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  1. iain


    No. Nice wouldn’t even be involved. Phase 1 and Phase 11 studies would have worked that out in a non human environment. The LD50%.....dose that kills 50 of the trial population would have been determined. Nice don’t look at pre registration data.....they look at it’s relevance in the human context after the regulatory process has licences the medication. As Peter well knows RCT patient numbers are determined by the statisticians who look at how many patients are needed to show a statistically meaningful result. Quoting 10000 is pure nonsense. Iain
  2. Happy Birthday Paul Have a great day Iain
  3. iain


    Does this statement Peter not just reinforce the benefit of RCT's. That is observation is not enough, poor trials are not enough, poor RCT's are not enough to prove either causality or efficacy or safety? Iain
  4. The T7 Design heater is also a better and more cost effective solution for Sidescreens cars. Creating space behind the instruments which is very welcome! https://www.t7design.co.uk/3-5kw-lightweight-heater-with-side-vents-12v.html No association just a very warm customer! Iain
  5. Oh Roger you defeatist... there must be some local workshops nearby that would let you do a demo! Morgan at Malvern for instance. Alternatively you could make a really good garage/workshop movie, bring a projector, sit back with a beer and press play Iain
  6. Roger...an IWE workshop for you....count me in. Iain
  7. Hi Pink Bearings are usually clearly marked on the reverse face....+ 010” for ten thou, etc. If the number is just on its own...STD for standard usually appears. Iain
  8. To reinforce the point raised by Hamish https://www.ngkntk.com/uk/press-media/social-news/emea/fake-products-how-to-avoid-them/ Iain
  9. I would do it now Bob. If it’s going to compress I’m sure it will now. Also if you need anything on your trip,I doubt you will, but just shout I’m in mid Devon, not far off the M5 Iain
  10. Nice find indeed. The SLR and the SFT are period correct for 2/3/ early 4 the others not so sure. Iain
  11. Hi Derek, no idea, but you and Janet drove across my nose at Ermington at lunchtime
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