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  1. Corbeau Classic here (standard not the wide version). They just fit in the car and are very comfy for me (mind you I'm fairly trim) but the build quality isn't great. The glue on the driver's seat has come unstuck. Might just be my pair as they were on sale from Holden and the only ones they had. I really like the look of these ones with a cutout that should clear the gearbox tunnel : https://www.holden.co.uk/p/sports_bucket_seat_leather_with_moss_box_cutout Caveat: they might be tiny
  2. A bit late to the party here but I also swapped my ammeter for a voltmeter by connecting the wires together behind the dash. With cold weather, lots of short trips and sometimes a few weeks between drives, I like that I can check battery condition just by looking at the gauge.
  3. Whoa! Haven't been out for a couple of months at least. Temperatures hovering around freezing and I've been enjoying splitting my limited spare time between the boy and the garage! The rear passenger side locks up very easily when braking so I tried @stuart's trick of wedging the pedal down overnight. They've salted the roads here so I haven't been able to test it but the pedal feels better. And in bike related news, I've fitted a new oil pump and timed the bike. It was my first time and not easy to figure out to start with so I'm pleased as punch that it started OK and is no longer
  4. Had to cash in my hubby points, it is so much easier with a helper Brakes still not perfect but at least I can move the car to work on the bike
  5. Thanks Peter I've got a cheaper version of this that I've used with mixed results. Will give it a whirl
  6. Thanks all! @RobH's tip did the trick Now I need to convince my better half to help me bleed it And the brake mc outlet is weeping slightly. Only dry day for the past week here, rain again tomorrow onwards so must get there tr back on its wheels and out of the garage so I have space to work on the bike. I've put enough dings in the paintwork as it is...
  7. Vacuum pump didn't work at all There is no resistance when I press the pedal and the fluid in the reservoir doesn't move Could pumping the pedal with the hose going to the slave cylinder loosened help?
  8. Minor update So I've managed to bleed the brakes but the new clutch MC isn't moving fluid. I didn't bench bleed but I'll dig out my cheap vacuum pump tomorrow and see if that helps.
  9. Nice video The car was up for auction last month : https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1288949 But looks like it didn't sell: https://www.aguttes.com/lot/106406/13827764?search=Triumph+&sort=num& Serious money!
  10. Scavenge side piston has some scoring... I've ordered a new quality pump (morgo) but its taking forever to arrive thanks to brexit. Replaced all brake flexi hoses on the tr3 this evening, will bleed tomorrow or Monday evening and then I can book her in to get new tyres. Stay safe everyone
  11. Haven't got that far yet, I really needed to concentrate on the car. Pump is off and the scavenge side piston is really tight, almost seized.
  12. It ain't pretty but hopefully sometime in the not too distant future I can afford to have a paintshop touch up all the problem areas on the car and get rid of the yellow lipstick. I've been balancing work, the baby, the tr3 and the bike that has decided to teach me all about wet sumping.
  13. Hi @Tr4aJim, are these the Nankang Econex tyres? Thanks
  14. Hi James. Yes, it was a US car (Indiana) that was brought back to the UK and restored 30 years ago. I'm planning to convert it back to lhd one day. My scariest old tyre moment was driving my lwb landy home in the rain on country roads. I had already driven about 200mi from its former home but was caught out by a tight turn with a lot of camber. The 6 pot engine and camper conversion add a lot of weight. Feeling all 4 wheels lose traction at the same time and holding 2000kg in a drift was the stuff brown trousers are made of. I fitted new tyres as soon as I got home! I thought
  15. Great vid, thanks for sharing! I need to order some new tyres. Mine have full tread but are 10 years old so unfortunately they have to go. Onto the task at hand. Lots of peeling paint and some surface rust here. I removed what I could with sand paper then degreased the surfaces several times before applying two passes of hydrate 80 from bilt hamber, a rust converter. It turns black as it cures. I'll give it a coat of chassis black tomorrow. It won't be the prettiest but it will be solid! I would rather sand back an ugly paint job than weld in new metal! And yes, @
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