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  1. Lanoguard application is very easy. As easy as their videos show. I was extremely surprised at that! Iain
  2. I believe all C40s are Lucar, but I’m sure someone will correct me. Iain
  3. My works 3a has from new had a C40 with an RB310, again current and voltage sensing. This was a common Lucas fitment to works Tr’s and Healeys Of the period to try and cope with more auxiliary equipment. Iain
  4. Stuart, I have been meaning to do this for some while, a great suggestion. Iain
  5. Hi Deggars I took the body off the chassis in lockdown. I wanted to refresh the chassis after nearly 40 yrs. The chassis was ballasted primed, some small repairs and then waxoyled internally through some purpose drilled holes. The body was pressure washed clean, wiped off with white spirit were needed and then all reassembled. I wanted to leave it at that, but as I use the car I decided some protection was needed. I came across the Lanoguard stuff, checked it out and thought it looks and sounds so much easier to use, also removable with their own citrus based remover. So I had a go, it t
  6. Just brilliant, thanks H (and Dad of course) Iain
  7. Happy Birthday Wayne have a great day! Iain and Lois (Apologies for not seeing you on the Exeter, shoulder surgery precludes most stuff at the mo )
  8. +1. Seen too many of these lately. Worst was a black transit van on the M4 at 18.00……the driver was oblivious to many who tried to make him aware. This variant of daylight running is crazy. Iain
  9. Revington’s sell pre made pipes in epdm with the correct fittings on either end. Not original but, they fit, they don’t leak and the reservoir can be adjusted to clear the bonnet.No idea of the part number, but it’s these ones shown on a twin system, they work with the “can” just as well. Iain
  10. Strange I found this a day or two ago…Charade 59 Fabulous film quality,although perhaps too revealing of the dangers of motor sport in the era , though with the Ivor Bueb crash and to later prove, fatal injuries.
  11. Have a Great Birthday Eric Iain
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