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  1. marki

    Trigger wheel

    Pleasure Rob. You won't regret it.
  2. marki

    Trigger wheel

    Hi Rob. Hope this is useful, trigger wheel was from Emerald. Had it fitted to the rear of the damper by a local engineering firm. cheers Mark.
  3. Hi All. Having just booked my weekend tickets for Silverstone I was wondering if anybody knew if there was going to be an anniversary lap for the 6 ? I understand it's several other makes also have anniversaries and have booked a parade lap. Cheers Mark.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. mark.
  5. marki

    Body tub

    Hi All. I'm half way through a full restoration and have started looking closely at the body tub, it'll require major surgery and am considering another tub. Does anyone know of a good one that would be worth looking at ? Many thanks Mark.
  6. marki

    Body panels

    Hi Conrad. I may need them yes, I have two cars on the go at the moment. Is this near and off sides ? what would you be asking ? thanks Mark.
  7. marki

    Body panels

    Hi Conrad. When you say whole assemblies? Do you mean inner wings as well ? cheers Mark.
  8. marki

    Inner wheels arches

    Hi Ian. Think they must be gone. Thanks anyway, Mark.
  9. marki

    Body panels

    Thanks Stuart. I'll give TR shop a ring. cheers Mark.
  10. Hi All. Anybody know if inner wheel arches are Available anywhere? I've tried the usual places to be avail. cheers Mark.
  11. marki

    Body panels

    Hi Stuart. We also need the front inner arches. Are you saying that Heritage do them ? cheers Mark.
  12. marki

    Body panels

    Hi Mark. Yes please. PM me and I'll sort payment etc. Don't suppose he would like to make another ? Many thanks Mark
  13. marki

    Body panels

    Hiya. I need these two panels, it would appear they are no longer available. They are between the inner arches and the bulkhead on both sides. Does anybody know of a company or person for that matter that make them ? thanks Mark.
  14. Hi All. A fellow club member is on a budget and is after a front pulley, anybody got one ? Cheers Mark.
  15. Thanks Tim. I'll look into it. Cheers Mark.
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