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  1. Purchased the Rotary tool and the drill grinder in their latest sale. Rotary tool works well, sturdy and is compatible with Dremel tool accessories for future. Made in Germany. Recommended. haven't used the Blade/Drill grinder yet so cannot say. Other Parkside tools in store looked good and very well priced for serious DIY use. David B
  2. Ah yes, forgot about the vat bit. David B
  3. Autopaintsbrighton have it for £18.95 for a litre. david b
  4. Pete and all, Went shopping again. got them both now. David B
  5. Pete, have loaded the app since have only used website) Looks good but can’t find item stock levels on it. Have registered my local store but it just shows all diy products on offer, not specific stock. Or can you advise how. In fact FAQs say that stock levels can’t be provided. David B
  6. Thought I’d give this forum a try!! have been into my local Sevenoaks Lidl after some of the diy range On offer since yesterday. Specifically the Rotary tool and the drill sharpener. Nothing of the range available. any Kent members seen these in my other close stores of Maidstone or Tonbridge. Do they actually exist ? have contacted Lidl by no reply to my question. thanks David B
  7. I used www.thetransporterkent.co.uk For a TR4A non runner pickup from Felixstowe docks to my home on Kent. Contact Colin Townsend. Good chap and a good price. David B
  8. Have you not had the bonnet opened since October 2019 when you joined ?? Tell us more . Should be a good story. David b
  9. Hitching onto this thread for a TR4A. does the same apply for the 4a ? I’ve always assumed it was all body colour behind the grill. is that correct? Have just googled for pictures and advice but cannot find anything so comments would be helpful to my project. Currently at primer. thanks , David B
  10. It’s listed on the autopaintsbrighton site. I’ve successfully used them many times for cellulose and (when I’ve not Initially ordered enough) they have subsequently provided matching paint exact colour shade. look on triumph classic paints. Under whites. It’s shown as elasquez cream but I’m sure this is a typo. david B
  11. So far 4.67p per mile on my Tesla M3 but coming down as I’m now on a cheaper tarrif. David B
  12. Graham, I also have a really good HVLP mini gun (maybe the same chinese make bought from Stoneleigh). It did the same thing. Paint spurting from the cup vent hole. It now still is a good spray gun. I found that it needed cleaning better than I first did it. Not just the main fluid nozzle but also item 3, Nozzle Gasket (four holes) and the route the air takes to it via the pattern adjusting screw and onto the Air cap. Hole in gun at 5 o'clock. Pour thinners down into it and let it soak and wiggle the pattern adjusting knob. Best of luck with the cleaning and painting. David
  13. Stuart, Many thanks for response and advice. I have chosen to do the painting piece by piece rather than strip down the whole car again as space is limited. Have done the rear deck and rear wings as photo. Now doing the boot lid and had hoped to go through the paint stages in a shortened span but will take your advice and let things settle between stages. Yes, I can see there has been some sinkage in places as on the upper rear wings that have some metal repair sections let into them. Am working towards the front but perhaps another year I will do the rear again as per Forth Bridge
  14. Clarification sought on the rules on overpainting within 1 day or wait 7 days. Currently DIY repainting my rebuild TR4A. Have used Bondarust successfully so far leaving it for the 7 day required time before overpainting with cellulose. Couldn't find the answer when searching so excuse this question. I understand the need for getting a coat of primer/filler on within 1 day but do I also need to do the top coat as well within one day or can I do this top coat after say a 3 day gap or will this remelt the cellulose primer and also the bondarust underneath and cause wrinkles. Many thank
  15. Is the position you are using for the Seat belt warning buzzer put on for USA models?? do you have an switch or empty position on the side as seen on Drewmotty’s post. Seems like the solution. David B Switch referred to as Safety switch on wiring diagrams goes to seat belt module. Check wire colour codes as on www.advanceautowire.com on TR6 ‘73 onwards.
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