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  1. Hi Dan Mike Nangreve, a Doretti owner in Bristol has some high quality black and white pictures of the event which we used when setting up the stand at the NEC. He also has a picture of the "production line" at Swallows which is quite quaint, boiler suits and ties. Cheers Richard Attachments_201565.zip
  2. Hi Dan The popular story about the naming of the Swallow Doretti is at a meeting between Eric Sanders of Tube Investments (the parent company of Swallow) and Arthur Andersen also the owner of a tubing company in California among other things, a plan was concocted to market a Swallow sports car. This car would be called a Doretti, an Italian version of Dorothy who was Arthur Andersen's daughter who ran his car accessories business and would market the Doretti. In fact, as you pointed out the Cal Specialities Company had been marketing car accessories under the Doretti trademark since 1950 and Eric Sanders actually purchased the Doretti name for his sports car, I guess its all about marketing. The TR2 and Swallow Doretti were launched on the West Coast in January 1954, an event at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles organised by Dorothy Deen (replicated at the NEC a few years ago) the Doretti and a rolling chassis travelled over on the Queen Mary with the designer, Frank Rainbow. The fledgling company run by Dorothy Deen eventually became the largest Triumph distributer in the world. There is a very detailed article about Dorothy Deen and her varied career and another one on the Doretti in Automobile Quarterly July 1995. Cheers Richard
  3. One cam follower has broken through the case hardening and two more are on the way out and this on a newly rebuilt engine? Possibly the incorrect oil has been used or running in procedures or both, check the zinc content of the oil. To be safe change all the followers and possibly the cam and run in as Mick suggests, the Haul Road between Coulport and Loch Lomond would be perfect with plenty of hills to vary the load conditions and little traffic providing you don't meet a nuclear convoy. Cheers Richard
  4. That's interesting Bill. I often wondered why Dorettis got some very early TR2 engines such as TS1 and TS4 and to add a hint of conspiracy theory how well did Sir John Black get on with Sir William Lyons of Jaguar who contrived to stop Doretti production. Cheers Richard
  5. Surely a Vanguard engine would not have a TS prefix, also the position of the dip stick and diameter of the head studs should confirm it is a TR sourced engine. Cheers Richard
  6. They are building a Screwfix on the old Selmar factory site in Maldon. That would have been handy from Colchester. Cheers Richard
  7. Still no spanners but a greyhound is keeping the cats company. Cheers Richard
  8. Putting a cat among the spanners. Cheers Richard
  9. And not just TRs, this is good for all my cars, Doretti, Austin Healey, Citroen Light 15 and Morris Minor. Great news. Cheers Richard
  10. As already mentioned the horn push can only be accessed by stripping the whole unit. If you wish to do this I wrote an article on the overhaul of the control head which was published in TR Action many years ago and is now available on Technicalities. Cheers Richard
  11. There will be a Swallow Doretti meeting on the TR Register stand at midday on Saturday. Cheers Richard
  12. I took the old car over the Rest and be Thankful today and down past Invereray Castle, dry roads and blue skies with snow on the tops, so what is not to like. A bit of salt on the way back , it will wash off and didn't spoil the experience but puzzled by the new snow poles, are we in for a bad winter? Forgot the camera. Doh!
  13. I swapped my NSU Supermax for a MSS Velocette. This is getting to be a trip down memory lane. Cheers Richard
  14. Not seen an NSU Max for I long time. I used to use one to get to school many years ago. Thanks for the memory. Cheers Richard
  15. This is an amazing forum, not only the race meeting but the name of the driver and the chassis number. Had I been more observant and noticed the cars were lhd I would have contacted Tom Householder who is indeed a fount of Doretti knowledge and has been for many years. Thank you Tom and Don. Cheers Richar
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