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  1. Happy birthday Tom, trust you haven’t had to make yer own tea on your birthday!!!! Phil
  2. PGB BME


    I’m trying to repair/ refurbish my TR250 gauges. I’ve stripped the temperature gauge and found the blue plastic bulb diffuser to be broken (hole), can you get replacements anywhere or could I just install a coloured bulb and do without the diffuser? Phil
  3. Ralph, nice work you must be proud, enjoy it (hopefully this summer!) Ive not forgot about the stator tube lockdown permitting, hopefully I can get a tour of the car when I pop over Regards Phil
  4. Hi Harry Its the glove box hinges and lock bracket that we are looking at. Nice centre dash, believe the metal finish were the earlier 4’s then they went to Matt black finish Phil
  5. Thanks Stuart & Roger I’ll get the correct bracket. Phil
  6. Looks like ones a straight forward U shape, the other a u shape but chamfered.
  7. A bit of help please, I’m putting together my TR4 white dash with metal cubby box lid. the lid lock has chrome finger pull and at the rear of the lock there is a shaped “u” bracket and grub screw,, When I put it together, the U shaped bracket when screwed up doesn’t secure the lock, it’s nowhere near the back of the glove box lid. The timber glove box lid is thicker than the metal lid so is there another bracket for metal lids? Phil
  8. Graham just to say that if you went down the route of an application you should be looking at around 8weeks from registration to determination of the application. Phil
  9. Graham ive been reading your post and to put Curtilage listing into perspective I’ve recently been involved in obtaining Planning Consent for a new build teaching block at a School where the main hall (listed) and associated buildings (Curtilage listed) are adjacent to the new build. The new build is around 1800sqm over 2 floors so substantial. In my discussions with the LPA Heritage Officer the main focus is whether the new proposals are harmful to the setting and or have a negative impact. I had a local Archeological Consultant available who did the initial assessment and was helpful
  10. Hi is the early uk TR6 the dished but finished black or silver? Phil
  11. Continuing on a “Theme” I picked up this Air Vent in some mainly TR6 stuff, couple of GT6 bits as well It came from a restorer of Classic Cars but I can’t think it’s TR Part? Does anyone know which vehicle it fits? Phil
  12. Surely this event won’t happen, not with cases rising as they are. Vaccination is going to be slow and you need the follow up injection for protection! Anyone buying tickets must be oblivious to the virus news. Phil
  13. Just been in touch with Myrtle Ltd the guy in the video posted above. They only do a solid replacement centre pad, hard plastic with fixings as per original and a “vinyl” texture. Their uploading details on their website in the next couple of weeks I’ll wait to view the website. quoted £120 plus vat & carriage Phil
  14. Conrad not yet, I’ve been up to mi neck in Work so I’ll send a few enquires out over Christmas for replies in the new year Phil
  15. Graham ive email the company in the you tube video above for an approval cost for recovering the centre pad if I get a reply I’ll let you know Phil
  16. Tom /Dave IOW thanks for the reply. Graham you have done better than I in getting a response from the RF sent two emails not a reply as of yet , thanks for posting though Phil
  17. Tom Wheel leather is fine really good nick it’s just the splits in the centre pad, the splits arent huge. Maybe I could glue them?
  18. Tim thanks for the reply I think I’ve seen the price from TRF at £119 plus postage but I can’t find it now Just wondered if it’s possible to recover yourself? I suppose there’s not huge numbers to encourage someone to remanufacture. Wonder what cost say 3D printing would cost? Phil
  19. Hi Does anyone know if it’s possible to recover the TR5 centre steering wheel pad? Is there a “refurb kit” available Phil
  20. Thanks both thought I’d made a mistake in purchasing the switch came in original box! last question, when I toggle the switch not wired, to the on position It toggles back on its own accord. Thing is, sounds a bit daft, but does it only stay in the on position when wired? Or is it a fault in the switch? Was sold as NOS in original box. Phil
  21. Derek Thank you so it will fit my TR250, is it the original decal on the switch? Just got it in my head it was different to the original! - must take more water with it!!! Phil
  22. Derek Thank you so it will fit my TR250, is it the original decal on the switch? Just got it in my head it was different to the original! - must take more water with it!!! Phil
  23. Can anyone identify this Clear Hooter Switch? Which “triumph does it fit “ if any? Phil
  24. Ralph thank you very much for your kind offer I’ve pm’d you a message Regards Phil
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