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  1. And not just TRs, this is good for all my cars, Doretti, Austin Healey, Citroen Light 15 and Morris Minor. Great news. Cheers Richard
  2. As already mentioned the horn push can only be accessed by stripping the whole unit. If you wish to do this I wrote an article on the overhaul of the control head which was published in TR Action many years ago and is now available on Technicalities. Cheers Richard
  3. There will be a Swallow Doretti meeting on the TR Register stand at midday on Saturday. Cheers Richard
  4. I took the old car over the Rest and be Thankful today and down past Invereray Castle, dry roads and blue skies with snow on the tops, so what is not to like. A bit of salt on the way back , it will wash off and didn't spoil the experience but puzzled by the new snow poles, are we in for a bad winter? Forgot the camera. Doh!
  5. I swapped my NSU Supermax for a MSS Velocette. This is getting to be a trip down memory lane. Cheers Richard
  6. Not seen an NSU Max for I long time. I used to use one to get to school many years ago. Thanks for the memory. Cheers Richard
  7. This is an amazing forum, not only the race meeting but the name of the driver and the chassis number. Had I been more observant and noticed the cars were lhd I would have contacted Tom Householder who is indeed a fount of Doretti knowledge and has been for many years. Thank you Tom and Don. Cheers Richar
  8. Thanks Deggers, that is the picture. You can just see the Doretti grill between the two TRs. Cheers Richard
  9. I believe that amongst the brethren there is an expert on the Moss parts catalogue for whom I have an obscure question. On page 54 of the catalogue there is a picture of a period race meeting and in the background behind the 3 TRs appears to be a Swallow Doretti. As racing Dorettis are few and far between I am trying to find any details of that race meeting. Any help gratefully received. Cheers Richard
  10. I agree, looks like a bonnet hinge stud. Cheers Richard
  11. Not bothered by the heat at Bo'ness for the Scottish TR Weekend but a great show none the less. A good run down to the newly opened Jim Clarke Museum on Saturday on narrow roads through the Lammermuir Hills. The static part of the show on Sunday echoed to the sound of the hill climb where several TRs were competing including Alan Gibb in his Swallow Doretti, occasionally a steam train went past to add a different engine note. Cheers Richard
  12. Hi Pete Thank you for the pictures, better than mine but I do have some from Gaydon where there were more Dorettis. Being a traditionalist I use a camera for pictures and a phone to talk to people and my IT skills are limited. My pictures have a file size of 3.4 mb so they should fit and they sometimes do but not on this occasion. Cheers Richard
  13. There was a gathering of 9 Dorettis and an Italia at Gaydon plus the one in the museum followed by a 65th anniversary dinner in the evening on Saturday. On Sunday the cars were displayed at Stratford and some were in the Arena. I have pictures but suffering from upload failure. Cheers Richard
  14. I was thinking about this thread today while working on the suspension of a Swallow Doretti. The wheel studs on the rear are a larger diameter than the front due to the shoulder but are the drums different, no. So the drums are a loose fit on the front without the countersunk screws. As Mick points out all play is removed when the wheels are attached. Cheers Richard
  15. I think the central flange on the hub is the main locator of the brake drum keeping it concentric along with the 2 small countersunk screws, so drilling should be fine. Cheers Richard
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