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  1. This simple test would have saved Dom the drive. Tim Eye Test.docx
  2. Thanks Roger. A picture's worth a thousand words. Tim
  3. When you drop the trailing arm David take the opportunity for a really close look at the mounting brackets for any incipient cracking, which can occur from the holes where they fit to the chassis outrigger. Tim
  4. Hate to admit it but the Acclaim was the most reliable car ever to bear the Triumph badge, thanks to the Honda drive train. I recall many years ago one was purchased for £50 from a scrap yard in Nottingham, given an oil and filter change and successfully driven 2000 miles in a weekend on the Club Triumph RBRR. You could still see the marks of the chains on the sills where it had been lifted to the top of a pile of cars. My 4A suffered a lunched engine on Bodmin Moor during the 1982 event when an oil cooler hose failed. It had been mis-routed by a BL main dealer when they fitted a new steering rack a week earlier. The first entrants to come across our stranded car were the crew of an Acclaim CD and they gave my co-driver and I a lift to the nearest telephone (no mobiles!). I remember being very impressed by the quietness, comfort and roominess of the car and the sprightly performance four-up. One of our members once created pretty well the best Acclaim to be found, complete with video screens in the front seat head rests to keep the kids in the back amused on journeys. Tim
  5. I am sorry if anyone reckons I gave a bum steer on this event. I never expected a navigational challenge, just following a route on Google Maps and Internet research to answer questions. I learned a lot about the area that was new to me and 'drove' some stunning roads on Street View. It certainly gave me the urge to drive them for real one day in the 4A. Tim
  6. I have seen Ridgard seats used in a TR4, very smart too but do not have personal experience. They are made in a factory or did you mean OEM from another auto maker? Am sure others will be along shortly. Tim
  7. The daily Government Coronavirus press conferences with a cabinet minister and one or two medical/epidemiological luminaries are something of a bore with predictable and inadequately or disingenuously answered questions. I have drawn up a list of favoured clichés :- 'ramp up', 'wood for the trees', 'at pace', 'follow the science', and 'going forward' and derive innocent amusement by ticking each one off every time it is used. The exercise reminds me of a customer I used to visit back in the 70s who peppered his conversation interminably with the phrase 'like you know'. I was fascinated and so intent on keeping track of his usage of the phrase that I found myself missing the import of what he had to say! Tim
  8. I have always followed Ian's technique after an oil change. I still have the original canister with replaceable element and prime this with as much oil as I can without it running down my arm when I refit it (having a pit helps a lot when you don't have a spin on conversion). Even when priming the filter however it takes about 20 secs of churning with plugs out before any pressure registers on the gauge. Sorry I only just saw this thread Phill, I would have simply suggested you try spinning the engine over for longer! Glad you are sorted. Tim
  9. Good luck with the Virtuale Pierre. Let's hope one or two other Forum visitors might be tempted to have a crack. All the bset, Tim
  10. Thanks for that Stuart, for some reason I can post links on the Club Triumph Forum but the same technique doesn't work for me on the TRR one. However, I did check that people could cut and paste from my post and stick in their browser. Tim
  11. Anyone with access to the Internet and familiarity with Google Maps is welcome to have a go at this virtual rally based in the Trieste area, which will run from 11-14 May with answers required by 15th. Full details and entry form can be obtained from the following link. I am promised that route instructions will be translated into English for our benefit! The second link provides some information on the Trieste area and background on the actual historic motor race. In the current lockdown I cannot get enough of this type of event. Whilst they will never replace the real thing free entry and no accommodation or fuel costs are attractive and Street View can simulate the driving experience very well, even allowing one to track the limit point round bends! Tim http://clubdeiventiallora.org/96-club/597-trieste-opicina-historic-virtuale-2021.html https://www.discover-trieste.it/code/17237/The-Trieste-Opicina-race Tim
  12. After sand blasting my front wings were found to be beyond economical repair. I would appreciate advice as to the current best source for replacements. Perhaps someone has a nice pair gathering dust. Tim
  13. At last we have a cure for all! ailments large and ailments small, good health is not beyond my reach, if I inject myself with bleach. Radiant I’ll prance along, every trace of limescale gone, with disinfectant as my friend, like him, I’m clean around the bend! Pam Ayres (perhaps) Tim
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