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  1. Suspect the metal will be too thick to respond to an indirect dolly, depending on access around the bracket. Just as wet on this side of the Gareloch but not as windy as your neck of the woods. Doretti on the rotisserie but working on the Citroen at the moment. Cheers Richard
  2. Tricky. I would cut off the bracket, knock out the dent and carefully weld the bracket back in place. Cheers Richard
  3. An early Swallow Doretti design produced as a scale model. A picture sent to Ken Yankey by one of the design team. The trend for exposed spare wheels was coming to an end, although that news never reached Malvern. Cheers Richard
  4. Would "flash chroming" be durable on brass hub caps? Some Dorettis had steel hub caps but some were brass. Cheers Richard
  5. Also fitted to some of the the faster Volvo Amazons. Cheers Richard
  6. A Doretti with knock on steel wheels. Cheers Richard
  7. +3, a fair summation. Cheers Richard
  8. Thank you for the advice. I do not know what grade the stainless steel is, it may be good, Faslane submarine base is only over the water. I have used it to make templates of the Dorettis's floors so I have cut and drilled it without any problems and could weld stiffeners in to form real floors but first I need to try folding it to test for fatigue and do some test welding. It is a good match for the Doretti bodywork which is a flimsy 20 gauge, although the A posts are 16 gauge. Cheers Richard
  9. To the technical minded amongst us is there a downside to repairing a bodyshell with stainless steel. My Doretti is on the spit waiting for the frilly areas to be cut off and replaced with new metal but should that new metal be stainless steel to avoid future problems or is it unsuitable for car bodywork. I have a couple of square metres of 19 gauge stainless going spare. Any advice welcome. Cheers Richard
  10. Hi Adrian I dealt with an engine like that on the street in Glasgow. I took off the sump disconnected the big ends and knocked out the liners with a heavy drift and a lump hammer. The pistons were still seized in the liners and were removed by breaking the liners, they are quite brittle. Looks like you have a job on your hands. Cheers Richard
  11. Hi Dan You could contact Peter Lockley who is the chairman of the Standard Owners Club and a fellow Doretti owner. Cheers Richard
  12. Thanks for uploading that Tom, plenty of reading there and information to clear up any inconsistencies in the Swallow story. If your archive could be combined with Ken Yankey's perhaps there is scope for a definitive history of the Swallow Doretti. Cheers Richard
  13. Not to be confused with Wee Eck our former leader with the wandering hands! Cheers Richard
  14. Fitting a Doretti body to the chassis using a 4 post lift. They are often available cheaply from MOT garages who are upgrading or closing down. This one has longitudinal beams so the bed can be lowered giving great access to the sills and suspension but I usually use a transverse jacking beam to get the wheels off the deck. One type has the hydraulic ram in one leg and this needs more headroom while the other has the ram in the bed so all legs are a fixed height. Cheers Richard
  15. Hi David The local group is Clyde Valley lead by Steve Craig who is based in Largs and in normal times there is a monthly meeting near Paisley as well runs, shows etc. Steve has a TR2 and 6 and his contact details are in TR Action. Cheers Richard
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