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  1. Always interesting to see these mods. What's going on with the aluminium T bar in front of the battery? Miles
  2. Not in the 3A (but in the company of two 6s - one triple Webered and one standard) travelling south from Roskoff to Santander with a group of pre-1990 cars. I am co-driving an Alfetta GTV owned by a friend. Presently at Santillana del Mare and ready for a few days in the Picos. The picture was taken at Carcassonne a few days ago. Great cross country driving and scenery as we are avoiding major roads where possible. Miles
  3. Having 'participated' in a few marathons, I can recall what was involved in preparing for and running them. This is on a completely different level and I am in awe of Suzie's dedication to training and achievement in completing the event. Brilliantly well done Suzie!!! Look after that lady Hamish. I need to go and lie down! Miles
  4. Noticed the same on a section of the M4 in Wales recently... Miles
  5. Worth the effort. Great views from the ridge...
  6. +1 I do not have an ARB on my 3A and it has a lot of understeer. After almost stuffing it into a field on the B4030 on the way home from Malvern a couple of years ago, and following suggestions here, I recently reversed the tyre pressures so that they are higher at the front. It made a real difference. Car is much more manageable in the corners now. As to the actual pressures, that is a matter of personal comfort and will also differ with different types / size of tyres. As Andrew says, start with 30/28 and just experiment until you are satisfied. Miles
  7. The most accurate app that I have found and importantly, one that is updated very regularly is AccuWeather. Miles
  8. Thanks for your good wishes. It’s great to be back. Even bagged my usual camping spot. Nice neighbours; restoring a 2. Just seen Mr Cornish striding purposefully across the field and also Stuart with his two ‘spanners’, whilst I raise a glass at the Bar to those of you who are here in spirit only! Miles
  9. There is an article in the September edition of Octane featuring two Italias owned respectively by Lincoln Small and Marc Gordon (who occasionally campaigns an XK150). The detail is probably well known to aficionados, but entertaining to a simple admirer like me. Miles
  10. That's a relief. Thought it was just me. Drove a chum's AH BJ8 round the Yorkshire Dales a couple of weeks ago. Soooo disappointed, as I sooooo wanted to love it. Great to have the smoothness and power of the 6 cylinder engine but assumed he had got the tyre pressures all wrong or something else as the driving experience was so poor compared to my 3A. Miles
  11. Brilliant Stuart - snapped it up. The new hose is a temporary fix to get the car running and until I can get the hard line installed as I don't have the necessary kit to do it. At present, classic car engineers are as busy as conveyancing solicitors in Cornwall, but I guess you know that! Thanks for the tip about the drain down. Miles
  12. So, spent the afternoon in the lock up. First. I changed the fuel filter in the engine bay just before the regulator. A few flecks of stuff on the gauze - so its doing its job. Once washed and dried I blew through one of the 4 panels of both the old and the spare I had. Certainly a bit more resistance on the old one. but not completely blocked like Marco's. I would be surprised if that caused complete fuel starvation and the engine stopping completely. Also, swapped out the old Lucas SP12 coil and replaced it with a spare Lucas DLB 105. Car started and everything seemed fine (so at l
  13. Thanks Marco. I will have a VERY close look at my filter when I get over to the garage! Miles
  14. Thanks everyone. The speed and quality of response on this forum is fantastic. Good to know that my initial diagnosis is reflected by your experiences. Going to start by swapping out the coil with the spare I carry on board. Is there a way to bench test if a coil is failing / on its way out? After that, will work through the other options. Must remember to be methodical and try one solution at a time. If it’s not the coil it ain’t going to be fixed before the IWE. Shame because the car is otherwise set up / running better than it has been for years. Oddly, livin
  15. So, in advance of the IWE, took the 3A on a run today about 30 miles up the A1M from North London to visit a friend. Journey north fine. Happily cruising at 60 - 70mph. Journey back the same until about 6 miles from the lock up. First, the car seemed to be a little less smooth(!), then fine (my imagination?). Then definitely missing occasionally, so declutched a revved it a bit. Fine. After a while coughing and spluttering and popping / banging, but cleared itself after more vigorous revving and fine for a mile or two. Finally, 100 yards from the lock up on the A1000 in rush hour, by now
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