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  1. Hi All. Looking to fit my new hardtop, slightly confused by the two spacers that fit through the windscreen frame. they look like they drop in from the top but on the illustration they appear to be under the Ali cap ? number 34 on the Moss website. Cheers Mark.
  2. marki

    Headlining paint

    Hi Stuart The trouble is the only interior is black and the headlining is stained anyway. I'll look at Vinylcote. Thanks Mark
  3. marki

    Headlining paint

    Would prefer brushable if there is such a thing.
  4. Hi All. Well I have found a very solid hardtop, the headlining is an off White at the moment and I would prefer it black. has anyone successfully painted a headlining ? And if so what product did you use ? cheers Mark
  5. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    Hi Tim. Yes I saw you on the RBRR, was the sunroof in it when you bought it. I think that's the perfect combination. cheers Mark.
  6. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    Hi Mick. My car is a very similar colour, yours looks stunning.
  7. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    Hi Waldi That is about what I had in mind cost wise, I would also have to have it painted. So things will add up. Mark
  8. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    Hi David. I went to look at that one last week, paint was great nice and solid. Unfortunately the headlining and rubber seals needed renewing. Chrome bits missing and no fixings. Basically it needed renovation.
  9. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    The eBay one is a scam.
  10. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    It would appear I'm definitely not sorted so still on the hunt. Mark.
  11. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    Thank you Clem. I think I'm sorted now.
  12. marki

    Hardtop wanted

    Hi All. I'm considering fitting a hardtop, does anyone know of a good one up for grabs ? cheers Mark.
  13. Thanks Kevin. I'll have a look.
  14. Thanks Neil I've got a new relay, I'll swap it over. cheers Mark
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