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  1. PI for me you are fixing something that ain,t broke. John
  2. Thanks all. just so Stuart, can you opine at a more relevant diagram? John
  3. Hello James, and a warm welcome to our forum. I have altered the title of your post, to hopefully better target responses. Richard's post, above, is bang on, and very good advice, come back to us, we’ll be happy to help. John.
  4. Looking at a 1973 TR 6 original UK PI car. It has had some electrical issues, occasionally w the ignition lights don,t function although the starter will still spin? Following on from finding some suspect wiring and checking the wiring diagram, it shows an anti run on valve, no nothing about these, or indeed if there is one fitted, any thoughts? John.
  5. I’m with Stuart roughly annually give or take a month or so Also now have a regime which includes alternate years changes coolant v brake fluid. John
  6. Good Luck Ian, enjoy the trip. John.
  7. See its many happy returns, to our very own Ian Cornish today. Have the bestest of days Ian, and thanks for all you bring to our club. John.
  8. Bumped- no one upgraded their fuel pump rubber? John.
  9. hi all, looking at a fellow group members TR6, he is going to need to upgrade his rubber pipes around his Bosch pump to Ethanol Resistant. Sods Law means I have 1/4 and 5/16 internal dia. pipe but this is larger, I'm thinking 3/8 or 10mm ID, can anyone confirm, please? John.
  10. Hamilton Classics, had the pre-ordered ones for distribution. John.
  11. Hello Neville, and welcome to our forum. I've seen this conversion, indeed once considered fitting to my TR3A but eventually didn't because of the recommendation to weld the bracket to th eaxle tube, after installation. From Memory I'm pretty sure that the brackets should point downwards, the datum being that the two fixing bolts should be verticle Other than that the installation looks to be correct to me. Sure others will confirm. John.
  12. Bob, big bolt is fine for me, - Many Thanks. John.
  13. Much appreciated guys Many Thanks John
  14. Bumped, need to buy today. John.
  15. Hi all, planning to service a fellow group members Tr6, its fitted with a spin on oil filter conversion, showing 712/43, Googled this looking for a local over the counter supplier without success, can anybody tell me equivelents, I might be able to buy locally? Noticed in a recent thread 'Oil Filters' by Niall, he uses 712/53 can anyone help with the difference? Cheers John.
  16. Do love the look of your car Dan, its so right. John.
  17. Won the British Grand Prix for the ninth time What an achievement!!! So pleased for him and his team John
  18. Agree with above John. I would clamp one piston first, g clamp or something similar but substantial. Then simple blow gun,seel between caliper and nozzle with a layer of rag, then pulse the trigger on the blowgun, gives you better control, when one cylinder is 3/4 out stop, lubricate that cylinder with brake fluid and drive it back with a g clamp, then repeat with other cylinder, this way you will have some control over both cylinders. Eventually you will blow one right out, and then you will need to block the supply hole into the chamber one or two? I can,
  19. Enjoy you day, Tony. John
  20. Great stuff Bob, I,ll have one, as and when convenient. cheers John
  21. Hi Simon title altered hopefully to better target your needs hope this is OK John
  22. 5 is Peter Main, came over from the Isle of Man specially. 22 son of chilliman is Tristan. John.
  23. Paul, do you know anything about the 'Surrey Top' Sidescreen car? John
  24. Courtesy of mr Lidl, today just £23.00, John.
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