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  1. I’ve bought a couple of switches from MLS, items rec’d, no issues, Phil
  2. Interior is red as original, the car is pictured in one of Bill Piggots book “Triumph TR”, shown on the Introduction page “XPJ 6” Our body guru Stuart has pointed out that the inner wing cut outs for the sidelights are missing, this will be corrected, many thanks Stuart, and for the photograph. Les must have been rebuilding his garage! Phil
  3. I’ve just learn’t from the Shropshire Group that sadly Les didn’t win his fight against the big “C”, I’d like to think he would have approved. Phil
  4. Thanks Stuart, yes it’s a nice colour, just have to finish it now! Phil
  5. Hi In answer to my question regarding TR2 Pearl White here are a couple photos of the painted shell, in Pearl White. As Stuart pointed out the colour has that beige tint, however under natural daylight is more White - if that makes sense. The car was purchased as a project from a TR member Les Woodall, Les was unwell at the time and couldn’t see the possibility of completing it. Regards Phil
  6. Apparently the author of these posts is our newest member! Stuart I agree the lot should be removed and the newest member Phil
  7. Thanks all for the input, I have had lengthy chats with Tom and James at TRE , it’s been a learning curve and I wanted as many opinions as possible. At some point I will need to make a decision Phil
  8. Im looking at the engine rebuild on my TR2. My car doesn’t have the original engine but a replacement engine near to the original engine number. The car would have had a low Port Head however I do have a High Port Head which hopefully is serviceable, waiting to hear what the refurb cost if possible will be. The low Port will also need some work. Question is how much better is the High Port head? I’m think of a piper yellow cam which I’m told should improve the torque. Phil
  9. Tom No paint available I bought the car as a project in primer. I think we shall have to do a few samples first Stuart Thanks, thought it was more off white than bright white regards Phil
  10. Hi Getting to the point of confirming the paint colour for my TR2 restoration. XPJ 6 is a RHD TR2, build date 2 July 1955, colour as Heritage Certificate is Pearl White Looking at the Triumph Paint codes Pearl White is code 14, should it be an off white, not bright white? Are there any other paint codes for this colour? Phil
  11. All Lakers Enjoyed the weekend, nice relaxed and informal, sorry we couldn’t do the Sunday run! Anyway we called in at Tr Bitz on the way home and enjoyed a chat and look round at their “open day” Phil
  12. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Thanks Neil I've tried several places for the chrome /part black bezels, seems like paint them yourself is the answer. I’ll give it a go on the old bezels, “practice makes perfect “ Phil
  13. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Thanks Stuart for the reply, I thought that was the case, any idea where I can get replacements from ? as some need new bezels. regards Phil
  14. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Stuart thanks, I probably didn’t make it clear, yes they are chrome but isn’t there a Matt black finish to the inner part of the bezel? There’s a guy selling a late Tr6 in the ‘TRR Classifieds’ the bezels on that one do appear to have a. Black inner finish to them. Phil
  15. PGB BME

    CF TR6

    Hi I’m starting to put together the dash on my TR6, it’s a US CF Oct 1974 model which came without the dash instruments, Just a question do the chrome bezels have a Matt black finish, I've just been to take a set into Speedograph for refurbishment and he says they should just have chrome finish no black. Regards Phil
  16. Would appear that they do come up for Sale, this one is in Germany, looks like originally and Italian car, but at £73K would seem a fair price if original and correct. NTDWM just spotted it Phil
  17. Ian I'm not sure Mick is "Red 6" anymore I think its the guy who put his Project up for sale earlier. Phil
  18. Happy birthday Ivor, hope you are both well.

    JOK (TR6) is still with me and running well. Looking to do some bodywork this year



  19. Greg Nice looking car, good colour and sit's nicely with the hardtop. I saw it for sale at Marko's, hope he looked after you. Phil (Previous Customer at Classic Marks)
  20. Both TR5's , @£45K & £70K were marked as SOLD today at the NEC Phil
  21. red6 is Mick Forey, confused! Phil
  22. I've just spoken with Owen Springs regarding an overhaul of my leaf springs, to take apart, re temper, check refinish and put back together approx £80 per leaf spring + vat. Not much different to the new purchase price Phil
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