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  1. iain


    Martin can definitely tailor a 25D to your engine spec.
  2. The original manual is much better than the Haynes version. They often crop up on eBay.....sometimes very cheaply. £10-15 Iain
  3. “This year’s news, the introduction of the GOLD fee (registration fee of 10,000 Euro + VAT comprising six nights’ accommodation, exclusive drivers’ kit, pre check-in at the hotels along the route) and PLATINUM fee (registration fee of 50,000 Euro + VAT with the Guest Car formula comprising hospitality for up to six drivers, exclusive kits, pre check-in at the hotels along the route and automatic acceptance of the vehicle subject to its being listed in the 1000 Miglia Register).” Now , where’s that entry form... Iain
  4. Well done MikeH, I searched and search the Forum but coudn't find the details, yet like Don knew they were out there somewhere.
  5. Pleased that worked Roger. Cheers Iain
  6. Roger do you have the option to restore a “previous version” of the file. This is an option with more recent copies of Office. Got to “file explorer” and locate the latest version, I think then a right click will give a dialogue box which will include “restore a previous version.” Good luck Iain
  7. Just fitting the revised drop arms makes a considerable improvement. Iain
  8. As modified for Works sidescreen cars. Maybe you could create this in- situ? Access panel held by two dzus fasteners. opposite side two addition rubber bungs placed to allow removal and cleaning of actuator.
  9. It would appear that all pumps will be marked as of Sept this year. E5 or E10 or for Diesel b7. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-labelling-requirements-to-help-motorists-pick-the-right-fuel-at-home-and-abroad Iain
  10. iain


    Stuart that is a terrific photo......just look at the care taken to match the instrument panel weave to the dash. Both vertical and horizontal. Iain
  11. iain

    Best fuel

    If abroad, you can get some lovely stuff, "Shell V Power Racing" at 100 Octane....yes the Tr's on the LBL loved it! Iain
  12. iain


    Trevor Try searching "Metric" and or "Wicker" trim. This will give you some idea as to its rarity and availability Iain
  13. Hi Ian would be good to see the image. Iain
  14. E5 ...no more than 5% bioethanol in the product.
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