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  1. I've sorted it!. The switch was wired incorrectly at the back....I think its possibly me that did it that way when was driving the car every day 30 years ago!....Couldnt afford a workshop manual in those days and probably thought that looks about right! Anyway I got the wiring diagram out yesterday and changed a couple of the wires over and now its howling a gale at high speed like a good 'un !
  2. My TR6 after a 28 year lay up got back on the road last year after a lot of work and I've driven over 2,000 miles in it since I'm just now trying to sort out some of the more minor issues with it I've fitted the upgraded heater valve and also last week replaced the metal bulk head heater plate as my old one was very corroded and I could not get one heater rubber pipe to stop weeping...Thats all sorted and its dry now This afternoon I used the heater blower for the first time! ....Its a pull out switch that has 3 settings ...Off, Low and High Mine seems to work in OFF ok and on LOW (the fan runs) but when I pull it out to the High setting the fan appears to switch off Does anyone have any ideas please on how I should start tracking down what might be causing this please? Thankyou
  3. Thanks for all your help on this..I'm going to do the flush after the bank holiday as the weather looks good for driving the TR6 rather than spanner it... Final question...Should I remove the thermostat when doing the flushing...Does it have any merit doing this? Many thanks
  4. I've often wondered too!.... There must be someone thats into the conkers thing :-) where everything is perfect as left the factory that has a pic they could post?
  5. Hi Ian & Waldi thanks for that info....Ian that picture is extremely helpful...Just wondering what your arrangememt for attaching the cable to the new valve was as its not completely clear in the photo Thanks also for suggesting a secondary method of opening the bonnet...I have fitted the moss emergency arrangement ta
  6. Ok getting there...I cleaned the thread of the tube and sprayed some wd40 on it where the Four seasons screws into and also used PTFE tape as suggested and have now managed to get it in ok Does anyone have a RHD car with it fitted that could post a picture of the complete engine bay so I can see the angle that they have it in relation to the rubber heater pipe that it attaches to and the cable (how far screwed in) Did people manage to use the existing inner and outer cable as at the moment it seems slightly short (might be because I have it screwed in too much a 1/4 of a turn or 1/4 too little??) Many thanks
  7. Yes...but my inheritors won't be pleased that I spent all that money on them :-) :-) :-)
  8. Thats really helpful thanks ...Unfortunately I have slightly rounded the nut on the new one already :-( I'm going to clean out the female thread and also use ptfe when I try again On reflection the old one was really difficult to turn anticlockwise right up until its last thread and removal.....Mind you probably hadn't been moved for over 40 years!!!
  9. Seems an incredibly tight fit screwing it in...Don't want to damage it or round the nut
  10. Just got around to this job and got the old one off Does anybody know the correct size spanner I should be using to fit the Four seasons valve I purchased from the states as none of my spanners so far are the correct size!!
  11. Hi Stan...If that is the case and its all silted up what are the options?
  12. Thanks for that...Very useful...Is this the bolt you mean please? I don't have access to a water supply with a hose....Can you do it with just a watering can do you think or do you need more pressure? Are you suggesting you have the engine running whilst you are doing this (sorry i'm a novice)
  13. What stuff do people use ....My car is running ok and not overheating but has not been flushed for over 30 years!....We only changed the fluid and put antifreeze in when we got it going again last year My concerns are buying stuff that does to little or buying stuff that is so strong it causes leakes!! Many thanks
  14. My TR6 when I bought it in the early 80's had this bullet mirror fitted. Unfortunately last year as I was driving along the glass mechanism fell out and was promptly driven over by the car behind. I'm struggling to find a replacement as I don't want to drill any new holes in the door and want to use the existing holes which are Bolts 25.4 mm apart. I.e. 1". can anybody recommend a mirror or a source as all the ones i've seen so far have different spacing to mine Many Thanks
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