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  1. More mini me adventures, a leisurely Sunday drive to a local golf course for coffee. About an hours driving total, the perfect outing. And yes, you can be friends with mg drivers
  2. I hope the timing seal lasts until the end of the summer I've ordered a set of new tyres, vredestein t trac 2s. My contis have zero wear but are 14 years old...
  3. We only have one space in the garage at home and the mini has had dibs on it since it arrived last September. But I've managed to negotiate a week long swap for the TR so I can enjoy terrifying the le touquet locals once again! Va va voom!
  4. Hope it's not too late! Joyeux anniversaire Bob !
  5. So this happened... Drove it back from Biarritz , 1000km. Didn't miss a beat. Ready to start buying and selling antiques!
  6. Hi Roy! Nice one. What's wrong with keeping the used one?
  7. Quick update here I should have bought the jag, might have been a cheaper project! The bulkhead was so full of holes after sandblasting that I ended up sourcing a coupe shell in much better condition. We're now waiting for some jig fittings that cost an fortune to rent for 3 days to weld it up, sandblast the new front end and then finish the repairs and start reassembly.
  8. I waved goodbye to the landy today, it had become too valuable to sit in a corner of the shed most of the year and too costly to use often. I'm sure I'll be back in a series one day but for now I'm happy to have a brace of vehicles with (slightly) higher mpg for regular use! However I made the most of being at my folks place to take the TR out for a quick spin and the engine is definitely quieter thanks to Bob's pushrods.
  9. Hi Ian Thanks It looks scary in the video but it's actually a brown electrical wire from the alternator to my 2nd fusebox
  10. @Lebrosaves the day again! He sorted me out with an set of pushrods and I fitted them this afternoon, set them clearances to 0.015 on both inlet and exhaust and took the car for a short spin. It sounds quieter but I didn't have time to take the car for a proper run and get it fully warmed up. Thanks again @Lebro! Ps : here's how it sounded with the old pushrods (bonnet up though)
  11. Thanks for the offer Peter but it's a nightmare posting parts between the UK and France. Are the new readily available pushrods of acceptable quality?
  12. Thanks. How do I check the followers without taking the head off?
  13. I can't see a 3rd spring, it's hard when you don't know exactly what you're looking for! Time to call it a day, more head work to come and not just on the TR...
  14. Thanks all for the replies Yes, mild piper cam according to the invoices that came with the car and no ticking until last year. The engine rebuild was before my ownership so I don't know much about it. I can't make out whether there's a 3rd spring fitted Might be best to wait for new pushrods and see if this cures it but I'm concerned as to why it happened in the first place
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