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  1. Yes your using the correct brackets for type A callipers. The other unused bracket is for earlier cars with drum brakes I believe.....why it’s still there on our chassis I don’t know, mine is the same :-) Iain
  2. Hi Stan they rotate and tilt, the wiring has a carrier that allows considerable rotation without damage, it can act as a reversing light. The button is a switch. I'll try and do some photos. Iain
  3. VHP had the light fitted from new and I can confirm its easy to brain yourself if not careful! Hence they were always foam wrapped, even in period (along with the handbrake leaver and sidescreen sockets.) They are pretty complex in terms of engineering, hence the price I suppose. If I get time i'll see if I can take some useful pictures for you Tom Iain
  4. Sad news, he will be missed by the Triumph community, RIP Kas Iain
  5. +1 to Stuart’s reply, patience is the name of the game. You’ve probably done it but I often attached the brackets to the sidescreens but leave out the screws and then adjust from the outside. Then clamber in from the other side and straighten the brackets up and mark for drilling the screw holes. All good fun. Iain
  6. That’s exactly what I found. Because my car has a 4.1:1 axle it does spent more time at higher revs even with o/d. The mixture at 3500 upwards was weak, not something I was going to risk, melting pistons is not my idea of fun. With the RH s and spirited diving I still get over 30 mpg and that’s including the 3000 mile trip to do the LBL rally in 2019. Iain
  7. John, with mine I ended up using RH needles as low end on SM was perfect but higher up the Rev range on a rolling road it was getting dangerously weak. Iain
  8. That’s a big question. It will depend on so much more than just the increase in pistons size. Changes in compression, change in cam etc will all have an effect. Iain
  9. +1 for Pete and Tom, great service and reasonable prices. Iain
  10. Remnants of exhaust mounting at rear of G box? Iain
  11. Nice job H Ooh that looks low, good job your on smooth tracks most of the time. Iain
  12. This data was collated by a French Tr enthusiast. All one can really assume is that the chassis plates are those on the cars at the time of the survey. Whether they are original to the car is anyone’s guess, although trends do appear. I supplied data on three cars all original matching numbers cars. An unrestored Tr2 was Z24, my early 3a is a Z28 and with the works modifications it has I believe to be original and finally a slightly later 3a was Z29, again an unrestored matching numbers car. Iain
  13. The only good thing at Trago......the fuel prices. Iain
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