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  1. And yesterday at Kop Hill was also very enjoyable, despite a heavy downpour which commenced just as I was returning to the paddock from my morning run up the Hill. The Robson/Scott commentary at the start line was as lively and interesting as ever - apparently a member of the public asked when did they do their rehearsals! The inundation was very heavy and runs had to be suspended for a while as the Hill became a river, and some drivers must have decided to call it a day (not much fun if your machine has no weather protection whatsoever), but once proceedings re-started, things were back to normal. Organisation brilliant as always, with a great number of friendly volunteers giving of their time to raise huge amounts of money for charities. To commemorate 10 years of the event, there is a 68 page, full colour, A4-size book on quality paper, describing the history of the event from the early 1900s to its closure in 1925, and the revival - full of superb pictures and a mere £5 (also available by post - see website). All my family - from 4 to 80 years of age - enjoy Kop Hill! Ian Cornish
  2. That Dutch machine wouldn't cope with any of the speed bumps in and around Thame, so quite impractical other than on a racecourse. Lots of delectable - and practical - vehicles at Kop Hill today. Ian Cornish
  3. It's this sort of useful advice which should be included within the updated European Directory, in addition to all the lists of garages, suppliers etc. It's more than 11 years since I handed over the work I had completed in compiling a directory for Italy, which contained some 60 entries - the original Directory had less than 10. I hope that whoever is compiling the whole Directory gets the entries for each country checked to ensure that they remain valid and contain up-to-date information on such important items as email, website, phone numbers etc. Ian Cornish
  4. Has someone removed the alloy spacers (107682), which sit above the spring ? Without these, the car will sit very low indeed. Ian Cornish
  5. The Triumph 6-cylinder fed by a pair of SUs and mounted in a TR4, is a very nice combination, as one of the members of the North London Group knows, as he has owned such a car for many years. No need to worry about front & rear suspension and drive shafts falling apart and the diff dropping out. Car starts immediately and is beautifully smooth. I believe the engine of the 6 is slightly lighter than the 4 - a bonus! Ian Cornish
  6. The places which charge less than the Government's specified charge do so because they expect that a high percentage of vehicles tests will require remedial work, so it's a loss leader. The place where I have been going since 1995 charges me the full whack, but has never had to do any remedial work for me. I've no idea whether the MOT charge would be reduced were I to have remedial work undertaken there. John (the tester) did say that it wasn't great for them that the charge had not increased in 9 years, when everything else had gone up - and I see his point. Labour hourly rates in garages in this part of the world (Bucks/Herts/Oxon) are not low! Although I now live some 20 miles further from this particular garage, I continue to go there because I trust them to do the testing properly, and saving a few quid on such an important matter does not concern me. And, no, I'm not a millionaire! Ian Cornish
  7. Cons: well, it costs £54.85 - a charge that hasn't changed since 2010, which is extraordinary and somewhat unfair on the testing station. But what's that for peace of mind? No contest in my book - get it independently tested. Ian Cornish
  8. Always a full MOT on my 1962 (exempt) TR4. I value the independent examination which, although I've never had a FAIL in 26 years, has produced three advisories and a couple of helpful suggestions. Of course, I actioned the advisories immediately (and was jolly glad in the case of a front wheel bearing which, rather suddenly, was beginning to get very bad) and I followed up the suggestions. You cannot beat an experienced independent examination, especially when the fellow is underneath whilst steering is being wiggled about and brakes applied fully - faults can be spotted which would be difficult for me to notice. A few years ago, my helpful MOT man even spotted a loose bolt on the underside of the alternator - it wouldn't have fallen out, but best to have it tight. Ian Cornish
  9. If the generator pulley from a narrow belt kit is fitted to a dynamo, the dynamo will spin faster than before. This might not prove a problem in a car which seldom exceeds 3500-4000 rpm, but if the car is driven at higher engine speeds, the dynamo is likely to give problems. Alternators are designed to spin faster than dynamos, hence the smaller pulley. Ian Cornish
  10. If removing the engine-driven fan, fitting an electric fan, and converting to narrow belt drive for alternator, you don't have to fit a harmonic damper, you can run bare, as recommended by Revington. His engines (and mine) run that way. Why spend money on an unnecessary piece of kit? Ian Cornish
  11. For method to determine rear axle ratio, see my article in section E2 of Technicalities CD (original written written some 40 plus years ago!) - it includes the table which I pasted above. Ian Cornish
  12. The attached table is helpful. The Revs/Mile column shows the figure which appears on the TRs speedometer. I can't recall how I acquired this table - I seem to have collected rather a lot of stuff in 56 years of TR ownership! Ian Cornish
  13. ianc

    paint choice

    Wedgewood Blue is somewhat darker (bluer) than Powder Blue. That said, Wedgewood is also a nice colour. Ian Cornish
  14. It's supposed to be a magnetic coupling with an air gap. Seems that you have created a fluid coupling, rather like a crude automatic gearbox, and this si pulling the tacho reading to a high level! You need to remove the oil which must be lying in the air gap. Ian Cornish
  15. Unless I have misunderstood, I think that the male spade fittings required by Graham will the the ones to be fitted onto the back of the ammeter - the TR4's wiring loom will have Lucar connectors to push onto these fittings. Any local business which undertakes vehicle wiring will be able to supply a couple of fittings which can be connected to the screw terminals on the ammeter, providing spade connections for the car's wiring. Near me, in Aylesbury, there is a business which does nothing other than re-wire and fix electrical problems in cars - always interesting to visit as often there are some really exotic beasts in there. I obtained all the parts necessary to fit relays for the operation of my headlights and spotlights, thereby greatly improving the effectiveness of my lights as the poor old lighting switch was relieved of the load and volt drop was reduced! See article in TR Action 296, March 2017. Ian Cornish
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