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  1. You will recall thatTS1 and TS2 were not built on the production line - perhaps that accounts for the possible difference in mouths? Ian Cornish
  2. In the late 1950s, a friend owned an 1172cc Ford, with the good old side valve engine. We were on a minor car rally somewhere in Hertfordshire, travelling down a fairly narrow country road, so not at great speed, when the bonnet rose up and came to rest against the windscreen. David managed to come to a halt without hitting anything, the screen was undamaged, and we managed to make the bonnet secure and continued on our way. Ian Cornish
  3. Having cleaned all the loose material from the strip of concrete in front of the garage door, I applied G4 Damp Seal a few days ago when the ambient temperature was high. As recommended, about 70 minutes later, when it was touch dry, I applied a second coat. I am pleased with the result as it has provided a tough waterproof coat to the concrete, and the resultant "dirty" colour is ideal. Thanks for the help, gentlemen - definitely an excellent result for me! Ian Cornish
  4. earckens: my car is an ex-Works Rally TR4 and was fitted with nylon bushes when it was re-built by Revington some 28 years ago. These bushes, comined with competition springs & dampers, make it a hard ride - as my grandson (aged 9) told me when he had a ride on Saturday. I suggest you speak to Neil Revington direct - he is very helpful. Ian Cornish
  5. I have received this from Frédéric Reydellet this morning: To answer your question about the TR2 1955 Le Mans, I seem to remember I had in my hands a photograph (or was it a video with a very short viewing of Ken's car, I think it was that, more probably than a colour picture ?) showing the car's mouth was green. I'm nearly very sure it was not blue. I think this "mistake" is coming from a 1/43 model maker, producing a TR2 with a blue mouth. Moreover, all the black and white pictures showing that car do not leave to appear the very lesser demarcation between what would
  6. Revington offers a variety of Superpro and Nylatron bushes for suspension (and elsewhere). Either type will outlast rubber, which seems to disintegrate all too rapidly. Ian Cornish
  7. Thanks very much, Rodders. The sun was indeed out, and very hot. I've posted more in the other topic with my name. Best wishes, Ian
  8. ianc

    Ian C's day

    Thank you very much for your good wishes. We had an enjoyable day in Witney, a town that I had not visited before, but Maddy knows. Very hot, but lunch inside an old stone building with the doors wide open was very pleasant, with tasty food. and beer. Good to get out, and we shall return there to see more, but in somewhat cooler weather! I hope to see you in Malvern, where we shall have all four of the Powder Blue Works' TR4 Rally cars together for the first time since January 1964. There were only four, and I doubt whether any other marque could gather ALL its genuine
  9. I fitted one of these but didn't consider it sufficient because of its position in relation to the centre line of the crankshaft. I devised my own system, and it is described in TR Action 130 (May 1996), repeated in Technicalities CD pages G15-G19. Dirt cheap! Unfortunately, wouldn't work on a TR2/3 as the suspension mountings are closer together. Ian Cornish
  10. You mucky so and so, James. Mine is still as good as the day that Castrol sent it to me some 50 years ago! And mine was used as the Master for the copies sold at TR4@50 because Castrol could not find an original! Ian Cornish
  11. The TR4 chassis is basically a TR3A chassis with box extensions fitted at the front to widen the track, and the body mountings extended sideways. so the skid plate will fit all TR2/3/4 models. The skid plate on my TR4 (4VC) is welded to the chassis and is so strong that I am able to place the trolley jack under it (with its grab removed and a piece of cardboard on its top) so that I can lift the front of the car with the trolley sliding on the Waxoyled plate. I suspect that my skid plate may be somewhat beefier than the standard offering, having been fitted by the Comps Dept. My ant
  12. Remember that US gallons are smaller than Imperial gallons, so don't over-fill when undertaking oil changes. I believe that the US foot is the same as an Imperial foot, and that they have 12 inches to a foot, but I have never checked! Some years ago, having received permission from Castrol,. I supplied the Office with copies of both the TR2/3 and the TR4/4A Castrol lubrication charts, and copies of the TR4/4A version were on sale in 2011 when we held the TR4@50 celebration at the IWE. Ian Cornish
  13. As petrol being pumped to feed the fire is something to be avoided, it is worth fitting a readily accessible electrical master switch to one's car. Even a TR with standard engine-driven pump (TR2-TR4A) can feed a fire if the engine continues to run and the fuel leakage is after the pump. PI cars, or those with an electric pump, need to stop the pump in the event of a fire. Ian Cornish
  14. Erik - you can send David Ferry a PM (Personal Message) on the Forum - his user name is "David Ferry". Just click on the envelope to the left of your name at top right of the screen. Ian Cornish
  15. A couple of years ago, David Ferry was selling calipers, fully reconditioned by Big Red, at a very competitive rate - might be worth sending him a PM in case he has some remaining. Ian Cornish
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