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  1. Have you been to the Hill Club in Nuwara Eliya? The town that time forgot...
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the stories. Sounds like a recipe for heartbreak! E
  3. Hi Miles I was following that auction. Looks like a great car, just a couple of years too soon for me! Cheers E
  4. Hi Peter, do you mean safety wise? It's always a concern but driving responsibly, keeping on top of maintenance, fitting seat belts, being on the look out for hazards, keeping lots of space between vehicles and adapting my speed help. Most trips are 5mi to work and nursery school or 20mi to see my parents, maybe 40mi to see the in laws. Small towns and 50mph speed limit on quiet country roads, I rarely feel scared around here even on the motorbike. Perfect conditions to run a classic car. The real worry is will the family enjoy the experience? And what about longer trips? I'v
  5. Thanks Bob, Roger, Hamish and especially Stuart. I'm not going to test drive the car tomorrow, just look it over and hopefully sit in it but I'll keep your pointers handy. A mk2 has been on my wishlist for a while. I can't really afford one right now but if things go as planned, in a couple of years it should be doable. For a great opportunity, I'll find a way to make it work. So said every car mad tortured soul. I'm hoping to be underwhelmed tomorow so I stop dreaming about the Mk2 and move on to a more realistic hunt. I'm looking for a classic family car, not in any hurry. I want t
  6. Hi all I'm going to see a 3.4 auto tomorrow. Mostly for window shopping but then price is within the easily tempted bracket. How difficult are these cars to live with and work on? I haven't spent a cent at a garage for years, I would like to keep it that way. A friend has just bought a dirt cheap xj6 and the access to anything mechanical is a nightmare. Another mate got his e type back from the garage the other day and the bill was around 15k (it did need a lot of work to be fair)! This car is unrestored and a runner but a bit tatty. Bit of rust but nothing seriou
  7. Not really my style. Here's how I'm typically parked. I could put up an awning but it would probably get nicked and it would mean keeping a space reserved for me which I'm not keen on (first come, first served for parking).
  8. Hi all, Most weekdays the 3 spends around 10 hours parked in the sun. I'm not a polisher but I do give my car the odd coat of wax to protect it. There's no possiblity of shade at work unfortunately. Anything I can do to stop the paint fading too much? Cheers Eli
  9. I ordered two myself! You can take a virtual tour of hitchcocks, they're a royal enfield specialist Hitchcocks Motorcycles Ltd https://maps.app.goo.gl/pssxEZrLzGgyiZVu8
  10. More French countryside and baby photos I'm afraid. 40mi round trip for Will to see his grandparents (they both had their 2nd jab a few weeks ago)
  11. After a bit of a hunt both in UK and France, it seems these guys are the only ones with the 14mm still in stock https://accessories.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/accessory-shop/General-Tools/12039
  12. Hi Charlie Just had a similar problem and found that this terminal had come loose. I replaced the solenoid as I had already ordered a spare after a bad earth also gave me non starting issues.
  13. I've been busy with the bike the past few weeks. Took the gearbox apart and put it back a few times but I'm still having trouble selecting gears. It's been a great learning experience, albeit an often frustrating one Finally got around to replacing the starter solenoid The old one was falling apart and I could only start it from cold using the shunt button at the back. This little guy fell out as I removed the solenoid. I also decided to try to figure out what wasn't wrong with the fuel gauge sender. The gauge itself works fine, jumps straight to full when I remove the w
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