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  1. Sorted, loose wire. Think it’s the first time I’ve fixed a fault and not spent any money
  2. Hi Rob works fine in second so the solenoid and relay must be ok.
  3. Hi All. As the title says really, overdrive is fine in second, am I presuming right and thinking it’ll be the inhibitor switch ? cheers Mark
  4. All fitted back together today, yet to test drive it but sat in the garage I have a solid pedal. Thanks again Stuart.
  5. Well look what I’ve found, after 11 years of ownership and never really happy with the brake pedal it appears this may well be the problem.
  6. Hi John great helpful photos, cheers.
  7. Hi All. I’m sure I’ve seen an article about wear on the rear brake back plates that will cause a longer brake pedal, I don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere. Has anyone got any pointers please ? Cheers Mark.
  8. Hi Waldi. That's interesting about the window manufacturing, who did you use ? TRier, stick with it, its worth the effort. Cheers Mark.
  9. Hi Stuart. I did think of putting something in the channel to alter the angle.
  10. Hi Stuart. Yes the difference is minimal but it would have explained the problem. Mark.
  11. Just gone and measured the 4 glass, I definitely have 6 glass, I guess it's a case of playing with adjustments. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi Stuart, Hi Rob. Well after a hundred measurements I definitely have 6 glass. I'm going to take the glass out of the mechanism and push it into the opening to see the fit, if it's not too bad then I know it's adjustments. I'll keep you informed, Mark.
  13. I'll drive over and have a look, thanks.
  14. I presumed the first measurement of 400mm is the 4 and the 410 is the 6 ? I have a 4 in at the moment in the workshop, not sure if I could tell the difference with the glass in the 4. Cheers Mark.
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