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  1. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Thanks Neil I've tried several places for the chrome /part black bezels, seems like paint them yourself is the answer. I’ll give it a go on the old bezels, “practice makes perfect “ Phil
  2. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Thanks Stuart for the reply, I thought that was the case, any idea where I can get replacements from ? as some need new bezels. regards Phil
  3. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Stuart thanks, I probably didn’t make it clear, yes they are chrome but isn’t there a Matt black finish to the inner part of the bezel? There’s a guy selling a late Tr6 in the ‘TRR Classifieds’ the bezels on that one do appear to have a. Black inner finish to them. Phil
  4. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Hi I’m starting to put together the dash on my TR6, it’s a US CF Oct 1974 model which came without the dash instruments, Just a question do the chrome bezels have a Matt black finish, I've just been to take a set into Speedograph for refurbishment and he says they should just have chrome finish no black. Regards Phil
  5. Would appear that they do come up for Sale, this one is in Germany, looks like originally and Italian car, but at £73K would seem a fair price if original and correct. NTDWM just spotted it Phil
  6. Ian I'm not sure Mick is "Red 6" anymore I think its the guy who put his Project up for sale earlier. Phil
  7. Happy birthday Ivor, hope you are both well.

    JOK (TR6) is still with me and running well. Looking to do some bodywork this year



  8. Greg Nice looking car, good colour and sit's nicely with the hardtop. I saw it for sale at Marko's, hope he looked after you. Phil (Previous Customer at Classic Marks)
  9. Both TR5's , @£45K & £70K were marked as SOLD today at the NEC Phil
  10. red6 is Mick Forey, confused! Phil
  11. Hamish Reading the above and googling him I would agree with John's assessment, there is a long list of adverts for cars he and or his brother would like, now, he could be a dealer but the searches suggest not or how about seller "beware". Having personal experience of these adds I would err on the side of caution. Phil
  12. It would seem that Mr Jay Atkins is back in the classified section, Scam? see above Phil
  13. I've just spoken with Owen Springs regarding an overhaul of my leaf springs, to take apart, re temper, check refinish and put back together approx £80 per leaf spring + vat. Not much different to the new purchase price Phil
  14. They were a good find John Phil
  15. Len Congrats looks great few more pics please Phil
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