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  1. Hi Dan You could contact Peter Lockley who is the chairman of the Standard Owners Club and a fellow Doretti owner. Cheers Richard
  2. Thanks for uploading that Tom, plenty of reading there and information to clear up any inconsistencies in the Swallow story. If your archive could be combined with Ken Yankey's perhaps there is scope for a definitive history of the Swallow Doretti. Cheers Richard
  3. Not to be confused with Wee Eck our former leader with the wandering hands! Cheers Richard
  4. Fitting a Doretti body to the chassis using a 4 post lift. They are often available cheaply from MOT garages who are upgrading or closing down. This one has longitudinal beams so the bed can be lowered giving great access to the sills and suspension but I usually use a transverse jacking beam to get the wheels off the deck. One type has the hydraulic ram in one leg and this needs more headroom while the other has the ram in the bed so all legs are a fixed height. Cheers Richard
  5. Hi David The local group is Clyde Valley lead by Steve Craig who is based in Largs and in normal times there is a monthly meeting near Paisley as well runs, shows etc. Steve has a TR2 and 6 and his contact details are in TR Action. Cheers Richard
  6. Swallow are believed to have sold around 12 parcels of parts of varying completeness which could be built into cars and 1294 could be one of these, so the only one built by Walcliffe Motors. When another kit was completed the constructor approached Swallow about it and was refused permission to call it a Swallow. I have owned one and I know of another under restoration also Triumph used one for development purposes originally registered BOB 123. Ken may know of more of these post production cars which may include the Devon barn find of a few years ago. The factory sold the remaining parts to M
  7. Doretti website to purple drain pipes, that is some thread drift!
  8. Hi Alberto I have the details of around 56 Swallow Dorettis in the UK, the figure changes as cars are imported and exported. I do not know how may cars there are in Italy but Ken Yankey has a list of cars worldwide and should know, see his website for details. Cheers Richard
  9. It has come to my attention that the Gallery section of the website which lists the details of all Swallow Dorettis around the world by chassis number has disappeared. This is Ken Yankey's website and he has told me some commercial interests have quoted the website without his permission so he has taken down this section of the site. Should any enthusiasts require information from this part of the website they should contact Ken on <ken@doretti.co.uk>. Cheers Richard
  10. Hi Paul

                I was on the Coast to Coast run last year in a Citroen Light 15 and really enjoyed it and planned to do it again, unfortunately this is the first I have heard of the 2021 run and it is fully subscribed. Where was it publicised and how did I miss it?

               Cheers Richard

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    2. Dic Doretti

      Dic Doretti

      hi Paul 

                  I watch submarines sail past on the Gareloch.

                  Cheers Richard


    3. Paul Hogan

      Paul Hogan

      Hi Dick. Nice view you have there. As you can guess we never left England due to covid.


    4. Dic Doretti

      Dic Doretti

      Hi Paul

                  I was due to go down to Essex for Christmas, it didn't happen. Christmas came early for Ms Sturgeon when she closed the border.

                  Cheers Richard

  11. This is how it done on a Swallow Doretti which is more tricky as the lower bump stop bracket is welded onto the chassis but the suspension cross brace is mounted lower down and comes in handy. Cheers Richard
  12. I would also go for the blowtorch method. The bush may have a very strong grip, I have seen Alfa Romeo trailing arms crack using a press, used a blowtorch after that, messy but stress free. Cheers Richard
  13. I think the later sidescreens were made from perspex with cast aluminium brackets. I think Ken has had brackets made. I have owned several Dorettis over the years but I have never managed to find a set of sidescreens. Cheers Richard
  14. I rebuilt my TR2 engine on the street in Glasgow many years ago. No chance of using a puller on the liners as the pistons were seized in the bores so I resorted to an aluminium drift and a lump hammer, not easy but they came out in the end and the engine was successfully rebuilt. Cheers Richard
  15. It also has a plain boot lid with no recess for the number plate unlike the production cars, I guess this is the prototype which was given to Dorothy Dean. The bumpers were fitted to the prototypes and the car given to Sir John Black, the first production car and possibly others while the other non standard features probably came from Dorothy Dean's accessory company. The steering wheel will be stamped Doretti which was the trade mark of her company and was available to fit a range of British sports cars. Cheers Richard
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