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  1. I have looked up rocker arm ratio so now know what is is but can anyone please tell me why it is important & how you use it? thanks, Allan
  2. Roger Williams picture. Pushed both levers in together using broomstick while wife pumped pedal - no effect. One side seens to be fine, the other will not adjust up. Away next week in the 7 will just have to leave it in gear! thanks your help, Allan
  3. Hi Rod, have just found an excellent picture in Roger Williams 'How to restore a TR7' showing the first two pictures are correct. Have tried the Robsport trick but one side still not doing anything. Maybe in time?????
  4. Thanks Rod, My problem is summed up beautifully by the first three pictures in your link. Two of them show the lever with the concave section towards the lining, the other shows it the other way around. Which is correct and/or does it matter? cheers, Allan
  5. The handbrake on my 7 was worse than useless so I have fitted new shoes and checked everything is moving as it should. Having put everything together the handbrake is even worse than before! I have taken on a run to help them bed in but no difference. I did find the previous owner had some springs in the wrong places & have rectified this. My question really is about the self adjusting mechanism. Does anyone have a picture of how it should look? One piece of the adjuster mechanism was the 'wrong' way around on one side - I think? I cannot find a picture of the self-adjusting
  6. Have spoken to Mark who 'looks after' Anthony's cars and he tells me they still have two TR5s and an Italia nearly ready from restoration, have just finished two Dolomite Sprints and are having a TR2 built. Still plenty of TRs in his collection. cheers, Allan
  7. Just had mine recovered through TRGB. Recovering was half the price of a replacement and was excellent. Would definitely recommend. There was one downside in that having had both crash pads also recovered at the same time the wooden dash was too big to fit. the extra thickness of the vinyl was just too much. a quick whip around the dash with the power sander worked a treat and all now fits snuggly. Allan
  8. It was late at night! Brilliant Roger, thanks. Very informative and being of a certain age I just pressed the print button before realising it was 10 pages long. Still, worth having a copy in my TR library. Keep safe,
  9. Sorry Roger, That link doesnt appear to take me anywhere. A bit like the Haynes 4A wiring diagram!
  10. I am now at the stage of connecting up everything behind the dash. While I know that I have a black, Brown/LG & Red/LG to connect I do not know which terminals on the 2-speed switch to connect them to. The switch has terminal 1, 3/4, 5/6 , 7 & 8. None of my books/wiring diagrams show the terminal numbers. Any help would be appreciated. cheers, Allan
  11. Is the chassis really as good as you think. I had my 4A 40 years and thought the chassis was good. When we took the body off - what a can of worms! The chassis often rust on top and while this is an ex Californian car are you certain it it is straight? Mine had never been in a prang but the chassis was still a bit twisted as I found out when it went to TRGB for checking. Had I rebuilt the body on a twisted chassis I would have ended up with a twisted car. For piece of mind at least take the body off. Then you can be certain. If nothing else it allows you to paint the chassis to protect it
  12. Sorry, not being very good with vinyl and glue I went to TRGB who will recover your old one or do an exchange. I paid £49+vat each for a left & right lower crash pad exchange and around £100+vat for the top pad. Well worth the money & look really good. Only trouble is I have now had to send off the centre switch plate for recovering as it looks tatty beside the others. Fortunately I had the H frame recovered a couple of years ago. I also sent them the vinyl door tops but these were too bad to recover. New ones were around £200 per pair from memory but I am replacing with the woode
  13. LEDs seem to be well accepted. HIDs are not. Have changed my headlight HIDs to LEDs. Not quite as good but still many times better than Halogens. Allan
  14. brilliant thanks. Is that anti vibration pads Geko? I like the idea of going brmmbrmm. good list 250 thanks. Still a long way to go, went to fit front suspension today but need new polybushes. One old one out of 8 split. B*gger!
  15. I have this tracker fitted to my Tr for the last 3 years. It is ridiculous the amount of things you can do with it but i keep it pretty simple. You buy a £0.01 giff gaff sim, put £10 on it and it lasts literally years. you call the sim number, it hangs up then sends you co-oerdinates which open in google maps. there is no ongoing fee and as the call hangs up no call charges, only a text charge which is minute. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tracker-Vehicle-Theft-Protection-System-Model-TK103A/dp/B003XDN58K/ref=sr_1_20?crid=1C52DX84BIEO4&keywords=trackers+for+cars&qid=1
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