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  1. Times and production values improving all the time. Keep 'em coming Hamish. Miles
  2. Well done. Also had this issue after a partial loom rebuild by me. I had failed to connect / connect properly the lead from the alternator. Problem solved. Worth checking if you have one. Miles
  3. +1 Really enjoyed reading that and well done.
  4. Peter Any chance you could post the measurements for these and distance from the 'Full' line to base of the felt stopper? Something I've been meaning to do for a while. Perhaps I need to get out (in the TR) more! Miles
  5. Great to hear that calm, authoritative and knowledgeable voice again. Miles
  6. Same at DWP. Helping someone who has been underpaid State pension by about £1k each year despite having 43 years fully paid up NI contributions as confirmed by HMRC account. All correspondence to them Recorded Delivery - The signatures are always"Covid"! Nil acknowledgement / response. They have a phone line, but 40 years experience as a litigator means I know that written evidence is required in any dispute. Covid is not an excuse. Until recently I worked for a professional regulator. From day one of the first lockdown, the only staff (volunteers) who visited the offices did so to c
  7. Actually, Routemasters continued to run on the No.15 route from Tower Hill (via Cannon St., Fleet St. and the Strand) to Trafalgar Square, certainly until the first lockdown. My office was just off Cannon Street and I would use them if travelling west to meetings. Miles
  8. Remember Gamages well. As we lived 'in the smoke', I was taken there each year as a child to meet Father Christmas. Oddly, it was near Hatton Garden; not exactly the retail centre of London. There was a time when every self respecting town would have a department store selling a wide range of products (Kingston - Bentalls, Sutton - Shinners, Guildford - Army & Navy). All long gone. Using lanolin seems almost obvious once you think about it. I suppose the challenge is getting it into an applicable formula. In the past have used it in a compound to help preserve leather bookbindings.
  9. Something I intended to do last season but had a couple of clashes. Must try harder! When and where will the events be publicised? Miles
  10. Interesting John. What is the theory behind that technique? Some years ago my mother accidentally did something similar in her aged Nissan Micra. Advised that water had got got into the engine and was kaput. A replacement was installed. Miles
  11. Happy to defer to those who know. It is very neat job though. Miles
  12. Hi Hamish Yes, filters are deep. Had assumed it was because it was best to maximise the potential for air intake as against the size of the end plate on each. These guys love air and I know you already have a duct installed. Go for the largest diameter you can get in. Here is a better photo of scale of the filters. Need to guess their depth as the car is garaged a mile away but would think about 3.5" deep. It will be a standard K&N size anyway. I was not responsible for creating the recess but pretty sure it was panel beaten. It's very neat. There is plenty of room under th
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