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  1. Many thanks John, I had not commented but this change was really starting to bug me! Thanks to the team for all your hard work Iain
  2. A case of ethanol destroying an old rubber pipe? Also part 30 should be readily available at your local plumbers merchant. Iain
  3. Where did you buy the plugs? Lots of fakes about.
  4. SomethingS look very wrong For comparisons, from Macy's Website.....a normal head
  5. Size as in previous post...yes 17mm Iain
  6. Alan Many thanks for posting this link, very useful Iain
  7. Hi Peter wasn't the cap its a new fangled one, definitely the unions on the base.Returned to the supplier awaiting some recompense Iain
  8. Hi Rod.....having just been through this escapade ....with loose/leaking fittings on a new tin can, 17mm seams to be the tool. You will need to remove the clutch fitting to tighten the brake fitting.....this requires a thin walled long socket as you have discovered. Iain
  9. This would seem to be fairly definitive. A production line photo. https://images.app.goo.gl/jrimuRDR2X96NgeS6 Iain
  10. These photos are on the internet. As Dons says a factory tour by purchasing US customers. There are quite a few in the series, not to my knowledge available through the Register. Iain
  11. The soft top seal stays on the screen, the hardtop has a very shallow H section on its front held in place with screws and screw cups. Iain
  12. Vertically mine is flat.....right or wrong, absolutely no idea:-) Iain
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