent to the tank? I would prefer not to have to invest in an early TR4 tank if at all possible. Thanks Myles
  5. Hello The front fog lights on my TR4 are currently wired from the headlight switch through another switch and then to a relay to the front fogs. I would like to change them so that they will only come on when the headlights are on full beam. I'm therefore thinking about taking a feed off the full beam warning light to the fog light switch and onwards to the relay. As there is a relay, the current should not be that great through the fog light switch. Does anyone see any problems with the setup? I'm not keen to take a feed straight off the dip switch unless I really have too as it's tough to get three wires onto one spade. Any views welcome... Thanks Myles
  6. Thanks for the help with this. Looks like I am not alone with the misalignment issue. My previous set-up had a GE alternator with home made fixings using a long bolt, copper pipe and washers. I hoped that by going for the proper kit it would just bolt straight in in the right place. So looks like it's off to the machine shop to shave ~2mm off the large spacer. Myles
  7. Hello I am just installing a lightweight edge alternator on my TR4 which came from TR Enterprises. It comes with a spindle to connect to the existing dynamo bracket. When installed it looks like the alternator pulley is slightly forward of the water pump and crank but this may be an optical illusion. Has anyone else had this with these alternators and spindles? Thanks Myles
  8. Hello So on the way back from a long trip today the rev counter on my TR4 starts to go nuts (but not the revs...) and some years ago I had the same issue on my TR3. Cause that time was a faulty cable and I was told that the new cables are poor quality compared to the originals. Given that my rev counter cable is not that old, does anyone know of a supplier that supplies good quality cables that are known to work? Only want to do this replacement once... Thanks Myles
  9. Thanks for your advice on my issue - Well the hesitation went to a full stop last night stranding me on the side of the road. After a bit of trouble shooting turns out the issue was the rotor arm which is annoying as I had a spare known good one in the boot... Looks like I'll be ordering another one from the distributor doctor (who hadn't supplied the faulty one btw).
  10. Hello My TR4 generally runs well, however occasionally when I put my foot down to accelerate from low revs the car hesitates as if it is going to stall, once the revs pick up it runs fine. This generally happens once the car is hot and when I am in 2nd gear and is very disconcerting as it is as if the car is going to stall. The car is running on a pair of HS6s and manifold from a TR4A, has a tubular exhaust manifold and a stock distributor and fuel pump. Anyone experienced similar symptoms who can point me in the direction of where to start looking for the issue? Thanks Myles
  11. Hello Bit of a strange question however I would like to mount a cigar lighter in the hole in my TR4 dash where the washer pump sits. I have installed an electric washer and have relocated the switch for this to the radio panel so the old push pump is now redundant. The idea for the cigar lighter is to power a GPS, iphone charger etc. I had bought one off ebay but it was slightly too wide and although I "modified" it to fit it could be done better. I would prefer not to modify the dash as I may want to return the car to stock later on. Has anyone had any experience of this and know of a lighter that would fit perfectly? Thanks Myles
  12. Hello Bit of an odd question but I have some original metal beading for a TR4 windscreen in my stack of parts. There's a plastic one on the car currently which is a 1964 - can someone let me know whether metal beading would be standard on a 64 or whether it was just for earlier cars which I seem to remember reading somewhere...? Thanks Myles
  13. Hello About to fit the Surrey hard top section to my TR4. The holes are there on the top of the capping however on the bottom of the windscreen frame the holes are covered in vinyl. I assume I need to cut holes in the vinyl in order to pass the bolts through to secure the top to the frame...? I'd be grateful for some confirmation before I start to cut up the windscreenl.... Thanks Myles
  14. Hello I have the gearbox out of my TR4 as it had to be rebuilt. My car has a TR4A clutch in it which I put in only about 500 miles before the gearbox came out this time. Before the gearbox came out, the pedal didn't rebound very fast and if I changed gear quickly, particulalry into 3rd I had some scrunching of the gears. I checked out the hydraulics and the return sping and all seemed ok. Question is, could there be a problem with the clutch cover? Whilst the gearbox is out, should I replace it? Grateful for any advice on this. Thanks Myles
  15. The gearbox had only been in the car for less thna 500 miles. The guy I bought it off said it had been rebuilt. The box gave up when I was doing 70 mph on the M3 - loud bang followed by a loud rumbling noise. The car did have some drive when I was on the hard shoulder - if you started the car in gear it would move forward very slowly, if you tried to increase speed the rumbling would come back. Unfortunately I didn't have time to look inside the box this morning. I did turn the input shaft in most of the gears though and it turned ok. Myles
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