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  1. David B2

    New Tr4 owner

    And again, this time ex-Texas TR4A, let’s see some pickies. Interesting to see the condition as you say it’s a restoration project. Did it live up to the photos you saw before purchase? David B
  2. Geko, just looked at your profile and now understand your delivery comment. All the Best. DavidB
  3. Agree with Malbaby. Good deals available in USA. I bought one from Merit Cars, New York, last year. Purchase and delivery process all went well. Conversion went well. Restoration still underway. He has a rough TR4 for sale on his site. And tr3s. David B
  4. Richard, My 'Mechanical World Year Book, 1969' says 13/64th. (.2031"). or 5.3mm (.2087") David B
  5. Simon, Costs of minor items do add up. In addition to big items mentioned already For a TR4A and I guess tr5 would need same. front amber indicator lights. £50 pair rear amber lenses. £30 pair front rhd headlights. £60 pair Wipers and arms. £ 80 pair tacho and speedo cables. £40 changing brakes and clutch positions means new hydraulics pipes. £150 I found that modifying the loom was doable as the main spine of the loom ran down the right hand side of the car so meant that I shortened most leads. The pvc was in good nick and still flexible. Some nibbling of the engine bay wires had taken place during the cars long term storage but all repairable. Having said that a new loom is not a huge cost so depends on your budget. David B
  6. Pete, mm. bit of a problem your having. I used and suggested Schumacher Cargo Logidtics but my dealings with uk office (SCLUK) were all with Katie Hand and all went well. However they only got involved following arrival in uk. Up to that point all dealings were with SCLUSA. My contact , and she always replied to my emails and provided good info, were with Jenny Kouyoumhian (jenny@sclusa.com). She was based in the Port Elizabeth office in New Jersey where my car was freighted from. try her. David B
  7. Jerry, That’s interesting. Hadn’t thought it would be a such a wrestle. Thought I would just lay the surround on my b&d workmate and work around it. Mmm! Will think about that. Thanks for that. David B
  8. Good day, Close to fitting the new windscreen. I have the surround off the car. ?? Should I fit the empty surround to the car then fit windscreen or, fit the windscreen to the surround then the whole assembly to the car. 2nd option gives me good access to fit windscreen with surround on my workbench but am worried about possible distortion and screen breakage when I fit the whole assembly. Whats the options chaps?? David B
  9. Kevin, and Richard with his PMs of dimensions, Thanks for photos and for your time taken to disassemble and take them. Trust no damage done to fittings. Very useful seeing how the earthing is done. Thanks. Since receiving the horn push from Moss I mocked up a shroud making a zinc baseplate and found a piece of mini guttering downpipe that was exact size as the central core. The horn push snapped in exactly to the pipe bore and the side earthing spring held it in place. The standard pencil is proud of the LL domed rivets and allowed the live terminal of the horn push to make contact with pencil with the core made to a 0.700" height. Mock up went so well that I decided to smarten up the external and found a suitable yogurt pot as a mould and filled with resin body filler. Bit of refilling and painting plus hard wiring from the side earth spring to the ear fixing with a ring terminal. Job done, it worked and is quite robust. It will do me so aluminium version is cancelled. Photos of parts, wired and finished article. Thanks again. David B
  10. Pete, The dealer I purchased my import from last year arranged the shipping using Schumacher Cargo Logistics. A USA company that ships to Felixstowe and usefully has an office in Felixstowe. Shipping from a number of USA ports. Check out their website and suggest you send them an email to get a firm cost from Arkansas. At least you will be dealing with only one company if you do it all through them. All went well and I would recommend them. Car arrived safely. Met delivery promise of 8 weeks. Dealer delivered to docks on New Jersey. Next day SCL USA then sent me a arrival inspection report and photos of its (poor) condition. Dock to Dock cost was 1,050 USD. Then £440 for uk handling paid to SCLUK. They did all the customs stuff and I received NOVA within days of arrival. Note the 5% applies to all shipping costs, USA and uk. Any other info you want from my experience let me know. All best with it. David B
  11. I used cutkeysdirect for TR4A ignition keys. Union lock from which I read the number from lock. Keys arrived two days later. WB lock not listed on their site but worth a call and maybe useful info for others. David B
  12. Many thanks Kevin. I’ve seen a picture of a shallower shroud and it’s horn push that were both polished aluminium (on a Ferrari wheel) that prompted my query and set me on the route to have an aluminium shroud made. I have a horn push coming in tomorrow from Moss and although I have a PM response showing some detail of a LesLeston shroud I would still be interested in the photos of the electrical connections inside yours. Also the horn push will give me the info I need for the depth as I currently plan to not use the 3 pronged earth clip if I use aluminium for the shroud. Many thanks, David B
  13. Thanks all. Good information. Am currently favouring having something made by a man with a lathe but if that doesn’t work I’m now prepared and know the routine. David B
  14. Good day, loosely technical and connected to my thread on the TR4 forum. I purchased my car from USA and paid 5% VAT and Import Duty to HMRC via the shipping agent. All clear with special rate for a classic car. How does this work when purchasing say $100 of parts that come via UPS in a jiffy bag direct to my home address. I presume I should pay at least 20% VAT as its from outside the EU? And is their any Import Duty? Is this collected on such a small sum? And how is it collected? Any body with experience of this. Thanks, David B
  15. Andy, your response is of huge help. Now seen what I’m looking for and how they were sold. The 4 hole version and as the TR4 horn push fits the upper part of the kit that’s the part I want. I then amended my search for a Les Leston hub kit ( not just a horn push) but they seem rare. Hens teeth comes to mind. Only the source in NY that you direct me to. Anyway will ponder that one. Thanks again, will keep you posted. Kevin, now seen your post. Looks good. Gives me an idea of what to make if I go that route. I note your comment re pencil length but I see that the TR6 has a pencil (142534X) that is longer than standard and cutting one down to suit may be the way to go. Two questions of detail. 1. Earthing. Is your shroud plastic as having seen pictures of the underside of the TR horn push wouldn’t an aluminium one earth directly via the brass clip on the side of the TR horn push ?? 2. Slight puzzle is that the ‘horn shroud’ on your photo seems much taller than on the LL herald model as see on link directed by Andy. Maybe a flatter shroud wouldn’t need a longer horn pencil. Is that styling or is their a technical reason for it ? And now really pushing it. Any chance of you flipping off the horn push and posting photos of the innards. Don’t if it may mark the plastics as I know that parts that clip together can be a problem in disassembling. thanks again both. Huge help. David B
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