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  1. Ah yes the Dagmars!....................................................................................................never heard off them until i read Octane this month! Iain
  2. Well spotted Peter. Ace Mercury wheel discs.
  3. These were about to fly.. VHP529 and VRW221 along with VRW219 and VRW220 on a separate flight. Lydd to Le Touquet. (VRW 223 started at The Hague.)
  4. Well done Tom, positive proof that open communication with the supplier works wonders. Iain
  5. Blimey there was me using the right arrow only! You are referring to the banner pictures on the link Stuart posted? If so, nope I don't see that. Cheers Iain
  6. Hi H period pic here John Waddington, Ken Richardson, Mike Wood, Lydd, Jan58. Off to the Monte
  7. You're a better man than me Stuart, I cant find it Iain
  8. How old is he current system? Is it that the "packing" in the silencers has just gone to pot? The system I fitted it the late 80's ( Tr shop) became very noisy replaced with the Revington system (bar Manifold) in 2012. Mileage in between was not that high,. I tend to agree with Martin, I would go to a good supplier and get a system that is known to fit and meet your noise requirements. Iain
  9. I would have yours refurbished by Andrew Turner - he comes highly recommended. http://www.su-carbs.co.uk/ Iain
  10. I am interested in this statement, what do you see as being incorrect? Iain
  11. Vredestein Classic Snow Tyres, T7 design Heater, Rainex and a Microfibre cloth for catching the drips.
  12. I have a Revington Rally system ( I use the standard manifold ) which is fine . I just had to fabricate a joining piece which was very easy. Iain
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