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    Currently 1938 Hillman 14 (awaiting patiently for restoration, been 30 years already), 1948 Hillman Minx (restored many years ago but last used 1990), 1968 Austin A35 van,( restored 2012 and used regularly), 1970 Triumph Vitesse convertible ( restored but not used as often as I should but ready to go), Current project 1960 Triumph TR3a. Also a collection of various grey porrige BSA m/cycles including 4 Bantams (1948 D1, `55 D3, `68 &`69 D14/4s) . 1955 C11G 250, and a few Dandy`s, Beagles, and an Ariel3 thrown in for good measure.

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  1. My 1960 TR3a only had a hole at the back for greasing the propshaft u/j, and a small hole on the lower left side with a grommet for the o/d wires to go through. I cut another hole to take a floor bung for the jack hole opposite the gearbox filler/level plug to make servicing easier. Ralph
  2. It has obviously had a knock on the outside if the suction chamber. Bad news is I dont think you will recover this as to polish that out and maintain the ultra fine limits of clearance needed will be almost impossible. Good news is that they are available as a matched pair of piston and chamber and they are among the cheaper ones ( £200 or so) bad news again is they are currently out of stock. Ralph
  3. I have seen square ones with a smaller red push button on some seventies cars, whether they are available now or not I wouldn`t like to say. Ralph
  4. I have the saloon box in my 3a and used a vitesse 2litre plate as I already had it . (or you could just order the saloon plate) Ralph
  5. You need one of these David, part no 13H1924. Later speedos had these as standard. Don`t think there is anything broken off on yours. Ralph
  6. I am looking for something that falls bellow the 750kg towing limit, not that I need it, but because my kids can borrow it without having to take another test. My favorite so fay is a 2 berth Freedom at 600kg unladen. Also easier for me to handle when hitching up as I get older. Ralph
  7. Looking for a lightweight caravan now. Ralph.
  8. Just been on Watling towbars site and they still list the kit for the sidescreen TRs. I have asked if it is possible to re engineer the kit to take a removable swan neck coupling, as I don`t think these were made at the time the bars were first designed, to enable quick removal when not needed, I will let you all know what they say. Ralph Ok, they got back to me straight away on Bank holiday Monday, so good service. they will make a custom towbar if I take the vehicle down, to incorporate a removable swan neck hitch, the cost, £875 + vat. That includes the fitting, but not the
  9. It doesn`t really matter that there is a gap there, as it is inside the boxed in section of the rear panel so no water can come through it from the rear wheels, and anyway, it gives you an access point for spraying waxoyl in later. Ralph
  10. I am fairly sure mine was like that, I have not got a before picture of that area, but I always try to make my repair panels as close to original as I am able, and the pics attached show the panel I made and it in place before welding. If you think of the relative shapes of the parts there had to be some way of allowing the straight vertical side of the wheel well to attach to the spare wheel opening, easy up the side until you get to the curved part at the top. Though I achieved a bit closer fit than your picture shows. Ralph
  11. I think you could do it either way David, I did mine after the dash, but before instruments and glove box so I had some access, but I suspect they are easier done before the dash goes in. If I remember right the wiper rack and tubes were more of an issue, so I suspect the correct order would be wiper rack, demisters, dash. Ralph
  12. Both look to have nyloc nuts so not original anyway, though the bolts may be. Think Inge is correct and bottom one looks like remains of an inner wishbone bolt and spacer. Ralph
  13. What is the intended purpose, was it to hold more oil, or to dissipate heat, or both. Ralph
  14. If it wasn`t already the 3rd I would think April fool. Maybe its different in Germany. You are not seriously considering using them surely. Ralph
  15. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but according to my wiring diagram the solenoid is operated directly from the relay, and the isolator switches only complete or break the relay operating circuit. If the yellow and green wire running from the relay on inside of battery box up and across the back of the instrument panel to the o/d switch touches earth anywhere it would earth out the relay operating circuit and engage the o/d permanently in all gears. Just saying, I know what the back of the dashboard looks like with masses of wiring running hither and thither. Ralph
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