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  1. So that will be a motorised horsebox of more than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight getting an MoT in central London? Is that because there are limited numbers of MoT stations for vehicles of this size?
  2. Gosh, if I lived closer I would have a go at a few basic garage items. Miles
  3. Thanks. Thought that might be the case Rob...
  4. I am sure this will only confuse matters. A few years ago, my 3A started to sit lower on the driver's side - clearly visible from the front and by the different gaps between the top of the wheels and bottom of the wheel arches. Put it down to the oft reported driver's side sag. So had new rear springs installed. On doing so me spanner men discovered that someone had put a shorter hanger on at some time in the past no doubt to compensate for one of the springs sagging. Worth a look. Miles
  5. £25 - £100 return. Wonder what that equates to today or by comparison to the average wage then? Miles
  6. As a rank amateur, I have found this useful for simple projects... https://www.templatemaker.nl/ Miles
  7. There is a timeless quality to B&W photos. The colours in dress and fashions change. Whilst they may have a historical interest, it is often the B&W photos of the same period that are cherished. When my eldest daughter was born 27 years ago I used monochrome and colour films to photograph her. It is the B&W ones that are on display. Miles
  8. MilesA

    choke cable

    About 15 minutes walk from my office. DIscovered it a couple of months ago when I wanted 1 small tin of Humbrol paint (remember them?). An Aladdin's cave of modelling stuff and tools of every variety and lots that I felt I really needed! Miles
  9. Great photos Ken, the first one especially - very atmospheric. Miles
  10. Personally, I find the poorer quality photographs have a character consistent with the time when they were originally taken. Each to his own of course. I am sure the originals can be scanned and enhanced though even using basis photo editing tools on your computer. I have certainly done this with a number of black and family white photographs. Miles
  11. I will be there Sunday so will pop by and say hello Tim. Miles
  12. Thanks for all the responses which I have passed to my friend to arm him in discussions with his garage. Miles
  13. Thanks both for the prompt responses. Have to say I was pretty sceptical, which is why I thought it might be worth arming my friend with knowledgeable feedback from the Forum. Miles
  14. Not on a TR but thought the query might be relevant to others here. A friend has chrome spoked wheels on his classic car. Recently experienced a couple of punctures to the inner tubes. Initial suggestion from his spanner men is that the spoke caps can cut through the 'gaffer tape' on the inside of the wheel and so puncture the tube. They haven't examined the wheels yet, but in anticipation I thought I would ask for your thoughts, I have not heard of this before (but then I have never run spokes). How likely is this to be the cause of the punctures and what is the solution? Miles
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