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  1. Great video Steve, thanks for uploading - did you ever think about trying two hands on the wheel? Tim
  2. +1 Neil. I wouldn't give up on trying to repair your original Lucas switch. Tim
  3. Oops, thanks Stuart. Sorry Tim for the bum steer. Tim
  4. Tim, should you go for the much more convenient TR4A handbrake assembly I recommend you re-fit the compensator link 7/16" nearer to the fulcrum, as per accompanying pic. This offsets the loss in leverage/mechanical advantage from the shorter lever. Tim
  5. You' re right Pete - that works! Why didn't I think of that? Brains will tell. Thanks, Tim!
  6. Yes Pete, Araldite was my first thought but as stated the two pieces will not mate up intimately over the spring on the spindle. Tim
  7. Yesterday I noticed that the Bakelite? knob on my driver's side window winder had disappeared. I found the two broken pieces and the circular end cap on the flor of the car. I thought - simples Araldite will soon sort that but now I find that the two halves of the knob will not close together over the spring on the spindle. With prescience I had bought a spare years ago for £2 at an auto jumble but now note that this must be for a different car, a Herald maybe, since although the handle is identical the knob is somewhat larger. This hardly matters since the handles are low down on opposite sides of the car and I doubt anyone would notice but does anyone have an idea how I might fix the original? Tim
  8. Roger, wouldn't it be 10-32? 10/32 would simplify to 5/16, something quite different. Tim
  9. I would love to do the Pass of the Cattle to Applecross in the TR one day Suzanne. Unfortunately the last time I passed the turn on the A896 it was pouring with rain and visibility was very poor so it would have been a waste of time as there would have been no views to appreciate. Incidentally, is it worth taking the white from Applecross north all the way round the cost to re-join the A896 south of Shieldaig? Tim
  10. Illustrations in the original owners handbook should be sufficient authority. On the TR4 the turn signal control is always inboard, so on the right hand side of the steering column cowl on a LHD car and the LHS of the cowl on a RHD car while the optional overdrive control is on the opposite side to the turn signal control. For some reason the arrangement on the TR4A is totally different. The turn signal control is on the LHS of the column cowl on a LHD car and the RHS of the cowl on a RHD car. The owners handbook for the 4A also states that when an overdrive is fitted the control is on the same side of the column cowl that houses the turn signal control. Tim
  11. Yes Tim, the Hard Knott Pass was a particular challenge, in rain with water running in streams across the road. In parts this road is the steepest in the UK at 1 in 3 with a few hairpins for good measure and the surface is nothing to write home about. Fortunately we did this pass in daylight, I wouldn't relish tackling it in the pitch dark. My engine cooling is very efficient and I was running with half the rad blanked off. I forgot this until the Kenlowe cut in half way up the pass to the accompaniment of clouds of steam. I (carefully) removed the blanking and we pressed on with the temperature soon returning to normal. I hadn't spotted the gauge rising, I normally anticipate an overheat and switch the fan on in good time. I junked the mechanical fan when fitting the Kenlowe forty years ago. Frankly the Hard Knott, whilst not over long, is more severe than any pass we have tackled in the Alps or Dolomites on Club Triumph's Ten Countries Run Tim
  12. Don't know Roger, never bothered to check. it would have been too galling to find that it had survived unscathed!! Tim
  13. Took part in Club Triumph's Coast to Coast for Drive it Day. We started in Ravenglass, Cumbria, at 19.00 on Saturday thence over the Hard Knott, Wrynose and Kirkstone passes to Penrith. An unfortunate road closure meant we had to divert south to the A66 and then re-join the route at Barnard Castle so we missed Hartside Summit and the excellent B6277 from Alston to Middleton-in-Teesdale. The route took us on via the A67/A66 and A171 to the east coast at Scarborough where we took a break. We went over the Humber Bridge then via Louth and Horncastle to Sleaford. We were following another crew in a big saloon at the 60 limit on the A15 just north of Bourne when a sizeable deer suddenly ran from the nearside verge straight in front of their car. The driver steered left and braked hard but had no chance to avoid the animal which bounced off onto the right hand verge. We were of course travelling at a safe distance behind so pulled up with no drama. There was considerable frontal damage to the other car but fortunately it remained drivable so the crew followed us by the most direct route to the finish at the Brewers Fayre in Bicester for breakfast, after which we spent a couple of hours at the Heritage Centre Scramble where we enjoyed looking at some mouthwatering machinery. Incidentally another entrant reported two near cervine misses during the event and on Monday this week there was a fatal accident on the A11 near Wymondham involving a deer, two cars and a truck, these animals are quite a hazard in East Anglia it seems. I covered 740 miles door to door at an average of 33.09mpg and as usual the 4A did not miss a beat. Thirty seven cars started and there were three retirements for mechanical issues. Tim
  14. Marco, I find extreme proximity to the extractor manifold makes access to oil the rear generator bearing very awkward, do you have a special trick? I resort to removing the generator and oiling it on the bench! Tim
  15. The three magnetic washers in my o/d drain plug were, on acquisition of the car in 9/70 as per Hamish and Steve, under the filter. This is also how they were fitted when the o/d was overhauled by ORS last year so I am sure it is correct! Tim
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