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  1. Hi Conrad, I found Cif (Jif as it was then) and a nail brush got most of the general grime off my sunvisors. I then rinsed with clean water, dried them and painted with a good quality white vinyl silk emulsion. That was over 30 years and I treated the hard top lining and all other white PVC trim the same way, it really gave the interior a lift. All that has been required since is an occasional clean with mild detergent. The pics don't really do the appearance justice. Tim
  2. Thanks John, the organiser, with some help from northern members, put a lot of effort into it. It is gratifying to see this rewarded by a healthy entry. Tim
  3. tim hunt


    These might help too Jamie, as on my 4A (pre- ceramic coating of exhaust manifold). Tim
  4. Provisional route for the Club Triumph Coast to Coast for Drive It Day has been announced. Entries are limited to 50 cars with a closing date of 17th April and the list currently stands at 41. The start is at Flamborough Head in Yorkshire at 19.00 on Saturday 25th April and the route then takes crews through the North York Moors including the climb of Rosedale Chimney Bank (everyone is advised to check handbrake operation before the start!) skirting Teesside and into the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty on to Gretna Green for a break at 01.00. The route then takes us south to Hartside Summit and Alston and then into the Yorkshire Dales to Sedbergh and through The Forest of Boland to Slaidburn and then a well earned breakfast at the finish in Southport from 07.00 on. To be fair my wife feels the same way as Roger's missus but anyone who thinks it a waste of time to drive through the night when no scenery can be enjoyed is surely missing the point. To this enthusiast nothing can beat a long night drive in a well tuned TR with good lights. The cooler, denser night air must be good for a few more bhp whilst traffic is generally lighter and on sharp bends on single carriageway roads the lights of approaching vehicles give early warning for more safety. Can't wait! Tim
  5. You should certainly clean the filter from time to time Lee, if nothing else it's condition will give a guide as to the internal state of the overdrive. The filter sits on top of three magnetic washers, which should also be cleaned of ferromagnetic particles before reassembly. The best tool to remove the plug is a 'C' spanner of suitable size. In the absence of this you could unscrew the plug by gently tapping on one of the ears with a brass drift. Tim
  6. 46,500 AUD seems pretty keen by UK standards for such a car, although it does lack o/d. Tim https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1963-triumph-tr4-manual/SSE-AD-5798440/?Cr=1
  7. Many thanks Roger and Stuart, that makes it clear - Rivnuts on leading and trailing edges of the liners, should make for easy removal when necessary. If they come without then I guess a self adhesive closed cell foam strip all along the edge of the liner should stop anything getting between it and the wheel arch. Tim
  8. I have had aluminium rear wheel arch liners fitted for ever and they have done a perfect job in stopping any crud being thrown up and lodging around the rear light clusters. I am to have some work done on the front wings and propose to install front liners to protect my investment. I note that TRGB currently have these in fibre glass at an attractive price of £140 the pair. Does anyone have any experience of these particular liners. How are they attached so that they can be removed easily if access is ever needed to remove the side light/indicator repeater unit? Tim
  9. Oh dear, should I be worried Peter. I fitted a replacement rocker shaft some 20,000 mile ago, it was a hollow tube with no internal end caps. I replaced the Mills pins with spilt pins simply for convenience. Why is it an issue if a little oil seeps from the end caps because spilt pins are not oil tight? Surely there's still plenty for the rockers. Tim
  10. Can you really get the 3A hard top movement free using only hand tightened knobs Hamish? Tim
  11. Funnily enough Charlie that was my first thought too! Tim
  12. tim hunt


    No Andy, I am afraid not, these are right hand dip for Continental use. A great pity since very keen price! You need Valeo part number 082441 for RHD (left hand dip). Tim
  13. As has been said by many now we have lost one of a kind and a true gent, I can neither recall nor imagine anyone ever having a bad word to say about Derek and that is an epitaph given to few. I remember very well the first time I met him, when I went with father to our first Club Triumph North London meeting in the summer of 1974. Derek made us both very welcome but as soon as he found out our mount was a 4A he proceeded to extol the superior virtues of the live axle TR4 and continued to do so for the next 45 years if prompted! Derek was sad a few months ago to have to part with his one owner from new and truly original TR4, leaving him for the first time in over 60 years without a Triumph of some kind in the garage. However, as he said, advancing years meant that he could no longer do justice to the car by driving it in the manner to which it had become accustomed. The car is now with its new custodian, a Club member, who will cherish it. Entry #1 has been reserved for this car on the 2020 RBRR as a fitting tribute to Derek, who never actually drove it in the event, preferring for some strange reason to use his original factory RHD TR8, MVC 128V, on seven Runs from 1982 - 1994 inclusive. To his surprise we were able to reunite Derek with this car at Bicester Heritage on Drive it Day 2016. RIP Derek Tim
  14. It's a 4A valance Monty. The reversing lights are Wipac after market items I fitted many moons ago, together with a switch on the gearbox. Tim
  15. I had no idea such products were still made Kevin, since cars have had heated rear windows as standard for so long now. The Holden product looks reasonably priced and at 1200mm in length it will go further round the 4A rear screen than mine does. Tim
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