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  1. Wow! On a good day I get 2mbs with Plusnet and when I complained I was told I was guaranteed 0.8mbs, any slower and it will come by post. Cheers Richard
  2. Have just fitted a similar set of wheels to my Citroen. They are Rubery Owen Easiclean wheels and popular in the 1940s and 1950s and correct for a 1949 Slough built Citroen. Cheers Richard
  3. Hi Ken I tried to buy some before but without success, have you had some more made? I need a pair if you have them. Cheers Richard
  4. We are in a post Darwinian age. Survival of the fattest? Cheers Richard
  5. Who needs a chip? Bira sharing a meal with his bodyguards. Cheers Richard
  6. The Doretti coupe in the 1970s. img20180821_18471854.pdf
  7. Hi Jack Some floor details, unfortunately I did not have sills and it was returned to the owner who was going to finish assembling the car. It is fitted with a modified TR2 gearbox tunnel. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Jack The floors in a Doretti were flat with stiffeners welded in on early cars or pressed in on later cars. they came in two parts with a join just in front of the seats, joined by bolts and captive nuts. They are bolted to the front and rear bodies, the chassis and the gearbox tunnel usually with captive nuts but these areas are often rotted out, new captive nuts are available. I have pictured a template of a floor, in one piece and the chassis strengthener. Gavin, the owner of Monkspath Garage was interviewed and confirmed he never sold any Dorettis com
  9. Pamela David Enamels do a range of badges for Swallow Dorettis, the quality is good but they are not identical to the originals but pretty close. The only alternative is to get an original restored, so back to Pamela David Enamels. Cheers Richard
  10. That doesn't look too bad Jack, I have certainly seen worse. I know of a couple of Dorettis which have had new rear inner bodyshells made, the inner bodyshell on the Doretti is simply made with no complex curves and the steel was quite a thin gauge but yours looks restorable. I know of one car built around a TR2 front bulkhead but that is a step too far. I can see the scuttle hoop on the chassis has been repaired, this is common but make sure it is not misaligned. I often weld a diagonal from the top bracket on the hoop to the front outrigger to stiffen it up. The corrosion on
  11. I have a friend with an original black plastic covered dashboard grab handle for a TR2. He sold his TR2 last year so this is surplus to requirements. I had not realised the profile is different to the later chrome plated handles, it is much slimmer. Happy to pass on any interest. Cheers Richard
  12. I have fitted a set to my Morris Traveller which has Wolseley 1500 brakes, perhaps the Wolseley is a source of parts. Cheers Richard
  13. Not as many Swallows as at Stratford with only 4 cars over the weekend perhaps the effect of Covid, a pity as it was a great show with a real buzz and the partially restored works development car was worth seeing, next year it will be fully clothed. Cheers Richard
  14. Hi Andy Bill Pollock is selling a TR4A wiper motor, which should be the same 2 speed motor as the TR5. Check out scottishtrs@googlegroups.com. Cheers Richard
  15. I was walking in the Cotswolds about 15 years ago with my wife and a dog, we were on a well marked Public Footpath and the dog was on a lead. We were surrounded by aggressive cows and calves and my wife was knocked over and the dog was tossed in the air fortunately without injury. I was very aggressive and they left me alone and I told my wife to run for the gate while I held them off. Having spent time on a farm when I was a child I knew to show no fear, wave my arms round and shout, farmers usually carry a stick. We were lucky to get away but it was scary. I reported it to the local tourist
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