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  1. When the car went back on the road in 1993, Peter Lander tuned 4VC's engine on his rolling road - great to hear that he and his business are still going strong. Lots of very expensive machinery in his workshop, but, as with Iain, my car was treated with the respect due to any customer. Peter was amazingly quick to sort my car - springs removed from dizzy and tweaked by hand, dizzy & carbs adjusted and about 115HP at wheels at 5700 - his experience showed throughout. Satisfied customer! Very reasonable charge, I recall (no point in quoting the charge here as times have changed).
  2. In addition to Stuart's advice, have you asked Neil for his recommendation as to suitable mounting point(s) - he always wants his customers to be happy! Ian Cornish
  3. As Roger has posted on this same subject and more folk have added to it, I suggest that any further contributions on the subject be placed under Roger's topic heading. Perhaps a Moderator could freeze this one? Ian Cornish
  4. In case you've not seen it, this auction of Triumph parts has been drawn to my attention and might be of interest. We wonder if it's the stock from Lambkin-Smith's business, which might, perhaps, raise the question of rightful ownership? As ever, caveat emptor. https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/timed/eddisons/catalogue-id-eddiso10876?archivesearch=False&page=1&fbclid=IwAR1ONGomW1gA0phEO-V4GmAIXPH8HN8OK1gEP7JVl0X_tkDEHR0NfTl0q2w#lot-6e1cfe15-dc5a-4e94-8445-ac5a010c0ff5 Ian Cornish
  5. Must have been a very long time ago, when policemen really did stand out. Nowadays, they are about my height and disappear in a crowd. Ian Cornish
  6. Have you tried the usual TR rebuilders, such as Revington, Racetorations, TRGB etc? Sometimes a car needs to have a new plate because the original is completely knackered - those on 4VC were in a terrible state in 1990 and Neil replaced them. I keep the originals in my study, of course. Ian Cornish
  7. If you don't want to castrate your Control Box, you can do what I did some 30 years ago (I have updated the cost from £4!), then flog the Box - original Control Boxes are sought after because they work properly: The TR4 has push-on (Lucar) connectors, so I have used a neat, 4-way, Lucas connector block for the three large connectors - it was fitted to the earlier TR6 models (Triumph Part Number 150640; the white block next to the Hazard Relay in Figure 38 on page 6.140 and Figure 5 on page 6.110 of the TR6 Workshop Manual Supplement) and is available from Revington for about £14 (slightly
  8. Nice diagram, Rob - should be a great help to those who turn green when thinking about electrickery! I've pasted it into a Word document and saved it under "Alternators", along with all my other Technical articles. Ian Cornish
  9. That's it, folks - all now sold to owners in the UK, USA, Italy and New Zealand. On behalf of the TR Spares Development Fund, Thank you. Ian Cornish
  10. Newsflash! Just one set of bezels left - anyone wishing to purchase this last set should act promptly by following the instructions which I posted here on 6th October. Remember - the first to respond will be the lucky one! Ian Cornish
  11. JB Weld is amazingly strong. Ian Cornish
  12. I don't think that 43mpg is out of order. I seem to recall that the TRs racing (not touring) in the Le Mans 24 hours managed over 30mpg, and a TR on the Mobil Economy Run achieved over 70mpg - but that was using clever dodges (over-inflate tyres, engine not running when travelling downhill etc). When travelling at a steady touring speed, the early TRs were amazingly efficient and economical. I tried to find the exact figure for Le Mans, but have forgotten where it appears amongst all the books sitting behind me. I feel sure someone else will find it. Ian Cornish
  13. Stuart is correct. My second TR2 had an adjustable column and although I have short arms, I have a matching pair of (short) legs, so I found myself jammed against the steering wheel. I massacred the adjustable part of the column (as it was nearly 60 years ago, can't remember how) and managed to get the wheel where I could turn it. Ian Cornish
  14. In March 2011, TR Action 248 (can be viewed on-line on the TRR site), James Christie and I produced an article about the Moss alternator kit and the struggle James had endured trying to get it installed and working. A large number of emails went back and form between James (in France) and me! Whether Moss has improved its instructions since then, I have no idea - but our article should assist with both mechanical and electrical details if taking that route. Worthwhile talking to Neil Revington as he seems to produce helpful and detailed instructions with his offerings. Ian Cornish
  15. ianc


    Beneath the boot floor, there is a considerable space behind each rear wheel and, in one of his TR4s, the clever Mr Revington has made a vertical pocket which can accommodate a lightweight trolley jack standing on one end. I don't know whether he made a similar "pocket" for his sandwiches on the other side. Ian Cornish
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