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  1. Thanks Bob & Stuart
  2. Was the rear spotlight an original feature of Tr2/3’s and are they legal for mot? Phil
  3. Wouldn’t let that man design a dog kennel !
  4. Ade Many thanks for the reply my TR2 is a long door, Oct “54” so a later one, it has the 4 slot bonnet but the cut away nose cone does this mean the nose cone has been replaced or could it be a cone from the start of TR3? Does it matter any? Phil
  5. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the TR2 / TR3 small mouth nose cone Im told there is? But I’m not sure what the difference is? Phil
  6. PGB BME


    F1 will be tarnished as will Max’s championship by this result. everyone knows Lewis is the true champion
  7. PGB BME


    Appalling by the stewards Masi should never officiate again Verstappen and Red Bull have no class, they were beaten on the day and they knew it, Red Bull & Verstappen should have accepted that and taken second place to show some sporting class.the fact they didn’t IMO means they are not worthy F1 champions.
  8. David could I have second refusal on the lid and hinges please I've lost your email address in my phone I look on my PC later. Can’t seem to PM you either at the moment Regards Phil
  9. Hamidh thanks for the reply, it’s just that I hadn’t seen a wheel with the scroll work before think I’ve put this Topic in the wrong Section, if JM could move it to the correct Section please Phil
  10. Has anyone any info of the attached steering wheel, I’ve not seen them decoratively engraved before, are they a standard option or to order? Phil
  11. Bob I might have used the wrong term but definitely had sill work I’ll post but I won’t get the vehicle for a few weeks Phil
  12. David The previous owner had started to do work on the car, there’s invoices for inner outer sills and the work looks ok. Bits of rust to do at the bottom corners of the rear apron , possibly a floor pan but generally the chassis and tub are reasonably solid. Boot and spare wheel compartment also good. unusually he has filled between the front shroud and the wing, I can feel the edges of both through the headlamp hole so don’t know why he’s done this. No doubt there will be more once I can look in more detail in the garage Phil
  13. Well they say the road to recovery starts by first admitting you have a problem - well mine is TR Projects Just agreed to purchase a TR2 Long Door (project)! Few issues but basically a decent starting point, I’ve seen a lot worse. Says it is a 1955 but I think it’s earlier car the number is in the low TS2000 range. Imported in 1989 but not restored or registered but all plates are there. Not original engine as this is TS79…E. I’ve sent for the Heritage Certificate hopefully that will shed some more light on its DNA. A few pictures attached and yes I must keep attending my
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