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  1. Allan Westbury


    LEDs seem to be well accepted. HIDs are not. Have changed my headlight HIDs to LEDs. Not quite as good but still many times better than Halogens. Allan
  2. brilliant thanks. Is that anti vibration pads Geko? I like the idea of going brmmbrmm. good list 250 thanks. Still a long way to go, went to fit front suspension today but need new polybushes. One old one out of 8 split. B*gger!
  3. I have this tracker fitted to my Tr for the last 3 years. It is ridiculous the amount of things you can do with it but i keep it pretty simple. You buy a £0.01 giff gaff sim, put £10 on it and it lasts literally years. you call the sim number, it hangs up then sends you co-oerdinates which open in google maps. there is no ongoing fee and as the call hangs up no call charges, only a text charge which is minute. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tracker-Vehicle-Theft-Protection-System-Model-TK103A/dp/B003XDN58K/ref=sr_1_20?crid=1C52DX84BIEO4&keywords=trackers+for+cars&qid=1574278583&smid=A6XTJBWT1CYXB&sprefix=tracker%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-20 cheers, Allan
  4. Thanks guys, Some good points here - no pun intended. I guess the more I can get on the chassis before installing the tub, the better. I had forgotten the wiper mechanism but accept this has to go in VERY early. Good advice on the loom as well. I am planning on using a new loom with a few additions so labelling will be very useful. Waxed the chassis internals today, suspension starts tomorrow. cheers, Allan
  5. My TR4A chassis has been blasted, welded, strengthened, primed and painted in 2-pack - shiny black. The bodytub similar only primed in 2-pack white with the underbody additionally stone-chipped and body colour painted. Now I start the rebuild but am worried that if I get things out of sequence they will have to be removed and added again later. Obviously on the chassis I will put suspension on first then brake & fuel lines before engine gearbox & diff. Where do I start on the tub? Is it wiring loom first? Advice please, thanks, Allan
  6. Sorry for the delay, I have just seen this. I paid £520 plus £100 deposit which was returned when I set them the old steering column. I had a problem with the small black control module which they replaced free the first time but I paid £40 replacement the second time. I think my alternator was overcharging. I have now protected the module with a voltage regulator from Amazon & it has been working perfectly for the last 3 months. thanks, Allan
  7. Hi Allan,

    Apologies for the delay in responding, just getting used to the Forum setup. I am in Essex, Leigh-on-Sea to be precise and, as I said, really new to Triumph cars, and the Register.

  8. Hi Z320, Unfortunately I don't have a lathe! The good thing about the Easysteer option is that you are basically just changing the steering column for the one they supply which is a TR7 column with the motor mount welded in. You then return your column to them for a £100 refund.
  9. Hi Emrys, pm me where abouts you are, we could always meet up. the difference to the car is amazing. i will try to make a record of exactly what i did. It was fiddly rather than difficult. cheers, allan
  10. Well this certainly started a discussion. Having also talked to various people at Stratford the consensus seemed to be against acid dipping the bodyshell due to issues with trapped residue, but OK on panels. Having done a bit more research locally (Leicester) I have come across a company that will bead blast & prime the bodyshell for about half the cost of acid dipping. They have been going many years, specialise in Classics & seem to have a good reputation. The shell is booked in for next week. thanks, Allan
  11. I concur that Penrite GB40 works well in my 4A gearbox. Allan
  12. If you are still looking then Classic Car Services in Croft, nr Leicester have just made a complete sliding sun roof for for my fhc. They have been going more than 20 years & the result is superb. cheers, Allan
  13. Hi Larry, I have just fitted the same system to my 7 and after a few teething problems it is now working fine. I agree with your comments re the wiring & heater ducting, it was a bit of a pig but I got there! You are correct in that it transforms the car. I used to really struggle with parking but it is now a doddle. I started with the sensitivity set to maximum but have now found about 70%-80% a good level for regular driving. One warning to others - my car blew three of the black control boxes which Easysteer said was due to my brand new atp alternator. I eventually I fitted a £20 12v regulator from Amazon which sorted the problem. I am planning to write an article for TR Action - if I get round to it! If anyone wants details of the regulator then pp me. cheers, Allan
  14. Thanks All. Paul, if I could catch up with you over the weekend. cheers, Allan
  15. I am just about to remove the body shell from my 4A chassis for repair & painting & have been advised to have the body Acid dipped first. Living in the Midlands two companies near me are Prostrip in Nottingham & Envirostrip in Tamworth. Having searched the forum both companies were mentioned around 2013 but I can find nothing since. Has anyone any recent experience of either of these or other similar companies please? Thanks
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