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  1. Did a search using google and found more on water pumps in this forum, strange I couldn't find other threads using this forum search mode. Decided to use EP Services based in Wolves for a refurbishment. They will upgrade the seals and bearings, done numerous TR5s, been doing this for 45 years and it will come with an unequivocal life time guarantee. Best wishes, Mike
  2. Hello everyone Got a small leak just under the water-pump, a consideration is to replace the pump, but which one do I get? I've been on another forum and they suggested there has been some issues with certain pumps, wrong shape and too few impellers, but could not remember which pumps, they suggested a search here which I have done using 'water pump' and the most recent thread was 2014, a lot can happen in five years! An alternative would be to get the pump refurbished. Thanks in advance. Best wishes, Mike
  3. Hi John, I've always used Deals, trusted family run firm, they sold by S Type Jag for me a year or so ago. The car is inside the showroom. Best wishes, Mike
  4. Hi Tom Trust it's not PEN 15 Sorry, feeling in a mischievous mood this weekend! Best wishes Mike
  5. Noticed this lovely looking TR3 in my local garage for sale, know very little about 3s as I have a 5, but looked very clean to me. https://www.dealofkelvedon.co.uk/vehicle-details/Triumph-Tr3-U5061/
  6. Dave Being intrigued as to what a 'vibrating poker' looked like I popped it into google and ended up on a porn site...... Ha ha, feeling mischievous............
  7. Ian, Mrs is a bossy mechanic and doesn't like taken orders, reckons shes the boss, so no change there! I've added a couple of more photos, you can see it has moveable supports, they can go up and down the side frame provided you don't tighten up the nut and bolt too much, see the gap for them to do this inside each support. They also swing out or lay on the frame and the heavy duty rubber plate (also moves up and down each arm) is what connects with the chassis. Best wishes, Mike
  8. After much research using this forum I opted to buy the 900mm (not 1,030mm as too wide for a 5, pinch the inside of the tyres when driving on it) hydraulic Scissor Lift from SJR Equipment, and I am not disappointed! This is quality and great access. Sam the man there was really helpful as well. Will take 2.5 ton and hydraulic. Cost March 18 - 1030mm £1,138.80 / 900mm £1,424. A lot of money but will hold its value well, aim to keep it for 20 years or so unless I pop off earlier. Had to add scaffold boards either side to clear the height of the jack when completely flat, my mate has a 6 and it took that no problem.
  9. Peter, I would have been interested in it if I hadn't already had my 5. Did anyone notice where you have to put the ignition key? Best wishes,Mike
  10. It shows the hammer at £26,000, but I suspect not sold as estimate was £30,000 - £40,000 and in the remarks it say Sold:N/A UPDATE Auctioneer staff just called me and said did not reach its reserve but seller has since negotiated sale, actual sale price will be on the auction site tomorrow.
  11. Steve I've got a Royal Blue CP 5 and would consider swapping my Lady Jane for your Amita, just for a few days. Ha ha, sorry couldn't resist. Hopefully someone might know who it is. Best wishes, Mike
  12. Andy I have a Royal Blue 5, you've definitely set the bar on the standard I want to get mine to. Fab finish, did they do anything on the wires as well, or was that down to you? Best wishes, Mike
  13. Hamish I'm on here two to four times a day mainly using laptop, occasionally the iphone. First point of call is the TR250/5 forum as I have a 5. Then it's General Technical, followed by classified, occasionally Swap and every now and then Forum Help/Rules. After reading some earlier posts I did for the first time look at Alec's Inn, will now add this to my daily visit. I've found this forum to be a really helpful with such a friendly and informative bunch of chaps and chappesses. I'm relatively new to the TRR and am learning everyday becasue of this superb resource which has now given me the confidence to do my own work improvements on the car. Worth every penny of the yearly sub. Best wishes, Mike
  14. Thanks Roger, any ideas on how I go about finding out which mine is? Mike
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