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  1. John. Don't do what I did with my kill switch which is fitted direct to the battery terminal. I screwed out the connector when I left my TR4 in a hotel car park overnight. Next morning I climbed in, plugged in my sat nav to plan the route and turned the key to start the car. There was a click and nothing happened. I had forgotten to replace the connector and had blown the bypass fuse as is supposed to happen. So far so good. Unfortunately I had wired the sat nav straight from the battery to a 12v fused plug and the high starting current had passed up these wires which also blew that fuse AND frazzled the sat nav. How did that happen? I thought that's what the fuse was supposed to protect. John
  2. I have a TR6 hood and frame on my TR4. However you will need a TR6 windscreen frame due to the different means of front hood fixing. I don't think you can modify your TR4 windscreen frame.. The three point fixing on each side of the body in the B-post area is the same. for both hood frames. You will probably have to change the TR6 hood fixing where it fixes on the rear deck to Liftadot as used on the TR4. The frame and hood material folds perfectly away for open top motoring and is covered by the tonneau. John Hanna
  3. Thanks Roger, Thanks to the forum I had already picked up the details of this chap - Paul Bishop. I will give him a ring as well as seeing what might turn up here. John
  4. Mission accomplished. Had a very successful trip with Vanessa to Graham's yesterday. The MX5 seat is perfect for her. She can get in and out of the car so much easier compared with the Ridgard seat. The TR6 seat was too wide and touched the hoodsticks/roll bar too far forward. Brilliant result. Thanks Graham. Also, many thanks to Graham and LIz for their kind hospitality. The cuppa in the sun, sitting in their lovely garden with the panoramic view over the Vale of Aylesbury was a treat. Incredibly, Liz had much work experience as a nurse with patients suffering from the same syndrome as Vanessa - Ehlers Danlos, which has virtually crippled her. They both gained a lot from their chat. Loved the TR6 Graham, it is coming on a treat. All I need now is to purchase a Mk 2 MX5 passengers seat with a removable headrest. Anybody got one for sale? John
  5. Hi Snowy, Can I get back to you next week if necessary. I am going with Vanessa in the TR to Graham's on Sunday who has a range of seats for different models which she can try out. Roger and Tim Hunt have also kindly offered for me to borrow a 4A seat. That gives Vanessa a wide choice to find the best seat for her. Many thanks for your kind offer and to the others also. Hi Ben, Couldn't agree more with you about how brilliant this forum is. Power to the people. Regards to all. John
  6. Hi Graham and Roger, Graham.That would be absolutely perfect. You are not far from me at all. If you send me a PM with your address and telephone number I could arrange to come over Sunday or early next week if that is convenient. Roger. If I can't get my questions answered with Graham's seats, can I take up your kind offer also? I like the idea of Vanessa having a reclining MX5 seat as she finds the rake of the Ridgard seats a bit extreme. Many thanks to both of you. John
  7. My wife, Vanessa, is having difficulty getting in and out of my TR4 due to mobility problems. She can hardly bend her right leg and has to slide as far into the car as possible to swing her leg in. My Ridgard seats make this nearly impossible for her. A standard seat, or perhaps an MX5 seat, look more suitable but I don't want to fork out for one until I know it will work. We are aiming to do the North Coast 500 together in the TR after I compete at Bo'ness in September, so I have got to do something to help her. If anybody within say 30 miles from Dunstable or Hemel Hempstead has one of these seats for me to borrow for a few hours, I would be very grateful. I won't need to bolt it in, just drop it in the passenger well and support it while she gets in. It doesn't matter how rough it is so long as the seat cushion is firm. John Hanna
  8. Didn't make the Abingdon Sprint today in my TR4. S**t and boll**ks. £155 wasted and a great day's enjoyment down the drain. Suffered a blown water pump yesterday evening, taking the car out to get fuel for today. Didn't have a spare but saved by Harry Dent (of concourse TR5 fame). He took one off the car he is rebuilding and my car was ready to go by 2.30 am this morning. Two hours sleep and I set off for an eagerly anticipated early morning drive. Two miles down the road, the car started to overheat and I discovered a split radiator. What the hell was going on on. Limped home, removed radiator and discovered that I had pinched the radiator overflow pipe when I fitted the chassis bracket for the new front anti roll bar recently. Just shows how important that overflow pipe is to prevent over pressurisation.. I wish I could have reported that Harry's kind gesture to get me to Abingdon had been a lifesaver. That would have been very fitting. It doesn't take away though the spirit in which he helped me. I am very grateful. John Hanna
  9. Very kind of you Hamish, but you didn't mention that I have done one more event than most at the moment. I will get overtaken. John
  10. Initially I tried using a steel plate to protect the bushes from the jaws of the vice on one side of the wishbone and a socket on the other, using plenty of lubricant, as Stuart says. No joy, as the bushes squirmed against the steel plate. I then used wood instead of the steel plate, which gave more grip, and they popped in easily. John
  11. Hi Hamish, Interesting to see the neat lines you took compared with me. Definitely a case of turning in too early for me on some of the corners and running very wide. Hence my first timed run being disallowed for exceeding track limits. Stupid rule - by my reckoning, if they provide tarmac on the outside of a corner you can use it. The white line was a country mile from the edge of the track. I reckon I covered twice the distance compared with you. That's why you were quicker than me!! (by such an infuriatingly small amount!!). John
  12. Thanks everybody for the input. It seems we have reached a conclusion which is what I wanted to achieve. 4.5J seems to be the wheel of choice for early cars in Roadsports, except very early cars which had 4J wheels. If a source of 4.5J wheels can be secured, surely those TR2s and early TR3s should be allowed to run on them. As Ian states, the market for 4J would be practically non-existent. Roger has emailed me separately, pointing out that the rules can't be changed mid-season and there is a formal way to do it. I accept that 5.5J is not in accordance with the ethos of Roadsports so a rule change is not necessary. Also, no rule change is required to use 4.5J according to Roger's post above (except for perhaps those very early cars). Let's get moving then with trying to obtain 4.5J wheels from Weller or whoever. If an item could be produced which allows the fitting of the standard hub cap, the market would be much wider than just the competition folk. Alec makes that point above. SPARES DEVELOPMENT FUND ??? John
  13. Hi Alec, Many words of wisdom from you there. I have just been out for my daily walk and gave the matter some considerable thought. The conclusions I reached, echoed your own but take it one stage further, allowing 5.5J wheels to be used. I suggest the following option should also be considered by the Technical Committee before they make a decision. That 5.5J wheels, either, steel, alloy or wire should be allowed in Class 1 (Roadsports), on all models TR2 -6, on the grounds of mainly safety and to a lesser degree cost. They are probably the most widely available wheel and used on the majority of these TRs (even fitted as standard on the later TR6, I believe). That should be reason enough for classifying them as 'standard'. For those wishing to run wires, they would have the benefit of the more robust 72 spoke item. I do not want to pound around circuits for many seasons (hopefully) on old 4J steel wheels or 60 spoke 4.5J wires (even new ones). That would be a recipe for disaster. As Class 1 (Roadsports) allows 60 aspect ratio tyres, that puts an enormous strain on wheels and suspension. It is incongruous to allow such modern tyres but not the wheels to fit them to. Implementation of such a common sense regulation might encourage more road going TRs to compete in the entry level class. Your suggestion that the SDF looks into this issue of unobtainable new 4.5J wheels is an excellent one and I hope that is considered by the decision makers, regardless of which wheel we can use in the Championship. So there it is. 4.5J or 5.5J ? John
  14. Thanks Roger, Alec and Robbfor responding. Alec - as usual a comprehensive explanation, very much along the lines we discussed. Much appreciated. I guess the change in wheel during TR3 production at TS13046 is the change Roger is referring to. The imminent decision from the Technical Committee is welcome but it seems all roads will lead to a 4J steel wheel being declared standard equipment (unless homologated wheels influence the decision). As there are so few of us actually competing in our cars, especially in the Roadsports class, it might be a task to get enough people wanting to order such narrow wheels, so all of this might be academic regarding a production run by Weller. The number of views and replies on this topic support that hypothesis. I will keep you posted Rob H. Thanks for your feedback. John
  15. Further to my recent posting I have discussed with the MD of Weller Wheels, the possibility of them supplying original size steel wheels for the earlier cars. To compete in the Roadsports class of the TR Register/Revington Sprint and Hillclimb Championship, original size wheels have to be fitted. I am unwilling to compete on old wheels for obvious reasons or wire wheels by choice. If anybody out there is contemplating competing in the Roadsports class of the Championship, you are going to be met with the same dilemma as me - use old wheels or be moved up a class by having newer wider wheels. Weller can supply suitable steel wheels but need to run a batch to get the cost down. I would estimate that if we can order about 20 wheels (only four or five sets), the cost would be about the same as their TR6 wheel - £135 plus VAT per wheel. The more they produce the cheaper they will be. They would be no use to the originality guys though, as they would have TR6 centres with no locations for hub caps. I would be grateful if you are interested to let me know. Drop me a PM. There is no commitment at this stage. The big question though - What is the original size wheel of the early cars? Is it 4J steel (4.5J wires) for all models. There is a lot of confusion about this. Privately I have been told that 4J was the size used throughout, not 4.5J (fitted on the TR5/250). Could the administrators (calling Roger) of the Championship please state for the record what size wheel is acceptable for the Roadsports class for each model TR. Clearly, 4.5J would be more attractive for me in my TR4, allowing a wider choice of tyres to be used. John Hanna
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