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  1. +1 toe in is critical
  2. Have you by any chance fitted a heat shield bolted between the carbs and manifold.............they can leak for a pastime and cause no end of problems, running lean , pinking and running on. Saw a car with this problem at a well respected fettling establishment yesterday. Shield removed problem solved, another upgrade which possibly wasn’t. Iain
  3. Wouldn't disagree with using the correct assembly lube, but I think i l'll stick with using an oil with the correct Zinc content ( as ZDDP). Oil is much cheaper than an engine rebuild. Iain
  4. Hi Mick I am interested in your feedback on this, I use Penrite 20/60 but see that the Classic Oils 20/50 is very similar except its a Grp 1 base oil as opposed to Group 2. How do you find its performance when hot? With the Penrite even after a 250 mile run, tick-over oil pressure is a good 35psi. Iain
  5. Good question Peter.......that lobe and follower look horrible. ? Not enough Zinc in the oil ( as ZDDP) :-) Also is there evidence of the followers sticking in the bore? Iain
  6. Just bought 4 x T Trac2 for £172 from Demon Tweekes. Delivery included. What is not to like? Made in the Netherlands ....so it says on the sidewall. Last set of T Tracs just time expired. Great tyres, great wet and dry grip and great value. Iain.
  7. I need to apologise to Ian Smith of Chiltern group. Apparently he doesn't do the Forum, but Peter Bowden can contact him for you. Iain
  8. Cantrails were remanufactered by B Smith? Some years ago....Try IanC for details Iain
  9. iain

    TRaction 1979

    Very......one of the first few Traction’s I received as a new member too.....seems along time ago, but still pertinent. Iain
  10. ......which if the guard is whacked then push the stones through the sump.:-( Iain
  11. Penrite GB40 as recommended by the gearbox rebuilder 3 years ago.......who seems to vary depending upon what Moss are promoting! Clearly favouring a.n.other brand now:-) Iain
  12. iain

    Note to self

    Mine was originally red. It still has red on the cruciform and the front cross tube. When it was painted black over the top I don’t know other than between build in Nov 1957 and 1972. Iain
  13. Looks good Hamish. Now the fun starts...if you need the tool for fitting the rear window rubber ....shout I have one you can borrow. Iain
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