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  1. Thanks Hamish....drove the 100 miles back to Sussex with no problems. All very enjoyable on a lovely sunny day. Apart from Guildford. Clive
  2. Finally got round to sorting the clutch out on my 3A. A combination of badly adjusted clutch master cylinder and worn out clutch plates was the culprit. Chris at Protek in Wallingford made the necessary adjustments and fitted a new clutch kit. Also had the choke repositioned near my left knee under the dash to avoid the cable going round the after market heater. This has made the choke operation......operational! Chris also changed the engine oil, gearbox and diff oil. Oh, and checked the tappets, changed the plugs and leaned the carbs off a bit for good measure. All for
  3. Nice solution....thanks for the link! Clive
  4. Does anyone know of a good phone holder that fits the TR3? Would like to use the sat nav on my Samsung. Many thanks Clive
  5. Sorry Bob....I'm not with the car until the weekend.
  6. The slave is actuating perfectly well....unfortunately. I think its time to get inside the bell housing.
  7. I don't have a soft pedal. It feels completely normal.
  8. Bloody Hell! What was the failure mode on those little buggers? Clive
  9. Is that the one on the outside of the bell housing?
  10. I'll try this approach on Friday when I've got a bit of time.....what is your inclination? Many thanks
  11. The only movement was about 5 inches forward with clutch nearly all the way up....pushed it back into shed in neutral.
  12. The only related thing I have done is top up the clutch/brake fluid by about an inch.
  13. Do you mean in and out Bob?....I'll have to check.
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