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  1. It’s perhaps easier to relieve the interference by using a small grinder on the block. It’s normally the external webs on the manifold side that cause the interference with the manifold. Iain
  2. iain

    Hardtop hints and tips

    The soft top lift the dots have receiver holes on the inside edge of the Ht...probably covered with trim. This rear seal is an after thought........ the actual rear seal is normally proud of the rear deck. See wsm. Have you read the chapter in the WSM re hardtop fitting? It’s does show alot of detail. Check it out in the members section. Iain
  3. iain

    Hardtop hints and tips

    Hi Hamish. I am convincing myself that the screen is the problem Looking at your photos of the interior rear mounting bracket it needs to come forward to mount onto its partner bridge under the trim, when you fit it. To achieve this the front of the hardtop will need lifting and pulling forward. This will result in the HT being over the screen top rail. The screen will then need adjusting. Do the screw fix windscreens have any adjustment to allow this. That is to push the top edge of the screen forward? iain
  4. iain

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    Very nice John. Iain
  5. iain

    LE JOG 2018

  6. iain

    LE JOG 2018

    I think David is using his Beatle Iain
  7. iain

    Restore or use as-is?

    Absolutely, just use it and enjoy. Iain
  8. iain

    Small Sense of Achievement

    Good luck with knee Ian. The rev device has a warning light to tell you when it’s engaged, this is also wired into the lighting circuit on one version so that it is dim at night. The control box having a rheostat allowing you to set the brightness for day and night settings. Iain
  9. iain

    Small Sense of Achievement

    Hi Hamish i thought the Rev logic was simplicity itself. Shout if your stuck Iain
  10. iain

    Help! No reverse, wheels locked

    Bob always good to know the outcome, a real shame it happened, but thank you for sharing. Good luck with the reassembly. Iain
  11. iain

    TO many cars

    Pm sent earlier today.
  12. iain

    Deleting attachments

    Most odd..... Iain
  13. iain

    TO many cars

    Any pictures?
  14. iain

    Improved Bulb Holders

    Sorry I was reading the first post and missed yours. I would still give EJWard a call and talk to them. It certainly fixed the totally unpredictable lights on the Stag. Iain

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