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  1. I have a couple of cats if anyone is needing any whiskers. Cheers Richard
  2. Hi Dan Some Dorettis have a right angle flange around the wheel arch which reduces the clearance, no problem at the back where there is plenty of clearance with the TR2 axle but the TR4 track on the front of Dorettis is more of a problem. Other Dorettis have a wired edge around wheel arch which improves the clearance, I put a wired edge on my flanged wings and used TR5 wheels. Cheers Richard
  3. I took my TR2 over the Pyrenees from Scotland on a couple of occasions equipped with small carbs and a low port head, didn't hang about and 40 mpg and that is how I will rebuild the Doretti. My Xantia HDi estate is faster and more economical, but a diesel TR, I don't think so. Cheers Richard
  4. Hi Marco Both MGBs and Austin Healeys manage with pusher pumps next to the back axle and SU carbs, I suspect the problem lies with the bodged mechanical pump in the circuit. Cheers Richard
  5. I made the tags out of stainless steel for ultimate longevity on my Swallow Doretti. Cheers Richard
  6. I have successfully repaired several petrol tanks with a mig welder. Make sure the tank is well flushed out to remove any petrol smells, then fill with CO2 from the welder and weld the tank. Finally clean out the tank and use a fuel tank sealant to protect against rust, ethanol and seal any pin holes. Cheers Richard
  7. I have just been told the results of the Silverstone Auction, a good day for sellers but not so good if you want to own one of these icons. The Dorettis sold for £74,250 and £69,720, the Italia sold for £131,000 and the TR5 for £86,250 which must be a record. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Ken I think you may be mistaken about the sales if you adopt a multi faceted approach covering a lot of areas which have not been seen in print. Firstly you could cover the start up of the Swallow company with the partnership of William Lyons and William Warmsley in Blackpool and the production of motorcycle sidecars. Then a section on the special bodied cars like the Austin Seven Swallow which probably have not been covered anywhere else, followed by the tie up with Standard and the SS sports cars. Then the Jaguar company was created and the Swallow Coach Building company s
  9. Hi Ken Your knowledge of the Swallow Doretti is unsurpassed after taking over Cyril Harvey's research and the position of Swallow Doretti Registrar which you held for 20 years and continued to research the marque. You met Frank Rainbow who designed the Doretti and his secretary, Helen and interviewed John Churchley who took over the spares stock from the factory and continued to sell them long after production had ceased. Your website provides important information for people interested in Swallow Dorettis but I suspect it is only a small part of your bulging
  10. A great looking car. Simple British mechanical parts with an elegant Italian body, an Alfa Romeo without the inherent problems but at a big premium. You could buy a TR and an Alfa for that price. Cheers Richard
  11. They have been for sale on the Car and Classic website for £69,950 each for the last month or so and on eBay before that. There have been 5 Dorettis for sale recently in the UK, which is unusual and only the Anglia Auctions car was sold and there is another one due on the market soon so back up to 5 again. Cheers Richard
  12. I do not think TRs ever had a 4.3:1 ratio. Standard was 3.7:1, with overdrive 4.4:1 and TR6 was 3.45:1 but I could be wrong. Cheers Richard
  13. Hi Roger You can cut down an old layshaft to use as a dummy or just use grease to stick the needle rollers in place. The layshaft is usually the first place to see wear on the TR box. Cheers Richard
  14. BSF and BSW are British thread forms and worked well and was only changed to the American UNF and UNC after the war when a huge amount of tooling came over from the States to replace that lost in the war. Cheers Richard
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