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  1. MilesA

    Car Films

    Just checked the records for my 3A as in the past I had an oil pressure problem. Mine is also 50 at idle (engine heated up) and a tad over 70 at 2000 rpm. I thought that was 'standard' rather than 'high'. Miles
  2. On my 3A, the egg-shaped overdrive switch is at your original B position and it falls easily to my fingers without moving my hand from the wheel. Depends what you priority is: originality or convenient use (if Bob's B position is not so convenient). If you are going to instal an 'overdrive on' indicator, I do not think this was ever standard. I installed one and used a new dash bulb mount with a green lens and a green LED. Works well. Picture below if it helps. Miles
  3. Pete I am sure you know this but there is also a range of thermo switches. In my experience, sensible to establish how your car runs heatwise before selecting the appropriate on / off temperatures. I tried 3 different thermo switches with different combinations on / off before identifying the combination that works best. Also, there is a wider range of thermo switches out there than just those from the usual suspects. Miles
  4. MilesA

    Car Films

    Another winner Hamish. What a range of cars! Anyone spot the white 3A racing at Brands Hatch in the race won by Stirling Moss? Miles
  5. Pete Recollection a bit hazy but I think the 'Bag' went inside the gearbox tunnel on my old Spitfire. Someone may here may be able to confirm though.... Miles
  6. That blew the cobwebs away! And the Dave Hogye films are great too. As a non-racer, I enjoy the cockpit footage so I can follow braking and gear changes. Both 4 speed boxes I think. No advantage from O/D on those circuits? Wish gear changes on my 3A were as easy and smooth rather than the mini wrestling match up and down the gears. Miles
  7. Result. You should be proud. Was booking one of the fleet in for an MoT last week as the date had been pushed out to December because of lockdown. Garage checking online whilst I was on the phone and its been pushed out another month to January. Didn't hear anything about that... Miles
  8. MilesA

    Car Films

    Following in your father's footsteps and mixing with the greats eh Hamish....?
  9. MilesA

    In style

    Ah, Boden! I bought clothes from Johnnie Boden's first tiny catalogue in the early '90s and from many thereafter. However, as I grew older the designs moved in the opposite direction and became younger and we parted ways. Time to look again perhaps... Miles
  10. David If it is of any help, I have created wiring diagrams for my arrangement. If you would like copies, just PM you email address I am happy to share them with you. The photo was taken shortly after the tidying up was completed and the 4 way block is now securely bolted down. I have also since unravelled the bodged overdrive wiring and used the 4th connector on the block as a source for more traditional wiring of the overdrive system. Miles
  11. Photographs can be deceptive, but this is a photo of my 3A on standard bulbs, on a damp, overcast morning in Yorkshire recently. Not a view I normally see, but not exactly confidence-inducing either. Having said that, I prefer the dull, warm glow of standard bulbs on the gauges and took out the LEDs I had installed. Less of a safety issue though.
  12. John Agreed. Also, you will know better than me, vaccine development is by its nature generally faster than seeking a molecule that might be effective in say halting a specific cancer. The virus is clearly identified and pharma and biotech companies will already have lots of models available to build on promptly . The key word in your comment is "Trump"! However, I am not so naive as to believe that in certain circumstances, our government would not seek to 'pressure' a regulator, including MHRA. Having a little knowledge of the MHRA and Dr Raine, I am personally comforted though.
  13. Don't sell - keep them on the road - get more on the road (read somewhere recently that there are 50% more E Types on the road than 10 years ago) - create the demand for petrol - someone will ensure the supply so long as the cars are not outlawed - it may not be a cheap or widely available, but I personally think doomsday is further away than I need worry about. Miles
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