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  1. I never broke a halfshaft with a standard TR2 and that included some spirited driving but I did fit a Girling axle when I fitted a Daimler V8 engine! Cheers Richard
  2. I made this spanner/socket to remove and torque up the head nuts on a Ginetta G15/ Hillman Imp. It avoided disturbing the overhead camshaft. I made it out of an old socket and a ring spanner. Cheers Richard
  3. Dic Doretti


    Probably too young to drive TS2 and not a Register member! Cheers Richard
  4. What is this? It looks like a Girling back axle. It must be a very early one as it is fitted to TS2! Cheers Richard
  5. Lucky with the weather Cliff and the TR should be fast enough to escape the midges. Cheers Richard
  6. That is very sad. As a Walsall boy he felt he had to have a Swallow Doretti and found one in a Walsall scrapyard in the early 1970s, the long delayed restoration started in the 1990s and was completed with the help of his boyhood friend Mike Nangreve who now owns and regularly uses the car. He was quite a character, one memory I will cherish is him competing with Robbie Coltrane to tell the funniest story on my stag night. He will be missed by family and friends and the Swallow community. Cheers Richard
  7. It has been raced in England in recent years but I believe it is now lying dismantled in Edinburgh. It was complicated under the bodyshell, independent rear suspension with a Riley differential to which an Armstrong Sidderley electric pre selector has been grafted, definitely not put together in the Swallow factory. Cheers Richard
  8. A racing car fitted with a modified Swallow Doretti bodyshell pictured on the Ingliston circuit near Edinburgh in the 1980s. Cheers Richard
  9. Thanks Rod, when you put it like that it makes more sense than the story I got from a tyre professional but my point is still valid. I feel safer with a tube fitted if you see what I mean. Cheers Richard
  10. As I understand it early TR wheels should be fitted with tubes so that in the case of a puncture the deflated tube prevents the tyre from coming off the rim. Later TRs (TR6?) have a ridge inside the wheel rim to prevent the tyre coming off and do not need tubes. Some tyre fitters know this and act accordingly but most do not. Most modern tyres are designed to be tubeless which means the manufactures do not need to be as careful smoothing off the inside of the tyre where it could chaff on a tube. Cheers Richard
  11. If there is no spark at the king lead and the distributor has been rebuilt by the Distributor Doctor and there is a spark at the points then I would suspect the coil. Cheers Richard
  12. I had a girl friend who was struck by lightening while working as a vulcanologist on Mt Etna, she said it felt like a pat on the head! Her colleague saw it and suffered the biggest shock, he thought she must be dead. Probably saved by very wet clothing. Cheers Richard
  13. Hi Dan I have pictures from a photo shoot when the car appeared in the Triumph World magazine unfortunately most of them are too big to post here including pictures of the engine. Like the Balchowsky cars I used a Morris Minor steering rack. Cheers Richard
  14. I think Balchowski's first car originally belonged to Dorothy Dean and was the second prototype and the first Doretti in the USA. It was the least modified of his cars and probably scrapped, Tom Householder may know more. I put a Daimler V8 into a Doretti which fitted without any modification (it was much tighter in my TR2) and it made a great car. I would take it through the Clyde Tunnel just to listen to the exhaust, it is now in Norway. Cheers Richard
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