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  1. If only I had known. A friend has just sold this: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/auctions/1966-jaguar-mk2-RnMxkg It's going to Canada. The only reason I don't own it, is absence of garage space! PS Stuart - he would absolutely agree with you about Club... Miles
  2. Really enjoyed that Hamish. All that hard work in lock down starting to kick in? Plus warm weather! Oh, and the two camera stuff is really good. Where's next? Miles
  3. Offering mine in the 'Largest number of visible modifications to a 3A Engine Bay" category...(there must be more out there!). Miles
  4. Self securing battery clamp (and the infamous upside down coil)?!
  5. Very neat Peter. I was just too impatient and plugged mine. Easier when its all black. Next time though... Miles
  6. Just heard that the snooker World Championship will be played in front of a capacity crowd indoors at the Crucible on 03 May. The decision to ban spectators at an out doorevent , where there is very limited formal seating, where evidence of outdoor transmission is scant, seems all the more bizarre. Rant over.... Miles
  7. Check wiring connections. When I had this happen a couple of years ago, one of the cables to the starter button had worked loose. Tightened up and all fine. Miles
  8. Stuart, that depth of detailed knowledge is just outrageous (as ever)! Before installing my repro 'egg' switch, I simply connected the wires to a battery and bulb from a torch to check the 'open' position. Simples. Miles
  9. Gutted! What is the government playing at? Given all the circumstances, risks must be minimal! Miles
  10. Like Rob, I fitted one of these under my glove compartment. On the left, two USB ports. On the right, one cigar lighter type socket. Both wired to an 'ignition on' supply (because the USB socket has a small LED light) but they could have been wired separately if I had wanted. All in all, very useful as Rob has indicated. Miles
  11. Brilliant racing all through the field. I was exhausted by the end...! Miles
  12. Its not just the range of screws and bolt heads but the lack of uniform use in the same environment. Removing the air feed and related gubbins to get at the battery in a Kuga, I think I counted 7 different sized screw / bolt heads! Miles
  13. Toyed with this idea a few times. Anyone know the approximate capacity of oil indicated between the existing two lines on the dip stick? Miles
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