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  1. I’m sure that Alec P suggested 30wt oil to me when he was talking me through competition improvements. motorcycle fork oil was the right stuff and I think specifically Harley Davidson dealer were a source as they need a heavier oil to deal with the weight.
  2. Here you go https://petecoxsportscars.co.uk
  3. Great progress Mike. good luck with the engine start and running in.
  4. Iain you will have to remind me when it’s fitted and I’m back on the road.
  5. Thanks John. I knew someone out there could do the maths for me. but the 2187 is a good omen number as it’s my cc. 87mm bore. so I’ll take that. water ingress is a concern but I hope there isn’t too much bonnet up stream of the louvres for very much water to flow into them. as the bonnet will be black I don’t expect the louvres to be too “in your face bling” BFG quote..or as Hamish says ; thermal convection (and perhaps a little air movement courtesy of the cooling fan) Now there is an idea fit a flat flush elec fan on the underside of the bonnet to blow the hot air out hhhmmmmm.
  6. We had a well respected racer on here who took the time and money to do back to back tests of heat treatment inc ceramic and iirc the ceramic was looks over heat reduction performance. wrapping was certainly more cost effective if a little untidy looking.
  7. John most of it is performance related as everyone knows that louvres make you go faster. Just like stripes do. then it’s looks then it’s to let a bit of heat out, but typically when stationary waiting for your run in the sprints or up the hills. As the longest run has 7 louvres what is the performance of the last one ?
  8. Just got this picture by text to say louvres ready. will collect Saturday and post more. looks great. And done in a timely manner as promised.
  9. Hi mike that looks great back home in the engine bay no stopping you ... I see they did suggest running in oil did you get a set of instructions. ? look forward to seeing it run in the flesh.
  10. Prompted by Dan “2long” amazing Hawaiian TR car pictures in Alecs inn i have started this post just to see if we can have lot of pictures from countries around the world with a TR in them. even better if the picture can include something iconic or a vista typical of that country. so get going with those International Photos.
  11. Posted here as I know not all forum users check the sales and wants section do you have a spare you don’t need in the back of the shed/ garage ? H
  12. And when it goes wrong it’s embarrassing 100 tonne load falls off truck https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/astonishing-moment-lorry-sheds-100-3839659.amp
  13. Took my bonnet to this guy in rural Coventry area young bloke who has an old unit full of old engineering wizardry I’ll share the results my dremel and hammer method would have taken ages Louvres punched into your bonnet Modified Car Hot Rat Rod Custom Historic Racing https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283742763771
  14. Looks like the engine builder has fitted (unless you already had it mike ?) the crankcase breather adapter similar to the Racetorations one just need a small catch tank now
  15. Jeez don’t enter the clubs sprints you’ll be winning everything. worth rolling roading it at Mikeanics’s once it’s run in. not at meeting. Suzie doing half marathon in training for Manchester marathon.
  16. I bet it will !!!!!!!! that looks great. Did you upgrade cc. And cam ? H
  17. Drill a hole top left arrowed in the above pic. And put in a loose split pin as a “keep hole clear pin”
  18. Msc midland sports and classic may have those http://www.msc.parts/contents/en-uk/d26_MGA_1500_-_Engine_Plates___Timing_Cover.html
  19. Pete not cheap but would e-type bonnet washers suit ? https://www.etypeparts.com/bd5423-pack-of-20-e-type-steel-oval-bonnet-washer
  20. Now that is looking wonderful. bit envious really that’s going to last you 20 years+ i’d normally say more, but you really use yours as designed and clock up the miles. mike I presume it’s a valentines gift from your better half. !
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