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  1. Colin Looks like low level money laundering. Dirty money to you; clean money from you to 'buyer'. Miles
  2. Roger Fear of spam may be one reason; the other is perhaps giving members an exclusive chance to purchase ahead of others. If unsucessful with members only, relist for all and sundry or use fleabay for a wider market. Miles
  3. Well, Tom, whatever the contributing factors are, I hope that both your cousin and dad continue to power on! Miles
  4. Always a good starting point. My suspension started sagging on the drivers side. When we finally got round to replacing the rear springs, we found different length hangers on each side. A PO had addressed earlier sagging by fitting the different length hanger but of course the deterioration continued. Miles
  5. Friends used to live on Trowlock Island on the Thames. To get on to the island, one used a sort of floating skip propelled by a chain mechanism. Nothing nicer in decent weather though than taking their boat to Kingston for a walk around Bushy Park or Hampton Court and than a beer or two rather than driving. Miles
  6. Gordon Not sure about available space, but an angle drive (or flexible drive?) on your drill might assist. Miles
  7. Coincidentally, I was going to do this job today using Ian V's method. I pre drilled a suitable coin some months ago. Before starting, discovered I did not have a spare jubilee clip of the right size (had every other size!). So just cleaned the car after Stratford instead! Sounds as if I had a lucky escape. PS the job does need doing as part of my ongoing list of mods to manage high temps. Miles
  8. No idea Kevin I am afraid. My 3A has a Facet cube pump. I wanted a spare and after hunting around the web, found the desired model for £40 from memory. A new replacement would seem to be economically viable. Miles
  9. Hi Jonathan A comprehensive account of potential causes of and possible solutions to overheating in the 4 cylinder engine can be found in this locked topic at the top of the General section. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/58689-4-cylinder-hot-engine-causesanswers/ Miles
  10. Just remembered that the other 'back up' facility I have for photos is via a Flickr Pro subscription that gives unlimited photo storage. As photos appear on my iMac they are automatically uploaded to Flickr. Obviously I pay a subscription for this - I think it was about £35 for 2 years. But recently SmugMug has bought Flickr from Yahoo! and their first action was to increase the fee to about £38 a year. Its a great service (I don't use Flickr for anything else) but I will need to think whether it is worth the annual 'insurance' cost given my other backup arrangements (which are almost identical to Tony T's). Miles
  11. Andy Personally. I think there is a difference between the indicator stalk and others switches. The indicator stalk is used constantly unlike most other switches. For those of us swapping regularly between vehicles where it is on different sides, its just easier to have it in the same location rather than intermittently flicking thin air or the wipers! Willing to acknowledge it may be an age thing and I admire Roger's age-defying attitude. Miles
  12. Yes, we all do it Pink. When I first installed a column mounted indicator stalk in the 3A, it was on the right ('the English way'). But as I kept flicking thin air with my left hand I relented and installed it on the l/hand side. Good move. Miles
  13. Thanks Andy. That will help with my discussions with them. Miles
  14. Timely question Pete and I too am interested in the answer. Broadband and Email address from Virgin. Broadband has become increasingly slow (although we are probably on the lowest speed available). So looking to upgrade or change and spotted this issue. If you change provider, do you get any sort of time to notify and update everyone with a new email address? We may criticise energy providers but the process of changing broadband provider looks far less transparent, more complicated and more expensive than simply flipping energy provider which I have done on a couple of occasions. Miles
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