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  1. I'm looking for a genuine triumph workshop manual for my 5. Paul Hogan, who has been extremely helpful of late with the seals for my 5, he even sent me sketch , has suggested a triumph manual for both the tr 4 with the tr5 supplement. I’m really interested in keeping the car as original as possible so any manual that illustrates this would be great. Any recommendations please chaps or chapesses?
  2. Thanks Stuart Would I be correct on saying I need a total of 7 metres of either seal? It's just a figure that I heard mentioned in the past. A great help as always. Mike
  3. Hello Stuart Do you know which one I will need for the 5? This is for the furflex seal around the doors and surrey top. Believe I may need seven metres plus clips? Woollies have two types, the part numbers are 235 and 264 on the links below. The lady I spoke with said she was unable to state which one I needed other than to say if I got the wrong one, then when fitted will have trouble shutting the door. Looking at the subtle differences re the area covered by the felt I would suspect I needed the part 264 but will bow to your knowledge and experience. Part 235 https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/search?term=235 part 264 https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/search?term=264 Thanks in advance. Mike
  4. I visit the forum every morning and evening. Always go to 'TR250/5' then 'General Technical' followed by classified. Ii don't know if you can join and participate on the forum as a non paying member but for me I'm happy to pay £44 a year to gain access and the publications but the real reward is reading and digesting some of the truly helpful information from genuine passionate and quite knowledgeable members. It's just a fabulous resource.
  5. Thanks Stuart, the body shop I'm using go to Woolies for their seals as well.
  6. Thanks Hamish, not 100% on how much I need if sold by the metre but will have a look at the links you kindly posted.
  7. Any recommendations please for where to get 'quality' rubber seals following a bare metal paint job on my 5? Looking to get seals for both glass screens inc frames to body, boot, under the bonnet and furflex for the door. Have I missed any? I often hear fellow TR enthusiasts say be careful where you get parts from as there's a lot of rubbish out there. Being relatively new to the TR scene I lack the knowledge of who those suspects are to avoid. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks John & Hoges, will have look next time I'm at the sprayers.
  9. Thanks guys for all your comments, I'm satisfied it's an original and the comment made by Mark has been covered by DaveR. Now open to ideas for restoration firms. Will let you know how I get on.
  10. Looking for recommendations now, I see rcreweread has suggested someone, I'll give Rich a call, get his number and revert.
  11. Before I think about getting the steering wheel restored I would like to get confirmation that the one I have is the original one for the car. I think it is, can anyone confirm this please? It's the only photo I've got as car is at sprayers at the mo. Thanks girls & guys. Mike
  12. This was last Christmas Eve.
  13. See they have a Royal Blue and a Green on their website, both look really nice cars, which one was yours Snowy? We are at opposite ends, I'm a newbie having only joined the TR clan in Aug 2017, hopefully I will have many more enjoyable years to come. Good luck and my very best wishes with your new adventures. Mike
  14. I was bored so copied and translated the post from deloffe. Does it make sense to anyone? hello I am mr jmd de france I am not new to you after the transfer play pall I do not know if you received the old thank you to contact me
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