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  1. The TR is going to stay at my parents for a while so I have space to work on it (timing seal leak, rebush the front suspension, etc.) The drive there was pretty glorious
  2. None of the colour choices were intentional but we have a lot of green vehicles suddenly
  3. Quick update here: brought this home over the weekend (sans drugs in the boot), a 1985 230TE with 280k km on the clock. Needs a bit of welding underneath and the self levelling suspension is going to cost a bit to get right but once these are fixed it will make for a great everyday classic. There's also a classic Mini (British Open, a 1300cc) on the way for Madame, I'm driving it home from Lyon on the weekend. Now I just need planning permission for a garage big enough to squeeze all of the toys into!
  4. Have you checked that the rod connecting the carbs has a bit of side to side play and isn't binding?
  5. Advance warning : lots of photos coming up We all squeezed into the TR and headed to the le touquet concours d'élégance, held at the end of the rallye historique that ran over the weekend. The town was overflowing with beautiful cars today. Highlights for me were the obvious ones I guess, the 250 lusso was drop dead gorgeous and the bugatti 57g tank and World breaking Rosalie recreation were amazing close-up. And I would have been very happy driving that lancia aurelia home!
  6. Met up with the family at the beach after work. Guess who ended up walking home with the dog and an empty pram?
  7. i know mate but it sounds terrible. like your diesel land rover
  8. Agreed! I had a copy of the workshop manual but can't find it this evening As you can imagine, I'm not keen to remove the head if it can be avoided. The car runs great apart from the ticking, doesn't use oil, etc.
  9. I took a chance and copied the lingo from the Haynes manual. Tough crowd Worth a try?
  10. Thanks Mickey and Chris for the insightful exchanges. Before I take the head off, could just removing the rockers and pushrods again and trying to "unstick" the tappet with a rod of some sort work?
  11. I've cleared up space in the garage so I can get busy sorting out my valve and timing cover leak issues. I'm going to order all the seals and gaskets and wait for some bad weather to materialise before getting stuck in. Any point ordering the arp kit and reinforced head gasket?
  12. Still driving the 3 most days, hope I'm not doing any long term damage to the engine. Is it worth pulling the rocker assembly off, removing the pushrods and giving the followers a bit of a jiggle to see if whatever is sticking frees up ? Fuel consumption is still 17mpg but no leaks I can see this time
  13. Trip to our local surf spot. About 20mi away. My wife met us there and relaxed with friends while a bunch of us got pummelled by waves. The drive home in the dark sans board was incredible. The 3 is a mean machine.
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