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  1. To be honest for the money I'd go EFI, more power better mpg and reliability. Cheers Mark.
  2. That's exactly what I came up with, tough one ?
  3. marki

    Logic device switch

    All sorted, thanks Roger.
  4. Hi All. After the governments announcements yesterday saying we are allowed to drive to beaches etc does this now allow us to go for a drive ? What's the thinking ? Cheers Mark.
  5. marki

    Logic device switch

    Hi Roger. Yes it was made by your fair hands, I think I'm there now with the switch. Just the wiring..... you mentioned fitting a 1000ohms resistor inline for an led light would I just add it in the line to the light ? if so would this be suitable ? Cheers Mark.
  6. marki

    Logic device switch

    Thanks Colin. That's perfect, loads of info. many thanks Mark
  7. marki

    Logic device switch

    Thanks Keith. I'm just starting to take the cowl and switch off cheers Mark.
  8. marki

    Logic device switch

    To be honest I'm still trying to get my head around the wiring.......
  9. marki

    Logic device switch

    Hi Colin thanks for the reply, I like the sound of your switch. Dont suppose you have any photos ? cheers Mark.
  10. Hi All. With all this time on my hands I've decided to finally get round to fittthe logic device I have, kindly made by a forum member. Revingtons offer a momentary switch for the columb, but to be honest it looks a bit poo. Has anyone altered there existing switch and if so how ? cheers Mark.
  11. marki

    TR6 bumpers

    Hi. I recently fitted a TR shop set on a restoration. Very pleased fitted well and looked good. cheers Mark.
  12. Hi All. I've just bought a set from The TR shop in Stainless, to be honest I'm impressed.
  13. marki

    Long wheel studs

    I'll second that Stuart, The wheel nuts that came with the bargain wheels are made of cheese. Mark.
  14. marki

    Long wheel studs

    Hi Daz. Raceterations has both front and rear in stock, crazy money mind. cheers Mark.
  15. marki

    Long wheel studs

    Thanks for all the replies. Sorted now. Cheers Mark
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