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  1. Richard, it sounds as though the RHS studs have been shortened a little too much. I have original factory wire wheel hubs and studs and the studs just protrude slightly, about 2mm, from the nut without fouling the hub. It is good engineering practice to have the full thread of a nut used, but as we are only talking about 1/16" here I would think it would be OK. There is a torque setting for the nuts holding the adapters on, and if you can achieve this there should be no problem. Ralph
  2. Ah, I see. Usual reccomendation is to remove the original fan assembly and fit an electric one because of the closeness of the fan hub extension and rack, others undo the engine mounting bolts and lift the engine enough to slide the belt under the fan boss, some even tape a spare belt to the timing cover on the front of the engine for emergencies. Changing to a narrow fan belt is another way to go with a kit of pulleys you can buy. You may also be able to gain enough room by sliding some spacers under the engine mounting rubbers to lift the front of the engine enough to pass the belt under bu
  3. No problem Peter. Out of curiosity, why are you changing back to steering box from r+p ? Ralph
  4. Yep, heat is the answer. Never fails. Ralph
  5. Sounds like the bolts were slightly too long, but if there is clearance even if only a few thou, it should be fine. Unless the diff is shot the flange should not be able to move in to allow the bolts to touch the casing. For peace of mind you could cut off a small amount from each bolt, if you cut off the same from each the difference in weight will be that minute I would be amazed if it had any detectable effect on the balance. Ralph
  6. I couldn`t find one anywhere and ended up making one. I would heat that up red hot and let it cool down a couple of times and I bet it would unscrew. Where are you based? If near me I could sort it for you. Ralph
  7. +1, same thoughts crossed my mind too. Ralph
  8. Firstly, have the carbs been in bits? and have any parts been replaced? On my own carbs (H6s) I found that I had 2 copper washers instead of 1 at the top of the jet holder as the original one had stuck into position and didn`t come out on dismantling. Are the needles new? They do wear over time and should be replaced along with the jet tubes. Having done all that I was still struggling to get the mixture lean enough and resorted to dropping the needles out of the pistons slightly. While on that subject the needle shoulders should be level with the bottom of the pistons to start
  9. I would imagine that these were produced by an independant company with no authority from Triumph. Manufacturers using a companies registered logo have to gain permission, so by producing something similar but in a different colour and using a different style of lettering etc they can get around the copyright laws. Ralph
  10. The gearbox end of the cable needs to be free to slide right in, the inner cable is secured in position by the collar at the speedo end, which as you have said is sticking out too far to get the nut on. I would suggest that there is still some remains in the speedo drive hole of the old cable, although I have also come across new cables being slightly too big, requiring a light touch with some emery paper to clean up the square on the end. The speedo drive unit can be removed if it is easier to work on the bench to see whats in there stopping the cable entering. Ralph
  11. Do we know a source for this lead linger? It just so happens that I do have an oil weep from the oil pressure adjuster as Stuart said. Ralph
  12. Spot on Charlie, that`s exactly what I do. Might see if I can blag a large weight though and do the hanging method in case my spring balance is not reading correctly. It is one bought from a fishing tackle shop for weighing your catch, goes up to 50lbs. Ralph
  13. The upper of the 2 engine bay photos appears to show a vent pipe coming off the rocker box with a rubber pipe pushed on to it, though I can`t see if it is connected to anything. Ralph
  14. Thats why I didn`t see another TR all day on Sunday, they had all gone to Ireland. I went up to NY500 at pickering, and while up that way spent a pleasant afternoon at Eden Camp WW2 museum. Ralph
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