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  1. Some great “racing” given it was practice yesterday. Ideal conditions. As always wonderful cars with drivers trying really hard sometimes too hard
  2. Marco mine had a plastic/ rubber type gasket on that face to the block a fine slit for the lever to poke through. And a lower hole that I presume is an oil drain. should keep excess oil out.
  3. I have to say I’m with you Ian on this one. but I am impressed with those like Mike (ie Brenda) who does some serious mileage and the car is immaculate.
  4. Hamish


    Great report and picture record Mike. where next ?
  5. Not in the car yet. needed to do last couple of events which went well then Suzies ultra marathon prep and her doing it took priority. just removed the G/box for adjustment after some hammering. then I we have some time away at a nieces wedding in Switzerland so end of Oct to get it all married up ?!??
  6. Hamish


    Ha ha great picture. They will be queuing up for that one !!
  7. That’s nice to know he has done the head for my new four pot .
  8. anyone seen or heard from Graeme ? its his Birthday H
  9. Ahhh the king Harry very similar to the old Dart ferry the new one is ok but I was brought up with the paddle ferry and could drive it by the time I was 12 ( totally UNofficially you understand !!) I’ll be here tomorrow for a few days
  10. Keep you busy in the long winter Nights whilst snowed in - in derbyshire
  11. Nah ! that’s a good basis for a “light weight” racer. and the Reg if transferable is worth a few Bob.
  12. Pete I run my 3a with the same fuel pipe routing as you (admittedly with a little hucco elec pump on the bulk head) it’s less than half the pipe run distance and a much cooler route too. My filter is probably twice the size but same inline version on the feed side to the pump. Thought I may as well protect the pump from debris. the pipes are intentionally left long enough that I can still use them if I refit the dave Davies mechanical pump. I have a simple Y piece to joint up the overflow to a pipes to below chassis level. All this was done ( inc fitting elec pump) aft
  13. Bit is it practical ? is the hole big enough to get the sprocket out to flip it if that 1/2 tooth adjustment is needed?
  14. Love all the pictures both here and Mike’s certainly great food for thought for bucket list ideas.
  15. I know the pictures are for David B but I have had a sneaky peak it settings look stunning.
  16. Ian i think you are hogging that car a little too long now. i think that you should give it to me to enjoy for a while
  17. i have the cj autos version ( same thing basically) https://www.cjautos.eu/NEW_3_IN_1_TILTING_CAR_LIFT_p/cl01.htm works really well - you need a robust 1000w+drill to use it properly. ideal for raising car to a convenient height to work on brakes suspension etc the cross members do get in the way of accessing underneath centrally eg under gearbox
  18. Jean-Marie its as a couple of us have suggested it looks like a soot type build up from the exhaust system as it appears to be a black "dry" cloud oil burning would appear as a more blue "smoke" and Italian tune is a saying to describe a more robust high Revving drive to blow out all that accumulation. this accumulation can occur in cars that rarely are driven "spiritedly"on the upper rev range a 1/2 hour run out using the full rev range is what's needed this doesn't have to be fast you can do this in lower gears (it doesn't need to be flat out in 4th that would
  19. Great updates and pictures Mike keep them coming.
  20. Possibly as it’s never seen over 3000rpm it’s an accumulation of soot and exhaust debris ?
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