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  1. Contact details for Graham Andrews can be found on page 4 of every TR Action! Ian Cornish
  2. Like Roger, I use a scissor jack on my TR4 in order to make the job easier. Ian Cornish
  3. Watch, ring(s), bracelet(s) should be removed when working on a car in order to avoid electrical shorts/burns, but also to avoid the devices getting filthy. Ian Cornish
  4. Being very short in the legs (and arms), I have always found difficulty in de-clutching properly, but in 2009 I fitted an adjustable rod from Revington (RTR4136K) to my clutch master cylinder, and this has made life so much easier. In fact, I put a stop on the bulkhead to stop me ramming the piston into the end of the master cylinder. Ian Cornish
  5. Ian Brown tells me that there are even more brand new cars parked now in vast numbers because they cannot be sold. The world has gone mad, thinking that car production equates to a healthy economy, but it doesn't if huge numbers remain unsold. At some point, there will be a collapse and then I will be able to acquire a new car for not very much. However, if it has been sitting in a park for a year or two, would it then prove reliable? Ian Cornish
  6. Yes, from front to back - why not? Somebody took the trouble to document everything, and I would rather assemble and use the machine correctly. Ian Cornish
  7. Thanks, Crawfie. Delivered yesterday, but not yet assembled as I was busy in the garden. Has the best User Manual I have read in a great many years! Written in good English, comprehensive, each step in assembly & maintenance illustrated, and salutary reminders at each step about safety. If it works as well as the Manual reads - and your experience suggests that it will - I shall be delighted. Ian Cornish
  8. Golly gosh! Fortunately, the very large tin of LM which I bought in about 1960 is not yet empty, but I'll see if any suppliers still have some LM remaining. Ian Cornish
  9. Considering the relative speeds of Titanic and iceberg, I find it odd that the description states: "Just before Midnight on the 14th April, the iceberg hit, damaging the ship’s hull irreparably and destroying some of the sea compartments that were designed to keep the ship afloat". Ian Cornish
  10. A pretty substantial and unforgiving piece of hardware - I wouldn't want to bring my head into contact with that! Ian Cornish
  11. According to the wiring diagrams for all TR2 to TR6, which Pete Cox sent me many years ago, the answer is "Yes" - Negative earth. However, we know that at times of transition, some odd things escaped the factory! Ian Cornish
  12. Of course, just like the spot/fog lamps fitted on the boot of the Works' TR4 Rally cars (and many others at the time), they are illegal when used as a reversing light because of the wattage of the bulb - usually 25W. However, jolly useful when reversing - just have to be careful when using them! Ian Cornish
  13. James, you exaggerate - there were a great many excellent contributions from Ian Gibson and Pete Cox during my time as Tech Ed, and, of course, those marvellous drawings by Neil Revington. But yes, I did scribble rather a lot, and it was longhand onto paper in those days, with Val typing for the newsletter/magazine. Some of the contributions were so badly written - English usage, spelling, grammar and legibility - that I had to re-write them, which was rather a pain. Will Monsieur Macron be allowing you to start moving about sometime soon, or is the 3rd wave going to force even
  14. In the UK, we turn ON the power to a light or to a device plugged into a 13A socket by putting the switch DOWN. However, I seem to recall that on the Continent, and possibly in the USA, it is UP for ON. Perhaps that is why some TRs have the overdrive switch operating in the opposite way to the conventional UK arrangement? Ian Cornish
  15. Iain Paul's car, which was Ken Richardson's personal transport for a while, has one of these lamps fitted. Has always struck me as rather dangerous to have that handle dangling down there, even more so in period as seat belts were not fitted back then. Ian Cornish
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