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  1. Hello, I have this rust free early style TR7 bonnet for sale. i have advertised it here on the spares forum but I've not had a single reply. I know the double bulge bonnets are more desirable but they also rust quite badly. Surely someone in the TR7 fraternity would like it even if only as a spare in case of an accident. I'm not asking a fortune for it and will accept any reasonable offer for it. I'm located in Nottingham so handy for the motorway and A1 if that helps hogie.
  2. Just to add another point on construction and use regs, There was an odd ball case some years ago about stating that if you don't travel at night then there is no legal obligation to have lights on a car. How this would work these days is open to question but i know from my own experience with the TR3 it cannot fail the mot over its wipers/washers simply because it doesn't have them. However, if I had fitted the spindles then they would have to work even if no blades were fitted. Hoges. PS . with regard to E marks I don't think they can make rules retrospective to cars tat were
  3. The first time I met the great man was at the Goodwood Revival Cricket match. Not in the members enclosure or hospitality tent but in the gents toilet! It was a close call but fortunately he didn't turn round and soak my trousers when I said hello. A true giant of the sport who's commentary style will never be equaled. His Murrayisms were legendary. Ie "He's on fire!" James Hunt replied "No Murray, that's his rain light you can see" Hoges.
  4. Yes this is very sad news indeed. As one of our clubs founder members the loss is all the greater. Trevor has asked me to write a few words in her memory and this will appear in the next TR Action but suffice it to say she was an amazing woman and a dear friend whom I shall miss very much. hoges.
  5. Oh for the confidence of youth! Mine was nothing like that hoges.
  6. I was 11 years old back in 1964 but I still recall the excitement of that day when Nash and Dixon rode their sled to a Gold medal. Some time afterwards I was actually allowed to sit in it and I recall just how basic it was inside. I think the sled was on show at the Crystal Palace along with the working models of Stingray and Lady Penelope's 6 wheeled Rolls Royce from Thunderbirds. An unforgettable day out and to ride the Cresta run is still on my bucket list! Hoges.
  7. Just to add another comment to an earlier posting, Racetorations did indeed fit electric window kits and i believe Moss also offered them. I've been contemplating fitting them to my dove for as Roger says, its a bit of stretch to open the passengers window when you are belted in. I'm told they use Golf units and there was a fair bit of bracketry used inside the door I saw being worked on. I was about to buy one of the window kits Roger mentioned but having seen his comments I wont be going down that route. Maybe motors and gubbins from a Stag is the way to go. It keeps the conversion 'in
  8. Having worked on the T5 planning inquiry and the third runway issue i have probably a greater insight into all the backroom goings on that have dogged UK aviation since the ill fated Maplin project back in the late 1960's. Over 20 years ago I put forward to the govt of the day a report that said UK airspace and runway capacity in particular would be in a bad way if we didn't start doing something about it. New technology enabled the ATC problem to be met but nothing, absolutely nothing was done about runway capacity. I proposed plans for a new airport in the Thames Estuary long befor
  9. For the benefit of Misfit Derek the Italianate Job in the title stems from the fact that we are starting from the old ROMAN castle at Portchester and having an Italian meal the night before hand. We are also going through some countryside the Romans tried but failed to subdue and calling in at a very pretty Italian village en route where we my have a cappuccino or two before heading off to 'France'! We will NOT be calling in at Costa Coffee or Pizza Hut unless we face a dire emergency! Hoges .
  10. Hi Roger, I have only just been made aware of this by Tim Hunt but to set the record straight. I didn't lift it from Club Triumph . In fact as I have told Tim, I didn't even know they did a C2C run. and why should I ? I'm not a member of Club Triumph. I organised a coast to Coast run last year with TRR backing and no complaints. This time the run is entitled 'Coast to Coast 2- The Italianate Job' However, as I have pointed out to Tim, the name Coast to Coast clearly says what the event is. How could you re name a run that went from Lands End to John O'Groats? I don't think you
  11. As there now seems to be some optimism that things will be getting back to something like normal next year i'm pleased to say that unless we declare war or something equally bad then the C2C run will be taking place next June 14th/15th - which to save anyone looking it up is on the Monday and Tuesday. If anyone would like to enter I have just one place left to fill. The Start is at Portchester Castle and will end at a secret destination in North Wales. The two hotels have been booked on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis and it promises to be an interesting jaunt across some ver
  12. Well I have seen cars in worse condition than this that have been restored and with Italis fetching serious money these days I'm beginning to regret selling my own example. Now that really was a rust bucket! It was only the windscreen that stopped the roof caving in. which of course it did when I took the screen out!
  13. you can be sure about one thing. due to covid the chancellor will use every trick in his book to raise revenue from what ever source he can. I think the only taxes that wont rise will be Income tax and National insurance as there was a manifesto commitment not to raise those. hoges.
  14. Somebody else recently posted a question about fitting power steering to their TR6 and my advice was don't bother - unless there is a medical reason for needing power assistance. If the steering feels too heavy and particularly at low or parking speeds then there are other things you should be looking at first. The fitment of oversized wheels and tyres is usually the biggest culprit and do check your tyre pressures too. Having underinflated tyres wont help. After that jack the front of the car up so the wheels are off the ground and spin the steering wheel over lock to lock. it sh
  15. Hi Bruce, Pete, I already have the manifold and carbs so going down the weber route is a no no for me. However, looking at the pics people have posted I will see if either a spacer can be fitted or change the float chambers hoges.
  16. Yes, but doesn't it look good! No problem with fouling the steering column then? Hoges.
  17. Thanks for that info but in this case its for a triumph tr6 motorcycle! Not quite what I had in mind. Cheers. hoges.
  18. I have to say that I never had any problems tuning E types when I was an apprentice on jags either. In fact its because 3 carbs are better than 2 on a 6 pot that I wanted to fit then to my Dove. I'm not sure about changing the float chambers but its an idea i will look into. As for the Mikuni idea, lets not go there! What surprises me is how a well known TR company could sell them without telling me they wouldn't fit! hoges.
  19. Hi there, Has anyone fitted a triple SU manifold to a UK spec car? As far as I'm aware these manifolds are made in America and just bolt on to their TR250/ TR6 models but over here it fouls the steering column. I have thought about making up a rather large alloy spacer so the the third carb can clear the column but that will increase the length of the inlet tract and the top of carb might also foul the bonnet. Any suggestions welcomed. hoges.
  20. PS where has the edit button gone? hogie
  21. I'm not so sure the plane would win. If you planned the journey correctly so that you hit the built up areas of Manchester and Birmingham at the right time, ie around midnight, then it ought to be able to maintain a steady speed. Bearing in mind there were no motorways back then it was a very impressive result for the TR3. As for the Auster, where did it take off and land? They must have used old RAF airfields like St Just at Lands End and Wick at Kohn O'Groats as they are the closest to those destinations and if so did the pilots drive to and from those airports or use 'public transpor
  22. This is all very interesting stuff on viscosity and tolerances in engines etc but one of the problems with TR's in general is that they don't get used on a regular day to day basis. Taking two of my own cars for example, the Dove rarely does a couple of runs per month, usually at a weekend, but when I do take it out it usually clocks up a few hundred miles each time. However, my TR3S race car hasn't turned a wheel for over a year now and while the tolerances on its engine are much finer than a standard TR, its the ability of the oil to NOT drain away from the cylinders and other moving par
  23. I doubt if anyone will be impressed with the photo, David or myself let alone be saying such things but I did think some people might like to know where the pic was taken given its role UK film history. As for taking proper precautions, well you don't meet many people on an alp when driving and since we got back I'm now in 2 weeks isolation. hoges.
  24. So did I Bob. We didn't see any of that stuff as we were not on that side of Italy but it makes impressive reading. Especially the bloody great howitzer the Italians took to the top of one mountain to shell the Austrians. I believe its still there. hoges PS the pic of us standing by Dave's car is half way up the Furka Pass at the spot where Sean Connery/James Bond parked his Aston DB5 when tailing Goldfinger's Rolls Royce.
  25. Have just got back from a trip to Italy with Dave Soloman in his TR4A where we did the 12 in 12 Alpine rally. (That's 12 alpine passes in 12 hours) It was a great event with a great mixture of cars being entered. I will write up a full report for TRaction later but for now here are a few snap shots of the event. It was good to know that the authorities had put some STRING up on some of the worst corners to stop you going over a 500 foot drop! hoges.
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