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  1. Removed mine after a stone got stuck between shield and the disc - quite a horrendous noise. John.
  2. Have a good one young man, and a, 'Big Thanks', for all you do for our club. John.
  3. Food for thought here;- Classic Car Security This information was originally published as an article in TRaction the club magazine of the Triumph TR Register and although biassed towards the sidescreen Triumph TR's hopefully it will be useful to owners of other marques. This information has been gathered from personal experience and is believed to be accurate but there is no guarantee that this is the case. Anyone using this information does so on the understanding that its use is completely at their own risk and th
  4. Hi Barry, I think you need to mail the office, but let me check. John.
  5. I wouldn't either, to easy to kick one whilst you are under the car and maybe move it. John.
  6. Its going to look a lot better with some weight on. John.
  7. Thanks Peter, did you need to add something, a shim, thrust washer etc? John.
  8. Hi Guys, have a group member who has dismantled his steering box, because of harshness. Worm and peg are fine, but the bottom face of the worm has roughness, where it runs against the ball race, ha sanybody any knowkedge of refacing the face and then using an approprate thrust washer to compnsate? Or any one have a good used worm, or RHD box even? Cheers, John.
  9. I'd mig, one at a time, then cool with a damp rag. Slowly will succeed here, mig much more controlled, localised heat than blowtorch to do leading in the centre of a panel like that. John.
  10. Hi all, whilst I understand Stuarts sentiments here, my view is that I would not be in favour of advising, or as below pinning the suggestion, to a new to our forum participant, 'Go do a search' To me that is too unwelcoming, and that is not what we should be, and even if that is not waht was meant, it would be far too easily interpreted in that way. I also think that, things do change, better ways to do things become available, or are in the depths of the old grey matter to be stirred by a question. We want folk to find their first visit to our forum, welcoming, helpful an
  11. Just an update, belt issue solved thanks to recommendation here.-BX36/x 17x914 Thanks all. John.
  12. Hi all, have amember been doing some wiring and Alternator conversion on a 4A, He reports the following;- I have another problem...... I've just finished the wiring, put the battery lead on, and the ignition is on all the time ( warning light lit, fuel gauge reading, radio on, etc.). Turn the key to ignition position and the light goes out, etc., Ignition switch? John.
  13. I have the white and think they look superb. John.
  14. Don't know which Strongman Lift you are looking at, but I have the Glenfinnan Four Poster, it is basically a scaled down full 3,2 Ton, mechanics lift, and has served me well for over a decade now. Of the two ramps, the one that carries the ram is bolted and needs to stay put, the other ram, has no cables or hydraulics and although bolted to the front and rear crossmembers, can be relocated inboard or indeed outboard, by several inches to accomodate much narrower or wider cars than our TR's. I confirmed this with, folks of the Strongman tools site at the NEC in 2019, I asked because t
  15. The photo was taken just after the lift, cupboards and racking were installed, before I started using it. It looks a lot more messy now, particularly the floor. The TRs have left their spoor. Mick Hi Mick, be nice to see a current photo, make all us mere mortals feel a tad better. John.
  16. Saw that, this must be going to right way? John.
  17. Wearing a mods hat, and having ran this past other mods, whilst it is fine to make a recommendation, the RED China part is unnecessary, and the implication inaccurate. Truth is china is quite capable of manufacturing top quality items, if the buyer is prepared to pay, and this forums ethos, is about help and support whilst being nice to each other. Time we are experiencing at the moment, we would all do well to remember that. Stay safe and well. John.
  18. Hi Nige, Do a search here, there is much written on getting our Tr's up in the air. Be careful with two posts, and there need for seriously decent concrete for fixing. I looked at lifts for a couple of years before buying a Strongman Tools four poster, Their Glenfinnan, never regretted it for a second. Done loads of work, and during the current lockdown has my longterm 3a project parked there, and my four, lives underneath at night. As Harry shows, possible to make things work in a domestic setting with the right mindset, when the four is on teh lift, on full height I can s
  19. Welcome Alun, looks like you will get sorted here. I have added to your title to possibly bring more targeted contributions. John.
  20. Now Moved to April 18th. Still at Telford. Fingers Crossed! John.
  21. Fabulous Tom, just what I needed, many thanks. John.
  22. Hi all, continuing my lockdown time filling with my very, very long term 3A project. I'm looking at the vent flap mechanism, and I'm flumexed, I think I have everything, but cannot see how it goes on the car, to work. Illustrations from Moss bok haven't helped, anyone got a photo, or indeed a description? Cheers, John.
  23. Hi Dave, and welcome to our forum. I've enhanced the thread title to hopefully bring you more answers. John.
  24. Thanks for the replies guys. I like Iain's set up, but I'll still need to weld up first, as the current 'Holes' are all over the place, and they need to be in line. I was thinking the hole drilled in my dashboard, next to the original O/DSwitch, was likey to be for some kind of replacement O/D switch, maybe on a stalk or somesuch? John.
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