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  1. This kook went for a spin with a surfboard squeezed into the car Here's a clip of the drive home https://www.instagram.com/p/CA7NoiwB-az/?igshid=12v2uun6lsa3s
  2. Le touquet! I've had this photo in my living room for years. The channel air bridge used to link Lydd in Kent to le touquet. Just need to buy a plane now!
  3. Thanks. I'll pull out the dwell meter Quick blast to the beach and back. One small backfire but it's running great otherwise. Hardly running on at all on shutdown now.
  4. Cheers For other kooks like myself, you screw in the unisyn centre to adjust the airflow and bubble height. I've just driven to work to do some fine tuning without any angry neighbours screaming at me. Put 20 litres unleaded 98 in the tank and fuel gauge was a showing empty. My heart sank then I gave the gauge a tap and voilà! Added bonus. The rad hoses I changed are all sealing fine. Under pressure... Engine sounds much improved at idle now
  5. I was doing it wrong "But you don't actually care about the absolute air flow rate, only that you want to make it equal for all carburetors. After getting the tool set up to read dead center on the indicator for the first carburetor, you place the tool in front of the second carb. " https://mgaguru.com/mgtech/carbs/cb135.htm
  6. Thanks guys Already back together annoyingly. But the good news is that I've got my car back! It's not perfect but it's a damn sight better than its been at any point in the past 3 weeks! Took it for a quick spin and the revs drop normally and power was fine. Idling at 1200rpm but throttle stops are engaged slightly. I spent a lot of time getting the linkage loose enough to start tuning it properly tomorrow. Bob, Peter and Stuart, you are lifesavers! The carbs have been a crappy experience but I've learnt a lot. Hopefully this will help others too. Check your throttle discs before fitting new carbs! (even though you shouldn't have to) Question : both carbs are now registering pretty much zero suck at idle. Does this mean I'm running too rich?
  7. Hadn't seen this pdf before, muchos gracias. Just finished a 10 hour work day and I've taken the carbs off. With linkage removed and my spare hand holding the throttle fully closed, here's what I have at the front And the rear carb The piston can't have been falling all their way down as the car was running with the jets pretty much level with the bridge
  8. Woah. Mine is way too tight ! Thanks Peter
  9. I suspect Bob is right to suspect the spindle. I think I'm going to have to take the carbs off again. I'm fed up and my wife is even more cheesed off with me Apologies for the neck craning angle Just been for another drive, still revving after I take my foot off the throttle
  10. Cheers I set the jets using my colour tune but then idle was very high even with the throttle stops all the way out. Checked for leaks with carb cleaner and didn't find any. With the carbs synced I couldn't get it to idle under 2000rpm I've leaned the mixture out 2 flats and it's idling at 1200rpm but not very smoothly. Took it for a spin round the block. Revs take forever to drop on lift-off. I'm using 20w50 for the damper oil. Too heavy?
  11. Removed both pistons, cleaned everything up and did the drop test with the piston holes blanked off. About 3sec difference. Swapped dashpots and its down to around one second. Tightening thé dashpot screws in a specific order has got me to a point that seems ok
  12. Would adding a filed down washer cause any issues? Very jealous! Crappy waves and I'm on my own here Have you read barbarian days?
  13. Wow Is that Hawaï ? Looks dreamy We had 1-2 ft here yesterday, glassy. Happens once in a blue moon! Usually messy as hell
  14. Thanks Bob. You and me both The piston clunks perfectly with a 0.25mm (0.01") spacer slid under one side of the dashpot so I know it can line up
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