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  1. Tim - Spectacular cloud formation and lighting effect in your second shot. The 2 shots brought a smile to my face - always good to see a good TR4! Best wishes, Ian Cornish
  2. Our daughter-in-law's father (another Ian!) has drawn my attention to a very decent-looking TR6 which is for sale at APS in Brackley, carsales@autops.co.uk. Ian speaks well of APS as they have looked after his Audi TT since 2004. I have no personal knowledge of APS, and neither of us has any interest in this sale. Ian Cornish
  3. Yes, a set = two cantrails, one left and one right, as in photo. I've edited the description to clarify this. Although I'm not in the market because the hardtop of my TR2 was sold to someone in 1969, I think this is a very good deal for a quality product. Ian Cornish
  4. CANTRAILS FOR FACTORY TR2/3/3A/3B HARDTOPS For those who are perplexed, these are the alloy gutters fitted to the sides of the hardtop to direct rainwater away from the sidescreens and/or the pilot and passenger! Part numbers 802611 (LH) and 802612 (RH). These parts were not available for a considerable time, but club member Ian Smith, who has restored a factory hardtop, found a supplier who was able to make these parts. In response to an advert in 2015 in TR Action and on this Forum, Ian received orders and then organised production and despatch of 15 sets. Ian thought that he had satisfied the worldwide demand for cantrails, but it seems not, as he has received further requests! This is a second – and final – chance to procure a set of cantrails, by contacting Ian via the email below. If there were sufficient demand, Ian would arrange a short production run, and if there were 10 members interested, an estimated cost per set (of two, left & right) would be £75, plus P&P and VAT. Although somewhat unwieldy, cantrails can be (and were) shipped to any TR enthusiast world wide. If interested, please e-mail Ian on: trcantrails@yahoo.co.uk
  5. For the seller, ONLY 5% plus VAT means 6%, and then there's entry fee of £25 plus VAT (=£300). I like the use of ONLY ! So that comes to £13,500 plus £300, giving a total of £13,800. They must have needed an armed escort to convey all the day's takings to the bank! On my way back with my newspaper from the centre of Thame today, I noticed that one of the cars belonging to the estate agent had changed from a big Jaguar to an equally big Maserati. I wonder what the first year's depreciation might be on that beast? Ian Cornish
  6. From what I heard the auctioneer say on Saturday, the 15% INCLUDES the VAT which the auction house has to pay on its commission, so it's 12.5% to the auction house, with the VAT adding 20% to that to give 15%. From what you say, Hamish, I conclude that the car was bid to £225,000, but the cost to the purchaser is £258,750. Ian Cornish
  7. Was the £258,750 for Jan's car actually £225,000 with 15% buyer's premium on top? If so, the auctioneers take £33,750, but would receive £38,812.50 if the 15% were to be on top of the £258,750. In fairness to the auctioneers, the 15% includes VAT, so 12.5% to them and 2.5% to the Government. Does anyone know who purchased the car? Let's hope it doesn't become invisible, it deserves to be seen. I remember the guided tour which Jan gave me at Kop Hill a few years ago, before his untimely and sudden demise. Ian Cornish
  8. I thought I had paid Pete Cox £25 for a pair of HS6s at one of our meetings at Tetsworth, but it was along time ago and memories fade! The carbs were fitted to 4VC in the re-build in 1990/1993 as the original H6s were knackered. Curiosity got the better of me! Thought I would see whether I had a record. Found this on 5th December 1971: Pair HS6 carbs £10-0-0 (old money - that's £10.00). Also, on the same date, set of disc pads for £2-3-0, two oil filters for 8 shillings (total) and an SP Sport 165x15 for £7-4-0. Pete's offerings were real bargains! Also noted that I had bought a dynamo for £2-0-0 from Bob LeBrocq (Lebro - see above) on 15th October 1971. Ian Cornish
  9. Kevin/boxofbits - FYI, Revington produced a far more powerful heater unit many years ago, and it's still listed on his website. Ian Cornish
  10. Iain Paul has drawn my attention to a German site called mckleinimagedatabase.com on which I discovered 5 B&W photos of the VC Works' TR4s which I never seen before. One can search by specifying Triumph and then a Year. The quality of the shots is very high and I have ordered copies, which are 25 Euros for A4 size (that's unusually large in my experience, more usually around A5), then there's postage, of course. The company trades as rallywebshop.com, seems very well organised and can accept payment by PayPal. Bill's books are very well researched, written, illustrated and produced, and I believe I have a signed copy of each of them - that must increase their value, surely ?! No, they are not for sale! Ian Cornish
  11. Why not convert to a sealed system - see my article in Section B18 of the Technicalities CD. It's what one finds on every modern vehicle. Cheap to do, and the radiator will ALWAYS be completely full to the very top - though you won't see it because the pressure filler cap on the radiator is moved to the expansion tank and replaced with a sealing cap. The only parts required are: expansion tank (scrapyard), sealing cap for radiator, length of rubber hose and a couple of hose clips. I have had a sealed system in place for some 25 years. Ian Cornish
  12. The best pictures by far are those taken by Frank Callaby, Triumph's in-house photographer, who used a plate camera, giving superb definition. Frank's work was (I hope still is) preserved in the archive at Gaydon. One could get excellent B&W copies in various sizes, but I haven't bought any photos from Gaydon for about 20 years so cannot say whether or how one can access the archive now. Back then, there were sheets with a large number of shots (much reduced in size!), and one had to use a back-lit viewer to work across and down each sheet, searching for something relevant - I would hope that nowadays the system has changed because those large sheets were getting very tatty! Monsieur Louche's prints are (in my opinion) very expensive and, in some cases, have been pinched from elsewhere &/or quality not very good - he even claims copyright on shots which I know were taken by Callaby because I have copies obtained from Gaydon! BTW, Frank Callaby also shot the films of rallies and other events, with the moving road shots taken from a Standard Vanguard. Graham (revered Hon Pres) told me that Frank carried no sound recorder (in the 50s/60s, reel to reel tape machines weighed a ton and were difficult to operate), so sound was added back home in the roads round Coventry - Graham drove the car for some of Frank's sound recording sessions! Ian Cornish
  13. At 80, I'm still doing all the servicing on the TR, but it's easier to do the oil change & greasing before the (unheated) garage gets really cold. With electronic ignition, all that's required is removal of the dizzy cap so that the carbon dust can be wiped away, and a check that sufficient of the carbon brush remains (if not, obtain replacement from Martin Jay/Distributor Doctor). I'm certain that the wheels, with 195 tyres, get heavier every year, but by choosing a suitable piece of timber (plenty to hand here!) on which to stand the wheel, I can align the wheel with the studs without much difficulty. With SWMBO in the driving seat, bleeding of brakes is not difficult, although getting her in and out with the car off the ground is not so easy! Before I get too old, I need to show my son how to do these jobs, but he has a very busy life as a GP with 2 small children, so almost no free time. Ian Cornish
  14. Points are fine on the day they are set, but from then on, they wear on both heel and contacts, so the gap changes and the timing is affected. If left too long, the engine may suffer power loss or may fail to start - ask members of the North London Group, who had to push a Triumph 2000 off a cross-channel ferry! Once ashore in England, they re-set the points and were on their way, but the car's performance must have been deteriorating all the way to the Channel port - and that means that both power and fuel consumption would have been affected. Ian Cornish
  15. If you have higher compression, achieved by skimming the head, you may need to trim a little from the bottom edge of the gaskets which fit between manifold and head in order to ensure that you get leak-free joints. Ian Cornish
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