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  1. Peter, that's really great help and just what I needed. Back in the garage tomorrow to put all that advice into practice. (I hope)! Thanks very much. Ian
  2. Thanks for your replies. I've attached the photo to try to clarify which terminals I should use! There appear to be 5 possibilities. Obviously electricals aren't my thing!
  3. Can anyone help with a photo or diagram of the wiring connections on the rear of the wiper motor please? Model CRT. Before going any further with the one that I've got I'd like to bench test it. Is it just a matter of connecting + and - to a battery? With this lockdown situation I can't just run to my helpful friends at TR Enterprises. Thanks Ian
  4. Thanks all for the replies. I've discovered my problem was the solid tube on the filler cap assembly (as Stuart pointed out). I wasn't aware of this and was trying to fit the longer tube - doh! Now I've got the correct filler cap and tube and alls well with the world - at least in my garage! Regards. Ian
  5. Hi Stuart. I've measured up and my tank is the same dimensions as in your photos. It looks like I'll have to grit my teeth and try to persuade the rear deck to "give" a little. Thanks for the advice. Regards Ian
  6. Thanks Stuart, that's really useful. I'll nip out to the garage later and check those measurements. I'll let you know. Regards Ian
  7. Hi Can anyone advise me please? Should it be possible to fit the larger capacity (TR2?) fuel tank into a TR3 body shell? Currently I can put the tank in place but there isn't room for the filler pipe. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Ian Lynam
  8. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll look into both of those possibilities. Ian
  9. Hi I'm trying to find a connector to fit the copper fuel line into the fuel tank. The tank is the one with the outlet in the bottom centre. Does anyone know the thread size and where I might get hold of one? Thanks. Ian
  10. Thanks for your reply Stuart. Your advice and photographs are where I got the idea of using the T7 Design heater - it seems a really good and economical way of putting an efficient heater into a TR2. However I'm trying to confirm that the 2" hoses will fit onto the original demister vents under the scuttle. I can get hold of a couple of these to fit. Regards Ian
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me the diameter of the original heater to demister vent hoses on the TR2? I'm putting in a modern heater from T7 Designs and need to know those dimensions and I haven't any of the original heater fittings to measure nor do they give them on the Moss website. Thanks and Regards Ian
  12. Thanks for the responses again. T Rusty - the colour is Winchester Blue, which is actually a TR3A colour but my wife and I both like it so it went on the 2. I'm trimming the interior in a a Jaguar grey, which I think goes really well. This was a recommendation when I discussed trimming kits with John Skinner. I know what you mean by keeping the enthusiasm up with completing jobs which actually don't need it for ages, particularly a bit of bling or new paint! Regards Ian
  13. Thanks for the response Peter. Sorry I took so long to reply - lots of things going on here at the moment! Some useful advice there and I think that being reminded to go slowly is really important. TR Enterprises have a good supply of the same batch of paint and will help me with the wings, bonnet, etc. fitting. Although it's not obvious in the photos, I made another slot in the original dynamo tensioner to accommodate the alternator. Do you recommend closing the ends of the sills and if so how? I'm planning to put some paint on the ball joints. Regards Ian
  14. Hi, I've attached 3 photos to give an idea of the current state of the car. Rich - the whole bodywork was repaired on the chassis and I've got it at home at this stage so that I've got better access for fitting the hydraulics, fuel system, wiring, etc. The guys at TR Enterprises are a great source of advice and support, but I'm always open to tips from people who have restored at home. Regards Ian
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