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  1. iain

    New Seat Belts

    I use this stuff a lot in my business. It is used to glue modern car panels on. You could use this which is waterproof, can be welded through, paintable etc to glue your plates on the underside of the inner wing. http://www.innotecworld.com/products/sealants-glues.php?productid=29 Iain
  2. iain

    The Missing Link

    I wonder how many more have a missing link? Ok don't answer that Iain Ps: I wonder if its in my WTFITF box?
  3. iain

    Useful travelling spares list

    Sean, you probably need to update your profile settings. Go to your profile Icon, top rhs of screen got to Notifications Tick the top box....email me with news. Iain
  4. iain

    The Missing Link

    Many thanks chaps, now I know what i am looking for.
  5. iain

    The Missing Link

    Bob does your 3 have a turret mounting? Not like the one Stan shows, but a bolted on clamp? I guess bolted to the chassis cross tube bolt?
  6. iain

    The Missing Link

    John I think that probably correct, the revision coming in later, as use showed that the steering box mounting bracket could twist and crack its welds. This is why I am interested to see what should be there to counter such an eventuality.The bumper iron to chassis bracket is so small, that one could see them being removed by PO's and not replaced as they do look very insignificant. I am intrigued also to see that column bracket that bolts to the suspension turret, the one preceding Stan's chassis change version. Again this is there to stop the column twisting under very heavy load and cracking the steering box mountings. I did a chassis up rebuild on my car in 1979......it could therefore be me that left these vital items off! Iain
  7. iain

    The Missing Link

    Stuart and Stan...appreciate your answers and photo. Neil Revington has tried to explain as well. Earlier cars got the bracket, steering box to bumper iron and a less robust turret mounting..........photo anyone? Iain
  8. iain

    The Missing Link

    Stan you appear to have a welded on bracket to the turret which I don't think earlier cars have? and then a mounting bracket bolted to that. Certainly mine at TS 23XXX does not have that additional turret bracket. I think the earlier cars possibly had a simpler/inferior arrangement until the chassis design was changed? Has anyone got photos of the arrangement on earlier cars? Iain
  9. iain

    Out of order ?

    +1 Absolutely .....its your picture, but you may have lost copyright in assigning to Traction, but, they are making false claims about their lights on the basis of your design and performance! That is infringing your Intellectual property right( IP). As the creator/designer you automatically own this IP. Time for a firm letter to BCL......also requesting they dont copy your design. Iain
  10. iain


    Very well done Marco...such a shame you cant use it. Iain
  11. iain

    Fit a Radiator / Sump Guard or not

    Here are the original sump guard fitting instructions Sump Shield Fitting Instructions.docx
  12. iain

    Useful travelling spares list

    This was my exhaustive list for a Rally in France. Used.......nothing! Might be useful, you can edit the lines for your own needs. Spares for Trips.xlsx
  13. iain

    Out of order ?

    That is blatant infringement of IP. Very strongly worded letter and request for them publish a retraction in a similarly prominent position in the same journal Iain
  14. iain

    New guy here

    Hi Lee your in the right place. Just need to post the details and wait for the TR4 experts to answer your question. I guess today might be quiet with many going to Stoneleigh to grab a bargain or just natter with mates. :-) Iain
  15. iain

    Gauge Seals x 2 and Dome Glass Suppliers

    That's great, thanks Bob Iain

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