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  1. Nice guy, missed on the forum, pass my regards and best wishes onto him please. Phil
  2. Fetched just under 6k decent buy given it’s rarity
  3. Stuart Just typed them in on eBay the seller had 2 packets of 3 as 1 item, that’s all he had. Phil
  4. Yes they won’t ship so I looked on eBay and bought 6. Phil
  5. Just put my order in for the closed type with our American friends .
  6. Graham ive found these online but need to know the thread and size Phil
  7. Does anyone know the specification for the acorn lock nut which holds the centre pad to the wheel I know there iare the plates as well Phil
  8. Thanks Stuart They had 10 available, sold 6 and now the price is £150 plus pp @ £15 Phil
  9. Repro centre pads are currently on bay from Myrtle @ £120 plus &15 postage if anyone is interested Phil
  10. Rob could I put my name against the steering wheel would have to have posted at my cost though Regards Phil
  11. Thanks Bob & Stuart
  12. Was the rear spotlight an original feature of Tr2/3’s and are they legal for mot? Phil
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