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  1. I have changed Password, but to no avail. Perhaps someone else will have a suggestion, if not, I will have to contact local PC fixer. Ian Cornish
  2. Thanks, Dick, interesting motor with a 2969cc engine, producing 100BHP @ 4500, and fitted with pre-selector gearbox. Would have been considered quick in 1933, and no mean performer today. I can see why it has remained in your family for more than 60 years. Ian Cornish
  3. Lovely car, Dick. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, it's not in your list, what is the exact description. Ian Cornish
  4. I agree with Harry - these instruments are as good as new. Top quality. Rich really cares about what he does, and has the right people to undertake the work. Ian Cornish
  5. I suggest you email Lesley Swain (eventsmanagement@tr-register.co.uk) and Jo (office) so that they are aware - might help to avoid a clash. Ian Cornish
  6. Unless I have misunderstood Jim's description, he has an awful lot of high current items being fed through the ignition switch, and that is undesirable. Better to use the ignition swich to activate relays to do the heavy current jobs. Ian Cornish
  7. Tony Sheach's, for the 4-pot TRs, has sealing to the cylinder head, for the filler and for both holding down bolts, so is completely sealed until one fixes a breather tube to either left or right side It is drilled halfway along each side and blanking plug and connector are supplied. The filler sits low in the middle, and the cover will suit any 4-pot from TR2 to TR4A. I have posted pictures before on the Forum, and I think Tony has posted quite recently. Tony tells me that he will be on holiday over the IWE, but one can PM him (TR4 Tony). Ian Cornish
  8. Help required! I had some 1400 emails in my In Box and was intending to have a go at reducing them tomorrow, but, Hey Presto, I can no longer see any prior to 3rd June 2024, although hovering the mouse over the In Box, it still says 1457. They are not hiding in either Trash or Scam, so where are they, and how do I make them visible once again ? Ian Cornish
  9. Make sure that you have an emergency bonnet release in place before tightening bonnet onto the cones. Ian Cornish
  10. If a socket set with 1/2" drive is available, select a 19/32" socket and pack it with tissue onto the wrench, then use the 1/2" square end of the socket to remove/tighten the plug in the gearbox, sump, or axle. Crude, but it works ! Ian Cornish
  11. The solid state unit will be far more precise in deciding when to connect generator to battery, and disconnecting as engine speed drops. The jolly old relay in the original regulator, by virtue of its construction, needs a higher output from the generator in order to ensure that, as engine speed drops, the battery is not feeding the generator. Ian Cornish
  12. ianc

    TR4 chassis

    4VC's chassis was coated in 1992 with white Corroless and, once I clean off the muck (which I do occasionally !), the original white colour is still there after more than 30 years, and the coating, which is plastic, has resisted grit etcetera very well indeed. Of course, Triumph's own automatic chassis protection system, a.k.a. oil leakage, helps preserve thisgs, too ! Why white ? Because that's the coulour chosen originally by the Works Comps Dept to more easily reveal cracks and damage. Ian Cornish
  13. I am glad you posted this else I would have driven to the Walton Hall Hotel, as last year ! Have registered attendance. Along with modern Triumphs, such as Stags and TR78s, lots of lovely really old Triumphs - to be recommended. Ian Cornish
  14. Please stop talking about nailing balls - it makes me shudder! Like everything which Roger undertakes, a marvellous standard (which includes the repair he made to the buckle of my original 1960s Volvo seat belt). Ian Cornish
  15. Because my son, Alex, has legs like tree trunks from all his cycling, I reduced the original flat 15" wheel to 14" (thanks to Peter Bowden) but, as that was still too large, now to 13", along with modifying the front mounting of the seat to lower it by 2cm. Alex now is able to operate the clutch without having to contort himself ! I was able to lower the front of the seat because 4VC has special mountings for the Sprinzel Rally seat., installed in 1962, with some further metalwork made by me in 1969 to permit the seat to slide further forward (for my short legs). I have changed from
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