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  1. Evening Howard This was my last view of PCK422K I've sent you a message Graham
  2. racey


    Just fitted these stainless Steel bumpers from Harrington, they fit perfectly both front and rear with supplied bolts, washers etc Very professional service from them and kept me informed from placing the order to delivery which was around 2 weeks and all in at £745 - very satisfied Graham
  3. Thanks Stuart, I've scanned every inch of the outer casings and absolutely nothing what so ever - totally unstamped Graham
  4. Hi Rich Yes it's definitely 1.25" splined shaft with what looks like very little use as most of the marks you can see are storage marks really, so maybe it is a new/recon factory unit? I must get round to counting the gear teeth! Graham
  5. Hi guys, No stampings on the other side either... Or anywhere else so I will count the gear teeth to see if this can shed some light! Hope thee weather holds good for Goodwood Rich
  6. Thanks for replying Rich & Mike here's the side I would expect the I D. to be but nothing at all anywhere on the casings! It's a bit of a mystery to me. The internal are like new which had me wondering if it could have been a replacement box supplied by Triumph /Leyland?? Regards Graham
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone can help with a little problem, I acquired a spare cp engine and gearbox with a tr6 I bought and try as I may - I cannot find any identification stamps anywhere on the casing there are none and there is absolutely no evedence of ever being one or one being removed. There is a date mark on the right hand side that looks like it was scored into the casting sand reading 19/2/75 and that's all apart from the usual raised casting numbers....... Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. Graham
  8. Thank you Roger I'll give them a call this week Regards Graham
  9. Good evening all It's been a while since I last visited this site but I've recently taken on a 1971 CP restoration project started by the previous owner and although he has done a pretty good job so far, he has missed off the lifting brackets on the inner wings and this is something I need to correct..... So I was wondering if any of you kind members have a drawing of the brackets with dimensions on it so I can fabricate a pair as I'm struggling to find any. Or if anyone has a decent pair you're willing to sell I'd be happy to buy them from you Thanks in advance Graham
  10. racey

    TR6 Body shell

    Good afternoon all Thank you all for your response on this subject, I have taken on board all your comments and suggestions and being a good old Yorkshire man, can't imagine people will pay 10k+ for body shells be it new, old or indifferent!. Times change along with pricing I suppose and my initial estimation falls in line with that of Conrad's 4k and a gentleman who I will keep anonymous due to pm'ing me at around 6k. Question is, would I be happy selling within these prices should I decide to sell? and the answer at this moment in time is an honest yes if it where to someone who needed o
  11. racey

    TR6 Body shell

    Good Afternoon all, I have a late CR TR6 body shell in my garage that is in very good to excellent condition complete with all wings, bonnet and boot lid and i'm after a bit of guidance as to value as i'm contemplating selling to free up some garage space. All advice will be gratefully received Thank you Graham
  12. after reporting this listing to Ebay it still remains active like an illegal primed gin trap waiting to snare it's prey BUT, this morning I also noticed that as well as it still being listed - the user ID has changed but still the same item number! how do they do that?? Graham
  13. How about this baby for a bargain on ebay! TR5 for only £12000 - think i'll have two - hope i've done right by reporting it to ebay If only there was no such thing as a scammer - think of the bargains we all could have! Item No. 161493302416 Graham
  14. How about this baby for a bargain on ebay! TR5 for only £12000 - think i'll have two - hope i've done right by reporting it If only there was no such thing as a scammer - think of the bargains we all could have! Item No. 161493302416 Graham
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