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  1. Is this true? I thought that idea was abandoned? Iain
  2. Have a great Birthday Graham Iain
  3. Agreed Rich. The works cars for 58 all had 4.1/1 diffs, having owned this car for 40 plus years I was surprised to find this marking in 2020 when I completed a chassis refresh. (When I rebuilt it in 1979/80 I had no idea of it’s history or such detail.) I met a PO some 5 years ago and he said “ I never understood why this car was so much quicker than his previous Tr2? “ after 55 years I could give him the answer! :-) When this axle ratio is fitted the Speedo gearing was 1300 as marked on the face of the dial. I have not seen markings on casings for the 3.7/1 axle, but then I’v
  4. My diff is clearly marked for the more unusual 4.1/1 ratio. stamped 10/41.
  5. Hi Don hope you have a great Birthday Iain
  6. Hope you’ve had a good day Conrad. All the best Iain
  7. Penrite 20w60 I find is excellent. Has the correct ZDDP levels etc. We’ve done many miles, 6000 plus in the last 7 months with barely any oil usage at all. This has been moderately hard usage too. Pyrenees Rally and then a Rally Monaco. For first time in 40 odd years my engine is drip free and therefore I know the consumption as opposed to the marking territory losses:-) I also used their running in oil. No connection just a happy customer Iain
  8. Hope you’ve had a great day Rod. Iain
  9. This also occurs with Ade. Post. https://trf.zeni.net/webcatalog/specials11.20/index.php?menu=&page=9&s_wt=1920&s_ht=1080 Iain
  10. Not been there since 1970! Did you use the funicular railway? Iain
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