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  1. That looks like a Beta with the more bulbous wings to cover the TR4 track. I rather like the grill. Cheers Richard
  2. Took the Swallow out, but only across the yard. The virus will be long gone by the time it ready for the road. Cheers Richard
  3. Congratulations on getting a TR Register Gold Award Ken, you kept that quiet but after 20 years as the Swallow Doretti Registrar you deserve it. Well done. Cheers Richard
  4. Not as far as I know, it was made of fibreglass and bonded to a modified TR4 bodyshell, perhaps the TR4 Registrar knows. They also did a similar modification to a Sunbeam Alpine with a more rounded roof. Cheers Richard
  5. This rare TR4A Dove was pictured in South Street, Glasgow in the mid 1980s. At the time it was thought to be the only 4A Dove but since then a few more have turned up. Cheers Richard
  6. VVC 290 on the TR Register stand at the Doune Classic Car Show in the mid 1980s. The owner, Kerr Baillie is standing next to the car in the cap behind my TR2. Cheers Richard
  7. Two cars recently mention on the forum in different posting but here together on a TR Register run to Strathallan in the mid 1980s. 30 FGF was owned an raced by Colin Wheeler from Durham, I believe it was originally known as the Blackaby Special. While VVC 290 was owned by Kerr Baillie from Ayrshire who later discovered its early history as a member of the army rally team and went on to compile a considerable history file with signed menus, photographs and rally results and met some of the original drivers. The TR2 in the middle was owned by a lovely old chap from Liverpool called Tom Davenport who had the car from new. Cheers Richard
  8. A picture of 30 FGF on the Arran Rally in the mid 1980s driven by Colin. Cheers Richard
  9. Try an MG specialist, MGB dashboards have a crackle finish and no heat required. Cheers Richard
  10. I use Glyptal from Frosts, it is oil resistant and is useful in dealing with any porousity or pin holes in a repaired sump. I think the blocks were originally coated in this in the factory but not sure about the water ways. Cheers Richard
  11. I worked on one of those Army rally cars for the owner who lived in Ayrshire. He was in contact with some of the army drivers and compiled a huge history file including letters and photographs and a menu from the end of the Liege Rally signed by the army team, the Triumph works team and Ken Richardson. I facilitated its sale to Bill Piggott. Probably have some photos somewhere. Cheers Richard
  12. That looks a nice rocker cover for a Standard Sportsman and with a fancy flip up oil filler. I'm surprised I've not seen one on a TR before now but I guess there are not many Sportsmen about. (Sportsmans?) The Doretti looks a bit scruffy and needs some trim parts but the estimate is low, I wonder if it runs? Cheers Richard
  13. Correct Ian, it is a 1949 Citroen Light 15. The engine was designed in the early 1930s and copied by Triumph for use in the Vanguard and with a redesigned cylinder head was used in the DS giving a lifespan of around 50 years and that is not including the wriggly tin van. Fo8 gaskets are available from specialists in a variety of sizes. Cheers Richard
  14. I have built a number of TR engines, one in the street in the west end of Glasgow which went down to the south of France several times and over the Pyrenees. It is not rocket science it just needs care and attention to the details. It is shocking a classic car restoration company cannot manage this. As you can see this is not a TR engine but very similar. Cheers Richard
  15. I skipped a TR2 axle recently, nobody wanted it, but I kept the back plates and half shafts if that is what you are looking for. Cheers Richard
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