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  1. Morning Denis I spoke with Paul from: E P Services Unit 1 Central Trade Estate, Cable St, Wolverhampton, WV2 2RJ Tel 01902 452914 He said he as been trading for 48 years now and thinks he now knows how to refurbish the water pump , mine is going off to him in a few weeks time. Apparently it is cheaper if you don't send the pulley as well, mainly because of postage due to the extra unnecessary weight. I spoke with him last year and think the cost was circa £78 - £80 but be good to check, he has come well recommended in my TR circles. Trust this helps. Bes
  2. Ah ha! The other link further down, seen it now. I'm at that funny age. Thanks Denis.
  3. Hi Dennis There will be no buyer's fee to be added, it's something Car & Classic has devised to get round lockdown, travel restrictions and numbers of people gathering at auctions. You bid online so there is no venue or staff costs, bit like Ebay. Agree with you on the need for OD, useful. Best wishes, Mike
  4. I make that £19,621.62 offered on a spend of £81,255.27. Less than 25%. I am amazed at why someone would spend that amount on something, let alone a car, that will show such a loss. Am I missing something here?
  5. Alan G Bidding ends at 11.28 GMT tonight. Current bid sits at £17,877.80, I'm sure someone will meet the reserve though, be interesting to see where ends up. Mike
  6. For those wondering the conversion its £81,255.27. Think he will be lucky to get half of that back, I hope to be corrected.
  7. Thanks Stuart, I have someone that helps me out with more in depth stuff on my 5, he did his apprenticeship with Lucas in the 60s in North London and says the same about the parts used! Mike
  8. Interestingly Derek I note in Bill Piggott's book 'Original Triumph TR4/4A/5/6' (p49) whereby he refers to the 5 & 250 as having 'Dashboard screws should be black' but the image on same page illustrates one 5 with shiny screws. The book also refers to the ammeter as being Lucas and remaining gauges as 'Smiths' instead of Jaegar. All have black bezels as suggested by others on this thread.
  9. Looks a fabuuuuulous job Paul, more so in just 10 months, trust you will have great fun with her now.
  10. Update Rear glass was fitted yesterday with no issues and I would like to thank everyone on this thread that has helped and in particular Stuart . I have added the instructions on fitting below so as to help anyone searching and who were worried like I was about what appeared to be an oversize seal. A couple of weeks ago Jeff Marks from Moss-Europe sent me an email and called me to explain why they make the seal longer for the rear glass. Jeff was also happy for me to post his instructions below with a view to helping others who might need to replace a rear glass seal sometime in the
  11. Update Rear glass was fitted today with no issues, thanks to Stuart, Tom and Harry for their help on this thread. Jeff Marks from Moss-Europe sent me an email and called me to explain why they make the seal longer for the rear glass. Jeff was also happy for me to post his instructions so that it might help those who might need to replace a rear glass seal sometime in the future. Instructions rear glass seal surrey top TR5 Although the seal seems to be too long, without this extra length the seal will not fit correctly into the lower front corners, we put a lot of time and e
  12. Thanks Stuart for your help. I will be in contact if I need the glass. Just to add the glass damaged the newly painted back plate, glass frame and both wings. Sprayer said he will now have to do a complete respray from the doors backwards and the glass fitter has agreed to pay. Just delays it by another two weeks. They say they come in threes, came downstairs to a kitchen flood on Sunday morning. House is currently up for sale. So whats my third one going to be? Best wishes, Mike
  13. Hello everyone. Unfortunately the rear toughened Surrey glass broke today when the fitters were nearly finished. I now need to source a replacement. Did a search on this forum and could only find info from 2007. That post suggested I would have to get a perspex one as glass no longer available, has that changed? Looking for recommendations please. Thanks in advance.
  14. It didn't sell, highest bid was £70,000. Suspect reserve might have been £75,000 following comments from auctioneer.
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