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  1. Just a weld pip on one end my clamps ensured they pulled up square with the thinner Phoenix flange. Tim
  2. Many thanks for that Harry. I know you kindly recommended these people some time ago but lost my note! I will let you know how I get on. All the best, Tim
  3. Can anyone recommend a competent facility in Herts or Beds where the equipment will accommodate wire wheel spinners and who can also mount wire wheels/tyres correctly for balancing? Tim
  4. tim hunt

    10 countries

    Should have said, Ben and Vicky Freer are entered in their lovely 3 (Geoffrey) and Tom Key in his very trick Mallard TR6. Sorry Tim but WhatsApp is lost on us since neither I nor my co-driver possess a smart phone! Tim
  5. tim hunt

    10 countries

    This will be my ninth Club Triumph 10CR if we include the first 'unofficial' exploratory event in 2003. All in the 4A except the 2015 Run on which I shared Howard Pryor's TR4 - never did get on with the floor dip switch and the hand brake on the earlier cars is uncomfortable for longer legged drivers. It was only fair though since Howard had shared my car on the previous year's RBRR (my twentieth entry on that event in NGP 86D). Tim
  6. Mike, +1 for PIAA blades. Price can be prohibitive vs normal blades so I did some research and found that a 525mm PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Refill could be purchased from www.tdcautomotive.com for £14.79 including shipping. The TDC model number is SKR52E. The refill comes in a 6mm wide plastic backing strip, the correct width for the original TR4 or 4A blade carriers. If it is carefully cut exactly in half it provides two blades of the correct length for our cars. The 525mm refill comes with locking notches near one end of the plastic carrier. You just need carefully to cut matching notches on the other half you have cut off. The end jaws on the blade holders locate in these notches while the refill should be a sliding fit in the other jaws, which can be gently reshaped if necessary. These silicone blades deposit a hydrophilic film on the screen that causes water to bead; they are quiet in use, heat and ozone resistant with the promise of long life. I used them for the first time on last October's Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run. We didn’t encounter really heavy rain and I had treated the screen with Rain-X as belt and braces so only needed the wipers when travelling below about 45mph. I found that they cleaned the screen superbly, far better than any blades I have found to date and I consider they are well worth the premium price. Tim
  7. I enjoyed the orthographic Freudian slip in the link ……. 'breaking' of the whole 'platoon'! Tim
  8. As Stuart explains, a pretty straightforward job. However, unless you are lucky enough to have found a NOS item you may find, as I did, that a repro check strap will not hold the door open as positively as the original. This is particularly noticeable when parked facing up a steep hill! However it will still of course stop the door opening excessively. Tim
  9. I'm intrigued John. If you think the coil mounted on the side of the block is in rather too hot an environment, as do I, why is yours still there? Mine is on the bulkhead, below the wiper motor and, as belt and braces a spare is mounted on the wheel arch for immediate use if ever required. Tim
  10. Saw this car on Bonhams stand at The Game Fair today. It is consigned to the first Bonhams MPH drive through auction to be held at Bicester Heritage on 26th September. Estimate is 25-30K, is that just a 'come and buy me' or might it indicate a cooling in the market? The car is MOTd to May 2020 and looks pretty straight. The bonnet fits badly and driver's side door gaps are poor, the side light housings are pitted and the stainless trim is missing from the rear of the hard top. The car does have overdrive and the interior looked pretty tidy with original type seats although non-original type head lining. Tim
  11. Hope I'm not teaching grandpa to suck eggs Cameron but remember DOT 5 fluid is SILICONE based and incompatible with DOT4, a POLYGLYCOL type. DOT 5.1 is also POLYGYCOL based and compatible with DOT4 in all proportions, simply having a significantly higher boiling point that DOT4, both as supplied and after water absorption. Hardly an issue in the clutch system I guess. Tim
  12. They may be on Roger but will they ever come off again without a puller? Tim
  13. You will enjoy the Timmelsjoch John, although subject to a toll. Attached shot of three Michelottii TRs was taken on the 2011 Club Triumph 10CR, looks like the Spitfire was running a little rich! I always use the hard top on serious events - there's nothing wrong with the chassis but with the top firmly bolted in place it does stiffen the car and the handling is sharper. The light colour reflects the sun's heat and I find the face level vents provide very effective ventilation. I am off on this years 10CR on 3rd September. Many Alpine and Dolomite passes are included, I am particularly looking forward to the Grossglockner, which I haven't done before. At present the entry list includes a 3, a 3A, four 4s, two 4As, a 5, thirteen 6s and three 7s out of a total of eighty three remaining entries, a very pleasing 30%. Tim
  14. ORS did the work Roger. Had new main shaft and uprated laygear/bearings. During the overhaul they spotted a tiny crack starting to form on the solenoid bracket (502566), which was replaced, no doubt avoiding a future failure and awkward repair. Tim
  15. I should have said - the Col de la Bonette is a superb road. We were very lucky in early September not to see another vehicle - or mad cyclist- between Jausiers and the top and, at least in 2013, the surface was excellent all the way up, no 'nids de poules' to worry about! A perfectly dry road and mostly open, sweeping bends with great visibility allowing a nice rhythm to be established. Thoroughly recommend, at the summit you really feel you are at the top of the world. Tim
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