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  1. Hi Steve, Have been following with interest! Either a parts list & circuit Diag for a 4A or more than happy to buy a unit off you on the next batch if you are happy to continue. thanks, Allan
  2. Cracking picture Roger, particularly after Rob's Manipulation. The fly past was certainly a highlight of the weekend and thank you Terry for organising it. Allan
  3. Thanks for all of this. I have today fitted LED bulbs in the headlights & took it to my friendly MOT tester to check the alignment was ok, so asked him the question. As Mike says additional lights are not mentioned in the MOT and as far as he is aware there is no regulation regarding their height from the road. As long as I wire them to only be on with the headlights he does not see an issue. Interestingly I have just measured the centre of the existing headlights at around 27" from the ground so perhaps Harvey's regulation applies just to the main headlights? Thanks all, Al
  4. I am doing the C2C in a couple of weeks and thought of adding a couple of driving/spotlights to come on with main beam. The easiest place to fit these on my TR7 is quite low to the ground and I wondered if : a) there was a legal minimum height off the road for driving (not Fog) lights b) whether lights mounted low down would actually be of any benefit? thanks, Allan
  5. I can confirm they are different. We took TS2 on a rolling road last week & when we tried to change the points in the DM2 distributor they were different to the 25D4 and we were not able to get any on the day. To my mind pertronix is a good upgrade although it will not cure any other faults in the distributor.
  6. My TR7 did fail on a couple of issues including the LEDs in the headlights but regarding the headlights the wording used was: "Existing halogen headlamps should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge(HID) or light emitting diode(LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp". I have now gone back to halogen lamps for the re-test today which passed other than emissions where I am still having a problem. I have spoken to TR Insurance this morning who have confirmed from the underwriter as below: “We are happy to confirm that we
  7. Hi Ian, I have recently fitted new winders, side channels & the correct TR4A glass from Moss. The only 'old' bit was the bottom channel as these are apparently unavailable. I had a slight problem but nothing like as bad as yours. TRGB recommended that rather than wedge the glass into the bottom channel use sikaflex as that way you can adjust the angle slightly before it sets. That is what I did and while not perfect it works fine. There is a lot on this forum on the difference between the TR6 glass & the 4A glass which has only become available in the last few months. ch
  8. To answer you Graham, Lesley Swain is our 'Top Dog' on this one and very competent at knocking a few heads together I can assure you! To answer Tony C, Spoken in jest or not, the days of 3000 hairy chested (sorry Ladies) TR owners turning up at an event like Malvern are well gone. Regretfully age takes it's toll! If we want a big event like those of old then collaboration is the name of the game - does that make us lambs? Cheers, Allan
  9. Thanks All, Just shampoo for now then probably a good quality wax polish. It is a pain twice a year but the satisfaction at the end of it makes it all worthwhile. I would probably use the ceramic on the eurobox ( indeed I paid BMW a fortune for this on the last car) but as the classic is now worth more than the BMW it will be waxed with care! Allan
  10. thanks guys, I was told 90 days before I did anything. Have bought some Bilt Hamber shampoo and was wondering about their Carnuba speed wax. seems to have good reviews.
  11. Have just finished nut & bolt rebuild of my 4A. Not concours but nice club car that will be driven 3-5000 miles in a normal year. Had a complete respray in 2 pack about 10 weeks ago. Question now is what to polish it with? Have considered having a full professional ceramic coating job at around £500 but would prefer to polish. both meguiars & Autoglym do both ceramic & non-ceramic polishes. Any recommendations? thanks, Allan
  12. Hi Roger, Having studied it with the blades & wire drive disconnected the problem was caused by the motor running on and then restarting as it gets to the end of the break in the brass contact plate. I have re-adjusted with the drive connected & it parks ok but sometimes runs on. Cannot try with the blades yet as no windscreen fitted. Hopefully when the blades are in contact with the screen the resistance will stop the run on. We will see! thanks for your help for now. Allan
  13. Yep, Had to take this off to get the drive arm off. The self park works ok & stops - just in the wrong place and turning the cap makes no difference unless i turn it so far it doesn't stop at all! Was thinking I need to remove the drive wheel, turn it to furthest point & re-insert. what do you think?
  14. A bit of tautology me thinks. thanks Keith, I will look at that later. When I talked about a kick that might be misleading. Basically it just carries on too far so starts to come back up the screen. I attach a photo which shows that at park the peg on the drive wheel is nowhere near its furthest point of travel but turning the cap does not seem to affect this.
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