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  1. Happy Birthday John. I am sure you will find something interesting to do despite the circumstances. Miles
  2. All suggestions gratefully received Cameron. In fact I did that a couple of years ago so for once, ahead of the game! Miles
  3. Cameron Many thanks - I was searching the 6 Forum. I have a Facet filter between the tank and the Facet pump at the rear of the car. Rather liked the visual benefit of the glass filter in the engine bay as the fuel line from from the pump is rubber so it could still degrade. Hence the glass filter. I can also see the filter filling with fuel when first starting the car after a few week's inactivity (as I just check oil, water, etc). Been meaning to replace the fuel line with a metal one for a while, but if it ain't broke....So once this crisis is over that will probably get moved up the 'to do' list. In the meantime will try and source an alternative metal filter. Miles
  4. Cameron Yes, a couple of Webers. Have searched the 6 Forum without success. Are you suggesting that the glass filters are not strong enough to cope with the pressure, causing them to break? Chris Thanks - will bear that in mind if I get performance degradation and need to change filters. Ian Yes, that is my spare coil. The clamp attaches neatly to the existing bolts in the scuttle. I know it should be on the inside of the wing and although the car is far from original, I try to avoid drilling even more holes in it! Miles
  5. Donington next? Miles
  6. Roy I bought the complete package (support, knuckle, mirror with integral arm) from a dealer at the MG / Triumph Show last month. Afraid I do not know who it was (other than an MG supplier) and it was quite costly. Have seen them occasionally in the past but been looking to buy for a year or two. It is a new 'Desmo' branded circular mirror - hard to find. I did not want the commonly available oval version. Someone here may know a supplier otherwise very diligent internet searching may help you. After initial fitting, I also dismantled the mirror unit and replaced the 'flat' glass mirror with a convex one that I subsequently bought on the internet which gives better visibility. Forgot to mention that I shaped a piece of rubber to fit into the void under the support which I glued in with Araldite. This stops the support potentially scratching the stanchion. Miles
  7. Very neat. For an even more authentic look I would use slotted screw heads. Just installed a knuckle jointed wing mirror support on the windscreen stanchion, using one of the existing screw holes and a longer (but not too long) single screw at the top of the support, strong double-sided tape under the support bracket and a glued in screw head at the bottom of the support (as I too did not want to drill into the stanchion). Seems very firm. Not claiming originality. Nicked the idea from others. Photo before the dummy screw was glued in.
  8. ...Bristol Cars went into liquidation yesterday. Always had a soft spot for them and hankered after a 410. Miles
  9. Great find Deggers. Interesting to see how the roadside bushes are much larger. Failure to manage roadside growth, particularly in front of critical road signs, does seem to be an ongoing issue these days. Miles
  10. Bob If the battery was connected to a conditioner, would that counteract the 'drain'? Miles
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