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  1. marki

    EFI First Drive

    Hi All. Regard catch tank, I've had the breather moved to the other side of the rocker cover another off the fuel pump blank and a small tank on the passenger footwell.
  2. marki

    EFI First Drive

    Hi Harry. Sorry to hi jack this thread, have you any more pics of the inlet plenum you built. As I'm looking into it myself. Ian, as everyone has already told you you'll love it. Mine made an extra 20hp from the Lucas system. Cheers Mark.
  3. Glad you're sorted, stick with it. Cheers Mark
  4. Hi Ian. Do you have the correct TPS as they are handed for fitting on the other end of the throttle bodies. dont askme how I know. Good luck, you won't regret it. mark.
  5. Hi All. I'm looking for the best place to order a new set of stainless bumpers, has anybody recently bought any ? cheers Mark.
  6. marki

    Wiper blades

    Hi All. Im looking at getting a decent pair of wiper blades, I have changed my arms to black in thehope it will match a modern set. has anyone found a good blade that will fit onto a Tex fitting ? many thanks Mark.
  7. marki

    10 countries

    Good idea Tom. Message sent.
  8. Hi All. IACV is the way to go, just lovely. You can see the valve bottom right. cheers Mark.
  9. Looking through the timetable I can't see anything for the 6 parade, shame as just about every other anniversary appears to be celebrated. mark.
  10. Thanks all for the replies, I'll take a look at the Halfords range. Cheers Mark.
  11. Good advice, apriciate that.
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