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  1. Does anyone have any history on my TR6?
  2. Thanks for that, will contact TR Action and see what they can turn up!
  3. So how difficult is it to trace the history of my TR6 GCT 416N? All I know is that it has had 9 previous owners, and was off the road for approximately 10 years before its restoration in 2017. It is a UK CR model with a US front bumper. The original holes for the indicators were plated an welded during the restoration to the previous owners request. Originally Magenta, but now Saphire Blue. Apart from that and the photographs of the restoration. that is the extent of my knowledge! Chris
  4. Also in to bikes and ride a Yamaha Warrior
  5. The builder had two TR6’s sitting in his premises and he chose my one to restore. Maybe the other one was an import and he robbed parts from that? I have their details so might pick his brains! He has a Stag that he restored for himself.
  6. Positive it is a UK CR registered in 1974! My overdrive is on the right hand side!
  7. Yes my TR6 is a UK CR but the previous owner wanted the square US style plate when he had the car restored. O/D is in the correct place and you push it down to engage. Thought I read somewhere that you push it up to engage?..........but not on mine! Is that correct? Is it also possible to interchange the indicator and lighting switch within the housing? Most confusing and all adds to the fun I guess?
  8. Interesting! it would seem that the indicator stalk and light atalk on my car has been reversed. Has this been done before by anybody, and could this be the reason the idicators won't self cancel!
  9. Think I will get a new lock set, are the one from Rimmers ok? Will check out the indicators one weekend. Confusing though as an owners manual shows the indicators on the right hand side, but mine are on the left, is the book wrong or has mine been modified?
  10. So tinkering with the TR6 today and trying to familiarise myself with it. First problem, guess the indicators should be self cancelling. Mine don’t, well the left does sometimes, is this an easy fix? Second problem, the barrels pull out of the passenger door lock (that doesn’t lock) and the boot! Not sure what is supposed to hold them in? Again is this an easy fix, do I need a new lock set?
  11. Thanks for all your comments. If the fumes are because of the “wheelbarrow” pipes then so be it! Love the look of them so it will be hood down or window open! The knocking could be exhaust or something else will have to crawl underneath and see what I can find.
  12. Must admit it does sound like the pipes knocking the chassis!
  13. Went through it’s mot yesterday and the tester was very impressed with the chassis and underneath, so don’t think it’s anything major? It was a private sale so no warranty. Also have a photographic record of the restoration.
  14. It may well be, only time will tell!
  15. So picked up my TR6 today and drove it the 69 miles home and she didn’t miss a beat! Has only done 350 miles since total nut and bolt restoration. A bit of a clunk from the back that I need to investigate, and plenty of rattles which comes with age I guess? Is it common to get the exhaust fumes in the car, as Mine did coming home? Lots of appreciative looks from other drivers just added to my grin factor! Now need to fit the classic tracker but may need to take it somewhere for that.
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