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  1. 2003 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior a 1700cc sports cruiser owned for ten years, and a 1974 Suzuki GT750L two stroke triple, newly purchased, and same year as my TR6.
  2. The log book used to show the previous owner. That I know, he bought it from the restorers, who I also know. They had the car for a number of years waiting for the right time to restore it. It was off the road for 10 years, before it had a £35K restoration in 2018.
  3. Tried sending off a V888 form to try and obtain some past history. In the box asking why I required this information, I wrote, “Researching the history of my historic car, for personal use” It came back saying they cannot release this information as it does not meet the reasonable cause criteria. Guess after hitting that brick wall, the history of GCT 416N will stay hidden for ever now?
  4. Previous owners were Dr Martin L Ward from Lyndhurst, Hants, also Robert Norman from Camberley, Surrey, and an unknown owner who lived in Germany. The two names above were members and listed the car as red. I was under the impression from the company that restored her for the guy I bought her from, that she was in Magenta! Are these two previous owners still members, or does anyone know them please?
  5. Oh well, was just hoping a previous owner (or 8) might have been members!
  6. Well my mot was booked for today. So took the “6” out 45 mins before to warm her up. While driving I kept pressing the pump switch, within a 1/4 mile from the garage it worked once and stopped working again. During the mot my fingers were crossed, and low and behold when the tester tried it it worked! So new mot certificate, and new pump ordered tonight.
  7. Well tried tapping it, sucked and blowed, checked to make sure the little no return diaphragm works, all to no avail! Motor gets warm so guess so guess I will have to order a new one.
  8. I can’t get any water to pump through to the wash jets. There is no blockages as you can blow through the tube to the jets. The pump on top of the water bottle get warm after repeatedly pushing the switch, so it is obviously getting power. The motor looks new, so was fitted three years ago when the previous owner restored it. Is it likely to be a duff motor?
  9. If you wanted to be completely different, www.bettercarlighting.co.uk do an led angel eyes upgrade? Bit pricey mind, and not for the purists!
  10. Shalbourne, the first classic car show that I have been able to attend since buying my TR6. Lots of eye candy to look at, from am old fire engine, a steam car, traction engine, an awesome sounding GT40, quite a few TR’s, sunshine and country views.
  11. Anyone else apart from me, attending the Shalbourne classic car and bike show this Sunday?
  12. The number plate also has never been an issue at any testing station, and the 9 years I have owned it, it has been to a few! No it’s not fully compliant with the law, but I have seen a lot smaller than mine!
  13. Have run an led bulb for about five years in my motorcycle, never been an issue on mot or dazzling oncoming traffic. So much better than standard, so plan to do similar to the TR6.
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