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    Currently 1938 Hillman 14 (awaiting patiently for restoration, been 30 years already), 1948 Hillman Minx (restored many years ago but last used 1990), 1968 Austin A35 van,( restored 2012 and used regularly), 1970 Triumph Vitesse convertible ( restored but not used as often as I should but ready to go), Current project 1960 Triumph TR3a. Also a collection of various grey porrige BSA m/cycles including 4 Bantams (1948 D1, `55 D3, `68 &`69 D14/4s) . 1955 C11G 250, and a few Dandy`s, Beagles, and an Ariel3 thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Mine are from BB seats, bought online last year during lockdown. I went by the measurements on the site and they were about the only ones I could find that stood any chance of fitting. They are quite thick in the back, and very narrow across the hips which prevents me getting my bum fully into the back of the seat, consequently they are mounted as far back as I could get them, not helped by the shape of the flat rear seat platform in the back. There is only about 3 inches of available adjustment before the corner of the seat frame hits the gearbox tunnel on the drivers side, and less on the pa
  2. As an aside to this, I am right in thinking that the spinners for wire wheels are labelled left and right as it would be sitting in the drivers seat. I only ask because a friend queried this the other day and wondered why the commercials have the left hand threads on the nearside (left) while my TR had the left hand threads on the offside (right). I didn`t know the answer. Ralph.
  3. That`s what I think has happened in the past. Cannot say I am fond of the idea of the studs screwed in, much prefer them fitted from the back with mushroom heads then they can`t come out, or as is more normal now use bolts instead. As I type this she is waiting for recovery. Ralph
  4. I know the type you mean. Are they alloy or steel. I thought they were just steels with knock off centres for quick changes but I could be wrong. Either way they are a smart wheel. Ralph
  5. I would expect it to be all yellowed and crazed by now but it would be a great exhibit for a museum. Ralph
  6. While I have been posting photos of my car, my youngest daughter has been moving from Durham down to Kent, her first trip today was in her 20 year old Transit horsebox with the horse on one side and her stable equipment on the other. As she got near her destination, which was the new stables for her horse, she became aware of a vibration from the back of the truck and drove the last couple of miles very slowly managing to get to the layby directly opposite the farm entrance for the stable. When she got out and had a look the nearside rear wheels (twin wheeler) had lost 5 of the 6 studs a
  7. Thanks to all of you for the positive replies. I am looking forward to getting it registered, the number plates should be the last thing to buy, and then I will be able to drive it a bit further than in and out of the garage. Ralph.
  8. Its still there waiting for you so no rush. Ralph
  9. I know what you mean. I think they were just prone to getting damaged and it was easier to get them wrong than get them right. Heres another photo but you can`t see it very well, but it is concave all the way across the front under the Triumph badge. Ralph
  10. Thank you all. It`s not concours, but I think it look reasonable for an entire home restoration done in a dusty garage. Ralph
  11. Somewhere in England ( although it could be anywhere in the world) is a package I ordered 3 weeks ago from Woolies Trim. They despatched it the same day by Royal Mail first class. When it had not arrived by last Tuesday I emailed them and they immediately sent out a replacement package marked up as such and I had it on Thursday. Still wondering if the original order may turn up someday, but all credit to Woolies for great customer service. Ralph
  12. I had to get the car out of the shed today to get some photos to send off with the registration application and while I was at it I dug out a couple of the older pictures No 1, taken in March 2018 This next one was April 2020 And todays Mind you it wouldn`t be done if it had not been for the lockdown and all the spare time that gave me self isolating in the garage. Ralph
  13. I don`t know why, but I keep getting images of a Spirograph drawing of a birds nest in my mind. Ralph
  14. Oooh, an early coupe. I had a slightly later one in yellow and white about 30 years ago. Ralph
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