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  1. The studs are shouldered and are fitted from the wheel side then peened over on the axle side. They can be drilled out and later studs fitted which are splined and driven in from the axle side. Cheers Richard and the greyhounds
  2. That looks good Dan. I looked for TS4E without success which had been taken out of an early Doretti, and replaced with aTR4 engine. Cheers Richard
  3. Hi Cameron To clarify things a meeting was held at the beginning of the year organised by Cliff and attended by all the Scottish Group Leaders to discuss the year ahead. If I remember correctly 5 or 6 shows would have an official TR Register presence; Stirling, Thirlstane, Glamis, Biggar, Bo'ness and Scone with different Group Leaders acting as organisers. The controversial venue for the Scottish TR W/E was left open so if anyone thought another venue would be more suitable then it could be changed but no one spoke up so it remained at Bo'ness. There were more TRs at Bo'ness last year than Grantown and this year there are 39 TRs entered and a further 6 competing at Bo'ness. Grantown is a good event and has a loyal following unfortunately it is on the same weekend as Bo'ness and nothing can be done about that. Surely it is time to stop bickering about this and go to shows which best suit us and not criticise people who go elsewhere. We are car enthusiasts who enjoy driving and showing our cars and talking to other people about the joys of TR ownership and not whinging about each other. If this continues there will be fewer organisers in Scotland and the TR register will be poorer for it. Cheers Richard
  4. Hi Roger Many years ago as a novice I did that with the timing mark 60 degrees out, it lead to a lot of head scratching and a return to basics with a pencil down the plug hole and a check on valve timing. Cheers Richard
  5. Thanks Stuart and Roger for you responses. Looks like I may be taking the disc brake route, although I have never had a problem with well adjusted drums but I steer clear of Alpine passes. Cheers Richard
  6. Hi Stuart Those 10" alfin drums sound tasty, I am looking for a pair for the front of my Swallow Doretti. Where can you get them? The usual suppliers only seem to do 9". Cheers Richard
  7. I bought a new crank from Brown and Gammons a few years ago. It was not cheap but they also do reconditioned cranks which will be over 60 years old if you are feeling lucky. Cheers Richard
  8. In 1979 I was going to see John Hayter of the Berkshire TR Centre to buy a surrey top to give some roll over protection when I barrel rolled the 4A. Its not a comfortable feeling being trapped in an inverted car with the petrol gurgleing out nearby. Fortunately some burly lads came along and flipped the car back on its wheels before disaster struck. A firewall would have been good but it wouldn't have prevented the dislodged filler cap which a surrey top or roll over bar would have. John had stories of front suspension failures but hopefully most cars have been sorted by now. Cheers Richard
  9. Thanks for the advice Bob and Jim. Ever the optimist I will use the car and see if it goes out as mysteriously as it came on. If not I will try changing the bulb and if that doesn't work I will bypass it. Cheers Richard
  10. My car was fitted with a small alternator when I bought it and it has worked perfectly until yesterday. Now the ignition light stays on permanently whatever the revs but the ammeter shows a good charge. I have checked the wiring and connections and all appears fine. Is this an internal alternator problem and could I bypass the ignition light and just keep a eye on the ammeter? Cheers Richard
  11. Hi Scott I wrote the article on the overhaul of the control head in TR Action No. 62 and still have parts from several dismantled units so I may have the bit that you need. If interested please let me know. Cheers Richard
  12. I have a Doretti engine here numbered TS 1061 FR. It was painted gold and sold as a gold seal engine which it wasn't, underneath the gold it is black. I have seen metallic blue recon TR engines. Underneath the plate the original number is usually removed or obscured with a small cold chisel. Cheers Richard
  13. HI Roger I have rummaged through my trim collection and found a few small Tenax if you still need some, my Swallow is a coupe so not now required. I found small Tenax and large Tenax but also a medium sized Tenax with a head slightly larger than a small Tenax and the base the same size as a large Tenax. Cheers Richard opera_autoupdate.log
  14. Hello again. The car is a 1949 Citroen Light 15 and the crankpin diameter is around 48mm. The engine was rebuilt for the last owner by a classic car specialist near Montrose in 2014 who noted play in the big ends and dealt with leaking liners, it was a substantial invoice. Then in 2016 another garage dealt with leaking core plugs and liners and another large bill. Now I find the liners are leaking again, obviously wet liner engines are not widely understood. Fortunately I have rebuilt several TR engines. As play was noted in the big ends that was my starting point in the search for the reason for the low oil pressure. I hope it is not the crankshaft bearings, I do not want to get involved with the dark art of white metalling. Cheers Richard
  15. I hope some of the engine gurus can help. Looking for a reason for low oil pressure I have been measuring the big end clearances using plastiguage, they are white metal bearings so not easy to see any wear (not a TR engine obviously). The clearances are between 0.002" and 0.003" but I do not know what they should be. While doing this I noticed one of the wet liners is seeping, typical of an old car there is always something else needs doing. Cheers Richard
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