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  1. When I tried the spin on conversion I had the same problem of the filter coming undone with the adaptor. My experience with the conversion also involved a leak on our newly block paved drive, SWMBO was not happy! I sold the conversion kit on and reverted to the factory canister set up. I have a pit at home so no sweat to change the filter. Tim
  2. Yes, I also saw SYK 313F featured the other day on the repeated Antiques Road Trip episode, together with an MGC. I found myself repeatedly encouraging the driver (all three who drove were guilty) to keep both hands on the steering wheel of their car as they should be at all times except when gear changing, operating a minor control or giving a hand signal to another road user or person controlling traffic as shown in the Highway Code (see Rule 103 and Appendix). I regret that this lazy comportment at the wheel is almost universal in TV and cinematic portrayals and, worse, very common on the r
  3. I should have said, the wet grip and steering response of the T-Trac 2s are similar to the Dunlop SP Sports of yore but the life is far better due to a the lower wear rate of the newer technology tyre. Tim,
  4. + another for the T Trac 2. First tried these on the 4A following a recommendation on here and now can't see me using any other tyre. They are particularly confidence inspiring in the wet and put me in mind of the old Dunlop SP Sport Aquajets- anyone remember those? Tim
  5. +1. 12" pusher works for me for 45 years Richard. Tim
  6. I junked the mechanical fan on my 4A over 40 years ago, at the same time dispensing with the hub extension to facilitate future changes of the thick TRactor fan belt. I fitted a Kenlowe 127L kit bought from an acquaintance who had purchased it to fit to his Rover saloon and then given up. The ducted fan is fitted as a 'pusher' in front of the rad and about 1/4" from the core. My experience has been much as RobH, the fan is only required when crawling in traffic for prolonged periods or perhaps climbing a long gradient in low gear stuck behind other vehicles. I prefer to anticipate such a situa
  7. Also if you haven't already shelled out for a new one it might be an idea to swap the original diaphragm type heater valve for the much better and more positive Everco type as widely covered on here. Tim
  8. If there is an insurance broker on here I would appreciate a PM. Many thanks, Tim
  9. I wonder if on the off chance anyone can put me in touch with a solicitor with experience of dealing with this body in relation to property matters. Tim
  10. I like the idea of studs for the front and rear sump fixings into alloy and will make this mod when the sump is next off. Another benefit of course is that it will make it a doddle to locate the sump when replacing. Tim
  11. Nige, if the drain plug on your block is as original it should incorporate a valve and a tap, which you turn through ninety degrees to fully open. A piece of rubber or plastic tubing of suitable i.d. will fit over the outlet and allow you to direct the old coolant clear of the starter motor and into a suitable container for correct disposal. If the block has been flushed and the coolant changed regularly you might be lucky and find it flows out readily (as mine does). If not then protect the starter motor as advised above and a piece of stiff wire poked through the open valve and wiggled aroun
  12. The second item on the list is a TR2 body shell/rolling chassis, reg. no 200 CMX. This rang a bell and on checking I found that this car was bought new by our late Club Triumph President, Derek Pollock from Broadfields garage, Cockfosters and it represented the start of his long involvement with Standard Triumph. One of his first trips in it was with a friend to the tragic 24hr Le Mans race in June 1955. The arrival of Derek's first child in 1956 resulted in a regretful sale of 200 CMX, which was replaced by a rather more sedate Standard 10. Tim
  13. Actually they are 72 spoke as for TR6 but far preferable to the 48 spoke TR4 type for stiffness/strength. I would not criticise the car for that although the ad does misrepresent it in that respect; they do not claim the restoration to have been to 'original' standard, in any case it has been converted from the original LHD. Tim
  14. Yes, why could not the wheels be balanced with weights out of sight inside (pisc 71-74)? My man always manages to do this with my wires. Fuse box lid missing (pic56); wipers still set up for LHD; upper instrument panel screw heads appear rusty and there is damage to the panel around the upper right hand screw, ash tray faded; no passenger side grab handle (pic 80). In pic 25 is that an untidy weld on the chassis where a repair section has been let in? For 50 grand one is entitled to expect better. Panel gaps do look good though! Tim
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