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  1. I think they were in the goody bag at Hopcrofts......need to,check:-)
  2. iain

    Camshaft change

    You will need to check the front bearing gives the correct end float for your chosen cam. I used a Kent “hi torque” cam which I find very tractable. Also ensure your new followers can freely rotate in their bores. Iain
  3. iain


    Evans is not Red. It’s Green. Red sounds like a Oat antifreeze. What have you started Ben? We users should just ignore the doubting Thomas’s :-) I’ll get my coat now as well. Iain
  4. "The Haynes manual" would be very wise to get a real one, or use the online version in the members area . Over the years we have found numerous errors in the Haynes bible Iain
  5. iain


    Brave man Ben! ( to mention the unmentionable....to some)
  6. Are you checking the crankshaft nose, to ensure the oil seal......does it’s job.....can be fixed with a speedo sleeve if needed.
  7. .......try Revington. You might be surprised.
  8. Your filler cap should have a 1/8” (approx) drill hole on the metal sealing inner lid. If not it’s possibly been replaced with an earlier petrol cap.
  9. Stuart that is truly tragic. Looks a lovely car and it will sell well. Just such a shame. Iain
  10. iain


  11. My guess, scary :-) Iain
  12. iain


    This is a useful thread for ref.
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