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  1. Thanks Peter and James I'll have another go tomorrow Cheers
  2. I'm going to be lazy and leave it as is for now. Spring is here and we're on lockdown on weekends anyway... Question : do both wheels and drums have to be off to measure the rear end float? I tried with the dial gauge on both the hub and the backing plate but couldn't find any play moving it by hand. Use a lever next time? I used a rivet to secure the ignition key to a cheaper key fob. No more catching my knuckles when changing gear!
  3. Is the scuttle vent supposed to be open when using the heater? Looks like I'm going to dive back in under dash... Cheers
  4. Didn't take too long to fit. I broke the new switch for the heater annoyingly but I tested it and it works! Silent but deadly I still need to figure out where to pick up the live feed too. Happy with the job so far!
  5. Thanks Stuart That's what I hoped to read E
  6. Thanks David I've been abroad for a couple of weeks for work and have returned to a week of quarantine but I'm not expecting too much tinkering time between the baby and catching up with work. Do I have to drain the rad or can I get away with hose clamps?
  7. Thanks @Lebro. I ordered a new solenoid last night. Temperatures have jumped by about 10degC and of course the car started perfectly this morning. At least I'll have a spare for when it finally gives up the ghost. Until then, it's a wasted 50eur sitting on the shelf... Thanks David. Pics or it didn't happen! Gonzo the jack Russell has been enjoying his new perch.
  8. Also what I think. Solenoid earth is good and the loom is new. Got nothing when shorting the switch so everything points towards the solenoid. The landy started first time after a month in hibernation. No excuse for the TR which gets taken out several times a week!
  9. Deal! Same problem as yesterday, won't turn over with the starter button but the solenoid shunt works. After a bit of cranking the switch works again.
  10. Is it that tricky? Hoping I can do it without having to remove the dash
  11. Haven't been out for at least a couple of months. It's way too cold! Even my best mate who is surfing mad can't stand it out there for more than 20min right now. There are always thicker wetsuits but I just can't be arsed Does anyone know the size of the gearbox filler plug please? I really should order an Allen key version Thanks
  12. Temperatures are still below zero here. Thought I would be brave and take the TR into work this morning but the starter solenoid wouldn't click into action unless I used the button to shunt it directly. Tried again this afternoon and after a lumpy start and 5mins of rough running the fuel flow finally cleared up and I took the dog out for a spin. I have never bothered wiring the heater up but I tested the motor this afternoon. It made one hell of a racket so Iit was just the excuse I was looking for to order one of the fancy new heaters from T7Designs Stuart and others have been enthusias
  13. Haha. Yes, my Dad bought it for me. He loves buying tools there. I can't reach the switch with my seatbelt on and it is a bit of a stretch even with the belt off but I've gotten used to it. I have a lid but no glovebox pocket so that might make a difference!
  14. Thank all! @Lebroyou lobbed 2 years off my age, thanks! Getting nervous now I'm nearing 40. But at least I'm still younger than all of.............. my toys -5C here and got a lot of work on my plate so I've limited myself to the eurobox this week
  15. That's pretty neat. Thanks Rob Will be good for stopping the bike keys flapping in the wind too No work on the car this weekend, just a massive tidy-up of the shed. I've got a slight whining from the rear passenger side but needed to clear space to work before getting started. I'll measure the end float this week if its not too cold. This was before And now
  16. Tried this line. It was a dead end! Doesn't help that Bérengère is a neat freak and I'm the polar opposite Browsing through an old magazine I spotted an interesting ignition key in this works car. Does someone know anything about this type of key? The fob on mine keeps on getting in the way of my gear changes. I balance it on the starter knob but it's not an ideal solution. Thanks!
  17. I think you've all figured out by now that tidying isn't my strong suit I've just pulled the terrible twins out to sort out my tip of a garage
  18. My favourite place in the world! Interior is looking better and better albeit a little wet
  19. It's a bit of a reach to the battery cut-off now but it's definitely smarter with the under dash wiring hidden!
  20. I used some of the leftover padded vinyl to cover glove box lid Now I just need to remember where I left the hinge etc when I removed it last spring!
  21. The weather forecast lied I need a tonneau!
  22. Couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting 12v. Turns out the 15A fuse supplied with the unit was faulty Replaced with a 10A, plugged in my phone for a quick test and it didn't explode!
  23. Legally it would definitely be a no no. I'm not even sure of the legality of a baby seat in the front attached with seat belts that aren't original to the car. I built the rear seat for my better half for very short trips with the boy up front in his car seat. Looks like it will be her driving and me following on the bike
  24. It's actually impossible to squeeze into the seat between the rollbar, seats and headrests! Vip seating for the dog
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