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  1. Happy Birthday Jonathan hope the TR run out is a good one. It’s a lovely bright day for it. enjoy and a sincere thank you for the group leader work you do. H
  2. I fitted this to regulate my flasher speed ( even with std bulbs) and it’s led compatible and it does mixed led and std bulbs. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/indicator-relays-electronic/products/12v-electronic-indicator-flasher-relay-classic-car-with-oe-click-x-l-p-2-3-pin
  3. Hi Oliver i went the alternator route after the mounting lug on my dynamo broke. The extra output means I don’t worry about elec fan use etc. lots of help from the forum sourced the parts and the reliable info that enabled me to do it myself. Including the control box alterations - and I am no way an auto electrician!!!! i added a diy heat shield as I have a competition exhaust and I use full revs in competition. plenty of “how to” on the forum
  4. Hope you have a great birthday weekend.
  5. Was able to view this from Beaumaris as it flew down the Menai straits from the Bangor to Llandudno hospitals. it had come over from Ireland. lovely sound.
  6. That scooter will never start that TR !! but nice of him to stop and try
  7. You can make rigid pipes from the caliper if you have the kit to make them but for simplicity sake And I don’t have the flare tools, I bought the revington kit. https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr4076ssk/name/pipe-kit-caliperss-hoses
  8. Seller confirms glass rear window and alloy cant rails
  9. Just in case people don’t check out the classifieds https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/3525/PRG-4-WHEEL-Braked-Trailer this is just a heads up. H
  10. Just spotted this on eBay. No connection. it seems a good deal and complete TRIUMPH TR 2 3 3a STEELHARD TOP https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254713243820
  11. +1 thanks ps not live as it’s a compilation of wet and dry races pre Covid but awesome racing now onboard with Josh Files in the TR4
  12. Have you tried rotating the ring that holds the fixed stud ? Would this make life easier. I did this with my 3a
  13. Surely T and R were near the top of the list !!
  14. I’m thinking that it’s been through a few auctions and adverts and they all seem to refer to previous sellers information. Is this a liability thing if it turns out to be less than expected. Ie “well it’s how it was described to me “ This is how vehicles can be tainted with multiple sale attempts and worse if they change hand and come on the market again. I'm sure this car is Ok and would take quite a lot of cash to bring to this level With roll bars trip meters and lsd etc other adverts suggest fibreglass panels. Wonder if this is still the case.
  15. Seems it’s back on the market again. with much of the same text as used previously https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1263885
  16. Happy Birthday Graeme hope you have a wonderful day on the wonderful island H
  17. one know if it is OK to find Mr Tushingham and contact him? Or does he not want to be bothered? Very active on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/c/cheftush he is busy with his 250 at the moment. he comes on here occasionally too https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/profile/6700-m-pied-lourd/
  18. Happy birthday Ben I'm better late than never !! enjoy Devon.
  19. Do you go for sealing up the garage and heat and dehumidify or allow ventilation ? it will also depend on the type of build of the garage
  20. Hamish

    Fuel pump

    I had a fuel pump diaphragm fail on a hillclimb competition the smallest hole lost the suction pumping action and the car just died from full throttle. But the fuel didn’t leak into the block from the tank. a Dave Davies refurb fixed this but have since gone electric for other fuelling reasons.
  21. Hamish


    salut si vous allez faire le moteur de toute façon, faites faire les sièges de soupape pour n'utiliser aucun plomb. sinon, on pense qu'il y aura du plomb sur les sièges de soupape existants qui assureront la protection. ou utiliser un additif de remplacement de plomb google translate so sorry for mistakes.
  22. Congratulations that is wonderful news best wishes for the whole family.
  23. On mine that I did I managed to get the pegs To sit in the hardtop holes/recess. it may be easier to slot the body hole we’re the bridge retainers go to have some movement. I have to juggle my screen and hardtop fasteners a bit after I’ve had the screen off for racing. But I loose fit everything inc the screen. Then pull everything forward then bolt up the screen stantions first. then tighten the rest gradually. In turn.
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