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  1. I'm looking forward to this! What made you decide to rebuild them both?
  2. It took my better half less time to build a more reliable vehicle for Will!
  3. Only an hour and a quarter to take the box out this time! I used a motorcycle lift on a dolly to help slide the box out.
  4. Hi Peter, Yes, thank you. I've been reading every article and forum post I can find these past few weeks. A couple of theories are a faulty non return valve or a stuck accumulator piston. I don't really know what I'm doing yet but I'm figuring it out step by step.
  5. Thanks Richard. I've done all that but there seems to be a problem inside the od unit. Is this enough clearance to get the plate off, spring, non return valve and accumulator piston out? I can't lift the box any higher. Doesn't look easy with the floor pan bang in the middle.
  6. Quick update. Refilled with fresh oil, checked the operating valve travel which lined up nicely with the adjustment hole and had the solenoid connected and working perfectly. Took it for a spin, overdrive worked and then the problem came back quickly. I could feel the difference in travel on the lever between the car at a stop and on the move. Got home, engine off, ignition on, in 2nd with clutch in I flicked in and out of od a fee times checking the lever travel. The gearbox made a pump noise and the car moved forward slightly. I think it's box out time unfortunately.
  7. I'm still hoping it's an adjustment issue... Hopefully someone can answer this question : Car on axle stands, solenoid pinch bolt undone, in gear, rpm over 2k. How much force on the actuating lever is required to manually engage od? Could an airlock be causing my issues? Cheers
  8. I'm going to have another go with the operating valve ball-bearing and adjusting the lever by measuring the lift tomorrow. My oyltite bodge didn't really work annoyingly.
  9. I turned the wheels by hand with the operating valve plug off. After a few turns I could see oil rising to the top so the pump is good. I then drained the oil. Lots of small filings but to be expected given the box has been freshly rebuilt. Nothing in the gauze filter in the od.
  10. Lighr rain forecast here this pm so I had a Sophie's choice : tr on axle stands facing outwards so if for whatever reason it drops it will drive up the driveway or facing inwards so I don't gas myself? I went with inwards. I haven't run it properly yet but it seems solid enough. How long would be enough to get the oil nice and warm before draining it ? I removed the valve, all looks OK. The plug was slightly rounded so I had to gently hammer a socket onto it with a rubber screwdriver handle. I hope the socket will be OK, it's brand new and the set was expensive. Before t
  11. If the pump wasn't generating enough pressure, the lever would have full travel but od wouldn't engage? Plan is to remove and check valve assembly this afternoon then change the oil. Fingers crossed!
  12. Hopefully they'll have temperature checks at the border soon. I normally come over once a fortnight. Easy peasy Drove 5mi, only managed to get it into od once. Every other attempt the invisible stop was there.
  13. I wish I would have to quarantine for 2 weeks. I haven't been over to the UK to see clients, friends or family for months now. Crazy. The supplier has been very helpful but I want to avoid removing the box and shipping it over if possible. I think you're onto something with the oil change though. Maybe the oil temperature is a red herring. There could be something floating around inside and it takes a while to obstruct the valve. When the pressure drops, it falls back down letting the valve function normally.
  14. Thanks Roy. I thought about that but dynolite gear 40 is what is specified by the firm who supplied the box so it should work. I'll spend some time on the car this afternoon. I'm getting very well acquainted with the gearbox tunnel
  15. I loosened the solenoid arm and took the car for a spin this afternoon. The lever won’t budge past the adjustment hole with the car moving forward and OD won't engage. I’ve tried it in gear, clutch in, in neutral, clutch in and out and it always stops at the same place if the car is moving forward. High revs, low revs, no difference. At a standstill, engine running, it sticks slightly at the same point but it’s easy to push the lever a lot further down (around 1cm extra travel). So am I right in thinking something is blocking the operating valve when the accumulator is pres
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