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  1. I had the opposite problem, my bonnet kept popping open. My bonnet latch was missing the safety hook so ordered a new one. When fitted the hook didn’t locate with the latch plate. Tried to bend it slightly to line up and it just fell to pieces, so back to having no safety hook. My popping bonnet turned out to be the poor quality of the pattern latch plate. The spring was so weak it wouldn’t return the mechanisms properly. Managed to get hold of an original one, cleaned it up and sprayed it.........perfect.
  2. So, with a bit of fiddling with the key the tumbler came out still attached to the key! With a screw driver poked down where the tumbler should be I managed to unlock the boot.......phew! New lock assembly on order, don’t want to mess around with the old one. Onwards and upwards, the joys of owning a classic.
  3. Oh great, just what I wanted to hear lol!
  4. So after solving the bonnet from keep popping open, and the front brake squeal, another issue has arisen today! My new electric scissor jack arrived today so I put it in the boot. After lunch I thought I ought to try it, so went to unlock the boot, key turned as normal but boot won’t unlock. Have tried umpteen times but to no avail. How can I get the boot to open?
  5. So finally solved my popping bonnet! Turned out to be the poor quality new pattern latch plate. Now fitted an original one that I cleaned up and painted. The spring on the latch after at least 40/50 years is much stronger than the new pattern rubbish. The latch fully returns where the pattern one with weak spring didn’t fully return. Brakes now no longer squeal after replacing pads with Greenstuff pads and anti squeal shims. What I did find out is that my car has the earlier callipers and not the metric ones that it should have for it’s age!
  6. Electric jack ordered and has been despatched, with a bit of haggling got it for £29
  7. Like the look of that jack, so will order myself one! Thanks guys.
  8. Chris Seymour


    I don’t have a jack for my TR6, kind of need to buy one! Can anyone recommend a good jack that will fit underneath please? I have a small trolley jack for home but obviously don’t want that rolling around in the boot !
  9. Eureka moment I hope! Started her up after charging up the battery but still dumbfounded why it went totally flat in six’s days. The car was in the garage, no lights on in the garage and it was overcast and fairly dark. Was just sitting in the driving seat warming the engine up nicely, when out of the corner of my eye in the dim light I saw light coming out of the gaps around the glove box! Seems I have a sticky switch and guessing the light over six days must have been stuck on. Now sorted.........I hope!
  10. Definitely a flat battery and not a loose connection. Battery is now on a trickle charger and the lights now work. Still need to work out the cause
  11. Was going to take the TR6 out this morning, dropped the roof, donned the sunglasses, wound the windows down, turned the key............and nothing! Totally flat battery, not even the interior lights came on. Was fine 6 days ago, and has been since November when I bought the car. The car was restored 3 years ago by previous owner after 10 years collecting dust/rust so assume the battery is 3 years old? Have checked, and nothing has been left on, so battery on charge and wait and see.
  12. Thanks Charlie, nothing too exciting then!
  13. Was kneeling down and noticed this by the ignition. Is it standard, and what is it? Didn’t want to push, poke or pull it without knowing what it does first!
  14. Hi Mike, I have checked and adjusted the spring to make sure it lines up centrally with the latch hole. Both halves are new replacements when the the car was restored by the previous owner. Could it be that they are not up to the job?
  15. David, what adjustment did you do? I have adjusted the position of the spring to make sure it is inline with the mating half. It’s whether I screw the the spring bolt in or out? Need also to check my tick over, what rpm should a hot engine tick over at?
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