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  1. The LH front inner wing is definitely not a TR5 one Rob. These had a small bracket just in front of the wiper motor, absent on your car, which I believe carried a relay. I have one on my 4A. Tim
  2. I don't work in 'miles per tankful', not an exact science. Every time I put fuel in the car I note the mileage reading and the quantity of fuel taken. From time to time I fill the tank to the bottom of the filler neck, the difference between two odometer readings at which the tank was completely filled, divided by the total volume of fuel added between them gives a first approximation of the intermediate consumption. To get a true consumption I reduce this figure by 1.5% since I know my odometer to be over-reading by this amount having checked it against kilometre posts on a long stretch of m
  3. Quite right Stuart, I should have known better, with the controls mounted higher up on the 5/6 out of the way of driver's legs they can be fitted for the best cable routings. However, I see from my owner's handbook that the distribution control is mounted on the RHS on BOTH left and right hand drive 4As. If Triumph's intention was to keep the heater control away from a driver's leg why didn't they swap the control over on a LHD car or, to avoid this, simply have the distribution control on the left since the vast majority of cars were made in LHD? Incidentally, I note that the speedo an
  4. I swapped the heater controls on my 4A some years ago following Roger's tip. I could not see hat such circuitous cable routings were necessary and the straighter runs give more direct action and smoother operation. I removed 10" from the heater control cable and 5" from the distribution control. I have long legs and haven';t found an issue with the heater control fully out. It is interesting that the cables swapped sides on the TRs 5 and 6, which tends to blow Stuart's theory. Tim
  5. Oliver, I fitted a 123 to my 4A fourteen years ago and have had not a moment's trouble with it since, although as belt and braces I always carry the original Lucas distributor assembly on board just in case, it would take only a few minutes to swap. I chose Curve 7 to try first as recommended for an engine in pretty standard tune as mine is. It proved so good I stuck with it. Pick up is excellent throughout the rev range and the idle is smooth. The car will run happily on the level at 32kph in top gear and if the throtte is floored it will pick up without hesitation or any pinking. Advance is
  6. I had the stuck wheel problem with the wife's Jazz the first time I had to remove one. I simply replaced all the nuts, left them just hand tight then allowed the car to run back down our drive before stamping on the brake, the wheel shocked free easily. Have used Copaslip ever since of course. Tim
  7. After a short run the other day I spotted something sitting between the scuttle top panel and bonnet. On investigation it turned out I had been driving a TRIU PH, the 'M' having come adrift but very fortunately become lodged as described rather than lost. My fault for being a cheapskate I guess, rather than using the correct clips I had employed pieces of outer insulation from some electrical cable which had an appropriate i.d. I need to revisit this. It turns out I am in good company, in an episode of the Antiques Road Trip, referred to in another current thread, SMK 313F lost the letter
  8. Stan, whilst the straight ahead arrow might look a bit bizarre at first sight the road ahead is a dual carriageway. A right turn arrow might encourage an unobservant driver who had not travelled this road before and who had missed the sign 'Dual carriageway ahead' on the approach to the junction to turn immediately right down the 'wrong' carriageway. Rob, a fair point of course if one is driving a box van, Lotus Europa or similar exotic with a limited rear three quarter vision and one should position for the best view but i won't wear this excuse in this case. I could clearly see the dr
  9. OK so this wasn't taken from the TR but I couldn't resist posting an image from a recent short trip. You might think that the driver in front made a very late decision to turn left rather than right but I am afraid even that thin excuse is not available, since they were signalling their intention to turn left for at least 100 yards on the approach to the junction! I am of course used to seeing such thoughtless driving but the recent acquisition of a dash cam allows me to record and keep such examples for my continued amusement. Tim
  10. In 40 odd years I had Bob's problem of sudden oil pressure loss twice. The first time I stopped the car immediately and checked it over, the oil level was fine and there had ben no untoward noises or exhaust smoke/steam accompanying the pressure loss. I restarted the engine and drove home about ten miles using minimal revs with the gauge showing about 15psi. The following morning I started the engine and immediately had full pressure and I reasoned that maybe the PRV had been held open by some foreign matter that had been blown out when I started the engine with cold oil. I later removed the
  11. Beautiful John. Roll on Christmas 2022 and let's hope Sue and I are allowed back in Australia by then! Tim
  12. I have never had external mirrors on the 4A, preferring the clean lines without them and since they were not fitted when the car was new they are not legally required. I have a TR6 interior mirror, which not only offers a dipping function but also a usefully wider field of view than offered by the original 'postage stamp' type of the 4A. Having the Surrey model with wrap around rear screen I have almost 360 degrees vision and a quick look over either shoulder is enough to check the blind spots. Tim
  13. I have a very strong rare earth magnet on the sump just above the drain plug. I don't know if it ever catches anything since after a run to warm the oil I of course remove the magnet before draining. I also have a magnetic drain plug and am pleased to say at each oil change I find very little swarf on it and then only tiny particles.
  14. Why place the magnets on the rear sump face Roger, is it to be closest to the pump filter? Tim
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