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  1. Agree John. Two absolute professionals, showing how close you can race together if you have the skill. Very fair, very hard racing from both men. Iain
  2. I hate disagree with Roger, but I have always had them removed if the crank is in for “work” …….I had a few bad experiences when not doing this 40 years ago, whether it was **** in there I’ll never know, but certainly **** ruined the bearings. I’ve not had the issues since. Iain
  3. Peter beat me to it. Likewise the indicators need clearance as well when using the 3a apron. Iain
  4. I believe it does, it was written by owners and enthusiasts in the formative years of the Register. Often accompanied by excellent drawings and comments. Very much the predecessor of the technical forum, from the days of typewriters, hand illustration and lots of enthusiastic contributions. Login to the members area and check it out. Iain
  5. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but The Technicalities CD or it’s equivalent in the members section also covers many well known TR foibles and saves reinventing the wheel. Iain
  6. Happy Birthday Ken, hope it’s been a good one…..so far Iain
  7. Happy Birthday Bob, hope it’s been a good one, see you at the IWE? Iain
  8. That is phenomenal Bob. Mid 30’s is the best I have ever managed. Engine rebuild was obviously a great success Iain
  9. That’s very bad luck H. Hope you can get it repaired swiftly. Iain
  10. Well it took a bit longer than expected( mainly the wifes fault for messing with "her sort of horse power" and coming off worst) but finally I have a new MOT Always nice to have an independent check when you have had everything to bits over a protracted period of time. Iain
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