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  1. Ceramic coating of the exhaust manifold is meant to reduce intake manifold and under bonnet temps quite a bit. I had it done but didn’t do before-and-after measurements so I cannot claim to be much of a scientist...my manifold needed cosmetic help so i went that route hoping to kill two birds at once. c74
  2. Check your oil and look for coolant/water in it. White smoke might mean the head gasket has or is about to fail...hopefully not!
  3. charlie74

    belt trouble

    Another option to facilitate changing the belt is to put a jack under the main frame cross member at the front and lift the car slightly which will allow for removal of two of the bolts on either side of the tubular brace that is situated in front of the engine. With two bolts removed and the weight on the jack it can then be rotated to create the clearance to either change the belt or position one in “storage” for later use. of course, this wont correct worn mounts or anything like that... . c74
  4. That Dr Doolin video is invaluable if one is to try this! I built my spring compressor based on his video and it worked great. Luckily i was in a port town and was able to source a chunk of 1/2” aluminum for a few bucks and i did all the drilling myself. I also ised some old rubber grommets from replaced shock absorbers on the top of it so I didn’t wreck the paint on the top shock mount. well done! It was a fun project for me and made a big improvement to the ride quality c74 ps. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the compressor in action...
  5. Hello years ago my father bought a basket case 3A from a gentleman in London Ontario who had purchased the car sight unseen from Utah. It was advertised as rust free and was way above the abilities of this fella to restore. Once it arrived home my dad started a body-off restoration that took 4 years to complete. Indeed it was a beauty when it was finished and a far cry from the heap that it was. I remember having a couple of friends around to the house to look at it and they both openly laughed at my dad and said he was crazy ! It even had bullet holes ! anyway, once it was completed it was driven (once) around the corner to get some photos and for reasons too long to get into here it was then loaded on a trailer the following day and it was sold to a gent in Denmark. Fortunately i was able to purchase the 74 TR6 that would have been it’s stable mate and i still have it 21 years later. It too was a body off re-do and is in the same condition as it was when finished (almost). Does any one know of its whereabouts or does this sound familiar? I am only asking out of curiosity but it would be nice to tell my dad if it is still on the road. Unfortunately I don’t know the commission number but IIRC it was a ‘53 finished in red with a grey interior that had red piping... thanks!
  6. charlie74

    Her first start

    This might sound stupid and forgive me if you have done this; make sure your distributor is seated properly and is rotating when the engine is cranked. I had mine out once and didn’t tighten the clamp enough and it lifted enough for the drive dog to come out of the gear and stopped me dead on the side of the road. Good luck!
  7. I am glad this has come up; I as considering doing the change this coming spring but now I don’t think I’ll bother...
  8. This site often comes in handy: http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/TailLights.htm
  9. You are correct regarding the delay in oiling the bearings if the original cartridge type filter is used. I have no idea how much more wear is incurred by using the original style filters but I changes mine because I thought i’d Rather not take any chances. I have had my conversion on for close to 10 years now and it has been great. Oil changes are less messy. And no leaks. If you do change to the spin on style adapter, just make sure you are able to remove the old o-ring completely from inside the block so you can replace it with a new one. It might take a pic or a small screwdriver to get it out but it must come out or you will have oil all over your garage floor. plus, there are many high quality filters to choose from. c74
  10. Very impressive! It’s great to see that you and your car have recovered and back on the road!
  11. all i do is put marine grade stabilizer in the fuel (tank is full), close the fuel valve i have installed, and remove the battery so i can periodically charge it. the car is covered, of course and some moth balls in the interior. i do not start it as you can not get it up to temperature just idling in the garage. if i am bored enough, i might remove the plugs and crank it over to get the oil pressure up but mine usually hibernates undisturbed until spring (unless there are projects but this is going to be a quiet winter...) c74
  12. Does anyone know how much the stock shock absorber should extend when new? I just got some from Moss and they seem to extend more than the ones I removed but they are quite old... Thanks in advance! C74
  13. mine split and the replacement split shortly afterwards due to inferior rubber (thats what i am telling myself). they are straight forward to replace but it is physically quite a grunt. IIRC i used needle nosed visegrips and a spare clip to pull the last few clips into position. have a good breakfast and do some stretches before you start this! once you have got it done, your workout will be complete and you will have lost 2-3 lbs in sweat!
  14. i replaced my boot seal also but made sure the seam was at the front by the fuel filler. i recently read elsewhere that the license plate lights can let in fumes to the boot. it might be worth trying to seal them too. c74
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