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  1. Happy to wait Steve. My electrical experiences are poor enough, without any doubt about the units working. Your hard work/development is much appreciated. Keep me posted as and when. Mike
  2. Great day out at Duxford at the weekend with local TSSC group
  3. Yes please Steve. Looks like your run will be gone very soon. Mike
  4. I had exactly the same problem and when I checked one of the lever arm bolts that Bob mentions, one was loose. Nipped it up and all was well again. Mike
  5. Peace of mind. Change to what Stuart has recommended. A few pounds to protect a valuable car makes sense to me, especially as it’s an easy thing to do. Mike
  6. LVG we’re out at The Silverstone Classic yesterday. Thanks to TRR for the Tea & Biscuits. It was a bit windy at times, but only the odd shower, meant a good day overall.
  7. TS2 has been with Lea Valley Group for the past week and was the star at our Shine & Show event on Wednesday. Today included a visit to TSSC HQ in Lubenham.
  8. John. Don’t be frightened of being able to master Android or iPhone. Both are just different and not difficult (accepting that as we get older it does take a bit more getting used to) and in the main the systems of both are reasonably intuitive. You master being a coordinator of the TRR forum, so will be able to master a phone. As you can see you ask a question and get various views about the numerous options. A bit like saying “what are the best spark plug?” It does however sound like you need to get up to speed with a modern device. Keep an open mind and you will be amazed how good
  9. Harry Matt is a TRR member and as one of the committee of his local group, I have tried to make contact with him to assist. So far no response, but he has not revisited the forum since his original post on 5th Feb. If contact is made, I am sure we can help him. Mike
  10. Hi Steve i have been looking for one of those lamps for a while. Is it for sale? I have sent you a pm. Mike
  11. I had a similar issue on my 5. The slotted aluminium pad actually fell out and I heard it pass under the car and saw it bouncing in the road in my rear view mirror! This happened around 4 months ago, so I cannot remember exactly, but I know I replaced the rubber pad too and it was not a hard job.
  12. Hi Steve I was having failures of the ball on the links on my TR5 so got a set of upgrades from CDD. They were fitted over a year ago and both sides are still OK. Others will no doubt have views soon. Mike
  13. Thanks Folks Having looked at everything, I think I will get a professional to do the job. A shame, as I would enjoy having a go, but it could easily turn into a costly mistake, if I screwed it up. I am already resigned to a pretty big labour bill. Thank goodness the parts will be negligible. Thanks again for such helpful replies Mike
  14. Thanks Hamish. Just about to go out for a breakfast blast in the TR5 (chilly, but dry here in Bedfordshire), so will view everything this afternoon. Suspect I will get a professional to do the work if it’s a box out job. Really useful reply thanks. Mike
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