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    1971 TR6 PI CP Owned by me for over 30 years Used as everyday vehicle in the first few years of ownership Dry stored for over 25 years then back on the road to good useable condition in 2018

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  1. This is a curious one... My TR6 has had a Neil Ferguson recon metering unit & PRV coupled with a Bosch pump conversion..Its run absolutely fine for the last five years and continues to do so. I have a meter measuring PSI just before the metering unit. I have a PSI of around 103-105 when the ignition is switched on..When the engine starts and the engine is revved hard (but not under load) I see that the PSI rises up to as much as 120PSI before falling back. to 103-105 on idle. Any ideas why this should be the case..I realise most of the concerns around PI is about low pressur
  2. John would it be possible to send me a copy of your gearbox crane rig? I've just tried to PM you with my E mail address but I cannot send you messages??


    Many thanks Adrian

  3. I ended up driving my 6 down a country lane in the dark for the first time last night...and what an experience that was! The car passed an MOT last year and on dip beam although not brilliant the lamps do point down at the road in what appears to be roughly the same height for both beams main beam seems to be a different story though...looked to me like one was pointing away from the road and too high....Is this possible or just my imagination? Is there an easy way to check this using a garage door rather than paying a garage with all the kit? If so how do you do it plus how to th
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