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  1. Hi theres an adjustable steering wheel for sale on eBay, by M T Classics, needs refurbishment No idea how much refurb would cost but if you want originality! Phil
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, got rained off this morning back my roof but more rain at 3.00pm managed to get 3 sheets on not may to go now! Phil
  3. Thanks all, yes bob, only 61! I’m spending the day trying to finish my garage roof! Got half a dozen sheets to get down all between the showers! just going to have a cuppa and cake, well its my birthday!, whilst it stops raining! Phil
  4. Paul is the visit still on despite recent Covid rule tightening? If so what are the arrangements? Phil
  5. I posted to make people aware especially for those that can’t see /access Alecs Inn, good to know all section are covered by the update . I too rec’d info by the eNewsletter Phil
  6. Has everyone seen the revised Malvern IWE dates Phil
  7. Tom Very sorry, sad moment, my thoughts are with you. Phil
  8. My thoughts are with Diane & Tom, last time I spoke with Diane & Tom was at Stratford. I spoke with Alec as his health declined was always an interesting listen. Sad news in deed , be strong Tom.
  9. It’s good that we are returning to Malvern, personally I think it’s the best venue. Perhaps with Covid around and the revenue these Showgrounds have lost from cancelled events and the joining of forces between TRR & TSSC it will have given more purchasing power in the negotiations. Good to have 2022 banked in as a venue. Its a thumbs up from me Phil
  10. PGB BME

    TR6 Project

    Rex Ive given your details to someone regarding the 6. A good buy for someone Phil
  11. In the video it says the car is a concours winner, I thought in the other thread on this car it was second in the TR6 non standard at Stratford.? Must say the car looked better in the short video, however still too modern for my liking. An expensive labour of love. Phil
  12. PGB BME

    TR6 Project

    Rex your giving it away at £9.5k! Regards Phil
  13. Thanks Andrew That’s cleared up matters thanks for the link to the rules . i can see it’s a big commitment to show at the NEC. Regards Phil
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